Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ballerz and Bustaz

It's Wednesday. Today's theme is sports related.

Some people hold athletes in high regard. Some people ADORE athletes. Some people think that athletes are pompous and arrogant. Some people think that athletes are vastly overpaid.

As a former athlete, I can say that all of the statements above can be true and false. Athletes are just regular people who excel in a particular field. Nothing more...nothing less. I don't subscribe to the thought that athletes are overpaid. I mean, if somebody wants to pay you 2 million dollars just to stand around and do nothing, then that's cool. I guess you're not really overpaid if somebody is willing to pay you, right? And I know that teachers, police and firefighters should get more money. But honestly, you're not gonna pay $100 to sit in a classroom and watch Mrs. Jones show her fifth grade class how to do "long division." But you'd pay $100 to go to see LeBron James play a basketball game for 3 hrs. LOL. It is what it is. Furthermore, athletes are cool to hang out with.

Today, we're gonna flip the script a lil bit. I want you to list the top 3 athletes that you would like to go out on a date with. Then, I want you to list the top 3 athletes who you WOULDN'T go out on a date with. And this can be based on your perceptions about the athlete. Here's mine..

1. Laila Ali (boxer) she's soooo fine

2. Marion Jones (track) very cute. nice body. We'd have to date once she got outta jail. lol

3 Lisa Leslie (wnba) a b-ball player who models on the side

Would NOT Date
1. Venus Williams (tennis) looks manly. looks JUST like her dad...and that ain't cool

2. Serena Williams (tennis) rumors that she has issues with "personal hygiene". if you know what I mean. that's definitely not ladylike

3. Michelle Wie (golf) she has a HUGE head.

The floor is yourzzzz.


Brad said...

Funny topic today. But of course as a man there are so few female athletes to choose from.

1. Leila ALi. I agree...she's fione. And when you go out you can talk all they shyt you want cause she could probably whoop the dudes azz.

2. Serena Williams. Personal hygiene aside (nothing a altoid and shower can't fix) she's got a booty for days.

3. Candace Parker. Any girl that can dunk on me.....can win a date with her man....>Bradeee Brad. LMAO.

1. Venus Williams. Don't know....Serena blessed and Venus is cursed.
2. Lindsey Davenport. Just mufffugly.
3. Annika Sorenstam (golf). Just to butch for me.

Mizrepresent said...

1. Allen Iverson - we would have a ball, it be like hanging with family.

2. Chris Webb -double-dipped chocolate

3. Vince Carter - for both his athletic abilities, and his looks, and ...well, just about everything, that smile, looks like he has manners, never heard anything bad about him....i could go on and on, but won't.


1. Mike Tyson - nuff said
2. Shaq - bc of what Karrine said
3. Roy Jones - would have a hard time having a conversation.

12kyle said...

@ Brad
you are correct. we don't have many women to choose from

btw...Serena's hygiene problem is "below her belt" LMAO!!!

@ Miz
I've heard rumors about Vince being a DL brutha. But I'm not one to gossip. Haaaa

lmao @ Roy Jones...soooooo true!!!! Good one, Miz

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i used to write for a show in atl that had a similar segment - the two live stews

12kyle said...

@ Torrance
I got the title from the Stews. Those are my dudes! I went to school with Doug.

Don said...

For the reason you stated and other reasons I don't think athletes are underpaid @ all. Trillions are made off athletes. If anything they are being underpaid. I digress.

I'd probably go out with all female athletes. If I had picks:

1)Candace Parker
2)Armintie Price
3)Jackie Edwards

Queen of My Castle said...

Could Get It

1. A.I.- He's a cutie and has the whole bad boy thing working

2. Michael Vick- Hey, I don't like dogs that much anyway.

3. Reggie Bush- He's also a cutie, and I've got way more @ss than that slut puppy Kim K

Couldn't Get It

1. Tyson- Just no. Ewwwww, and I am quite fond of my ears.

2. Kobe Bryant- I hate his funky attitude and arrogance. Soooo not sexy, IMO.

3. Shaq- He's so big and so damn goofy looking. He looks more like and NFL player to me. Always thought he was too big for the NBA

12kyle said...

@ Don
Jackie Edwards-good call! She seems to be real cool

@ Queen
"Michael Vick- Hey, I don't like dogs that much anyway."LMAO!!! U r stoooopid! I damn near spit my water out. Good one!

I'm disappointed that Reggie Bush is fallin for that chick. Did he NOT see the sex tape that she did with Ray J??? C'mon son! You can't make THAT chick your lady. You just can't.

The Jaded NYer said...

Oooh, I like this topic...

I would totally go out with:

1. Johan Santana- Hottie!!!
2. Carlos Beltran- Double Hottie
3. Robert Griffith- 13+ years of football has done his body goooood

(notice I am motivated by looks and looks alone... I'm superficial that way LOL)

I would not go out with:
1. A-Rod and his arrogant ass... oooh, I hate that mo-fo

2. Manny Ramirez- I know he's my peoples but his hair annoys does the team he plays for

3. Tyson- I have to agree with the others on this; I can't date someone who eats children!!

Anonymous said...

