Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can A Brutha Borrow...

It's getting warm here. I like that. I am beginning to notice the green starting to come back in the grass in my yard. That means that pretty soon...I'll have to cut the grass. I don't like that. LOL. It's not that I don't like cutting the grass but my yard is HUGE. And my house sits on a hill. For me, pushing a lawn mower is time consuming. Last year, I paid for somebody to cut it. This year, with these high gas prices and budget concerns, I'll do it myself. After surveying the yard, I went to my garage to look at the ole lawn mower. It was GONE! Did somebody steal it? No. I forgot that I let my father-in-law borrow it last summer. I didn't use it and I didn't mind if he used it. I just realized that he never brought it back.

I'm real cool with my father-in-law. I've borrowed things from him and vice versa. I'm going to call him and ask him to return the lawn mower. I don't think it'll be a problem...after all...it's mine, right? But I'm not going to his crib to pick it up, either. If you borrow something, then you should return it. He lives about 5 mins away but I'm not gonna get my SUV dirty with a lawn mover in the trunk. haaaaa. This will be easy...I'll ask him and he'll bring it back. Who knows...we may even share it this summer.

Today's topic...borrowing other people's stuff. Have you ever borrowed something from somebody and they had it for sooooo long that you had to "borrow" it back from them? LOL. Has somebody ever borrowed something from you and damaged it while they had it. I remember when my teammate from college borrowed my Dogg Pound cd and never gave it back...even when I went to his house in DC...(aint that right Rezidl...lmao)? Or when my boy Moe "borrowed" my Syracuse sweatpants when we were in college and "made a pair of shorts" out of them. And THEN he had the nerve to try to give em back to me (no thanks). LOL.

Let me know your story.


Mizrepresent said...

FIRST! Good morning, it's gonna be a great day in the "A", so on borrowing stuff...i don't,and if i do, i'm always conscious about returning it...now i know people who have borrowed, uhhhh money, books and things and didn't pay it back, and then had the nerve to ask again...yep, those are my people...but i quickly reminded them that they hadn't paid me back from the last "can i borrow"....love the spring, hate those weeds though...good luck on the grass!

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

I remember these red sun glasses i bought, it was fly, I didn’t have a shirt to wear it with and finally got a red t-shirt to rock t with. My friend came over to visit, a girl. She saw the shades and tried it on, she thought it was nice. i even took a picture with my phone.

Only I couldn’t find it after, I searched and searched and I mean this chick is my close friend; the mystery of them glasses is yet to uncover.

Lol, regarding your topic, some1 borrowed my ps3 controller, broke it and bought me a cheap replica... I mean, I was pissed, but the cheap replica still works. So I aint that mad yet

L. Renee' said...

My roomate in college was really nasty. She never did her laundry and her side of the room was beginning to take over the entire room. One day I was so fed up that I started throwing her crap in her closet. That's when I saw them...yep my pretty, lacy, vickie's. WHAT THE F#$%!!!! When I approached her about it, after almost getting kicked out of the dorm for kicking her ass. She told the RA that she had borrowed them. Listen, WE and I do mean WE don't do that nasty shit. Needless to say, she moved out! I still can't believe she said borrow? I was freaking out wondering what else did she borrow and put back? I threw away all of my underwear and and made her buy me new ones.YUCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we lose sight some time don't we. I used to get upset when I'd let someone borrow a DVD...especially a SEASON (like 24 or Lost) and I never see it again. I'll drop hints at first, then I'll just say, "Look!" I stopped lending my library.

Of course I'm then forced to think about the things I've borrowed or been loaned because they wanted me to check it out(mostly books). I always give stuff back, but it takes a while. I'm so busy, I often don't have time to get around to it, so it just sits. Eventually, when I'm cleaning, I'll come across it and sheepishly return it. Inevitably they say, "Oh wow. I forgot all about this. Thanks!"

Yeah. Thanks.

12kyle said...

@ Mizrepresent
Good mornin'! I see that you're here early. I like that!

I think it's always good when you're conscious about what you've borrowed from someone. That makes it sooo much easier.

I'm REALLY not looking forward to dealing with this grass. LOL

@ Fresh and Fab
Wow! She came over and stole your shades? That's not cool.

I hate those replica controllers. I have the Xbox 360. If somebody broke my controller...haaaa

@ LRenee
That's just downright nasty. Maybe you should have STILL kicked her ass after she moved out. LOL

@ Sojourner G
I'm BIG on not lending out my DVDs b/c they never come back. LOL. I feel you.

