Monday, May 19, 2008

whutchu drinkin?

I think the whole world's goin insane
I fill my brain with the Henny, and drink away the pain
I think the whole world's lost it's brain
I sip away on the liquor, and drink away the pain
Havoc of Mobb Deep (Drink Away the Pain)

I'm not much of a drinker. In fact, I didn't take my first drink until about 10 yrs ago. I never drank when I was in college. To this day, I still consider myself a social drinker. I've only been drunk...ONCE in my life. And I'll never forget it.

It happened a few years ago. I had traveled back to my hometown to be a groomsman in one of my boys' wedding. My boy Roody, whom I'd met in 7th grade, was getting married. We've been tight since the 7th grade and I was happy to be standing at the alter to see him go down...i mean...get married. LOL

The night before the wedding, me and the fellas had decided to hit a local "shoe modeling" establishment for entertainment. (fyi...a shoe model is a woman who is nekkid and she models shoes...thus the term shoe model and not stripper...lmao). We had already decided that we would have fun that night. So, we started drinking...very early. I started the evening by drinking 3 cups of my favorite beverage of choice...Henny! I had the henny straight with no chaser. I really SHOULD have stopped there but I didn't...

I had the Hennessey before we even left the house to go to the shoe show. Then, when we get to the shoe show...I had 2 beers (Heineken). I drank those very fast because they were FREE. LOL. I really SHOULD have stopped there but I didn't...

Next, somebody had bought a round of drinks. This time it was Crown Royal. By this time I was REALLY feelin good. I really SHOULD have stopped there but I didn't...

I had 2 more beers after that. I dunno why. Maybe I got caught up in the moment of tryna keep up with Zell and Derrick? Who knows? LOL. I really SHOULD have stopped there but I didn't...

It was at this time that things really started to slow down around me. I didn't feel as good as I did earlier. The music slowed down. The shoe models did too. I wasn't really sure what was happening but i didn't feel good anymore. Instead of trying to get myself together, I decided to drink some bottled water. I thought that the water would settle my stomach. WRONG! It really made things worse.

I remember leaning on the bar and I was talking to a chick who was a shoe model in this particular establishment. We were high school classmates. We were catching up on old times. I don't even think that I noticed that she was nekkid b/c I the room was very "fuzzy". The last thing that I remember was telling her that "I'd be right back". I took 2 steps towards the bathroom...and then....I threw up. Damn! I threw up IN THE CLUB. I couldn't believe it. I staggered to the bathroom to finish "relieving my insides". I couldn't believe it...i was officially drunk. And embarrassed. Who throws up in a strip club? LMAO!!!!

After that, I remember getting the car keys from Zell. I had rode there with him. I told him that I need to rest in the car. He gave me the keys and I proceeded to fall asleep in the car. I dunno what happened the rest of that night. I missed out on it. And they never told me what happened. I remember being dropped off at my momma's house and falling asleep in my clothes. To make matters worse...Mrs12 nor Momma12 wasn't there to take care of me. I felt like crap the next morning. After 3 bottles of Sprite and no breakfast, I finally sobered up...and hour before the wedding. LMAO

Nowadays, I don't drink beer. In fact, I'll have 2 drinks when I go out. That's it. I'm not gonna ever get like that again. I promise. LOL

What about you? What is your beverage of choice? Do you have a drunken memory? If you don't drink or never have taken a drink...why?



The Jaded NYer said...

Oh why oh why don't I have a time machine, so I can go back, see 12kyle throw up in the club and youtube that bad boy?? LMAO!!!!!

but my dear... must I keep reminding you of my heritage? Alcohol and I go wayyyy back.

I started very early with Rum- Brugal- because HELLO we're caribbean, and then beer because WHY NOT right? then in college this kid Ian introduced me to Jack D- and I've never looked back!!

Crazy drunken tales- I've got plenty. One in particular my ex likes to tell: he was doing stand-up one night... I had one too many Long Island Ice Teas... apparently I heckled some people while standing on my chair AND offered to flash his cousin's boyfriend. I recall NONE of this- All LIES I tell ya!

Okay, I kinda remember it but shhhhh! don't tell him because to me, that sh*t was funny as hell, still is. They did not think it was so funny, though :)

DLuvhall said...

