Friday, March 14, 2008

This is the Worst...

I'm thirsty. I stroll over to the fridge to get something to drink. After opening it, I realize that all of the Gatorade (the drink of champions) is gone. There's no more orange juice. The only thing that's in there is some wine (don't need any of that b/c it'll make me sleepy) and some soy milk. I don't drink soy milk. I probably should get a glass of water and call it a night. Awww...whut the hell? I'll try some soy milk. I don't know why the wife drinks this stuff but I may as well try it. I tried it. It was horrible. I should've stuck with the water. I guess it's an acquired taste b/c it was the worst thing that I've ever drank.

Nevertheless, it got me to thinking. I thought about the worst things that have occurred. We all remember the good...what about the worst. Here's my list...

the worst drink = soy milk

the worst taste (food) = beets (yuk)

the worst smell (food) = chitlins (I'd rather smell my son's diaper than a room where chitlins have been cooked

the worst movie that I've seen = Lenard Part 6 (starring Bill Cosby) damn! I'll never get that hour and 30 mins of my life back.

the worst date that I've had = I was in hs. I took a chick to the hotel. I went outside to my car to get the radio so that we could have some mood music. The radio was in the trunk. I picked up the radio but locked the damn keys in the trunk. I couldn't call home b/c I didn't want my mom to know where I was. Shyt!

the worst person who I've been around = my position coach in college. a true idiot. he couldn't coach his way outta a wet paperbag with a chainsaw in his hands.

the worst experience = pregnancy scare (lol)

the worst feeling = puking (2nd runner up- puking with nothing on your stomach)

the worst car = Toyota Cressida (it died a thousand deaths in the 2 months that I had it)

the worst job = telemarketer for a manufacturing buying service. I would come home for lunch every day and think of a way to get myself fired so that I could get an unemployment check. It was cold calls. I've never been hung up on that many times in my life. LOL

These are a few of my worst episodes. You don't have to use the same ones that I did. Just vibe on what ever you want.


Eb the Celeb said...

the worst blogger ever in life - 12kyle...

nah I'm just playing... I cant think of any worsts right now so I had to mess with ya.

Have a good weekend!

Mizrepresent said...

worse illness - stomach virus

worse scare - when my son had a seizure and stopped breathing, and i was in another city, w/o my car and had to have someone drive me 2 hours back to Atlanta...i prayed the whole way.

worse food - i agree on the beets, yuck!

worse car - toyota corolla, which i loved, even when it couldn't climb a hill.

worse dream - when someone i love dies in it, especially my children

can't remember any of my worse movies, only the ones i like, or worse dates...guess i forgot them too, for good reason, lol! have a great weekend!

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL @ the look on your face after drinking that soy milk!!! I'm sorry, but it doesn't LOOK right...I can't eat/drink ANYTHING that doesn't LOOK right!

worst drink = Beer...I think people force an acquired taste for is beyond disgusting to me. And it makes your breath that after taste has got to be NASTY!

I think Chitlins are tied for worst food and worst smell! LOL!! I saw frozen Chitlins in my supermarket the other day...OMG...gave me the willies!

Blah Blah Blah said...

The worst...
horse radish
...when he kissed and stuck his tongue UP my nose
Vegas in the summer
Detroit in the winter
hangovers that last all day
...having sex for the first time with a man that's been telling you he's all that in the bedroom, turns out to be ...the worst.
Jagermeister (unless mixed with cranberry juice...Redheaded Slut)

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

funny 12kyle, funny indeed!

worst car-oldmobile calais with aradio you had to beat to get it to function...but watch out for flying buttons!

worst food-liver

worst scare-being robbed by a crackhead

worst movie-there are so many, but within the last year, i walked out of "constellation"

worst fashhion faux pas-(Women)things showing over the top of jeans or skirts (Men) showing your knotty chest hair with a button down UNbuttoned...extra points of there is a necklace/medallion nestled within the bushels of hair

worst person i've been around-a russian fugitive that was driving illegally, of course

hey 12kyle, maybe you'd like chocolate soymilk. it's YUMMY!!!!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

^^^^ dangit! i was rushing. i meant "a radio" and THONGS for the fashion

Rezidl said...

the worst drink = Corona beer...cannot understand the appeal

the worst taste (food) = mother traumatized me by making me "eat it all" when I was 7....still "hate it all" today

the worst smell (food) = Broccoli that's been in the fridge for more than ten seconds...

the worst movie that I've seen = anything with Whitney Houston, Mariah, Billy Chrystal, DMX or 50 Cent acting....

the worst date that I've had = one when me and my now wife were dating....we argued at Applebees over something stupid and the shyt lasted forever....and then we got married!

the worst person who I've been around = former boss thought he was a cross between Martin Luther King (motivator) and Jack Welch (former GE president)....he was an A-hole....

the worst experience = pregnancy scares in college....nothing worse than feeling irresponsible and broke and unprepared....right back at it when flow arrived....

the worst feeling = Getting scored on by a receiver in front of 60,000people in the stands and 2 million people watching on ESPN....which lost the game.....12Kyle knows the story....

the worst car = Hyundai in high school....never went over 50 mph...

the worst job = Intern in the mailroom at the Library of Congress....BORING....

