Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Way You Do

quirk- a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism

The food has been heated in the microwave. I take it out the microwave. I put the plate on the table...but I can't eat JUST yet. I stroll over to the magazine rack and grab something to read. I take the plate and put it on the floor. Then, I put the magazine on the floor. Now it's time to eat. I lay flat on my stomach and begin to eat. Laying down to eat? Nobody does that. While it's probably not the most healthy thing for your digestive system but it's one of my quirks. We all have our quirks. Some are good and some are bad. I like to eat food while laying on the floor. It drives my wife crazy but hey...its me. I've been doing this since I was in the 7th grade. I don't eat every meal on the floor. LOL. Just at least once a day I have to do it. And it's always in front of the tv.

I always read something when I eat. That's another quirk. When I was 8 yrs old, my dad made me read the newspaper every day. I usually read it when I ate breakfast. Since then, it's been a habit to read something while eating. I don't know why I do it...I just do it. Those are a few quirks that I have. I KNOW that I'm not the only one who has some quirks about them.

Give me a quirk or two...


i.can't.complain. said...

1. i don't look at the clock on the :13 of any of the hours.

2. i dont look at the mirror in the bathroom after ive turned the light out

3. i count my sips of water.

4. i have been known to have grits and sausage for breakfast and dinner in the same day.


Brad said...

1. I shake my leg when I'm sitting down for no particular reason at all. It's not nerves, or boredom, or fear. Just shake my leg. Got it from my dad.

2. I don't have a mirror in my play room in my house. So after ever weight lifting set....I go to the bathroom mirror and look at my arms and chest. LOL Do I expect to see development after 1 set? Uh NO. But hey.........

Darius T. Williams said...

Um, what quirks do I have? I guess one is that it's a must to check my cell phone every morning when I wake up. I can't function and sometimes I take it to the bathroom w/me for my morning BM. Another is that I can't sleep on my back...I start out getting comfortable - but when I'm about to tear up some sleep - I turn over on my stomach.

Tabu said...

According to my family I am the queen of quirks...

I don't sleep in hotel linen. I buy a comforter and fold it sleeping bag style and get in it.

I wash my hands and face after I shower.

I don't do that kissing on the cheek stuff with anyone, I will make the sound but never any lip contact from me.

I am very picky about where I eat.

When I am home I eat on a saucer.

I always have a bottle water.

If I eat a burger I cut it in half first.

When I home, I only usually the my own bathroom for a number 2. If I am in the basement I will hustle up the 2 flights of stairs just to use the bathroom.

Don said...

I always have to turn the TV channel no matter what I am watching. DVD, sports, whatever.

I am addicted to making sure I drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

I can't drive without listening to music.

I squench my eyes alot. I need to stop and get some more glasses

The Jaded NYer said...

mine are mostly food related...

1- I always wear socks to bed, even when it's 100 degrees outside

2- I keep the comforter on my bed year round

3- in most meals, I need to have something hot, something starchy, something cold and something crunchy. If not, then I don't feel like I've eaten anything

4- I can't eat soup without rice

5- I won't even being to prepare my food unless I have something queued up to watch on the computer

6- after I shower, I wrap myself in a huge towel and just lean on the sink for like 5-10 minutes and let my mind go blank

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said... areso funny 12kyle! and that would drive me crazy as well :-P

1. all of my foods in cabinets must have their labels facing out and straight ahead. they also need to go in size order, from left to right, tallest to shortest

2. i must sleep with socks on. i don't feel right without them. (i started to do this in order to condition my feet while keeping them soft and crustless-who likes crusty or hard feets? yes, i said feets!)

3. i cannot set my alarm clock for a "normal" time. no 6:00, no always has to be a weird number like 6:18 or 9:53

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ jaded nyer....i just read the posts above mine and we have one that is!

Brad said...

I have to sleep in underwear, shorts and a T-shirt. No matter how hot or cold. If I travel and forget my shorts...I don't sleep well at ALL.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

im with ya man, i try to read 2 or 3 papers a day

prettyparker said...

I always test the surface of the floor or ground no matter how many times I've entered or left the room/building/park, etc. I'm afraid it may be slippery or slick (even if it is carpet or gravel) and I want to make sure I won't fall. It's an annoying habit but I can't shake it no matter how hard I try.

dejanae said...

i make weird sounds for no apparent reason and sometimes don.t realize im doing it until folk look at me funny

i change my laff every coupla years

i bootleg dance every morning to start the day

i hardly eat breakfast before noon
it just doesn't feel right

PrettyBlack said...