1st things first K-Dot. Why you gotta make it sound like me & Zell are some drunks??? We just drink to have sssuuummm...FUN!!! Anyway, the rest of that night was hot ta def. & you're right, you should've slowed down!

I started like most - gin & juice (thanx Snoop). Then I evolved to "brown" & beer, still searching for the good shit. Now, I know that Johnny Walker (scotch) on the rocks is my "weakness". I'll keep some Heinys around, but scotch is where I'm at right now.

Too many drunk tales to tell, but I'll let one go. The first time I had tequila was when I was still in the Army. I was partying with some other troops in DC, and they introduced us. Now, u know me so u know how I gets down. I'm knockin em back hard. For one, it was good. And secondly, I really didn't feel it at the time. Well, as time goes on, I lose count as to how many I had. But I wasn't buyin so it didn't matter. We had to run to catch the last subway train back to the car, so you know what happened next. We made it, but I was hotter than a muhfucka. We got off that train & hopped on the escalator, & I called on EARL. HARD!!! There was a cop coming down, but I finished before we passed each other. At the top of the joint, all that shit pilled up.

That next day, my stomach was TIGHT!!! I was in the training class hurtin my nig. I said to myself, never again with tequila. But you & I know I've reneged on that promise...LOL

Anonymous said...

IF it's a drunken memory, that you remember, then you weren't really that drunk! hahah

I'm happy right now.... Jagermeister, Stolichnaya Vodka (cause Grey Goose is for water drinkers) and (french) Absinthe!!

Get wit it,, step up!

ACtually, my greatest drunken memory was lying face down in the sand on Santa Monica beach around 12am... then taking about 30 minutes to walk up a hill that took about 2 minutes to get down.

Anonymous said...

Long Island Iced Tea. My limit is now four. No more than four. Anything more four leaves me in a walking coma. I know not of my actions however many take place. I don't remember them so I couldn't tell you.

Good Time had by all.

Mizrepresent said...

My birthday
A comedy club
2 Long Island Iced Teas within 20 minutes
The bathroom
The toilet
The Floor
2 hours later being carried out

You piece it together..WHEW!

12kyle said...

@ Jaded NYer
LMAO @ U!! Youtube was not invented yet (thank God)

The drunken tales are all lies, right?? Mmmmmmm hmmmmmm. You are hilarious.

@ Derrick
Neva said that you and Zell were drunks. I just can't drink with y'all. After that night, I learned...the hard way. LOL

When you lose count of how many you've had...that's when the trouble starts. I feel you.

@ WeJa
You amaze me. You've got a drunken story almost everytime that we talk. And you almost always have a drink nearby. LOL! Your stories of Jagermeister have become legendary. I don't know how you drink that stuff. LOL

@ Urban Thought
Mannnnn, I've heard that those Long Island Ice Teas will do you in really fast! Walking coma? LOL! Too funny

@ Miz
WoW!! You were like THAT ???
I know that had to be a funny sight! I can't picture you laid out like that. LMAO!!!

Mizrepresent said...

@12kyle - first of all, this was a while back...just saying, the funny thing was we had just gotten there, the show hadn't even started yet...i remember sitting there seeing double, thinking "oh hell naw, i got to go to the bathroom and get myself together"...i never made it back to the table. Mr. sent my BFF to look for me, she knocked on every stall door until she found me...and then they carried me out of that place...i missed my entire birthday. So, no more LIT's for me.

12kyle said...

@ Miz
Damn! You missed your whole birthday?

Seeing double? LMAO!!

The Pew View said...

Baby, my beverage of choice is non other than Crown Royal on ice, in coffee, to the head, with coke, and then to the head again. And baby that's in one night. Ole' Ruthie Ann den had a many drunken moments in her lifetime. Hell how you thank I got 13 childrens. At least 6 of my childrens came after a night at the tavern. Take care now.

Mo said...
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Mo said...

LOL ok, first of all a "shoe show"
Now you know those are not model shoes. I don't see Iman strutting around in that stuff lol

I'm a cranberry & vodka (stoli!)type of gal...sometimes I give into Patron shots, but not often lol. But I'd have to say I'm a sucker for a Mojito, hands down.

I'm a light weight and had my first drink when I was like...19. And my first beer a week after my 21st bday. I've had a similar experience New Years Eve if 2007. My best friend & I went out with a bunch of gay men to a gay club. Those queens can drink...I kept throwing them back cuz they kept buying them and then a random lesbian couple who I ended up getting into one of those deep, philosophical, drunk conversations with decided to buy me some drinks as well.

