Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sup y'all. Sorry for the late tag post. I was tagged a couple of times this week by MsP and The Flyyest

So here it goes. And since I'm late...i'm not gonna tag anybody b/c it looks like errybody got tagged this week.

1. Link the person who tagged you…

2. Mention the rules in your blog…

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag 6 bloggers by linking them

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6 Quirks

1. I bite my nails. Yeah...yeah...I know that I shouldn't but its a bad habit that I've had since high school. I only do it when I'm nervous...or bored. When I was in college and I had to take final exams, I REALLY did a number on my fingers. lol

2. I've never smoked weed before. I didn't have my first drink until I was 25. I would consider myself a "light drinker" right now. Even though I didn't drink in college...I was the designated driver for my drunk teammates. I've got some FUNNY stories, too! Nuffin betta than being around a dude who gets soooo drunk that he "tells you his life story." Too funny

3. I like to eat while laying flat on my stomach. While it may not be the most healthy thing, I love doing it. I also like to read something while I'm eating.

4. Sometimes I refer to myself in 3rd person...just for kicks.

"I don't understand why Kyle has to be the one who does the work and not everybody else." LOL

5. I will watch a game on tv in its entirety and then immediately watch the highlights on ESPN...just in case I missed something.

6. I do not...and will not...ride roller coasters. The feeling of having your stomach drop as you are falling is a sick feeling to me. I hate it. I hate when it happens on airplanes during turbulence.

Things that I learned while I was in Dallas for a week...

1. I've never heard the words "anti-social" and "coy" mentioned in the same sentence as my name.

I wasn't being anti-social...I just don't wanna be around co-workers who talk about work all the time.

2. White people like me. Dunno why? But they wanted to hang with me. I like you too white people...but I love black people.

3. Dallas is cool...but it aint Atlanta.

4. Bloggin from my blackberry was frustrating at times. I couldn't get on some blogs and I couldn't post like I normally would. I was "tagged" a couple of times and I couldn't even respond. Sorry bout that, y'all.

5. Neva underestimate the feeling of being awaken by the slap from the hand of your 1 year old son. While it may have been cool to "sleep in" all week while I was away, I missed that!

6. I never got used to being in Central Standard Time. Losing that hour messed me up all week. And NOW I'm tired.


Queen of My Castle said...


Queen of My Castle said...

OMG! I thought I was one of the only adults around that still lies on her tummy to eat! How cool is that?! LOL. I MUST read while eating. I get bored outta my mind if I don't.

Roller coasters are the business! You better pray we never meet and happen to be in a city that has a carnival or amusement park readily over! You WILL be riding one...just not in the same caboose as me. Puke is sooooo not a good look on me. LOL

You?! Coy?! Hmmmmm, who~wudda~thunk? LOL

Next time you should visit Houston. It's a bit more interesting than Dallas. Only in Houston can you be in the suburbs and still see cows on the side of the street just grazing and chilling. I'm talking cows AND their baby calves anlong with horses. No bulls, though. LOL

12kyle said...

@ Queen
Yes! You are first! LOL

I've been eating on the floor since I was a kid. I don't do it for every meal because it'd drive my wife crazy. But I do it a lot.

No roller coasters for me. Period. I don't wanna throw up! Haaaaa

Yeah. Coy. Me? Coy? Naaahhhhh. Lmao!!!

Neva been to H-Town. I've heard a lotta great things about it, tho. Cows on the side of the streets? Wow!

The F$%K it List said...

Roller Coasters are WHAT'S UP!!!!! I will ride them all day.

12 Kyle you need to come to BK and conquer that fear on the Cyclone. All wood and shaky but the best ride ever.

I will refrain from comment on the nail biting :p

The Flyyest said...

i still bite my nails to this day....thats why i gotta have acrylic!!

i LOVE ROLLER COASTERS!!!!!!!!!!! you wuss!!! LOL

COY HUH ANTI SOCIAL HUH.......yeah right!!!!

my baby dont slap me but she mom mom mom mom mom mom....until i say WWHHHAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then im up!! dammitt

i been to dallas a couple times but didnt go anywhere......houston is off the chain.....I KNOW ATL IS CRACKIN...i jus gotta get there one day!!

Seattle is wassup tho...... NOT!!!!!!!

12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List
Roller coasters in BK? Word? What part? With a name like Cyclone...that sounds like a heart attack in waiting for me. LOL

@ The Flyyest
I actually stopped biting them for about 2 months and then I couldn't help myself.

