Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Playing with Pain

I saw the football coming towards me. I could tell that the ball was gonna be very close to the ground. In order to make the catch, I'd have to get my hands between the ground and the ball. Too late! I misjudged it. The ball hit the ground and ricocheted off my hand. Incomplete pass. No big deal. I walked back to the huddle to join the rest of my college teammates. For some reason, I felt a sharp pain in my right hand. It felt like my hand was burning. It felt like I had been stuck with a needle. I looked down and the top half of my pinky finger on my right hand was bent in one direction while the bottom half was going in another direction. Damn! It was dislocated. It looked nasty too. I walked over to the trainer to see if he could "pop" it back into place. No luck. I had to go to the hospital to get it fixed. Damn! Wanna take a guess who threw the ball to me??? Yep. Rezidl! LOL. I'm not saying it was his fault. was his fault but it's all good. My finger is still not straight like the rest of my other fingers but it was a freak accident.

I started thinking about it after reading about the freak accident that happened to Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Marshall was injured as a result of horseplay with family members and a misplaced McDonald's bag. Marshall slipped on the bag and put his right arm through a home entertainment center. He sustained right forearm lacerations to one artery, one vein, one nerve, two tendons and three muscles. He had surgery and will be out of action for 4 months. Are you serious? A McDonald's bag? You got hurt b/c of that? That's a freak accident. I thought mine was strange. I was just trying to catch a routine pass but it hit the ground...bounced off my finger and dislocated it. This dude had to go under the knife b/c of a fast-food bag.

Have you ever been injured playing a sport? Or maybe you've been injured by doing something physical? Pulled a muscle by lifting something? Fallen down a flight of stairs? I wanna hear about your accidents or freak accidents that you've had or have seen.

rhyme time
Each day's another chance to do the things I could've
Done the day before, but I didn't and I known I should've
So I say a prayer for the gone for gooders
Who left this world, then kiss my girl "good mornin', shuga"

Phonte (Little Brother)


i.can't.complain. said...

picture this.

coffeeville alabama, 1987 :

kindergarden(sp) recess time:

i was on the monkey bars, trying to show off and be cute for some rock head little boy.

i wrapped my feet through the space between 2 of the bars

i turned upside down

*released hands*

and boom.

feet somehow came undone.

and my right arm was broken.

that sucked pretty hard considering it was the arm i used for everything AND we were learing how to write.



Mizrepresent said...

I was turning a corner and stubbed my toe on the corner or a column in my basement...just thought it was a simple, but painful stubbed toe, until it grew to the size of a small tomatoe...turns out i had broke it, but i would find that out to almost 3 days later, when i couldn't where anymore shoes.

Brad said...

I got a funny one.

I was 7 years old and my big brother and I were fooling around in my living room. Dancing around and my brother grabs my arm and spins me. I fell and my leg slid up under the old Oak dresser in the living room. Well the dress barely had enough room for my leg. My brother instead of sliding me out....twists me around to pull me out. AAAAAHHHHH, sprained kneecap, ACL, and MCL. OF course I knew NONE of what that meant at the time. I just knew I couldn't walk at all for 3 days and with a severe limp for 1 month.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

oh my! shame on you rezidl-LOL!!

well, i was a senior in high school. i was super excited because graduation was the next day. a friend of my mum's came over. i was outside drawing. she was about to leave and as she was climbing in her car, she realized she forgot to give my mum something. she called me down to her car to get it.

i skipped (literally) down the front lawn, which was on a slope. as i skipped, my foot landed in an uneven patch of ground. i hit the ground in pain. my ankle instantly inflated.

i broke it! and i had to graduate on crutches the next day. i couldn't even make it to the stands where my classmates were, so i got to sit on the main stage...but those crutches and that cast were NOT a cute accessory :-P

Rezidl said...

Yep, 12Kyle STILL BLAMES ME for his poor little finger. If he would have lunged for the ball insteading of being cute, he would be able to fit his hand in a pair of gloves today. Until that day of complaining he was my favorite receiver....LOL...

My moment came 4 years ago....I was trimming bushes in my front yard with electric trimmers and my son was outside nearby on the porch steps. I turned to him to check on him and I accidentally dropped my right ringer finger into the trimmer...It split my finger down the middle like a fork....I just knew it was cut off at the tip, but it wasn't. After four stitches (through my finger and fingernail) you cannot tell the difference....

Don said...