Needless to say, somehow we got home, I actually walked home with no help. I fell asleep in my coat, hat, scarf & 3 inch heels on the corner of my friend's bed. I didn't wake up til about 10 am still dressed, took my hat off, and went back to sleep. When I woke up, I was pretty good though. Just tired.

I've never been that drunk again lol

proacTiff said...

too many drunken memories. i always say i'm not gonna do it again to make lyin matters worse. i've had the clear to the dark, but it's take ALL these years to realize i'm not much of a drinker. i can drink it straight, no chaser, i'm not much of a mixed drink fan either, and i just don't have a stomach for the alkaline evidently. i love to have drunk sex because i find that i'm having an out of body experience of sort. my best memory was in mobile, al, sophomore year of college home with my bff on that everclear gin and a several tom collins. i threw up on the dance floor...then i threw up in the nasty ass bafroom. yuck. then there were all the drunken episodes where i couldn't hold my pee and took squats roadside, so drunk i was bout to tip over in my own pee. i was so not an effin lady. *hangs head in shame*

Anonymous said...

Now 12......You know ya boy Crack Daniels is gonnn getcha. Ohhhhh I'm gonna getcha.

As for me....I have been throwing them back since 16 years old. And right about now...I don't even get off on getting tossed any more. Now, I get other people TOSSED. LMAO

My first time being DONE. Was at my 20th Birthday party. We invited 50 people and barely 25 showed up. We had 10 bottles of liquor and a case of 40's. I was drinking from 4 pm til about 1 am. I started with Vodka, switched up to Johnny Walker Red. Then somebody had the bright idea to do 151 shots. Then the 40's came out. WOW...... I woke up in my drawers at my boys house. That's all I remember.

The story is told that I threw up 5 times. 2 at the party, once in the car and 2x at my boys. They lyin though. Cause I don't remember any of that.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

YIKES!!! that was a LOT of liquor!

currently, i love mojitos and martinis. i had a cocktail party once and i got so caught up in sampling everything that i lost track of how much i was actually consuming. needless to say, at the end of the party, i ended up crawling to bed and staying there the entire next day, missing a dinner engagement because i couldn't keep anything down :-( cocktail parties are the BEST...just don't sample everything you serve!

Darius T. Williams said...

so yea, I'm a sissy...literally - so I drink sissy drinks. Amaretto Sours are my thing.

Trish said...

Been drinking since about age 16.

Damn sure cant drink like I used to, I could really throw em back
when I was younger.
Back in the day I loved Pink Champale. I know, I know, weak right?

Well in college I drank whatever was offered, didnt matter.
Mad dog, Evaclaire, Thunderbird (Gasoline), but in college...
E&J Brandy was the one that finally did me in.
I went out with this dude, who obviously was trying to get me drunk and guess what it worked, but too bad for him I was soooo drunk that I must have turned him off. lol !!
I went walking around campus late at night looking for my roomate and yelling her name at the top of my lungs.
Found her, ended up in the student union bathroom most of the night, literally hugging the toilet bowl using the toilet seat as a pillow while my roomate is keeping the door to the bathroom locked to keep campus security out.
I didnt know one person could throw up so much !! It was bad.
My roomate was so worried, she thought I had alcohol intoxication, she got a couple of friends they dragged me to the girls dorm and threw me on the bed. I couldnt look at or smell real food for a week.
Havent touched E&J since.

I have however had many more times of being drunk. One especially in Cancun with my husband and Tequila, but I wont got there. lol!!!

My drink of choice now.. Tanqueray and 7up.
Im also getting into Martinis.. Only need one and Im feeling smooth. Thats enough for me now a days.

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL and ewwwwww @ you throwing up in the club. That's soooo not a good look. LOL

I've only been drunk twice. For my 21st birthday, my now brother in law had me throwing back the ever classic Texas girl and cranberry juice. The spinning room in my head made the sex great that night, though. LOL.

The second time I was playing truth or dare and taking shots of Gold Schlagger with the then hubby. I will never drink that ever again nor get drunk again. I felt awful the next day and stayed in bed. Not fun at all.

Now I sip on martinis, mojitos, and MAYBE a buttery nipple shot or two.

