Saturday, March 8, 2008

Off tha Dome

random thoughts off the dome...

why is gas so damn high? i have an SUV. i might start stealing gas if it gets worse. lol. it could be worse. i could be living in LA like my boy Weja. i know it's even higher out there

i'll be glad when the summer gets here. it was 73 degrees one day and 43 degrees 2 days later. i hate that.

maybe it's just me but i probably should pay attention to these tornado warnings that they are showing on tv. growing up in s carolina, i was so used to them that it doesn't have the same effect. i've never seen a tornado...and i don't plan on seeing one. tornados rarely strike heavily populated metro areas. i'm buggin at how a tornado warning can dominate the first 20 mins of a local newscast

speaking of weather, if we ever got 6 inches of snow here...its a wrap. five million people in this city and there's no snow trucks! that makes no sense to me. if there is a threat of snow, they'll throw dirt on the ground and keep it movin. and everybody will run to grocery stores and buy all the bread that's on the shelf.

wonder how many fools still have shyt from the Y2K scare? you know...the fools who stored food and supplies b/c they thought that the world was coming to an end as we moved from 1999 to 2000

dec 31,1999...i got engaged that night...maybe i thought the world was coming to an end, too. lmao. "the world is girl, take this ring."

lil sis just went over. she's a delta now. i'm proud of her. she'd better stay in college for as long as she can. don't be in hurry to rush into this crazy world.

college dayz- neva been so broke but had so much fun. i got money now and life is fun but it ain't the same. i miss those days.

i'd go back to college tomorrow if i could but i wouldn't want to do any of the work. lol

blog crushes are funny. somebody reading this post right now has a blog crush on 12kyle. it's cool. trust me. its okay. i'm flattered. lol

speaking of blogs...don and e (eclectik) are like my blog supaheroz. don will make one post and get 70 responses by the end of the day. don is a internet pimp. i'm convinced. e's blog is unreal. that dude is on some next level shyt.

eb the celeb...thanks for the shout out in your rhyme. you are a much betta lyricist than foxy, lil kim, and remy ma. and you can tell em i said that. no more aggie jokes from me...for now. lol

last point on the blogs...for some reason...some of the blogs that i read and respond to...i feel like i know these people but i don't know em. there's a connection there and i like that. y'all are mad cool. hope you feel like you know me. if you don't, you will very soon.

can somebody tell me when tribe called quest is gonna drop anutha cd? damn! it's been a loong time!

can't wait for the roots to drop. those dudes are the shyt!

i think i'ma go to the mall today. i'm not gonna buy anything. i'm gonna just watch people.

sometimes i have the urge to literally kick these kids in their ass when i see them with their pants falling off their ass. where are the parents who buy their clothes

nothing stranger than seeing upper middle class black kids tryna be "thugs". you live in a 800k home...your parents household income exceeds go to private school and you're walking around with a doorag in your back pocket with pants falling off your ass? something is wrong with that picture.

find something to laugh at every day

a week ago, a former college classmate of mine committed suicide. i didn't know her that well. she was pleasant the few times that our paths crossed in college. everybody liked her. on the surface, she had the things that we all think are important...a husband, house, good job...etc. but she left it all behind. don't know why? we all go through trials and tribulations. some of us handle them better than others. make sure that you take time to listen to those close to you.

i love black people

unwritten man law...if i'm taking a leak at the urinal, don't talk to me. keep your head looking forward or look up at the ceiling. don't look at me or look to see what i'm doing. i'm doing the same damn thing that you're doing...taking a piss

unwritten man law...if you take a piss, wash your hands!!!

off tha dome what profession does 85% of the employees sport tattoos? you think you know...but you don't. i'll give the answer on the next post b/c i'm sure that nobody will get it.


L. Renee' said...

What's up night owl?
Listen you better listen if they tornado warning that means one has been spotted on the ground. Tornado watch means there is a possibility of a tornado but none have been sighted. I miss college too. That was the brokest I have ever been. I was so happy when my grandmother would randomly send me some money. I thought I was rich. LOL
I think athletes have the most tatoos.