12kyle said...

@ Eb the Celeb
*crickets* LOL.

@ Mizrepresent
Wow! That had to be very scary. Don't you just HATE to see the kids sick?? That's a helpless feeling.

@ Opinionated Diva
Remember that song "Gas Face" by Third Bass? That's what I had. LOL

Chitlins are the worst. My mother-in-law asked could she cook some in my house for Christmas dinner one year. Ooooo HELLLLLL NAW!!!

@ Blah Blah Blah
Talkin' loud and not being able to back it up...ain't cool! LOL

LMAO!!! I don't know why dudes like to show that nappy chest hair.

I don't think I'll ever touch any kinda soy milk again

@ Rezidl
That was a tough game, bruh. However, I'll tell you today the same thing that I said when we walked off the field that day..."we win or lose together as a team." It wasn't your fault. Ain't it funny how those memories stay with us? We 'll be in our 70s talking about some game that we won or lost.

Rezidl said... creeps up every now and again....I'm good, bruh...not jumping off any buildings in DC....

PCD....robbed by a crackhead? Tuff...glad you're ok.

Opinionated Diva and chitlins!!!!

dejanae said...

never had the soy milk
wont ever try it

worst case scenario:
i go to hell
worst pickup line:
girl i'd put my tongue in your ass
worst drink: dr pepper

MsPuddin said...

Yeah soy milk is nasty! When drinking it I’m thinking, should I be drinking this? Is this going to kill me? I drink a lot of water, you can’t go wrong with water…unless your like in Mexico or something…

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO @ *crickets*

Worse car: My dad's extra long Cadillac when I was in middle school

Worse Drink: Hot Saki

Worse job: File clerk. Boring as hell!

Worse rumor: I took all of my husband's money before I divorced him.

Worse feeling: Wanting to cuss somebody out but can't because you are the "bigger" person

Great post for a Friday

Brad said...

The worst place to live......Bed Stuy....JK

The worst smelling thing ever......a 300 lb woman with diarreha. (don't ask).

The worst news to ever get "You're test came back positive".

The worst thing to do to a woman.....Break up with her on Valentines Day...Sound familiar 12kyle?

The worst place to be on a Saturday night in Atlanta....Piedmont Park area. Let's just say the freaks come out at night.

The worst thing you can ever hear from your significant other...."honey, we need to talk".

Anonymous said...

worst drink - straight aloe vera juice.

worst food - thai food from a multi-cultural asian cuisine restaurant.

worst car - kia sportage. felt like it was made with one layer of aluminum foil.

worst feeling - when I felt that something was wrong with my brother, hearing sirens, and that "this isn't good" knock at the door to alert us of an accident. Luckily he lived, but that was the worst feeling ever.

Opinionated Diva said...

@ Rezidl...Yucky! And just when I was thinking that Rezidl dude always sounds so sharp and intelligent! I'm having doubts now! LOL!

And don't tell me I just haven't had 'em cooked right...or that I need to add more hot sauce either!

Them thangs are disgusting!

Opinionated Diva said...

LMAO @ win for the worst worst's in my book.

300 lb woman with diarhea?! LOL

"honey we need to talk" is NEVER good!

12kyle said...

@ Rezidl
No I do NOT like chitlins. lol. That was a tough game. You can't win em all but you just hate to lose like that.

@ dejanae
Tongue in your ass? Damn! Did he at LEAST ask for your number first? LOL

@ MsPuddin
You don't EVER have to worry about me drinkin' that stuff again. LOL

@ Queen
"Worse rumor: I took all of my husband's money before I divorced him."
You didn't take all of it...just most of it, right? LOL

@ Brad
300lb woman? Damn! I'm not gonna touch that one.

Hey! I've apologized enough for dumping her on V-Day. Haaaa

@ Jewells
I've never tried aloe vera juice. And now I won't b/c Jewells said so!

@ Opinionated Diva
Don't listen to Rezidl. I don't know if HE like it. I damn sure don't.

I agree. Brad wins...hands down!!!

Brad said...

@opinionateddiva.....the 300 lb woman story is funnier than you could possibly imagine. Let me give you a little her and 4 other women shared a bathroom.

12kyle said...

@ Brad
Whut the hell???

Brad said... Just use your imagination. My temporary living quarters turned into a semester of hell.

12kyle said...

Ok. I gotcha. For a minute there...I thought you were gonna say you had a herem. LOL

Brad's angels

Brad said...

Nah, no Harem.....but I like where you was going with that.

The Jaded NYer said...

worst day of my life: grandma passing

worst job ever: teacher at a NJ Boarding school...NEVER AGAIN!

worst food: eggplant! It's the only thing standing btw me and vegeterianism

worst smell: hands down- garbage day, NYC, August...that smell will curl an Asian man's hair, for real!

worst scare: my aunt's TWO open heart surgeries...she's still here though (thank you, Jesus!!)

worst movie: there are som many, but I'll list recent's a tie- Friends with Money (w/Jennifer Aniston) and This Christmas (w/Chris Brown) Those two films stole my will to live...

worst diner in Manhattan: Land & Sea in Inwood- DON'T EVER GO THERE!

