Monday, April 21, 2008

Name Game

What's in a name? Shoot, I dunno. I know that your name can be any number of things. It can have a DEEP meaning. It can mean nuffin

We all have names.

Do you have a nickname, tho?
Air Jordan
King of Pop
Material Girl
King James
Dubya (clown)

My ole high school coach used to call me Kid Chocolate. But that wasn't my nickname. Randy Floss, KDitty, K-Dot, CBW (Chocolate Boy Wonder), 12, etc are all very cool. Growing up, I never really had a nickname that EVERYBODY called me. Now, most just call me initials.

What's your nickname? And I don't mean your blog name. If yo momma nem call you Pookie...don't say that your nickname is Eb the Celeb or Mizrepresent (y'all know I'm playin witcha).

Holla at meeeeeee!!!


The Flyyest said...

am i first??? wwhhaattt!!!!!

well my mom still calls me oopie..

when i was little i used to love betty boop....when she used to say oop oopie doop!!!!

but she calmed down on that shit tho....fa real!!!!! LOL

my cuzzins call me chocolottie!!!!
cuz im chocolate and my last name is lottie.....

some niggas call me flyyest.... im not even playin tho!!!!!

my friends call me whore...LMAO!!! sike

Miss Mika said...

Well, my name is Tomika... but my family calls me Mika.

My blog name (Miss Mika) actually derived from what most people refer to me as, especially at work.

*Just thinking about it*
When I was in elementary school, because my name is spelled T O instead of T A, a few kids used to call me Toesmika.

Kids can be so cruel.

Mizrepresent said...

Don't really have one, most times it's my initials as well, DD, Di, or D...i know my friends and family are really creative! My daddy called me Deanie....that's about it...but you know i go by Miz!lol!

Brad said...

Never really had a nickname groing up. People call me Big Brad for the longest though.

When I was in NY my boys got to calling me FUBAR. Won't even elaborate. LOL

karrie b. said...

sigh. where do i start?

bullwinkle (my family...dont ask)keke(everyone calls me that cuz it's short for keana), kiwi (my mom and my best friend), keyonce(on the dance floor), twigs (cuz i'm tiny)...the list really goes on.

karrie b. is adapted from carrie bradshaw from sex in the city. karrie b. is my rap alias...yes i'm an emcee.

cute post kyle!


karrie b. said...

lmaooooooooooo @ "If yo momma nem call you Pookie...don't say that your nickname is Eb the Celeb or Mizrepresent..."


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

hmmmmm, my dad used to call me d-boo. NOT D-BO like the dude from "friday", but D-BOOOOO!!!

also, i've been called "tude" back in college days...short for attitude, but more specifically AKAtude...mizrepresent, HOLLA!!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

My nickname growing up was "Pooh" as in Winnie the Pooh - because I always carried a stuff animal of Winner the Pooh when I was little. My big sister still calls me, "Pooh." My other big sister calls me, "Darla." I never really knew why, I guess it rhymes with my real name, "Karla." LOL!

Queen of My Castle said...

Dang, you have a lot of nicknames. My nicknames are Chill, Quie, Q, Cali Girl, and White Girl.

BTW, in regards to your previous post...I have 2 tattoos in concealed places. They get addictive, but I have decided to stop @ 2.

The airport is FULL of weirdos. I wonder if they consider US weird? Hmmmmm

Enjoy your stay in the Great State of Texas. Everything is bigger and better in the Lone Star baby!!!!!!!!! LOL

Opinionated Diva said...

I have nicknames with friends, not so much family. With family it's just an abbreviation of Jasmin (like Jazz, Jazzy, etc.)

My friend Tonia calls me Jazzy-mae...I call her Toni-Mae.

My friend Simone calls me Big Head...I call her Big Head as well.

My friend Serena calls me Digit Ho...I'm not like rain man when it comes to math, but I can add in my head extremely fast. I call her bargain ho...if there's a sale, then that heffa will sniff it out!

I think that's it!

Question for you: Where does "12" come from?

Jackie Edwards said...

My parents used to call me Tooksie me, I have no idea where that came from or what the heck it's supposed to mean. Thank goodness, those days are over!!! Nowadays, a lot of people call me Jack, which obviously makes sense, atlhough my real name is Jacqueline and no one calls me that...except if my mother is mad or something:)

The Jaded NYer said...

well, my name is Raquel, named after my mom, so when I was little it was Raquelita. I also had a slew of other random nicknames that my family called me like piquito & cuchita & cascarita bermudez- randome shit whose backstory is to long to post here.