~Ms. Moore~ said...

Tribe Called Quest!!!!!!!! man I miss them too. They bring to mind a movie I like that has a good concept but did not receive good reviews at the time. Tales From the Hood!!!
I think the profession with the most tatoos would be tatoo artist.
Son you better listen to renee and those tornado warnings. I am from NJ so by the time the tornado/hurricane reached there (if ever) it was either classified as a tropical depression or it was so far off the coast that all it caused was rain. Now that I live in GA and witnessed first hand that tornado that tore up Windy Hill Rd several years ago, I lock up the house if they say tornado watch---LMAO
What's happening with the Wild Bean (BP gas station mini cafe) are they shutting down?
What's up with these random mass shootings around the US? Do we need gun control or bullet control?

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I think we're on the same wavelength because I just did a post the other day complaining about gas prices, bread prices, etc...

Sheeidddd!!!! I wish we could see 43 degrees here! That'd be like summer here. It amuses me to the nth degree when southern folk complain about snow....but I guess it's reversed when we complain about the heat in the summer. 86's hot! lol

Congrats to ya sis.

Don and E. They are that deal! I'm trying to get on their level fa real. Hell, I'm happy just to get a comment most of the time! lol

And eb was spitting that hot fire over there. that's the truth

12kyle said...

@ LRenee
I am a true night owl. I just need 4 or 5 hrs of sleep and I'm good. If I had 8+ hrs of sleep, I'd be real grouchy the next day.

I guess I've become immune to tornado warnings b/c I've been through so many of them. Trust me, if one comes down my street...I know what to do. Lol. This weather is crazy. Tornado warnings last night. When I woke up this morning, it was snowing! It was coming down like a blizzard but they aren't expecting any accumulation. Snow in March? Only in Atlanta!

I remember getting those "money handshakes" after a game in college. It didn't matter if it was $20, $50, $100. And that money seemed to last forever.

The answer is incorrect. You must be specific. Lol

@ Ms. Moore
Tribe is like that old reliable friend. They are always there and they never disappoint you. I can't wait.

You almost have to take out a 2nd mortgage just to buy gas. And you know that the prices are going up b/c we haven't hit Memorial Day yet. Ever notice how gas prices go up JUST before the holidays? These are a buncha crooks!

I'm all for gun control but I don't think its gonna happen.

Your answer is incorrect.

@ mp1 v.8.0
I like the winter. I can't stand that summer heat! Lol. I should be used to it but I'm not. It seems to get hotter each year.

Don and e are like the heavyweight champs of the blog world. Eb's post was sick. The audio made it that much better. I like Eb. She's real cool.

Rezidl said... are so damn funny with that blog crushing....we all love the way you write....but I'll be damn if it's me!!!

I hear Q-Tip is about to drop soon. I need that.

aahhhh....."money handshakes"....when we were kings.

Congrats to sis. Boy they get older quickly.

Damn shame you proposed to your lady before Y2K....could have at least waited until the year 2000.

Don and E. make me feel like I didn't pay attention enough while traveling along the road of life....LOL

Son, I work in DC, but live about 25 miles outside of the city (just like you in ATL) and it costs me $20+ a day to get to work and back. Shyt, and that's not counting the $10 a day lunch....

Good work off the dome!

12kyle said...

@ Rezidl
You funny. I'm not talkin bout you...I'm talkin bout the lovely ladies of the 12th planet. LOL

I need Tribe to come back in a major way.

Nothing better than to win a football game and be greated by those old alumni cats with those handshakes. We were kings. Lol

I had to hit her off with the ring that night. What if we didn't make it to the next day? Haaaaa

Don and e should be writing movie scripts, too.

The cost of living is soooo high. This is crazy. I'm working hard to make sure that my kids don't have to work this hard.