The Jaded NYer said...

(sorry for the typos...I'm feeling lazy today..)

12kyle said...

@ Jaded NYer
You didn't like This Christmas? I thought it was pretty good. Then could have been b/c I was looking at Regina King and Lauren London. Haaaaa

Mizrepresent said...

lol@Brad and piedmont park, you are so right!

Rezidl said...

Opinated, see, why can't I remain intelligent in your eyes and still love chicken, watermelon and chitlins?!!!!

Dejanae...."I'd put my tongue in your ass" is not funny...though it's funny. I'd love to know your response.....scenario about going to hell....that can't be good.

Queen of my castle.....arrrgghh, it's tough to be the bigger least you're not the 300lb person with diarrhea....

12kyle said...

Brad & Mizrepresent
I've never been near Piedmont Park on a Sat nite. I tend to stray away from Piedmont Park.

"Nothing worse than feeling irresponsible and broke and unprepared....right back at it when flow arrived...."

L. Renee' said...

The absolute worst feeling ever is the feeling of your insides dropping when you get a phone call that your mom has had a stroke.

The worst food ever is brussell sprouts

The worst smell ever is that funky cheese. I can't think of the name.

The worst day ever was when my best friend died in a horrific car accident.

Vanilla Soymilk is great! You should try it. LOL

Worst date ever was when this guy tripped on the step and spilled our popcorn and soda all over the people in front of us.

eclectik said...

Worst movies I've ever seen:
I am Legend
Hustle and Flow
The Forgotten

Cool idea for the post...I dig...might haveta come back

Yo I got a Yahoo Fantasy/NCAA Bracket joint set up...lemme know if you want to be down email me.


~Ms. Moore~ said...

Worst day of my life – at my grandmother’s funeral I was 9yrs old and still feel the pain like it was yesterday.

Worst taste – caviar – yeah, yeah, I know acquired taste all that B.S, but if I try something and its nasty I won’t try it again. It makes no sense to consume unnecessary calories making myself like something just to impress others.

Worst smell – Cigars.

Worst movie – Leprechaun series.

Worst kisser – “R” dude learn to swallow! You take swapping spit to a whole new level –yuck!

Worst person to be around – E.L. evil for no reason. Just trying to make everyone around her as miserable as she is.

Worst experience – busted condom and that immediate fear of a possible pregnancy.

Worst feeling – simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea. All you can do is sit on the toilet with a bucket under your chin and hope it passes quickly.

Worst job – collection agency where they rang a loud bell and shouted whenever someone collected a large amount of money and cheered if a collector made some one cry.

prettyparker said...

Long time reader/first time poster.

I love vanilla soy milk. Delicious when cold.

My worst day at work - crying in front of my director when I didn't get the superior rating for my annual evaluation.

The worst test-my-patience situation - when someone rides my bumper and I can't get over to let the fool pass due to the heavy azz traffic surrounding me.

My worst movie - toss up between Glitter and Gigli.

The worst smell - belly button lint that hasn't been cleaned for a while (don't ask).

Brittany_83 said...

This list is hilarious. You locked your keys in the trunk. That's something I could see me doing.

And soy milk is not that bad.

The Jaded NYer said...

Man, I hated This Christmas so much, I had to write about it:

Babs said...

Stopping by for the first time.

I bought chocolate soy milk this week and almost gagged when I drank it!

Worst imitation of cow's milk- Soy Milk

12kyle said...

@ LRenee
I feel you on the brussell sprouts

@ e
I haven't seen I am Legend but i haven't heard alotta good things about it

@ Ms. Moore
That job you had sounds HORRIBLE. Much worse than HLC. Haaaa

@ prettyparker
Thanks for coming to the 12th Planet. Come back. We're here everyday like the 6 o'clock news

Belly button lint? LMAO

@ Brittany_83
Welcome to the 12th Planet. The keys in the trunk was funny and embarrassing at the same time. What part of SC are you from?

@ Jaded NYer
You are tooo funny

@ Babs
First timer. Thank you for coming to the 12th Planet. Come back. We have a good time over here.

I'll take your word for how good the soy milk is. LOL

The F$%K it List said...

Silk Soy milk is awesome and it comes in so many flavors. Very vanilla is fortified for the kids.

worst scare-getting robbed in the projects in BK. ( I didnt realize the dude had a gun when i was popping off at the mouth).

worst job-stock broker trainee, all work NO PAY until you pass the 7.

worst food - liver

worst fashion faux pas: For men that pimped out look (i've seen one to many on the A train) for woman- VPL, ain't no excuse for it. Get some spanky's ladies.

worst place to visit: ATL when there is something going on. The police do visitors bad down there, closing off major streets and what not.

worst song: Beautiful Girl Sean Kingston.

worst movie: This Christmas

worst comeback: janet jackson, 3 songs on the cd worth listening too.

Ok I could do this all day.