However, in school- from 3rd grade to college, I was known as Rocky, and all my friends and family still call me that or some variation of it today. In fact, my ex mother in law doesn't even know it's not my real name because that's all she calls me! lol

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i tagged you 12kyle......

Anonymous said...

No one calls me by a true "nickname" other than my mother and my aunt who has passed on. They call me Reecie. My aunt would frequently call me her Reece Cup. LOL! :)

In college some friends started calling me dirty red b/c I would get a redish/orange tent after being in the sun.

Lastly, so I've seen in the blog world I've been referred to as
Ms12. LOL! Thanks for the new nickname guys and for allowing Kyle to be a part of your day. LMAO!

Tabu said...

My Dad always, always, Always calls me Baby Girl or The Baby.

Most family and friends call me Baby, Baby girl, or sometimes Girl.

My mom had tons of names for me--Total Package, Pebbles, Tiny Tot, Snuggle bug, the list goes on.

Good Post.

Eb the Celeb said...

Make me hurt

Well my granddad... RIP... used to call me Peaches growing up...

and my dad always called me Tootie

and dont start calling me either of them either Kyle... I cant even believe I am telling you that... only my family knows that

Queen of My Castle said...

Mrs. 12's commenting has made The Planet official. LOL. Move over K. Dizzle and make room on the throne for Queen 12.

PRO said...

Tip, Tiff, Nay-Nay and moms always called me, "Punkin'."

Get to work and stay off the Crackberry with these far out post! CBW - whateva! LMAO.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

1] T

2] Al-Mi - T

3] God

4] Tbone

5] Horse man

6] stick man

jus a few

PrettyBlack said...

Black Gal, my grandmothers nickname was Black Gal, because she was the dark chocolate one out of the nine brothers and sisters.

And out of our family I'm the chocolate one so everytime I touch down to greet family it's "there go Black Gal"

PrettyBlack said...

They also call me PrettyBlack Thang so I just shortened it to PrettyBlack.

L. Renee' said...

Lisalisa from the cultjam is what they called me all through undergrad. My family nickname is pie.LOL
Can you believe some cousins still call me that to this day. I am 35.
My mother use to call me Lisalu.
I guess it could have been worse like POOKIE or Stinkie. LOL

It is rude to play on your crackberry when you are in the midst of company. RUDE!!!
Let me find out you are turning into THAT GUY!!!
Big ups to my girl the wifie! Glad you voyaged to the planet. (smile)

Rezidl said... older brother gave that one to me after watching Punky Bruester...don't ask!

In high school....The General...cuz I played QB and ran the team....

In college....Reds (light complexion)....Tre (number of positions played)....

Now....Daddy...cuz, everyone has their hand in my pocket!

prettyparker said...

Poopie. Yes, I was poopie for many years until I was old enough to be embarrassed by it.

After that my momma called me "Talit" It was a shorter version of my biblical name. Not really all that short since she only knocked off the last two letters, lol.

But for the last 10 years I've gone by my last name "Parker." And everyone calls me Parker!

karrie b. said...

oh and punky (the way i dress), pee-wee (i was the youngest of my cousins growing up), and slim (well...duh.)


Don said...

Everybody pretty much calls me D. Most of my homeboys refer to me as D or Bruh. My relatives call me back my name. For the most part they do.

12kyle said...

Wow!!! I'm blown away from these responses. I promise not to use these nicknames on your blog (*fingers crossed behind my back*)

@ Flyyest
Oopie? So, what would you say to moms if she called you that today? LoL

@ Mika
Toesmika?? Wowwww!!! I aint gonna lie...I'd prolly call you that too. Especially if you didn't wanna share a pencil with me.

@ Miz
DD. I feel you. Initials are cool, aren't they?

@ Brad
C'mon, son! You MUST share with the class

@ karrie b
Bullwinkle. Lemme loved that cartoon growing up. You had Bullwinkle bedsheets and curtains in your room? Haaaa

You an emcee? Awwww shyt! I hope you can spit like MC Lyte

AKATude? Was that your line name? LOL. You don't have an attitude do you? Haaaa

Ahhhh...I KNEW that there would be a "Pooh" in the bunch

@ Queen
White Girl? LOL. Is that how you sound? Like you are a "valley girl"? That's funny

@ OD
Digit Ho? Haaaa. If you add very fast in your head then that means that u were the lil girl who sat in the front of the class who added up the problems before errrybody else in the class. I hated that girl. LOL

12 comes from the 12 disciples in the Bible!

Jusss kiddn. 12 was my jersey number in college. It also reps the number month in which I was born

@ Jackie
Don't you hate it when your momma calls you by your FULL name. I know that I do

@ Jaded NYer
Rocky! It fits. You are a fighter. Don't mess with Rocky!