Would date:

1. Manu Ginobli - only b/c my ex had a dream I married him...been crushing on him ever since. Plus we have the same birthday.

2. Anferne Hardaway - I used to love me some him before he became such a lemon. Just seemed like a nice dude.

3. Ray Allen - he just has this nice swagger about him that I dig.

Would NOT date:

1. Mike Tyson

2. Floyd Mayweather - I just want him to stop talking sometimes.

3. Tiger Woods - something about his front tooth turns me off.

Rezidl said...

....Jewells..."Something about his front tooth turns me off"...that is hilarious!!!!

i.can't.complain. said...

ure the 1st guy ive ever heard of that wouldn't date 'rena.


i would date allen iverson- he's beautiful

i would not date kobe bryant, charles barkley, tiger woods, or patrick ewing(sp)... for obvious reasons.


L. Renee' said...

I really can't think of any that I would date. But,I definitely know who I wouldn't Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant, and Dennis Rodman LOL

Eb the Celeb said...

First of all the reasons for the women you would not date... hilarious

Here's mine...

Would date:

Dwyane Wade - the epitome of chocolate sexy. kind spirit

Chris Webber - another chocolate sexy... and I dont know how Tyra let him get away

Osi Umenyiora - He's cute, funny, and everyone knows that the offense players get all the girls but that the defense guys have more fun.

Never in a million years:

Shaquille O'neal - he is just fat nasty fat nasty, sweats too damn much, and thinks he's so much cooler than he really is

Kobe Bryant - He whines too damn much. I cant stand a man that whines.

Reggie Bush - #1 reason is because he's short... then I just dont get the hype. He was a disapointment for the amount of money they paid him, he's in a big scam surrounding getting money while in college, he's dating Kim Kardashian. I cant stand a man who God has blessed with a great gift and they have no morals.

Brad said...

Why is everyone down on Kim K? should a woman with hoe(ish) tendencies not look for love? At what point has a woman gone too far to expect true love from any man? Where's are compassion for the loose women in our society?
I know the old saying "you can't turn a hoe into a housewife". But can you marry her azz and make her get a job?

12kyle said...

@ Jaded NYer
Why do you have 2 Mets on your list? LOL. And you hate A-Rod??? Say it aint soooooo. LOL

@ Jewells
Tiger's teeth? LMAO!!! I'm seeing a common theme with Mike Tyson.

@ i.can't.complain.
Thanks for coming thru to the 12th Planet! Come back. We're here everyday like rain in the city of Seattle

Serena has a great body. But you gotta keep your "goods" smellin fresh. You can't walk around smellin like fish. Haaaa

@ LRenee
Rodman is the worst!

@ Eb the Celeb
Osi? Ladies love Osi for some reason.

@ Brad
C'mon Brad. You know that brawd ain't wifey material. How are you gonna be serious about a chick who PURPOSELY makes a sex tape to be sold and watched on the 'Net? Bush is a clown. You gotta believe that he's the butt of all the jokes in the locker room.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i am DYING from your answers-lol!
so i WOULD date:

reggie bush (only if i could erase the fact that he messed with that skank kim kardashian)

osi umenyiora...OMG! he's so beautiful. his smile, his skin, he's just purty!

larry hughes..he's so adorable. he looks very down-to-earth and i love the tall guys! look good in suits, mmmmmmmm

i WOULD NOT date:

kobe bryant...ew! he makes my _______ itch just looking at him-bleh!

floyd mayweather..i can't stand a guy that thinks he's prettier than me...and he's not even pretty! besides, he's too scrawny for me

michael starhan...i can't get passed that lisp or whatever he has due to that HUGE gap. it's so distracting, so we'd never be able to converse

TravelDiva said...

I like this post!

Like to:
1. Jason Campbell - Redskins quarterback
2. Chris Weber
3. Reggie Bush

1. Tiger Woods
2. Dennis Rodman
3. Terrell Owens

TravelDiva said...

Addendum after reading the other posts. LOL I also don't want to date Kobe or Mike Tyson either.

12kyle said...

Larry Hughes, huh? So, you like guys with tattoos b/c he has a ton of em. LOL

Mayweather can't be prettier than the Pretty Circle Drawer. That's not possible. LOL

@ TravelDiva
LMAO @ your addendum.

I guess NOBODY wants to date Mike Tyson

Rezidl said...

...PCD...."...makes my __ itch" is too damn funny!!! you gonna' go ahead and catch that Reggie Bush train.....LOL

Tabu said...

Good Topic--

I would want to DATE

Ivander Hollifield
Dwayne Wade
Micheal Vic--I have a couple questions for him.


Kobe Bryant
Mike Tyson
Tiger Woods

Eb the Celeb said...

@ rbad... hoes dont get no love... like you said... you cant turn a hoe into a housewife...But thats why she gets no respect from me... she gets no respect from me because she's famous for doing nothing... get a skill, a talent or something, all the money your daddy left you and you aint doing nothing to make it grow.

and I am with Travel Diva on needing to add some people after seeing others list... I thought we were doing current athletes but since we have a couple retirees in there we might as well go ahead and throw in OJ in the will not eva eva date list...