Brad said...

The borrowing CD touched home. I got my brother like that. He let me hold his Source Magazine CD. It has all the hits on it from I think 2000. Well, I didn't have a burner so, I had to keep it to rock in my truck with the system. BOOMING. Anyway, he keep asking for it back. Dang dog....It's been 7 years....you think I even know where it is? Mickficky.....I ought to kick his azz for even asking for it.

The nerve of him. Did I have his stuff????/ Hell yeah. Did he deserve it back? Hell yeah. But I thought after 5 years the statute of limitations had expired? Somebody tell me. am I wrong?

Don said...

I hate to admit it, but I think I may now be the person who borrows but never give back. Of course this came from dislike of being on the other end of the rope, for too many years.

Funny story about the lawn mower. I let my relative borrow one of my mowers once. She let another relative borrow it. I called that relative to let another relative borrow it, and she wouldn't. LOL.

Yeah I know, I need new relatives.

Opinionated Diva said...

Brad I think the SOL is up after two/three years. If folks really want their shyt back they should get it back MUCH sooner.

I once left a bunch of CD's in my cousin's car, so technically she borrowed them by default and was holding my CD's hostage since I lived in The Bronx at the time and she lived way up in Albany. After two weeks I fed exed her a box with a prepaid fed ex label to send my CD's back. I even included the addy to the Fed Ex location closest to her house. LOL...that's what you do when you really want your things back!

TravelDiva said...

LOL on the lawn mower. That sucks that you're going to have to cut this year though. And on a hill? There go your saturdays...

12kyle said...

@ Brad
You are DEAD WRONG!!! LMAO!! Shame on you!

@ Don
Yeah. It might be time to get some new relatives. LOL. That's a funny story, bruh

@ Opinionated Diva
That's when they REALLY know that you mean business. When you get FED EX involved. LOL

@ TravelDiva
It's very time consuming. It takes at least 90 mins to do the front and back. And who wants to be outside for 90 mins in the heat. I usually cut it when the sun goes down.

I really need a riding mower but wifey ain't going for that. LOL

Queen of My Castle said...

Um, yeah...I never have this problem because I never ask to borrow anything from anybody because I am really anal when it comes to my things. Not that I cherish them, it's just that everything has a specific place and if it's not where it should be I go nuts until I find it.Crazy Virgo women. LOL. I don't borrow things because I know that eventually I will have to return it. I now hang my head in shame for being so anal.

Rezidl said...

...well, well, well....cool topic 12Klepto....

Hey all....I had this room-dawg once who I let "hold" my 26 inch TV while I went home for a spell. Now, I'm not sure about you, but for me having a color 26 inch in college was the bomb. It was like a large flat screen of today. Ask your blog host WHERE THE HELL IS MY TV TODAY!!!!

Oh, you thought that was the end....Ask your host WHERE THE HELL IS MY RARE ESSENCE CD.....or HOW IN THE HELL DID HE PUT 1,000 MILES ON MY CAR IN 6 WEEKS WHILE I WAS OUT OF THE COUNTRY!!!...

....and like Brad, this nut gets mad at me when I want partial reimbursemnt for the mileage....and no the statue of limitations has not expired.....

...and somehow, I still find time to visit this damn blog to support him...LOL

Rezidl said...

....oh and BTW....your Dog Pound CD is in the carousel at the house....

I digress....

12kyle said...

@ Queen
"it's just that everything has a specific place and if it's not where it should be I go nuts until I find it"

Why is that? LOL. That sounds soooooo familiar. I've heard it a time or 3 in my house. Nothing wrong with being anal if you are admitting it. Haaaa

@ Rezidl
First...thank you for coming thru everyday...

That said, the TV is still working. It's in good shape, too. I told you that I'd take care of it. LMAO

As for the Rare Essence cd, my 5 year old broke it! Mah bad. Can you send me another one? I love that cd.

I didn't put 1000 miles on your car when you were in Africa. It was only 775 miles. I had to move to Atlanta remember? And I had to go to Florida for a wedding. Remember? Well...you might not remember b/c you were outta the country. LMAO

Dogg Pound is still in the same carousel where I last saw it, huh? I'll get it when I come back to DC.

12kyle said...