When I played basketball, 10th grade, I went to retrieve a basketball that had gone out of bounds. It was nothing. No extra effort or anything. I reached down and picked up the ball and couldn't stand up. What freaked me out about it...I never felt any pain. I just couldn't stand up. The ref was still trying to reach and grab the ball out of my hand. I was stunned, so I laid on the court. I had slipped a disc in y back.

Yesterday, I saw somewhere how a child died from a freak accident. I never read the link though.

Don said...

lol @ Yep, 12Kyle STILL BLAMES ME

Trish said...

Well, I have two. Both with fingers.

I was about 13 or 14 riding my bike up and down my block and rode up next to my parents parked huge blue station wagon, where my older sister is checking the oil. So of course she has the hood open, so instead of getting off the bike and engaging the kick stand I just stay on the bike leaning against the front fender talking to her and making the mistake of placing my right hand against the opening of the hood, well next thing I know WHAM !! she slams my right hand in the hood of the car. I go in the house screaming, my fingers swell up to balloon size but turns out they werent broken, just badly, badly sprained and bruised. Its a wonder they werent cut off, and I haad dents in my fingers for months.

3 years ago, Im around the house looking for my husband and my dog one morning, I go outside to my garage and raise the garage door to see if they might be in there.
At that time it was one of those old style barn looking, big horizontal panel joints. So I look in dont see them and commence to closing the door while looking away. I thought I had grabbed the handle but turns out my fingers were actually in between two of the panels and as I pulled down on the door 3 of my fingers completely crushed flat to the size of quarters ! They immediately turned purple.
Man, now that was some pain. I fell right to the ground in pain. I manage to slowly crawl toward my front door and see my husband walking up the street with my dog. I couldnt even speak his name, tears just rolling no sound of crying just tears.
Yes, this time the same damn fingers that my sister slammed were broken like crazy had a cast on for at least a month.

Urban Thought said...

Two weeks ago I was doing forearm curls in the gym. I'm on my last set. I pick up the next weight. As I'm in rotation, pop. Pop? What the hell is going on. Now my left hand is in pain. I'm looking at the weight and thinking: I've lifted this much before. What the hell is going on.

Work out over.

Went to the sports medicine dude and they give me a brace for my wrist. It hurts when I type. I cannot do a complete work out, legs only.

Still waiting to get approved for an MRI from my insurance company. Just when the body was getting right now I have to wait and figure out if I can go back to my normal routine or not.

Summer is almost here and I'm trying to stay fit. Treadmill and leg workouts from here on out. Nothing to do with my wrist.

Opinionated Diva said...

I've had quite a few freak accidents. I did a post about most of them once and the reaction was crazy. LOL

Some of them...

I was hit by a car at ten. The force knocked me half way up the block. I had no broken bones, no sprains...just a mild concusion and a scratch on my leg.

I slammed my thumb in one of those metal doors at school. The force of it tore my thumb off and only the skin held it together. I could see bones and everything. It was re-attached and you can't even tell the difference from my other thumb.

I think I'll stop there!

The Jaded NYer said...

y'all are so accident prone!

*knocking on wood*

I've never broken any bones, twisted any ankles or dislocated anything! All of my maladies that required medical attention were pregnancy/reproductive organ related, which, as soon as I find me that shady Doc in Mexico who will relieve me of my uterus' services, will no longer be an issue...


TravelDiva said...

Three years ago, I was just coming back from Italy--headed out of the house for my first day back to work. I was still feeling the vacation afterglow, and I was strolling down the steps when I missed the last two steps. My toes got caught on the carpet when I fell and my foot literally snapped when I fell. When I tried to get up, my leg was like jello. In tears, I crawled back up the stairs and had a family member call an ambulance. Turned out that I had broken my ankle. Worst part - I was out of commission for 8 weeks and had to cancel my new year's trip to Paris because of my broken ankle. (And my ankle still gives me problems sometimes!).

Oh--I also got a concussion while ice skating. It was like a total stereotype of black people and ice.

LOL. Loves the topic.

Hadassah said...

I fell down towards the last 4 flight of stairs, I thought i could jump my way down the last four flights but ended up falling to my knees. T o make matters worse it was in the Uni library I was soo embarrassed. My knees were sore after that incident.

Tabu said...

I was trying to get dolled up for the basketball tournament one year.