Wuss. I can live with that. LOL

Coy...maybe. Anti-social? Not. They said it b/c I wouldn't hang with em. It's cool. I would much rather spend my time blogging. LOL

Dallas was cool. I didn't do much. I wanna hit Houston. I've heard a lotta good things. You should definitely come to the A when you get a chance. What's wrong with the Emerald City? I have a friend who lives out there and he loves it.

The Flyyest said...

well i love it.......but i love to party!!!! and the only way ill have fun anywhere in if im loaded!!!!

nah dont get me wrong..i love my city and a great place to live and raise kids...but im tryna kick it and travel!!!!!!

you have a friend that live here?? maybe you should come visit.......

12kyle said...

@ Flyyest
I hear you. Sounds like you're "ballin on a budget". LOL

I'm tryna come out there. My friend works in the front office for the Seahawks. One of my boys went out there last year with his wife and he hooked him up with tix to the Cowboys vs Seahawks game. I'd like to do the same. Gotta leave the kids here, tho. Too expensive. LOL

karrie b. said...

bahahahahahahaha! i refer to myself in 3rd person ALLLLLL the time. "why does everyone think Karrie is playin for yet another bitch to get in the club? why y'all always broke?"

lmaoooooooo @ the chap slapping u every morning. i bet he's cute too.


Mizrepresent said...

Welcome back 12K, you were even though you were still posting...i know it wasn't you in total, lol! Yeah, i knew you would miss those kiddies...i knew. I love rollercoasters, i really do, like i like reading something really scary, i guess i love being on the edge sometimes. What i don't like is that ride that drops you...omg...i really thought i was about to die...that was not a good look.

Missed ya, glad you're back!

Dallas is def not the ATL!

Tabu said...

Interesting quirks. And you are so right Dallas is NOT the ATL. I have been to both places quite often.

One man in Dallas told me he didn't understand a word I was saying?!?!?!

--Yes I speak english...Slight Cdn accent though.

I did like the barbeque though.

I don't hang with folks I work either. I spend enough time with them as it is, My social time is MINE.

Glad you enjoyed it!.

i.can't.complain. said...
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i.can't.complain. said...

welcome back, 12.

white people see us as a novelty, i think.

"wow... they speak so well and i bet he/she knows will smith/50 cent/flava flav too"



CapCity said...

#2 - I was a late drinker (& other substance practitioner;-), too. Initially, I didn't want to be outta control - i CAN be such a control freak! Then as a teacher it was important for me to LIVE the role model life -- now, I'm like F. it! Why am I the ONLY one determined to be a role model for these badazz kids who's own PARENTS have worse habits than I'll EVER think about. Plus, It makes shyt around me SO MUCH FUNNIER, so THERE! I don't indulge more than I do just to give my body time to recoup (mannn, if it were healthy - i'd be blitzed ALL de TYME -- did i just admit that out loud?). LOL!

awww - at the baby smackin' u awake. ...

The F$%K it List said...

Yes the oldest roller coaster in the world is in Brooklyn. Coney Island, known to the natives as C.I.

karrie b. said...

yup, and it's the worst roller coaser of ALL time. it's so shakey and unstable. all have is a little ass bar to hold u down smh. u always feel like ur gonna fall out.


12kyle said...

@ karrie b
I love referring to myself in 3rd person.

He's off the chain.

@ Miz
Thanks! It's good to be back. Blogging from a phone can be aggravating. Yes, I missed the youngstaz. They were off the chain while I was gone.

As soon as that roller coaster can call the ambulance b/c I'll be having a Fred G Sanford aka THE BIG ONE

@ Tabu
I'm with you. I'll kick it with you at work simply b/c I have to. LOL. But after work, please leave me alone. Besides...I work with some squares any way! LOL

@ -1-
This is true. They probably think I know all of the rappers and ballers. LOL

@ CapCity
LMAO @ you!!! Too funny

@ The F$%K it List want me to get on the oldest roller coaster in C.I? Hmmmm...lemme think about it. LMAO

@ karrie b
very comforting words for a dude who's never been on one before. haaaaa

btw...preciate the shout out on your blog!! very nice!

Anonymous said...

I love talking/refering to myself in the third person. My mom gets a kick out of it. My dad doesn't understand it.

I wasn't being anti-social...I just don't wanna be around co-workers who talk about work all the time.

Why is that so hard for people to understand? We're in class all day so when it's lunch time, I don't want to talk about class, damn it!