When people are talking I count every fourth word. (been doing it since I was a young 'un, I barely notice it anymore...and not out loud)

I wash my hands obsessively.

I have to check every window and door in the house twice to make sure it's all locked up.

My daughter gets baths EVERY morning and night without fail.

I can't go to bed with a messy kitchen.

I will go off if someone stands over me talking to me while I am eating.

The Jaded NYer said...

@pcd- cool, I'm not the only one... I where mine because I have this weird, irrational fear that someone or something will grab me by the ankles in the middle of the night, and the socks protect me... don't ask... it makes sense in my head somehow LOL!

Kyle said...

@ -1-
Grits and sausage for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? WOW!!!

@ brad
You might wanna get some of that "Roger Clemens" for instant results. LOL

@ darius t. williams
I feel you. I take my blackberry in the bathroom with me all the time. LOL

@ Tabu
I have a friend who will go to Burger King and he requests that they cut the burger in half. He's too lazy to do it himself. LOL

@ Don
If you're doing a lot of sqinting, then you prolly need glasses.

I feel you on the music. I can't move the whip without it.

@ Jaded NYer
Socks in the bed? LOL. I like warm feet but i can't do socks in the bed.

I know what you mean by having something to watch on the computer. I must have something to read in front of me

Socks in the bed for you, too? What if it's hot? LOL

Nobody likes crusty feets. LMAO

@ Brad
I wear basketball shorts. Always pack them 1st when I travel

@ Torrance
I hear you. Reading is a must

@ PrettyParker
That's very interesting. Do you do that in your home as well?

@ dejanae
Weird noises? LOL. Are they animal like. I've done that before as well.

@ Prettyblack
You wash your hands obsessively? Maybe its a mother thang b/c my mom does too. And she always has a bottle of hand sanitizer with her.

@ Jaded NYer
I hear ya!

excellent posts by all of you. good to know that i aint the only one who does weird stuff. lmao!!!

Opinionated Diva said...

I check my locks at night obsessively. If I'm in bed and feel like I didn't do a thorough job of checking, I will get out of bed and re-check the locks.

I eat chicken wings really funny. If there are too many veins...I wont eat 'em. I NEVER pick up a wing and put it directly too my lips and bite in...I have to pick the skin off first.

I count A many steps to the top, how many syllables in a word, how many items on my's a sickness! lol

I think I'll stop there.

12kyle said...

i just thought of one...when i buy gas it always has to be $.50 or $.00 (for example $40.00 or 42.50). I wont let it be 42.72 or 41.38. Just won't do it. LOL

12kyle said...

@ Opinionated Diva
You are REALLY quirky when it comes to the ole yard bird, huh? LOL. Good one!

Rezidl said... glad to see I'm not the only one with OCD.

Food related: I always eat foods in order. Vegatables then meats then drink. Something about delayed gratification that I picked up when I was young.

Grooming: When I shower, I have to start lathering my right arm first. Not sure why, I just have to!

Career: I work in PR/Communications so every morning I have to scan the following publications before start crafting anything: Washington Post, USA Today, New York Times, LA Times, ALL HIP HOP and now, The 12th Planet....If I don't, I feel like my day is out of sync.

Trish said...

Sounds like alot of us have some form of OCD = Obsessive compulsive disorder. LOL !!

As for me...
I wash my hands alot and wipe down my hands & work desk with sanitizing wipes too often.
(comes from working in medical so many years.. I think. lol )

When my husband and I are eating I have to clean as we eat, crumpled up napkins, spilled juice, etc.
My husband cant stand it ! Hes always yelling at me to stop and wait until we finish eating.

If I have to clear the dinner table,(from the table to the kitchen) or carry a bunch of ingredients when Im cooking. (from the fridge to the counter or vice versa) I have to attempt to carry everything at one time, I guess its an attempt to make one trip and one trip only?
Rachel Ray does the same thing.

Once its truly time to go to sleep.
I dont like anything or anyone touching me at all, including my husband. no thighs touching each other, no hands on the butt, nothing. No comforter, no blanket, no socks. I only sleep with a sheet on me and I will only sleep in panties and a tank top.

Lastly, I cant eat pancakes without melted cheddar cheese on top and syrup.

Blah Blah Blah said...

I can't walk around barefoot.

I brush my teeth then wash my face and never deviate from that order.

I buy about 7 cherry chapsticks and make sure that they are always within arms reach.