I plugged in the curling iron, and left it on the bed--This is something I did all the time. Got showered came in and sat on the bed right on the hot curling iron.


It hurt so bad!

To this day I still have a long scar, under my left check.

Eb the Celeb said...

yeah, I had a baby crush on Brandon before I met him... he has the perfect complexion and body (height, weight, build) but he aint the brightest dude on the block... so there would be no mental orgasms. When I heard the story, it didnt surprise me at all. I really think he's a little ADD. lol

But yes I have been hurt before. My junior year in high school, running the 4x1 relay. It was freezin outside and we used to run in those things that look like underwear. No matter what I did to stay lose before the race I was still shivering and we were the last heat so we were out there for a while with no sweats on. Needless to say I pulled all the muscle from my knee to the hip on my left leg... it hurt like hell... and I was out for the season. I had to take all these muscles rebuilders like creatine... that crap is so disgusting... and I lost my passion for running. I came back senior year but never was really back at 100% in my opinion and really lost my love for the sport.

dejanae said...

i was in the locker room and after putting my stuff in the bottom locker, leaned my weight on the locker door to stand up
Well of course the whole wall of lockers came crashing down on me
I stayed calling out for about three minutes
no help arrived
so i had to get my superwoman on and push that shit up off me
slowly but surely i made it out from under that shit
Now why did folk wanna walk in just as i got the shit back upright?

PrettyBlack said...

Damn...about five months before I got pregnant with my prettygirl I was getting on my bike to go for a ride. I stayed in a gated community at the time, the gates open inward, well I pulled up to the gates because for some reason the motorcycle wouldn't trip the sensors, and as the gate was opening I couldn't get my bike backed up in time so I just tried to rev up and ride through the little opening wellll, a chick forgot she was in nuetral (you know to back up) my bike kicks me off I fall over to the right and the bike lands on my right leg.

While trying to lift my bike off I twisted my knee, a bitch was in pain but the only thing I was worried about was if anyone seen me, so I kept my helmet on until I could push my bike back to my crib, which was only like a couple of feet away. I couldn't wear high heels for like two months.

12kyle said...

@ -1-
That had to suck. You get hurt just as you're learning to write. Are you right handed or a lefty?

@ Miz
Couldn't put those pumps on, huh? LOL

@ Brad
You had a sprained kneecap, ACL, and MCL. Damn! If you were in the NFL, you'd be out for a year!

Crutches at graduation had to hurt. Literally and phyiscally

@ Rezidl
Man, we can be 70 years old and I'm STILL gonna blame you! LOL. You know that I shouldn't have to lunge for a ball.

That sounds scary. That's why I don't have electric trimmers.

@ Don
A slipped disc in the 10th grade? That's crazy! And yes...I still blame him! LOL

@ Trish
Lightning struck twice! OUCH!!!

@ Urban Thought
Not being able to use your arm puts everything on hold. And that's not cool!

12kyle said...

@ OD
I think when you're around...I need to stand on the OTHER side of the street. LOL. Jusss kiddn. That's rare. You've had some tough times.

@ Jaded NYer
Nothing has happened to you? WOW! I hope that doesn't mean that you're overdue. LOL

@ TravelDiva
You missed out on Paris b/c of your ankle. Wow! If it's still bothering you, then you may wanna get it checked ou.

@ Hadassah
Falling at the Uni library is definitely embarrassing.

@ Tabu
OUCH!!! The bright side is that only you and your man get to look at that scar. haaaaaa

@ Eb the Celeb
An injury shut you down? Say it ain't so.

@ dejanae
LMAO @ You!!! I know that I shouldn't laugh but that is sooo funny

@ PrettyBlack
WOW! Talk about a freakish accident. Wouldn't it have been nice if you could've gotten some money in a lawsuit from the community?

prettyparker said...

Goodness, you all have had it rough!

No broken bones here, but in grade school I wore the prettiest patent leather shoes in my class. During recess one day, I slipped on the asphalt and fell front-teeth first. I was rushed to the dentist (teeth in a cup of milk) and they spent quite some time giving me a decent looking smile.

To this day I test all floor surfaces before I walk on them for fear of falling.

Rezidl said...

PrettyParker, for a minute I thought you were Nina Murphy from my 5th grade class. She wore a bright pink dress and patent leather shoes on her birthday. For some reason, she thought it would be a good idea to play kick-ball with the rest of us. She was tall so she had a nice kick and sent the ball in the outfield. As she rounded third base to home at full speed, she tripped right at homeplate and fell face first.