12kyle said...

@ Rezidl
Good call. PCD is funny!

@ Tabu
Thanks for coming thru to the 12th Planet. Come back. We're here every day like the heat in Texas.

Be careful with Holyfield. He's got like 12 kids. If he looks at you, you'll get pregnant! Haaaa

None of the ladies are feelin' Tiger

@ Eb the Celeb

OJ is definitely on the list!

Trish said...

Dont know that much about sports but here goes....

I would do...

JEROME BETTIS.. his nickname is THE BUS !!! need I say more?
and I find him attractive.

SHAQUILLE ONEAL... I know, I know he's goofy but I heard his thang, thang is HUGE and with a size 23 shoe I can believe it. We dont have to talk, I would just hit it and quit it.

TIKI BARBER... I think hes cute and with a neck that big hes got to have some girth down !

Would NOT do...

SAM CASSELL... looks half turtle, half fish. lol

Dennis Rodman... Im not lesbian.

MIKE VIC ... he disgusted me with the dog issue. I LOVE MY DOG !

dejanae said...

i aint got nothing tho
lemme see
i know for damn sure Mike Tyson aint comin nowhere near me

Anonymous said...

This post is hilarious!

LOL @ Trish talkin bout Sam Cassell like that. LMAO

Mizrepresent said...

What u say about Vince???? Say it ain't so...dayum, don't we have enuf of these folks in the A?

The F$%K it List said...

This is a good one:

Would date:
1. Kevin Garnett- I ADORE HIM! When I was 3month pregnant I bought seats on the court and cheered for the Timberwolves in MSG (I am a normally a knick fan. My hubby is not feeling this, HAHA

2. Jose Reyes--I just love him! he's quick and agile. He could run to the bodega for me and have my ginger ale back in just a few seconds.

3. Paul Pierce I just love him, No special reason. I think I am more in love with his game then his face.

UGh wouldn't dare:

1. Mike Tyson- Need I say more.

2. Kobe Bryant-he seems weak! He is always moaning and groaning about something and i don't like snitches.

3. Shaq-he's a goofball. But since all the women said Shaq, I'll save Derek Jeter. I hate all things Yankee.

DLuvhall said...

Blogga please! should be your name. Wreckless spittin, & you know where I'm coming from. Let's do it.

Leila Ali. She seems to have the confidence of a beast in the bedroom - and she can kick some ass if need be.

Swin Cash. You know I watch a lot of sports son. Hard on the court, but bangin in an evening gown!

Michelle Kwan(ice skater). I had to give you 3. Hey, at least after we're done she might fry a nigga some rice!

Step back...

Venus Williams. Ever see that show Cavemen???

Andrea Stinson. Too hard son!

Michelle Wie. Gotta agree, her head is too damn big.

Bonus-can-get-it...Dawn Staley. I know she swings the other way. I've seen one of her previous girlfriends. I just wanna watch!

12kyle said...

@ Trish
"Dennis Rodman... Im not lesbian." CLASSIC! U r sooooo stooopid

@ dejanae
Nobody wants Mike Tyson. I wonder why? Haaaaa

@ Jewells
You're right. She had me crackin up with that one

@ Miz
I've heard this from 2 of his frat bruhs who live in NC. Where there's smoke...

@ The F$%K it List
One vote for KG? Ok. I hear ya

Two more thumbs down for Tyson and Kobe

@ DLuvhall
Thankx 4 coming thru fam!

Swin Cash? Is that the jawn from tv? If so, I feel you.

I had a thing for Dawn Staley since I was in high school. Philly's finest. Cute and a baller. You can't beat that. I heard that she's coaching at Temple.

PRO said...

I'd definitely date the following: 1) NFL player; 2) MLB player and 3) Micheal Jordan. Bonus I'd date David Beckham, tennis player for shits and giggles (plus his wife is such a classy lady which means he has great taste in women).

I would also date a boxer (not the dog, but as in the sport LOL), a PGA-er or a Nascar driver.

Ugly, bench warmer, lime light, bad skin, loss of memory, alladem could be a potential trap cause all they asses got contracts! I swear to sign the whole thing and nothin' but... so help me I won't fuk it up like Shauni's silly ass!
*Think outside the box*

LMBAO... Pro

12kyle said...

@ Pro
"so help me I won't fuk it up like Shauni's silly ass!"

LMAO!! Good one Pro

The F$%K it List said...

ok ya'll need to give it up for Kevin Garnett, Look at those pretty A$$ Teeth! Come on ladies, and he's tall and handsome.

12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List

KG also makes 25 mil a year. I'm not saying that you love him for the money but the money don't hurt, right? LOL

Don said...

@ 12kyle: no, the money never hurts. That's why I will date every female athlete walking the planet. I don't think love has a face, or a body, or whatever other superficial stuff "tries" to define it. I think love is what a person feels afterthefact.

So...until then, I would have no problem enjoying myself every member of the Rutger's womens basketball team.