12kyle said...

@ The Pew View
Dayyyyuuum!!! LOL

"At least 6 of my childrens came after a night at the tavern." Classic

@ Kieya
Lol. They are shoe models. The shoes are the only thing that they are wearing. And we are only their shoes. LMAO!!!

This is funny. You woke up and took your hat off. LoL. I've seen people really get blitz'd at New Years. Bringin in the new year is always a good reason to get drunk. Haaaa

"i always say i'm not gonna do it again to make lyin matters worse." Classic!

Drunken sex! Even more classic!

Roadside squats...priceless! LMAO!!

Shame on you, PRO!!!

@ Brad
You know you are in trouble when you end up in ya drawz!! Lmao! You knew it was over when the 40's came out.

Funny how everybody's story NEVA matches up with yours! I'm sure that my boys Zell, Derrick, and WeJa can tell you a different version about that night that I had. In fact...I'm gonna blame them for letting me get that twisted. Haaaaa

That's a funny story. I saw that happen at a wine tasting once. Too much sampling always has a bad ending. Lol

@ Darius
Armaretto sours is a gateway drink. You start there then move on to the hard stuff. Haaaa

@ Trish
Pink Champale? LMAO!! That's ole skool like Ripple!

Sounds like you've slowed down over the years. That's a good thang!

@ Queen
It wasn't a good all. I almost threw up on the shoe model. Haaaaa

Spinning room and sex? Wow! I don't wanna be in a spinning room. I feel you, tho. I don't ever wanna feel like that.

The F_Uitlist said...

LMAO at calling it "The Hennessey".

I remember the first time I was too drunk to function, it was my sisters 21st bday and I decided to have a drinking competition with my now hubby (yeah uhmm I need to mention that I was probably 100lbs wet and he was about 195). well it was the dark liquor that got us, I outdrank him but I also fell asleep on my momma coffee table, HA. That made for a whole lot of confusion the next morning. We still laugh at that.

I built up a serious tolerance before I had my son, I was a serious party girl! Now when I go out I usually have 2 drinks and thats it, I just haven't been able to get back to that level of drinking.

prettyparker said...

Oh dang these stories are good and funny! Yours too 12K.

I like good wine and cold beer. But I used to put away hard liquor like water (straight up, never mixed).

I've been good drunk, funny drunk, mean drunk, and WTH was I doing last night cuz I don't remember drunk.

Now, I try not to get drunk at all so I just stick with my good wine and cold beer.

12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List
You tried to have a drinking competition with your husband? LMAO! And you WON!!! Your prize was a good night's rest on the coffee table. That's sooo funny.

@ prettyparker
I am really enjoying these stories, too. I feel a whooole lot betta about my drunken state. Lol

"I've been good drunk, funny drunk, mean drunk, and WTH was I doing last night cuz I don't remember drunk."


I don't blame you for cutting back. I had to do that as well.

Jazzy said...

LOL - omg @ sobering up ONE HOUR before the wedding!

This sounds suspiciously like my Drunk in an Atl Club Story.

I'm such a lightweight, but my drink of choice is a Long Island Iced Tea. ONE OF THOSE...and I'm good all night long!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

What up Brotha!

Well let's just say I was a teen alcoholic in the making, but thank God I aint who I used to be!!

One of my worst experiences was in college. We were celebrating my birthday & I had been drinking all day. One of my boys stole a 5th of Southern Comfort and told me to have a happy birthday. I remember taking it to the head with one of my friends who was a Que. He was like "dang Keisha you can hang with the big dawgs!" Last thing I remember doing is arguing with my ex boyfriend. The next day I woke up in my bed with pajamas and underwear that I never wore. I went to get out the bed and fell flat on my face. Long story short I had a sprung knee on one leg and a sprung ankle on the other leg. I had to walk around campus the next few weeks with an ugly limp.

To this day we blame my memory loss on that night. According to my roommate they had to put me in the shower and I hit my head really hard. She was the one that put the pajamas and underwear on me. Good thing I had a roommate who loves me like a sistah! I never drank Southern Comfort again!!!!

PrettyBlack said...

The first mistake you made was drinking hard liquor after beer.

I was a straight alcoholic I know. And if you ain't white yu can't just drink any old thing. Remember what Katt Williams said, "Black folk start off drinking Hen they gon' end it drinking Hen."