Muze said...

maaan gas here is 3.25... pisses me off.

i'm so sick of michigan weather i can't even explain it to you.

amen @ college days being the best. whew.

darn you figured out i have a blog crush on you?? lol.

eclectik's blog is like, so dope, for real. and don...well he's don.

i love black people too!

and to answer...i think it is either professional basketball players, strippers, or hip hop artists.

12kyle said...

@ Muze
I'm still waiting on one of these candidates to tell me why gas is so damn high and what they are gonna do about it.

I forgot you were in Detroit. Damn! I guess there's no need to for me to complain about the weather. You have it much rougher than me.

I knew you had a blog crush on me b/c I had a blog crush on you. LOL. I'm a fan. killed it with that Coltrane the other day. I just kept listening to it over and over.

YOU ARE CORRECT!!! Pro basketball players. Over 85% of all players in the NBA have at least 1 tattoo. I heard this stat the other day. You may be hard pressed to find a player who does NOT have a tattoo.

Eb the Celeb said...

Ok, I dont even know where to start here... so much good random ish

first and foremost... gas... blame it on Bush... blame everything that wrong in the world on Bush... I do... and it makes me feel better... you ask why it stinks when you go #2... and I blame it on Bush...LOL!

and yeah... you thought the world was ending to during Y2k... funny you chose to ditch the food and water and said I better get me a wife...LOL

I'd go back to college in a minute too... AGGIE PRIDE!!! I had to much fun back in the Boro... glad to hear the A&T jokes will cease for a little bit.

I love the legendary roots crew too!

So I guess I should just go ahead now and tell you that I have a blog crush on you since your already hip to it anyway right... with ya conceited self...LOL! j/k

thanks for the shout though... I'll take the 2008 female MC of the blogworld award... but until i get some plastic surgery... i cant really take any shine from the ladies you've mentioned...LoL

I love black people too... even have a t-shirt that says so.

dome trivia - i'm going with personal trainers or strippers

12kyle said...

@ Eb the Celeb
I blame Bush, too! LOL. That dude is a joke.

I figured if we made it though Y2K then maybe it was meant to be. LOL

I heard that A&T is...a good school. Whew! No joke right there. Damn, that was tough. Haaaa

I know you had a blog crush on me. I knew that from day one. Damn...did that sound conceited? LMAO

I'ma put you in the top five female emcees. Trina, Jackie O, and Da Brat aint got nuffin on ya.

WRONG...Answer basketball players. Nice try. You get a consolation prize.

The Jaded NYer said...

gas prices are high? Really? Hmm...interesting... glad I don't know how to drive...LOL

am I the only crazy person who enjoys all 4 seasons? In the summer I can hit the beach; in the winter I can snuggle up on my couck in my fave sweater w/some hot chocolate (the BEVERAGE! LOL). Nature is all right with me.

If I went back to college, knowing what I know now, my kids would not exist. Real Talk! So lets not even go there.

I am finding the blog-world a comfortable place. Maybe too comfortable. I need to go outside more. You ppl rock, though!

I don't know why being a thug is something to aspire to. Who likes being poor and getting shot at? That's crazy troll logic right there...

Job with most tattoos? Musicians? Rappers and rockers alike wear tattoos like it's their jobs!

12kyle said...

@ The Jaded NYer
You don't know how to drive? Word?

I feel you. I love the spring time here. I'll take an 80 degree day with a nice breeze.

Kids would not exist? LMAO.

I don't understand what's cool about being a thug. These kids are severely misguided.

WRONG...Answer basketball players. Nice try. You get a free paper clip. haaaaaa

Anonymous said...

People trip me out in Atlanta shutting everything down when they get snow flurries. I used to live in the U.P. and we were walking to the bus stop in waist-length snow. Snow didn't stop nothin.

That's sad about your classmate. Suicide...or shall I say depression is a cancer that can spread much faster than cancer if you don't recognize it for what it is.