Monday, March 3, 2008

The Wire (Late Editions)

Snoop: "How my hair look, Mike?"

Mike:"It look good, girl."


Mike shoots Snoop in the head and calmly exits out of the vehicle into the night. Snoop, who had planned to set Mike up and kill him on that same night, was smoked. And I loved it b/c I never liked her character. Both she and Chris were cold blooded killers. And they had taught Mike to become the same. They schooled him and advised him that he needed "to get to the scene early" before taking care of business. Well...her plans backfired as Mike realized that she was plotting to kill him. Before he blasted her, she told him that Marlo thought that he snitched on the crew. He didn't but he knew that he had to kill Snoop. He knows that he's wanted on the streets. He dropped his lil brutha off at his aunt's house. He also distanced himself from his good friend Dukie. The streets are watching. Hopefully, he has enough sense to get outta town.

Lester puts the clocks to work and is able to nab Marlo and all of his goons. The classic scene was when Marlo, Cheese, Monk, and Chris were all locked up together discussing the charges that they faced. Monk "accidentally" tells Marlo about what's being said about him in the streets. When he advises him that Omar, who is now dead, was talking shyt about him...Marlo becomes enraged about how his "name" is being carried on the streets. Little does he know, Omar was calling him all kinds of mfs and punks. LOL. After seeing the previews for the series finale, Marlo ends up back on the street. I'm not sure how it happens. Maybe they get out on the fact that Lester ran an illegal wire on Marlo's cell phone? Whatever the case week can't come any sooner.

Quick points...

Good to see Naymond, the son of Wee Bay and now stepson of Bunny Colvin, doing very well. Also good to see Colvin stiff the mayor. LOL

Gus is about to really find out what kinda skunk Templeton is. I like Gus. He's "scratchin' a itch."

It don't look good for McNulty. I've been saying it for weeks. The previews for next week don't seem to be in his favor either.

Herc has a BIG MOUTH. He's playing both sides of the fence with his boy Carver and Levy.

Keema! She just couldn't keep her damn mouth shut could she? I knew if there would be SOMEBODY who would'd be her. Damn, Keema. Your big mouth is about to ruin it for errrrybody. McNulty should have known better than to tell her. Some women can't keep secrets (and y'all know I'm right)

Bubbles is clean. Literally and figuratively.

The 90-minute finale of HBO's The Wire won't be available in advance of the March 9 cable channel premiere date, a spokesman for HBO said.

Unlike the way in which the previous nine episodes this season could be seen On Demand starting the Monday before each Sunday airdate, viewers will have to wait to until 9 p.m. March 9 to see how it all ends with the Baltimore-based drama after five seasons.

HBO says the move is being made so that On Demand viewers don't "spoil" the pleasure of those fans who plan to wait until the Sunday-night HBO cablecast.

And you have to admit there was no shortage of On Demand fans -- folks who are quick to pledge their undying love of the series and sense of community with other viewers -- who went online after the death of a certain larger than life villain in episode 8 and blabbed it all over the place.


Don said...

damn @ having to wait for the season finale.

Yeah I wasnt too high on Snoops character either. I know this is going to sound crazy but I never realized that was a female. I used to argue people down. Mike, now thats the dude.

When I sit and think about McNulty made it to the end. All the ish hes been into, and here he is. David Simon is a d*mn good writer.

RezidL said...

....don, I'm definitely a fan of good writing and storytelling and this is some of the best I've seen.

Loved to Bubbs coming up and that the young reporter dude is open to befriending him.

12kyle said...

@ Don
When I first saw her, I had to figure out if it was a dude or a chick, too. I know that she's a decent actress. I just didn't like her character. She's gonna have to change her appearance if she doesn't wanna be typecast after this show goes off.

I'm surprised that McNulty has made it this far, too. David Simon likes this character. For some reason, he's the only one who ever gets some azz. LOL

@ Rezidl
This is show is so well written. I'm really gonna hate seeing it go off the air. I just might cancel my HBO. I won't need it after The Wire goes off the air.

Anonymous said...

Yo, the twist and turns in the last few weeks have been great. Snoop went out like real street dude.... Mike is preparing for war, it seems. It just shows how a good dude can turn to the streets when he has too and become one of its most vicious characters. I love this show...

12kyle said...