@ Mrs 12
Heyyyyyy! Look who stepped in tha building. She's been here before but this is my betta half, y'all. Whussup???

It's funny. We've been together (foreva) and I really don't have a nickname for her. I just call her baby. That's my baby right there! LOL. As always, thanks for coming thru.

U miss me? Of course u do! LMAO

@ Tabu
Snuggle bug. Awwwww. LOL

@ Eb the Celeb
You KNOW that I won't use this against you on your blog.


@ Queen
She's been here before...lurkin'! LOL

@ Pro
Every Tiffany is known as Tip. LOL

I have to stay on this thing. These folks are booooooring! Haaaa

@ Torrance
Stick man like dead prez?

@ Prettyblack
Gotta love that nickname. I love your nickname for your daughter...PrettyGirl. Too cute

@ LRenee
Pie? Wow! Talk about original

I'm not that guy

@ Rezidl
you KNOW that I'ma start calling you Bruester. Just txted the nickname to Moe! LMAO

@ PrettyParker
"Don't wanna mess with Parker!!"

@ karrie b
I hear ya!

@ don
I hear you bruh...I mean D...I mean...u know what I mean.

Rezidl said...

...Keep it up, Puppie #2....

i.can't.complain. said...

my daddy called me poom-poom girl

my grand-daddy called me "reese" - it's a variation of my last name

in high school i was called grandma

men that have loved (or sexed me) have called me baby.

my gay boys call me "hey bitch"

i think that's it.


i.can't.complain. said...


the ex-called me teri-b

cuz im teri (nice to meet u, kyle)

and he said i have a bobble-head.

teri b.


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

nope...that wasn't my line name...but i was told i appeared as if i had an attitude...i didn't tho. i just was quiet unless i knew you-which oftentime read as snobby.....

The Flyyest said...

what would i do if my mama called me that today??? well, i would jus laugh bcuz now...she only jokes about it.....

oh yeah my dad used to call me daddy little its big girl....STILL THO!!!!

**OH YEAH how can i forget**
my uncle pete calls me miss body...
when i was about 7 i had this spandex suit that i used to ALWAYS wear...and it said body motion on the tank and shorts....everytime my uncle pete would come over, i had that to this day he calls me miss body!!! LOL

Miss Mika said...

LMAO @ Torrance's comment

Horse man?? God??

Could that have anything to do with the comment you left earlier on my post?

Please... splain.

12kyle said...

@ Rezidl
I was Puppie #1!! LOL

@ -1-
Grandma? Now I KNOW that there's an explaination behind that.

Ok. I gotcha. Where did you pledge?

@ Flyyest
SPANDEX??? Haaaaa. I'm over here rollin'!!!

@ Mika
I'ma have to slide over there to see what he said. I'm sure that I'll get a good laugh

Still_Pocahontaz said...

Well my grandparents literally used to call me pocahontas doll..Poca for short or Poca Noke

The majority of my family calls me Nae Nae or Nae

My hubby calls me Babe or WIFE

I have been known back in the day as Plat as in Platinum and Red

Da Vinci The Verbal Arteest said...

*My lil sis calls me booger...
*My cousins call me Kunta
*Chicks in high school called me Snickers
*If you weren't callin me snickers in highschool then you were calling me Black Ron...that came from my complexion and grew to b my rap name until I got tired of new people sayin black rob
*Now it's just Da Vinci unless I give you permission to call me Ron.

Mizrepresent said...

Awe at you and all are too cute! What's up Ms12! Nice to meet ya!

"Thats my baby right there!"

gotta love it! :)

@PCD - SkeeWEE Sis! I hear ya!

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL! Yes Kyle. I was that annoying girl in class who ALWAYS knew the math answer. I sat in back with the cool kids though!



MsPuddin said...

Light skin, high yellow, vanilla thrilla, red bone...honestly people, I get it...I'm light skinned, damn lol

i.can't.complain. said...

@12kyle- they called me that cuz my b'day came before everyone in my circle of friends

and i guess i acted old.

didn't party, curse, have sex

boy what a difference college made.

no more grandma


12kyle said...

@ Poca
WIFE...I love that! LOL

@ Da Vinci The Verbal Arteest
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Thanks for FINALLY commenting. Lol. Preciate the shout out on your blog the other day. Make sure that you come back. We have a lotta fun on the 12th Planet. We're here everyday like a long line at Starbucks

Snickers? You love the candy bar?

@ Miz
Yep! That's my baby! LOL

@ OD
Yeah. I'm hating b/c I couldn't count fast. LOL

@ MsP
lmao @ u!!!!

@ -1-
That IZ very "grandma-like" haaaaaa