Sunday, April 20, 2008

Off tha Dome

Random thoughts...

Bout to board a plane to Dallas. I'll be out there for a week on bidness. So, if you see ya boy in dem me a drink. LOL

If you wanna see some STRANGE people...go to the airport.

Obama loves to shoot hoops. Know what that means...he's a baller!

I just talked to my boy, Ryan. He's leaving Atlanta today as well to go outta town on bidness. The only thing is...he's headed to Cabo! Damn! Talk about lucky!

I went to lunch with co-workers the other day. I didn't talk much. Too busy bloggin. Was that rude?

Do your co-workers know that you have a blog? Mine don't. I'm not ashamed of the 12th Planet. Just don't want them squares visiting the planet. LOL

I never thought that people from all over the world would be tuned into the 12th Planet. From Canada to London...from New York to Cali. Just got an email from a reader in New Zealand. Wow!

Have you ever THOUGHT about stealing gas???

Kids are great. Sometimes you need a break from em, tho. I'm gonna miss my lil ones this week...but the break will be good.

Penny loafers with no socks...not a good look. I didn't know that people still wore penny loafers!

Signs that I'm getting old...I am upset that I'm gonna miss church today. I like my church and I like where I am spiritually in my life. I don't force religion on anybody but I think that we ALL should believe in somethin'. I don't care what it is. You can believe in a rock. Just believe

Signs that I'm getting old...that pesky little gray hair has popped up in my mustache...again. A gray hair on this handsome face? Whut tha hell? I had to cut it! I damn near messed up my 'stache in the process.

Wonder if Beyonce cooks for Jay Z now that they are married?

Foxy Brown just got outta jail, y'all. I'll bet that it'll be 6 months b4 she's back in trouble.

I read Karrie b's blog the other day. It made me ask myself..."When am I gonna get a tattoo?" Tatts are cool...very sexy on women...when they are in the right place

The Hawks made the playoffs, y'all. Pop bottles!

Memo to Hilary...the clock is tickin on ya. It's almost over, son!

The Shout Out post the other day was one of my favorites.

Bloggin is the shit!

Pray for each other. I've read some blogs this week that have made me realize that some of us are REALLY going through some thangs!

I love black people

Shout out to my boy, Juan. He just went over (Kappa Alpha Psi). Proud of ya boi!

Too bad the Pope didn't come to Atlanta. I could have showed him the city.

Why don't they feed you REAL food on the planes anymore?

Do women REALLY like Flavor Flav? I mean if he looked like that and his name was Tony Brown...would they still like him?

I miss The Wire

Shout out to all of the ATL Bloggers. Check out Torrance's book release party @ the M Bar this week. Gonna be live. Wish I could be there to meet y'all.

Some folks should be slapped...just for no real reason.

I hope that I'm not sitting next to "corporate guy" on this damn plane.

I love me some me!!!


PRO said...

I'm firsssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Boo-ya!

Eb the Celeb said...

Coworkers know about the sports and music blog..... cant let RBW out the bag though

I love black people too...

yeah airplane food is the worst

I heart blogging too

and yeah you getting old... lmao @ you almost killing the stash to get that grey hair

Have a safe trip Mr. 12kyle... and bring me back some cowboys stuff!

PRO said...

Got damn shame (not a hot damn thang! you thank you finna get wit some hot damn change you must be insane)... Anyway, it's a damn shame you gotta come to the planet declare your position and then come back to comment for real for real. LMBAO!

How bout you did the same as Karrie B... mention religion(sans God) and cursed in the same freaking post! I heart all my blog fam. You included. Naw, the co-workers don't need to know bout the blog bidness. Same goes for close friends and family. I like keeping my cyber-kin seperate from the real kinfolk. Why? Cause to us we don't sound crazy when we talk about, "That's blog-worthy right there!" Everyday peep be on some "huh" ish!

Be easy in them Dallas skreets, bruh. I how bout them Spurs, baby boi?

12kyle said...

Yes! You are first! LoL. I dunno what it is about being first but you gotta love it.

@ Eb the Celeb
I feel you. No need in letting ya co-workers be all up in ya bidness. They don't need to know about the RBW. Very good blog, too. I'm not lyin about that gray hair. I mean...I'm 35...not 55! I should not have gray hair on my face.

