Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shape Up!

New Years Resolutions

When Jan. 1 rolls around, most people have their New Years Resolutions all mapped out. By the time March rolls around, most resolutions have been forgotten. One of the resolutions that most people have is the desire to exercise more than they did before so that they may lead a more healthier life. Well...March is here! Are you exercising like you said that you would????

Not only is it March but spring is right around the corner. It was 73 degrees here in Atlanta yesterday!!! This weekend we'll get more daylight hours as we spring our clocks forward. So, it's time to get serious about exercising...especially if you made a resolution to do so in January. Personally, my body goes through periods when I HAVE to workout...even harder than I normally do. This comes from my days of playing football in college. This is the time of year that we worked out real hard as we prepared for the upcoming season. So, I'm in the gym every day. We all want to look good for the summer, right?

What's the best time to exercise? Some people swear by a 6 a.m. jog to get their hearts racing and get them psyched up for the day. Others wouldn't dream of breaking a sweat before noon, preferring a walk around the neighborhood after dinner. But is any one time of day the best time to exercise?

The truth is that there's no reliable evidence to suggest that calories are burned more efficiently at certain times of day. But the time of day can influence how you feel when exercising.

The most important thing, experts say, is to choose a time of day you can stick with, so that exercise becomes a habit.

What are you doing? Are you exercising? If so, what do you do? And when do you do it?


mp1 v.8.0 said...

I had to check myself on this last week. I'm trying to stick with it. I'm one of those early morning fanatics

Brad said...

I actaully didn't make the resolution. I started lifting pretty regular back in September and have been sticking with it since. I generally lift 3 or 4 times a week. I alternate between heavy weight and heavy reps on different days.

I'm starting back my cardio this week. I only want to drop about 10 lbs. So, my goals are definitely attainable.

Eb the Celeb said...

Ok... so 1st of all I hate you for reminding me how warm it is in atlanta. Thanks!

Anywho, its funny you say this... They just opened a brand new gym a couple blocks from me and they have a grand opening special for $19/month for the first year. So hells yeah I'm signing up. Last year I paid NYSC $80/month and they probably only saw me once a week if that... so yeah... mission bikini body is about to roll into effect

Don said...

Ironic, but I just started working about about 3 weeks ago. Its hard work too, but I aint beat so Im thinking around Thanksgiving...its on. Gym for me. Though sometimes I squat and work dumbbells @ night just sitting around watching TV - commercial breaks.

Trish said...

Okay so I guess I'll be the odd girl out and tell the truth which is I havent worked out in a long time. Shame on me cause while I can hide the flaws pretty well, Im tired of hiding the flaws and now I dont feel as great as I'd like to. I dont believe in resolutions, I think they only set you up for failure. I do it every year, say Im going to, say Im going to and then here we are.. we have a few days in NY in the lower 60's and Im kicking myself again because I know Spring is around the corner. No worries though, I think I still have time to get in some sort of shape by summer, seeing as Im not a cow! But I need to drop some weight fast !! Help

12kyle said...

@ mp1 v.8.0
For some reason, i can't do the mornings. I'm more of afternoon type of dude.

@ brad
Three or 4 times a week is great. Do you see the results yet?

@ Eb the Celeb
73! Don't hate. LOL. I'm sure that you have some nice fluffy snow on the ground in NY.

Get signed up. You know that I'll be following up with you in a few months to see if you're working out.

@ Don
I try to to the same thing. I try to see how many situps that I can do in between commercials of my favorite program.

@ Trish
Shame on you!! LOL. Just kiddin'. I remember when you used to workout all tha time. You can get back to that point. Don't hide the flaws b/c when it gets warm you're gonna wanna show em whut you got! Haaaa

Trish said...

12Kyle, Your are so right, cause you know me and the hubby hit the nude spots for vacation all the time.
I have got to work it out and that will be my motivation. I think I'll start my Taebo tapes today !!
I ran track for 7 years and loved it, I dont know what happened?? Age maybe, no thats not an excuse.
I just gotta do it !!!
Thanks Kyle.

Brad said...

Yo, I see results for real. If I could watch my diet I'd be ready to walk around with my shirt off all day. LOL

But I can definitely see it in my arms and shoulders. The cardio should help define it all.