To anyone who reads this blog...can someone tell me where I can find the Rare Essence cd (Get Your Freak On). It's a go-go cd. I REALLY don't think Rezidl is gonna buy me a new one. LMAO!!!!!

Rezidl said...

...freakin' a-hole!

mlinz said...

Well first let me say Kyle cutting grass, LMAO. But while you are considering cutting grass you can come cut mine (I only live about 6 miles from you and I have my own mower).

Anyway I have been both the victim and the perp...
The most recent incidents that I can remember are when my girl and I went out of town for my bday and I borrowed some of her cds to listen to on our journey, yeah I still got em and still listen to them too. That was over a year ago.

Also my home girl broke her cell phone the other week and I had an extra one, so me being the person that I am decided that she could borrow it. Well not only have I not gotten it back but we went out the other day and she was acting like it was really hers. Uhh Hello.

So that's my story. Oh yeah I'll even keep the kids while you cut my grass and I even think that I saw Moe in those shorts around campus. :)

Rezidl said...

....and Moe probably had on my black "No Fear" hat, too.....these two dudes....

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Let me just say how much I LOVE your blog!!! Oh yes I can remember back in elementary school I let this girl in my class borrow my coveted Simpson's video game cartridge for the original Nintendo system. I enjoyed playing that game so much so in retrospect I have no idea why I let her "borrow" it. I continued to ask her for it for weeks, months...until I finally realized that I would never get it back. That taught me a valuable lesson -- never lend folks stuff that you really like or intend on getting back. When it's out of your possession, there's a chance you'll never have it again. I wonder where that girl is now!!!!

mlinz said...

Rezidl if you want you're stuff back I only live and work right around the corner from you know who, I got you.

mlinz said...

Rezidl if you want you're stuff back I only live and work right around the corner from you know who, I got you.

Rezidl said...

Mlinz...that's a bet. Good lookin' out.....

The Jaded NYer said...

My mom hates to loan me anything for this very reason...I'm guilty of not returning things!

But on the flipside, I let a former co-worker/acquaintance borrow my Photoshop and Quark software so that she could upload it for free... do you know that heifer BROKE my disks, and has YET to replace them? That was like 3 years ago. We still cool, though.

I've since replaced it myself with software I borrowed from a friend... and took a year to return... LOL

12kyle said...

@ Mlinz
I'll take you up on the offer to watch the kids...but I'm not cutting your grass. LOL

@ Rezidl
It's all love. I'll get the tv to you in a few years, fam. LOL!!! BTW...Moe STILL has your No Fear hat. I tried to take it but he wouldn't let me.

@ Brown Girl Gumbo
Thanks! I appreciate it. That's a tough lesson to learn. Especially when you're young.

@ Jaded NYer
It's good that you're still cool b/c I don't know if I would have been. Haaaa

dejanae said...

i borrowd my best friends cropped jacket two years ago
she borrowed it back about a month ago

Brad said...

Kyle, why they gangin up on you dog? As a fellow borrower/non-returner....I say the statute has run out. We need an official ruling on this.

Eb the Celeb said...

The worst... the worst the worst... why cant people borrow stuff and give it back... and college is the kingdom of borrowing things...I wont even go back that far... I will go back to my most recent and close to your heart episode.

So my boy CL, who is like a brother to me... I love him to death... saw all the hype around the Wire before season 4 started and decided he wanted to get into the show... So I left him borrow my season 1 dvd so he could catch up. Mind you he wanted all 3 seasons at once so he could just knock it out. But I know black folks... I was like no... when you return the first season then I will give you season 2, and the same when you need season 3. Do you know this dude had my dvd for the entire season 4 season. So somebody else asked to borrow it and I didnt realize it was gone until that moment. So I call him and he's like oh I was watching it at my mom's crib so its in westchester... I promise to get it next time I'm up there... Never happened. His mom finally had a cook-out last summer so I was just like I'll get it while I'm at the crib. Then he's like I came to get it but one of the DVD's is missing... i'll just buy you a new one... what the heck... i was too pissed!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ha ha ha! GOOD ONE 12KYLE...we all know about the make-up fiasco i recently suffered...well, the theft. anyhoo, i have a cousin whose baby is 6 days younger than mine. my cousin is pretty irresponsible & immature. she showed up at my house last winter when the babies were newborns and she didn't have a hat, snuggly or blanket on her baby. so i gave her my favorite white baby blanket FOR THE MOMENT. needless to say, 2 months rolled by and i was like-where's my blanket? she brought my beautiful lush white blanket stained to the high heavens with baby vomit, food & the funk of her dirty house. i didn't want it after that, but i'm still bitter over it.

lea78 said...