I haven't had a drink since August 9 2003, I've had so many drunken moments, I can't even recall, but a bitch never slept with anybody while fucked up, "unless I wanted too" and I never fell in high heels because I'm still one of the baddest!

Muze said...

i've only drank maybe five times in my life.

i've only been drunk once.

two long island iced teas. like a crazy person. this guy was stalking me in the club and even if i refused his offer, he'd buy the drink anyway.

i kept giving them away to my friends but then finally one of them told me that i HAD to drink at least two.

i didn't throw up but stuff was definitely spinning and i definitely couldn't see quite straight.

and i said some REALLY inappropriate things to some guy on the phone that my friend was talking to.

um yeah. never again.

and cracking up at you throwing up in the shoe modeling establishment. ha.

The F_Uitlist said...

yeah I was one of those big mouth I can do it better than you could girls (oh wait I still am) and I guess he won because I was the one sleeping on the table.

kit von b. said...

i think my new fav drank is the malibu baybreeze. it's so sexy tasting...oh!! and a flaming dr. pepper...MMMMMMM.

can u tell i'm an alchy?


L. Renee' said...

Well 12Kyle,
one time my husband got me drunk on his birthday. So drunk that I didn't even remember any of the good stuff we did when we got back to the hotel that night.LOL
He was like "we did this, that and the don't remember baby?" NOPE! Believe me,
I will never get that drunk again. LOL

Dreamy said...

okay Kyle my first and last drunken moment was about 7 months ago. Me and my BFF went over to a friends house. at the time my favorite liquor was tht Patrone. I had brought a bottle of patrone and stole my moms bottle of malibu rum. we all decided to be stupid that night and play uno. ashley was the first to get drunk and when she gets drunk she likes to take off her clothes. Now tell me why she likes to do that I dont know,lol

Now me when I get drunk I like to get freaky for some reason so I aint even gonna tell you what I done,lol. I am gonna say that patrone and malibu do not mix. they completely messed over me that night, i fell into the tub on my way trying to use the bathroom, ashley crumbled bread crumbs in my hair, and I ended up having my head held while i puked up my brains. it was so nasty that now i have swore off patrone forever. just the thought of it makes me sick.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

My absolute worst drunken moment was freshman year in college drinking rum and coke. Mind you, a brother was 17 (the age had just changed from 18 to 21) at the time. Prior to that night I only drank wine coolers. Remember those Bartles and James drinks the ladies loved. That's all I drank, but that night I was a lightweight trying to hang with the big dawgs. Lets just say all I remember is talking real loud, walking down the middle of the street back to the dorm and throwing up. To this day, I don't mess with rum. After many years of getting my drink on and a few Earl calling episodes, I've scaled back to an occasional (every few months if that) beer. That's it for me.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I have been drunk twice in my 28 years and both experiences were simply mortifying!!! I embarrassed myself to no end, plus I was SERIOUSLY sick the next day. I won't even go into details about these unfortunate incidences...just think that I made a COMPLETE fool out of myself both times!!

That's why I don't drink much anymore. Both of the times I was drunk occurred while I was in college. I guess my drink of choice would be a strawberry daiquiri - I know it's a frozen drink, but it's my favorite!! :-)

12kyle said...

@ OD
I read your story. Too funny. SMH @ u!

I really did sober up an hour before the wedding. It's a good thing that I did. The church was kinda hot and if I were still wouldn't have been pretty up in there. The funny thing...I don't remember seeing my boy Roody, the groom, take ONE drink that night! I guess that I drank enough for the 2 of us. LOL

@ Keisha the Kitten
*memo to Keish...don't drink with the Ques* LMAO!!!

I've heard stories about Southern Comfort. I didn't know it was like THAT. Good to see that you didn't really get hurt too bad.

@ PrettyBlack
You're right. The combination of beer and liquor was too much for me.

I gotta respect your decision to go dry. LOL. "never slept with anybody while fucked up, "unless I wanted too" LMAO @ U!!!

@ Muze
If you're under the influence, you prolly will say some inappropriate things to some people. Good job of staying away from the sauce, Muze. Leave that to fools like me. haaaa

This happened like 3 years ago and my boys are STILL clownin me about it.

@ The F$%K it List
I'm gonna step out on a limb and say that he won. LOL

12kyle said...