Cowboys? C'mon. I hate those dudes. My wife is a Cowboy fan. And I let her HAVE it when they choked last year. LoL

@ Pro
I got on Karrie b for doing the same thing, didn't I? LOL. I involve my close friends in the blog. They just don't participate. LOL. But I feel you. Bloggers have a different mentality. Some of us will share the most personal details in blogesphere but not with our folk.

Spurs? Ohhhhhh lawd. That was a great game, tho. I think they'll win in 7 games. Hopefully, my Hawks will win ONE game vs Boston

Jeff said...

What the hell are you talking about KD? I guess your mind is running random again. Anyway some of those sames thoughts ran acroos my mind. I am going to get of the subject for a minute to talk about something very serious. I been to 8furnels in 2 years. I been reading Suze O. book. I wonder did the people who passed have Life Insurance? I know we as black folks don't wanna talk about death & Sex for some reason because its still Taboo, but on the other hand are we prepared when death is among us? I am not for benefiting on ones death but if death brings about comfort if you have Life Insurance then its better to leave your love ones something instead of your debt when you die. I went to a ferunel Saturday. It was differnet because they were Jehovia Witnesses. Long story short simple, fast. Started at 11:00 over at 12:00pm. Anyway my mind wondered did he have Life Insurance. Unexpected death. Friday afternoon attend one of students at Stephenson High School wake at the school. (16 Years old Heart Attack died). Now my question to you Are we prepared for the unexpected? Do we think of death? What will happen to my love ones if I die unexpectly? Now I am not saying get rich of someones fate but I am saying making sure your business is taking care so your family don't have to come out of expenses that will be needed to care for themself & your family.
Sorry for getting off the subject but I thought about these things after I been through so much over the past couple of years.
No cooment is needed or talk about it on another topic later on in the future.
Thanks for reading

~Ms. Moore~ said...

Off the Dome!!! Good googly-goo this blog is all over the map!!! Your thoughts are everywhere just Off the Dome!!!

Tell the Cowboys their fan Ms. Moore said make sure y’all on point when the season starts.

If you look you can find strange people everywhere. I love watching people. I especially love to watch men watch women (that is sooooo funny).

Blogging while out to lunch w/co-workers! Yes that was rude. You know your mamma taught you better lol

I’m a square. I never think of stealing gas, instead I think of ways to conserve. I believe in the Golden Rules, The 10 Commandments and Karma!

What does Sharice think of your gray hair? I think gray hair is sexy!!! I truly believe you men are vainer than woman. I will be ok with my gray hair when it comes.

Some how I just don’t see Beyonce cooking!!! I can’t imagine she even knows how to burn.

I’m glad for the Hawks, but I think the Celtics are going to take them down =(

I love black people too, but sometimes they disappoint and annoy me, but all in all I always love them!!!

When you show the Pope around make sure you have a wheel chair. Is it a prerequisite that the Pope be 100 years old when he starts!!

You know good and darn well the woman do not really love or want Flav. He might be cool to party with for a night and apparently good entertainment (I have never seen the show) since he is in season 3!!!

The Flyyest said...

Dang u got international readers....lemme get on your

airplane food....ew....i dont even eat the nasty peanuts

I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE.......cant get no better than that

im starting to like blogging too...and i love reading yalls posts.... 12th planet makes me smile..aawww

im still going through things....
check this out tho.....
*on friday alot of us went to the bar where the homie that died always used to go, we were all having a good time....girls started screaming and, knowing what had JUST happend last week everyone started freakin.....turns out it was a damn mouse..... people started laughing.... why did i start crying tho..... im an emotional wreck!!!!!

i added you to my blog roll so i can stalk you more.....LOL

Jeff said...

Have good trip KD. By the way lay of dem Cowboys. All the way to the Superbowl this year and I'm going no matter where it is. I'll hit you on the hip later. Hopefully we get Chad Johnson & Pacman. You can keep on drinking the haterade after the Super Bowl Win.

12kyle said...

@ Jeff
When I go off the dome, I'm usually all over the place. LOL

Great points about insurance. We all should be prepared for the unexpected. Having kids made me think about the future.