@ Anonymous
This is so true. The good-bye between Mike and Dukie was kinda sad. When Dukie tried to reminisce about their childhood, Mike couldn't remember. He's lost his a degree. He is either going to ride off and get out of the life, or replace Marlo.

Also, Daniels found out that the number McNulty gave them for the wire tap for the homeless murders was really Marlo's cell number. The wire tap warrant was useless after that. Violation of the 4th amendment and the privacy issues and Title 3. Shyt is about to hit the fan. I just hope that we aren't disappointed next week. For 5 yrs, this show hasn't disappointed us...I don't want it to end on a sour note.

Eb the Celeb said...

Ok... I just heard... that they are not putting the last episode on demand until march 10th... that means they are making everyone wait until sunday night... I so hope this is not true... I am going to die if I get home tonight at cant watch episode 60

12kyle said...

This is true. No Wire until next Sunday. It has been confirmed. LOL

Opinionated Diva said...

McNulty's done...he should have NEVER told Keema.

I loved when Snoops character got it too...I never saw the point of her being there in the first place.

Felt so bad watching Mike leave Dookie with the druggies though.

12kyle said...

@ Opinionated Diva

I agree. Lester told McNulty to keep quiet about what they were doing. Man, I would've taken that one to the grave with me.

The significance of Keema opening her mouth is that it's prolly gonna cause hell to break loose. Daniels found out that the number McNulty gave them for the wire tap for the homeless murders was really Marlo's cell number.The wire tap warrant was useless after that. It was a violation of the 4th amendment and the privacy issues and Title 3. Thus, Marlo and the crew are back on the streets b/c of a techicality.

I hope Mike has enough sense to get the hell outta B-More. Maybe he can go where Omar was. LOL

eclectik said...

I dunno man.
Ever since Omar...and NOW Snoop?
Shark. Jumped.

they ruined what coulda been a great finale...whatever they do cannot top what they coulda done...the great writers missed something.

But it's still one of the best shows Ive ever seen

With no Oz, SATC, Sopranos, And The Wire now

Maybe HBO will do a spinoff of something

good biz


12kyle said...

@ E
I think I'm even more curious now than ever. I don't know how it's gonna end. It can't end with Marlo on the street. The only thing that I think will happen is that McNulty will go down for all of this. In 5 yrs, they haven't disappointed us. I don't think they are about to start right now. Remember the last season of the Sopranos? Remember that dream bs that Tony was going through? That should have been the 1st indicator that the season was gonna be wack. LOL

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i'm glad i saw that ep or i'd be mad at you! anyhoo, snoop has to be the most gangsta i've seen on the whole show...LOVES her!!!

M.Kam said...

Yea man, Snoop's gone; they def taught Mike well.

And I knew Keema was gonna say something...McNulty is stupid...u can't be tellin everyone

M.Kam said...

oh & I'm so proud of bubbles. I was just tellin my friend how he looked last season and now look at him, using soap & shit :-)

12kyle said...

Haaaa. Maybe I should have put a disclaimer on the blog. For some reason, I never liked Snoop. But from what I've read on other blogs, she has a huge following. If I had to pick the most gangster character, I'd have to say it was Avon (Wood Harris). That brutha is a great actor.

@ M.Kam
Thanks for stopping thru. Keema must have forgotten how McNulty was there for her when she got shot and damn near died. I agree. He never should have told her. Bunk knew what was going on but he didn't say anything.

Bubbles has gone from selling white T shirts to working in a kitchen. Man, he's come a long way. LOL

mp1 v.8.0 said...

Thanks for telling us about the On Demand situation. I was so gonna go over my bros. house and catch it. Guess I'll be waiting until Sunday now.

Gus is the man. I'm glad he's doing all of the behind the scenes work to make sure he's right.

Mcnulty....damn. he bout to get caught up. Seriously. I don't see Freamon getting out of this unscathed either.

And Mike is smart. I think we've seen our last glimpse of him. he'lldefinitely be leaving b-more

12kyle said...

@ mp1 v.8.0
Thanks for coming to the planet.

I think Lester is gonna catch some heat for this but not like McNulty will. Nobody likes McNulty. And if they get a chance to stick it to him...they will.

There may be a bit of foreshadowing to come. Remember when McNulty was telling his girlfriend about what he had done? Well, she started talking to him about how "nobody was gonna come to his funeral and nobody would remember his name." Maybe McNulty won't make it to the end after all? Hmmmm. We'll see...