@ karrie b
I've had that drink before. I like it. It will sneak up on ya, tho! LOL. What is a flaming dr. pepper?

@ LRenee
Wait a minute...your husband's bday is on Christmas Day! Did you remember to unwrap the gifts that were under the tree? LOL

@ DreamCop08
Drunk in a tub with crumbs in your hair!!! Classic! Wonder if there are any pics? Hmmmmmm

@ Rich
haaaaa!!! You took me back with the wine coolers, bruh. Nothing wrong with cutting back. We aren't getting any younger, are we?

strawberry daiquiri is a very safe drink. Sounds like you were OFF THA DAMN CHAIN! LOL!!!

The Flyyest said...

Patron if i wanna jus have fun wit my girls and get hyphy.....

Beautifuls if im feelin myself and hella laid back.....

Adios Muthaf*ckers when i wanna get off my ass.....

Carona with lime if im already loaded.....

Grey Goose, cranberry with a splash of pineapple juice if im broke and wanna get drunk quick....

Mixed blended margaritas if im at a resturant...

(all these drinks are good if you end it wit gettin some good ish at night!!!!!!!!) LMAO


Anonymous said...

ABSINTHE!! STep into a new realm of alcohol!

12kyle said...

@ Flyyest sure do know a lotta drinks!!! LMAO!!!

What is a beautiful?

@ WeJa
You are the new liq connoisseur so you're gonna have to put me up on that.

Anonymous said...

Umm.. i don't know the different names of mixed drinks... i'm more of a pure liquid spirit drinker... the way the manufacturers made it:

May faves:
Don Julio (tequila, smooth.. fk Patron... its just got rap promotions), Jager (sweet candy straight to yo head), Rum 151 (HOT!), and yes a drink called Big Black Dick (from the Cayman Islands... smooth RUm), Crown Royal, Stoli, and of course Absinthe (makes you tingle, 60 - 70% alcohol... weird hangover the next day.. like i got right now at work), Lobotomy Bock beer (10% alcohol), and Guinness Extra Stout!

yeah... and I'm killin' myself with all these healthy spirits... hahaah

PrettyBlack said...

O muthafuckin K! Am I gonna have to be the one to say it? That got damn gravatar does not do you's just wrong on so many levels...let's fix that shit...okay I'm better now. haha!

12kyle said...

@ WeJa
Mannnnn, I can't drink nuffin called Big Black Dick. LMAO!!! I'm sorry. I just can't do it.

You're drinking at work? You're 3 hrs behind so that means that you're getting a sip at lunch time. Must be nice! LOL

@ prettyblack
gravatar?? whut's that?

Anonymous said...

not at work... man.... last night at the Goth spot!!!

DLuvhall said...

@ Weja
Homeboy, next time you come home, we gotta talk. Big Black Dick is not a drink to be enjoyed by men outside of thing you'll be telling me you enjoy a "cup-o-nut"!!!LOL

@ Kyle
Man, you gonna mess around & get banned from the shed. You must have really been blown that night. We bought Rood some drinks that night. YOU INCLUDED!!! You didn't chuck because of the liq, it was because that establishment was FILTHY!!! I saw sober niggas throwing up that night!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

1st and foremost Happy Birthday to me so that's reason enough for me to get drunk today. Sigh! however, I'm old and responsible enough not to do that now... Anyway, I remember getting drunk ONCE in my life back in college. Me, my roomate and the twins went over to a friends house and I played my first game of BullSh%t. The consequence for messing up was a shot of whatever the group chose which consisted of Banana Red Mad Dog, EverClear and Vodka. What was I thinking?? Needless to say, I was praying to "The Porcelain god" before the end of the night. You would have been proud of the twins, they were soooo sympathetic! I blacked out and only remember seeing the light of the next day. To THIS day, I can't stand the smell of bananas and I STOP at two drinks. I learned my lesson the hard way, I am not a drinker. Period. I am very glad I made it to the toilet and did not leave a "gift" in the middle of the club! Dang Kyle!!

12kyle said...

@ WeJa
Ok. Just wanted to make sure that you weren't on those "crushed grapes" at work. LMAO

@ Derrick
Man, that's how twisted I was. I don't even remember seeing him take a drink. I remembered that night, tho. I'll never do THAT again. You gotta pace yourself. That's what I've learned.

