Monday, March 10, 2008

The Wire (-30-)

It's over.

The Wire is over.

For 5 seasons they gave me everything they had. And I watched every episode. The final episode,-30-, aired last night. As I watched each scene on the edge of my seat, I thought "this is playing real slow." I thought they were setting up for some final resolution. How were they gonna close this series out? McNulty's secret was out of the bag and he was definitely headed to jail...or death. We knew from the previews that Marlo was gonna get back on the streets. So how was it gonna end. I KNEW it wasn't gonna end like the Sopranos with a damn blacked out screen. Less anti-climatic but great tv, nonetheless.

1. Gus exposes Templeton for who he truly was. Much like a real life Jason Blair, Templeton's propensity to lie. The problem was that Gus' superiors didn't think that he was lying and felt that Gus had made it a personal issue. In the end, Gus gets demoted and Templeton and the Baltimore Sun get the much coveted Pulitzer Prize. I enjoyed the media angle of The Wire this season b/c it exposed how stories can easily be altered. As Gus said..."we are here to report the story and not to make them up.

2. Daniels refuses to play hardball and ultimately has to step down. He goes into practicing law.

3. Carcetti becomes the Governor of Md and Noreese becomes the Mayor of Baltimore. I can remember how Carcetti came into office trying to be a clean politician. Well, there's no such thing. By the end, he had done so many dirty deals just so that he could climb his way to the top. In the end, we saw that aspect very clear. Everybody was gonna do what they could do to get hell with everybody else.

4. Dukie becomes a junkie. We saw this coming. He went from borrowing money from Prezbo to shooting up with Sanford and Son (lol). In a sad twist of fate, the streets lose a fiend like Bubbles and gains one in Dukie. That is a part of the life cycle in the streets.

5. Kenard gets arrested for killing Omar. Haaaaaa

6. McNulty lives! I thought for sure that somebody would kill him or he'd kill himself for what he did. The police force had his "funeral" but you McNulty's case is not resolved...yet!

7. Lester retires. I always liked Lester.

8. Micheal does not leave Baltimore. I thought that he'd be smart enough to get outta town. NOT! Instead, he sticks up some drug dealers who work for Marlo. Bad move Mike. To make matters worse, he shoots him in the knee. Once again, the life cycle in the streets. Remember when Michael was a good kid who wanted nothing to do with Marlo and his crew. Now he is a YOUNG Omar.

9. Speaking of Marlo...Levy is able to get Marlo out b/c he knew that there was an "illegal wire tap" on his cell phone. Levy is a slimy lawyer. But he's good. Damn good. He knew that he could play hardball with the law b/c he knew that they had done something wrong. In turn, they found out about his "source" within the court system and had threatened him with jail time. Once again, here's where The Wire excels. It shows how shady deals get worked out behind closed doors. They had just announced that Marlo was in jail and that they had 16 mill in dope but yet he walks. That's why The Wire is the shyt. In his final scene, Marlo strolls up on a corner in a suit. He approaches 2 corner boys who are talking about Omar. Words are exchanged. Marlo punches the kid and they run off. The kid fires his gun before Marlo swung on him. Marlo doesn't realize until the kids had run off the block that the he had been shot in the forearm. He looked at his suit and saw the blood. Although he had sold the connect for 10 mill and headed for "retirement" he was fighting on the block...just to protect his name. As he said last week... "my name is my name." And the scene ends with him on the corner just standing there.

10. Chris gets life without parole. Ironically, he's locked up in the same jail as Weebay

11. Cheeze gets out...only to get shot in the head by Slim Charles. He said that he did it for Prop Joe. Cheeze was Joe's nephew who set him up to be killed by Marlo. Isn't it ironic that The Wire started out with Barksdale being the kingpin but the Co-Op is now being run by a former Barksdale lieutenant?

12. Bubbles gets to come upstairs in his sisters house. LOL

In the end, the last episode was cool with me. There may be some people who didn't like it. Or just some (like me) who don't like that there won't be another season. There are many rumors that there may be a movie in the works. I would support that. In the end, there weren't a whole lotta resolutions...but isn't that the way it's supposed to be?


Brad said...

I thought it was riveting. I really did. What got me the most was Mike. I think he's actually turning into the new Omar rather than the new Marlo. Noticed he had a shotty and a second dude with him when he did his stick up. Dude said "you just a kid". Mike said "BOOM.....and that's just a knee".

ANd Marlo had to have a little more of the streets. He won't be able to get out of the life like that. It's not in him. Just like it wasn't in Avon.

Opinionated Diva said...

Michael became Omar and Dukie became Bubbles.

I was sad about Dukie...he's fifteen and already strung out.

Damn just read Brad's comment. Definitely agree...I didn't think Mike was trying to be the next Marlo at all.

Marlo annoyed me the most. Dude has ten million CASH money...and his dumb azz wants to go back on the streets? Just ignorant.

I would love to see The Wire as a movie.

12kyle said...

@ Brad
You're right. Micheal went from being a quiet lil kid to becoming the next Omar. As one leaves the game (Omar), so enters another one (Michael)

@ Opinionated Diva
Marlo's scene was ironic. He's got money and he's poised to move on. Yet, he's on a corner fighting for his name. While that wasn't bright, it showed what his mentality was.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I didn't watch the series, but my husband is so sad it's over. I guess he must feel like I did when "Soul Food" on Showtime ended -- I was so sad!

12kyle said...

@ Brown Girl Gumbo
I feel your husbands pain. I feel like a junkie who's tryna quit but can't kick the habit. LOL. There are rumblings about a possible movie. Gotta keep my fingers crossed for that one.

L. Renee' said...

I understand your pain 12kyle. I went through withdrawls when I had to say goodbye to my 4 best girlfriends on Sex and the city. I wasn't ready to say goodbye. LOL
My husband bought me the entire collection. Now I can catch up like old times anytime I want.

12kyle said...

@ LRenee
I'm going through some serious withdrawals over here. Maybe I'll get all 5 seasons on DVD as a gift? Hint ...hint... LOL