God everyone in my family tells me that I am so bad with returning things. No one will let me get anything. I hate stingy people. LOL But if you have something that I like, why not just let me have it!!!!! OK OK I know it is wrong but I like to get my way damn-it. (pout face on now) Can I borrow your house in the ATL? I didn't think so, but it never hurts to ask right? LOL

12kyle said...

@ dejanae
The nerve of her to borrow the jacket back

@ brad
I'm not worried about them. lol

@ Eb the Celeb
Not the WIRE???? OMG!! That's grounds for somebody getting sliced

I feel you. I'd be pissed off, too. I'd wanna cuss somebody out.

@ lea78
LMAO!!! You are sooo funny. You can have my house. Do you want the mortgage note on it, too? LOL

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

ok folk u have been added to the roll home lice

Yasmeen Christian said...

Yeah my friend still has my "All Eyes On Me" CD!

~Ms. Moore~ said...

Brad you are wrong---lol. There is no statute of limitations on borrowed items. Remember Karma keeps track forever. All of you folks on the wrong end of borrowing do a Karma cleanse and make right the wrong you have done---LMAO
Kyle, talk about the pot calling the kettle black---lmao. You can’t take the miles off ole boy’s car but you can at least buy him a new TV and drive it to him where ever he is. Borrowing your sweats is like borrowing your drawers---NASTY!!! I’m not calling anybody out but some folks wear sweats with no drawers and think nothing of setting off an ATOMIC BOMB!!! Double yuck!!! Then he cut them into shorts!!! Good thing you didn’t take them back they probably should have been set on fire---lol
l. Renee---your Vickies! That’s beyond yuck that is just disgusting. I have four sisters and we borrower each others items but borrowing underwear is TABOO even amongst family.
My brother borrowed my set of luggage and lent it to a friend the RELOCATED to TX but did not send my luggage back. Five years later my brother gave me a nicer leather set.
My daughter pressed and set out an outfit to wear to school the next day. When her older sister awoke the next morning she put on the entire outfit and left for school before her baby sister could see her--lol now that is just WRONG!
Two young girls that lived on my block stole my child’s toys, my jewelry, clothes, shoes and UNDERWEAR!!! Who the heck steals previously worn under garments?

MsPuddin said...

lol I’m made mizr said “first!”…

* sigh * that’s why I don’t lend sh*t, once I hand something out, like a shirt or money, I consider it gone. I hate chasing ppl down to get something back that was mine in the first place. So that’s why a lot of ppl think I’m stingy or frugal, I’m like it’s my sh*t, I worked and paid for it, back up…!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ "making a pair of shorts" out of your Sryacuse sweatpants.

I recently let one of my classmates borrow this product book I had just ordered. She brought it back the next day all bent up and torn. I was like, "WTH did you do...feed my book to the piranhas?"

The Flyyest said...

well im pretty much smaller than all my friends so i dont have a problem with borrowing, clothes wise but movies and shit like that!!!!!!!! man!!!!!

im still lookin for hella movies i done lent out and never got back....i will NEVER let anyone borrow a movie....EVER!!!!!!!

im real good at giving things back thats why im so firm on getting my shit back, but never again!!!!

i let my friend borrow my favorite pair of heels....man, they were so flyy.....mustard color with brown snakeskin in the middle by the arch part....OH MAN....I LOVED THEM....

yeah, never got them back...she claim she left them at this girls house because they hurt her feet!!!


yeah thats a sensitive subject (tear)

..::::.. sorry about all the foul language, lol ..:::..

12kyle said...

@ Torrance
Thanks! I added you to my roll as well.

@ Yasmeen Christian
That's a classic cd. You may wanna "borrow" it back.

@ Ms Moore
Sweats and draws are 2 different things. These sweats were new. I had only worn them twice. I digress. You are funny!!!

@ Ms Puddin
There's nothing wrong with saying NO.

@ Jewells
It only took em ONE day to mess it up? Wow! Maybe the dog ate it. LOL

@ The Flyyest
Thanks for coming to the 12th Planet. Come back. We're here everyday. Hanging out like wet clothes.

The shoes being tight should have been an indication to her that she shouldn't have borrowed them!!! LOL.