The hardest part is getting started. But if you can get a schedule and stick to it for 2 weeks without breaking....then you can settle into that routine.

Opinionated Diva said...

For the past month I've been slipping (didn't have my gym buddy to harass me!), but I'm back on track and going three times a week.

My manager is cool with me taking a 90 minute break during those days, so I take a combination weight/cardio 45-minute class at lunch time.

I couldn't do it otherwise. There's no way I'm waking early to go to the gym and damn if I could see myself doing it after work.

Trish said...

I must say that when I was diligent
about working out, there was something about rising up early in the morning like 5 or 6am to work out, it sounds tough but once you start and can keep it up, it will be a piece of cake.
You feel really, really energized thru the day and so good about yourself. My motivation would be this song called "What have you done today, to make yourself proud"
I would have that song in my head every morning and it worked. Guess I need to get back there.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you struck several nerves with this blog today.... It's March and most of us haven't done what we resolved to do but from my experiences, the morning excercise does far more for the average person than the evening sessions. Getting the metabolism going ealry in the day insures an efficient burn throughout the day. Also, doing a circuit with weights and 5 minute cardio between lifts is great too!!! I need to drop 30 joints before June, so 2 a days will be my thing... Thanks for the reminder....


12kyle said...

@ Opinionated Diva
I agree with you. Lunch time is the best time for me, too.

@ Trish
Nude beach vacations, huh? Yeah. If I'm gonna go to a nude beach, I'm gonna make sure that the body is right. LOL. You're right, tho. Once you get back into your routine, you'll be fine.

@ Brad
It's always good when you see the results.

@ Hov
We talked about this a few months ago. I'm sure that everybody forgot...except Brad. LOL. Thanks for coming to the planet.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I need to start working out. I'll start when it gets a little bit warmer outside. I like to jog/walk for my exercise fix...and I'm not doing that in the cold!!!

12kyle said...

@ Brown Girl Gumbo
I hear you. I know it's still cold in NYC. Spring is right around the corner.

L. Renee' said...

O.k I promise to tell the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth. LOL

I haven't worked out in a month. That time went by so fast. I plan to get back on track starting on Saturday. LOL I would say tomorrow but since I'm being honest I know that won't happen.
Thanks for the reality check.

12kyle said...

@ LRenee
Saturday? LOL

Anonymous said...

I love working out...don't even wait til New Years to start. I workout year 'round. For the most part, I get up and out to the gym by 4:30 am, run between 2-3.10 miles, stretch, and hit a few weights depending on how I'm feeling.

Working out first thing in the morning gives me a boost of energy that lasts throughout the day (at least I like to think that it does). Plus, I don't have to worry about it any more for the day. Stuff can come up and cause me not to workout if I put it off for the evenings. Like prayer, I like to start my days off with exercise.

12kyle said...

@ Jewells
Sounds like you're on a great path

Mizrepresent said...

Dang, i wanna be Jewells.

Boogie said...

I gotta admit.....I had to slow down after I got fluid in my knee (AGAIN DAYUMIT!!!), but I'm still on pace to get to where I wanna be by 1 JUN 08. I started '08 at 275, and now I'm down to 260. As soon as my knee will allow me, I'm gonna hit the treadmills, b'ball courts, and use some of this good ol' FL sunshine to get myself lookin' like I'm 26 instead of 30.....even though I'm ACTUALLY 36 (just turned on 1 FEB). Just wait.........I'ma come back to tha A-Town and folk ain't gonna know what hit 'em........

12kyle said...

@ Boogie
Holla at Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds...they got the good stuff! LOL

The Jaded NYer said...

I worked out for the better part of January, and then February found me with one ailment after another, which I blame on the fact that I was coerced into seeing a doctor in the first place... I just know that b*tch gave me cooties!

So the illness and a scorching case of S.A.D. and depression really kept me out of the gym for the whole month. Now it's what- mid-March? And I'm supposed to be in South Beach by April 3rd? Yeah, as soon as the doc says I'm good to go, I'm getting back on track.

12kyle said...

@ Jaded NYer
Cooties? LOL!! Haven't heard that word since '83. South Beach, eh? I heard that's the place to be.