...thought I had found her.

Queen of My Castle said...

Dang! This IS America, so I am very surprised he and his family didn't sue McDonald's for not having slip resistant paper bags, you know kids could be playing with these bags and be seriously injured! Oh how I love America. LOL

I once fell down a flight of stairs. My dress was too long and got caught on my shoe. the time my tumble was all over I had a busted lip and a hickey on my forehead. SOOOOO not a good look. LOL. Glad I had just handed the baby to my sister. One time in elementary I ran into a pole because I wasn't looking. Yep, you guessed it. Your girl had a bloody nose. Thank heavens I am a bit more graceful now. LOL

lea78 said...

I was in the third grade and i had just got a new metallic pink belt with this real cute buckle. My mom made me wear this long shirt so people couldn't see it. me being the lil grown piece of ish that I was, I took it off and started swingin it around so everyone could be jealous of my new pretty belt, well I swung it to hard and it hit me in the mouth. As a result I still have a chipped tooth in the front. I threw that damn belt away it hurted so bad

12kyle said...

@ PrettyParker
So THAT'S why you watch your steps where ever you go? Now i get it!

@ Rezidl
That would have been funny if you had found her

@ Queen
Nothing surprises me when it comes to lawsuits anymore. He was playing around and slipped on it so I guess it was his negligence. And he makes a million playing football for a living so I think he may be worried about he'd look by suing Micky D's. Haaaa

Falling down the stairs with the baby is a scary thought!

@ lea
See what happens when you DON'T follow directions? LOL

L. Renee' said...

I am the queen of the freak accident.

I was a pom in highschool and we rode the bus with the players. Well, They were getting on the back of the bus and it was a pretty high step. So, two had each arm pulled me up and with their mega strength pulled up to high and I bumped my head on the top of the bus. Needless to say I was knocked out!LOL
From a far away distant land I could hear these voices saying is she dead? What the hell did Ya'll do? LOL finally, I came too and I had a ice pack on my head. Once they saw I was going to be alright They clowned me for days. LOL

The other incident was when I was 6 months pregnant with my son. I was going down the steps at a friends house and some how missed the last two steps. I ended up on the floor with the worst pain in my ankle. I had a terrible sprain and had to walk around my kindergarten class with crutches and a big belly. Not one of my proudest moments. LOL

The Jaded NYer said...

OMG- did you just try to jinx me? Don't make me use the almighty side-eye! lol

But anyway, I just remembered the
scar on my forehead from falling face first into the radiator as a kid (no stitches!!), so I'm not overdue *whew!*

12kyle said...

You got knocked out like THAT??? Wow!!! That's crazy. And if I knew you then, I'd clown you, too! LOL

@ Jaded NYer
I'm not gonna jinx ya! LOL

~Ms. Moore~ said...

4th grade school play ground. I am playing kickball. I run to catch the ball and some bad a@# brat throws a rock and hits me on the head, right at the hair line. I reach up and rub my head, shake off the pain and take my position in the field. Suddenly blood flows into my eye and I can't see. At that point I grabbed my head, screaming, and crying trying to find the school nurse. I had to get 5 stitches. I still have the scar. Fortunately, its covered by my hair.

Anonymous said...

It happened when I lived in Japan. There was a steep, steep, steep hill. My friend wanted to ride her bike down. I was scared to. She called me a chicken. Kept calling me a chicken. I said "fug this" and rode my bike down the hill.

My uncle was coming up the hill. Saw me flying, my feet weren't even on the pedals 'cause I was going so fast. He tried to catch me. I was too fast. My bike and I ended up doing sommersaults in the air like an Olympic gymnist until I hit the bottom of the hill.

Luckily, I only scraped the skin off of my shoulder and bruised my ego. Never again will I do something just because someone calls me chicken.

Now I'm going to go get me some chicken...LOL.

The F$%K it List said...

Hurt many time but one time stands out in my mind.

I was about 17 and had been dancing with a professional dance company. I was in rehearsal for a show. After warms ups that included laying down to stretch I noticed a grease mark where my friend was laying. I made a mental note of the mark and proceeded to go through the routine with my partner.

In one part the of the routine he was suppose to catch me but as I finished my cabriole and landed I slipped on the greasy spot and knocked down my partner. Terrible moment but thank God it wasn't on the stage.