@ Ms Moore
People watchin is a lotta fun. Trust me, if you hung with my'd ignore em, too! LOL

She told me to leave the gray hair alone...but I can't. It's irritating to look at. Picture me and the Pope at Lennox Mall. Haaaaaa

@ The Flyyest
International Playa...from da Himalayas. LOL

My heart goes out to you and your crew. I've never lost anyone like that. I think the fact that you were able to go back to that spot says a lot about you. Some days will be better than others. Just pray. I can't say that you'll get over it b/c I don't think that we ever get over death. But you get a better understanding of it.

Thanks for the add. I'll add you as well...if I can figure out how to do it from my phone.

@ Jeff
Cowboys get no love here, son. To hell with all of em. I hope I see Tony Ro-meo and Terrible Owens in dem streetz. I got maaaaad jokes for em

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wonder what happened to real food on airplans. Guess now that we have to pay extra for it, we would rather fill up on pretzels (hope I spelled that right...never had to spell it, peanuts and soda pop.

Safe travels. Don't enjoy the break from the kids too much.

Anonymous said...

And you best believe I think about stealing gas. Don't make noooooo sense!

12kyle said...

@ Jewells
Thanks. I made it here safely. I miss the boys already. Mrs12 is holdin it down.

Thank u. I KNOW that I aint the only one who has thought about stealing gas! LOL

mlinz said...

Kyle I know you are thinking oh my God she came through the 12th planet. Yeah, I figured I would leave the Bulldog Roundup for a while and see what you had to say.

Man I just called your phone and left a nasty message (my bad I forgot you told me you were leaving). I was looking forward to 2Willies…make next week.

Well my response to your thoughts…..
Grey hair…dude you talked about me and mine the other week. Karama..ha..ha

You might as well have called my name when you said that you involve only your closest friends with your blog even though they never come through.

Don’t worry about your kids, you know I got em.

Oh when we going to get our tatts? I want one but no one else wants one too, so thanks for volunteering.

Jeff you ok? Hit me up when you get a chance.

Yeah you never know what someone is going though. Many people feel more comfortable talking with complete strangers rather than friends cause they don’t want to have to explain their feelings to others and try to make them understand. But I have also relized that we as friends and even strangers don’t always take the time to listen. For example, how many of us ask someone how their day is or how they are doing then actually listen to their answer. Or do we ask just for the sake of asking.

Many of us, believe it or not, are uneducated when it comes to life insurance and its something that a lot of us don’t think about until it is too late (not just when someone dies but also when they start getting older or a faced with a disease that will not allow for them to get reasonable coverage at a reasonable rate.)

Oh yeah, LETS GO HAWKS!!!

That’s all I have to say for now……

Tabu said...

First of all have a safe trip!

My co-workers only need to know what to call me.

Yeahhhhhh Canada here!

This lady doesn't love flava flav.

Glad you love you some you!

The Jaded NYer said...

I don't schmooze with my co-workers like that; I may have mentioned that I have a blog in passing, but I've never volunteered the URL and no one has asked for it... just the way I like it!

Flava Flav looks like a damn cockroach! If we were the last two people on earth I'd become a lesbian, OK?

And I can't wait to run into Foxy Brown on Flatbush Ave... she's always good for a laugh!

Mizrepresent said...

This was so cool...sorry i'm late and missed it! Have a safe trip CBW...don't get yo-self in no Dallas trouble! Oh yeah, how about them HAWKS, who would have thunk it!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yo, i got dog food coming from new zeland for my shop - small world

12kyle said...

@ mlinz
Good points. I think one of the reasons why bloggers are more open to talk to other bloggers is b/c we don't look to pass judgement where a friend or family member might do that. I'm a firm believer in the idea of encouraging others to speak. You never know what somebody could be going through and how they are dealing with it

@ Tabu
"My co-workers only need to know what to call me." Hilarious!!! I feel u

I didn't know you were in Canada?

@ Jaded NYer
Your co-workers would be BLOWN away if they read your blog. Haaaa

I'm sure that you could kick Foxy's azz

@ Miz
You're not late. Its all good. No trouble for me. You got my word. The Hawks are lookin bad but I'm glad that they made it.

@ Torrance
Dog food? Wow!