When I have charged a tab I always leave a tip that evens out the total so there are no cents.
$24.68 tab
$3.32 tip
$28.00 total

I sleep naked, with no pillow and on my stomach.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I have to squeeze all cans, bottles when I drink to make a dent in them.

I always have my pinky finger up when I drink.

I have to eat rice everyday -- it's just a preference.

I have to sleep with the fan on, even if it's 10 below zero.

I have to have all closets completely closed before I go to sleep.

Anonymous said...

It was cereal boxes for me LOL! Believe it or not, back in the hight of the Roman and Greek empire, everybody ate in a reclining position. In fact couches were made for it. Last Supper? Jesus ate reclining. You are in excellent company my man.

L. Renee' said...

I brush my teeth as soon as I wake up. I hate Morning breath.

I always eat the main meal first. Forget delayed gratification.

I use anti-bac every chance I get. I even have my kids doing it.

When I clean I like for it to stay that way. It is damn near impossible to keep it that way with two kids, but I try.

I obsess about my hair...cut it short..let grow back..cut it short...let it grow back. What can I say? He knew what he was getting into before he married me. LOL

eclectik said...

I could flood your blog with mine LOL

Yours are ill though, I dig it.

Off topic...Matt Ryan?

dejanae said...

they are animal like

12kyle said...

@ Rezidl
Nothing wrong with eating that meat last. Save the best for last

Glad to know that the 12th Planet is on your reading list!

@ Trish
Cleaning while eating??? If i were your hubby, I'd be mad too! LMAO. Try doing that with churren! It's a different ball game. LOL

@ Blah Blah Blah
Ditto! I can't walk around barefoot either. Not even in the house

@ Brown Girl
NOT the pinky point?!? LMAO!!! Ole skool!

@ Sojourner G
True indeed mah brutha. If I'm in HIS company, I'm str8

@ LRenee
I can only remember you ONCE having your hair long. I like the short look, tho.

I KNOW that you detest germs. LOL

@ e
You could flood my blog for real with yours! LMAO!!! That is no lie

I don't like Matt Ryan. I don't think it's a good fit. I'll fill you in on more when I head over to the Sports Bar.

@ dejanae
ohhhh lawd! LOL

Mizrepresent said...

I have a hard time eating anything that once cooked and then frozen...scared of freezer burn.

I lotion up, two or three times after showering, then add oil, sometimes i have to reapply in the middle of the night, just can't stand dry feet.

I have to have a bm every morning.

I can't have bread next to anything, soggy bread makes me sick.

I must wash my face at night and in the morning.

I start each day out with my computer and end each day with pretty much it's on clockwise.

@kyle and eating on the floor...that would drive me crazy! Kudo's to wifey!

Still_Pocahontaz said...

My quirks….

1. As soon as I walk in the house and I know Im not going back out I have to change my clothes. I guess Im still trained like that since I was a child to take off your good clothes and put on play clothes

2. I can not sleep with accessories, before I go to sleep, I have to remove earrings, wedding rings, hair ties, and anything else that is extra

3. I drink milk like its fresh water, I love milk

4. I eat cereal every night before I go to bed..mmm more milk..LOL

5. I have to sleep with a pillow between my knees, it is the most comfortable feeling in the world, also at bedtime I must have air circulating through my bedroom, where it be a fan or an open window

hey brad: I do the same thing with my leg..and exactly for no reason at all

12kyle said...

@ Miz
I feel you. I can't eat food that has been cooked then frozen again. Just a bad taste.

I don't eat every meal on the floor...just at least once a day I have to do it. Even if its a snack

@ Poca
Sounds like mama taught you well. Take off those good clothes as soon as you get home! LOL

Hadassah said...

I can't sleep at anyone's house for more than a night.

I dont sleep at all when I sleep over at friends/ relatives house. ( I cant sleep in unfamiliar environments).

When I leave a friend's or relatives place showered and clean. I always get home and shower again.

When I watch a show and it goes on commercial I have to flip through the other channele all the time until my show comes back on.

I always take a shower after a bus/train ride home.

I must sleep with anything that has a light on other than the lamp or main bedroom light.

Eb the Celeb said...

I put noxema on before I get in the shower but dont wash it off until after I get out of the shower at the sink

I like to let it

Thats all I got right now

Anonymous said...

@Miz-TMI on the BM! Ya just ruined my sexy image of you. LOL

12kyle said...

@ Hadassah
Nothing wrong with a good shower, right?

@ Eb the Celeb
Noxema? Word?

@ Sojourner G
LMAO!!! She's still sexy