@ 12kyle fan
First and foremost...happy bday, kiddo. I was JUST about to send you! Yeah. Enjoy ya day. Pop bottles!!!

Maddog and Everclear??? Damn! You did good just to survive that. LOL. Talk about toxins.

I know...I you can boys STILL clown me about it. LOL

Blah Blah Blah said... want me to list just ONE drunken night?

Unfortunately, you just described 3 out of 4 weekends I have. I live in NYC dammit!
Obviously you don't read

L. Renee' said...


It was his 30th birthday and we celebrated it 2 days after Christmas. LOL
I remember going to the wizards game, and then to the club. I remember sipping champagne. Maybe I should say glasses of champagne. LOL
Then the rest is a fuzzy blur. I don't even remember how we got home from the club. LOL
Apparently he had a good time. LOL
I just don't remember it! fuzzy...

Anonymous said...

...a dude writes about world peace and gets 10 hits....write about drunkin' soirees and he puts up damn near 50 like Lebron...

When I'm traveling...Baltimore Zoo....5 liquors and a beer....

When I'm and cran...

Anonymous said...


I'm comfortable with my sexuality... a bottle of good rum, if its good.... it can be called GAY ASS, UP DA BUT, SHIT HEAD, and I'll drink it!

Besides, a fine shawtie introduced me to it... and I had some fun with the *wink wink* hints when she offered it to me. She was like, "You know about this already!" Then she pulls out the BBD Rum. haah... "yeah, i got one already, but I'll try this one if you insist!"


i'm grown... hahahah... like i gives a fk... although it did feel a little funny saying, "mmm, dat Big BLack Dick is good!"

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL @ Rezidl. Too true. Sex and alcohol sell, errr, in this case get more responses.

Don said...

i really don't drink. not really. honestly if i were planning on spending all night with a female i stopped and got some hennessey and hynotiq. that's pretty much it.

back in the days i had horror nights behind cisco and mr. big. lol.

Don said...

@ blah blah blah: hahahahahaha

DLuvhall said...

@ Weja
I'm seem to forget how crazy you are. Plus, most of your liq stories seem to have some "trim" involved. But for future reference, call it a BBD as opposed to the whole name!!!LOL

Anonymous said...


hahahah. i knew you was gonna say that! BBD Rum. hahah

but come on man... what better line to pick up chicks...

"yo, you want some Big Black Dick?" then when they look at you funny and say, "huh?".. you pull out da bottle!!

that's a door opener right there... it can't help itself. :O)

kit von b. said...

they light a shot of 151 proof rum and amaretto on fire (flaming) and then u drop the burning shot inside a tall glass of beer...the 2mixed 2 gether makes it tastes JUST like a dr. pepper...

kit von b. said...


Anonymous said...

I'm more of a social drinker. Don't like the taste of liquor but will drink it just for frills. I have been drunk several times. I'm glad that I have never thrown up or had a hangover and that's even after drinking like a professional.

I do remember one time I got drunk and I told my guy friend to "touch it." LOL. He thought I wanted to be touched by something else other than his finger. Never make that mistake again.

Anonymous said...

KD here is my one story. It was me, Big "D" & "Drinking Gin" Paul Glenn.
Well one of our friends got drafted out of NC State and he decided to come over to the Burg. Well make a long story short Cook Out, Gin, Beer and Straight shots all morning and evening until we went to the club behind the "Fairgrounds". Now Kd you know what kind of shit happens over there. I was so drunk the boys left my azz in the car. I woke up it was cold as hell. I got the car Stumbling and all I remember from what Big D told was I was stumbling so bad that when I hit that sharp azz curve when I was walking I fell down the hill and tumbling like a run-a-way snowball landed right into a mudd pile.
Anyway that was it for me. Never again.

The Flyyest said...

a beautiful is grand marnier(sp?) and hennessy... with lemon (i squeeze the lemon in the drink)
i be fellin myself like im the hottest chick unda the sun!!!!!

i drink it with a side of coke....

you should try it!!!!!

oh yeah swag got a drink....ask him about it!!!!!

its called "a swag" LOL

Dreamy said...

yes there are pics that is the sad part about it!!!

12kyle said...

@ Blah Blah Blah
I guess this WOULD describe a typical weekend in NYC. LOL. C'mon now...I know you got ONE story for us.

@ LRenee
LMAO @ u!!!

@ Rezdil
You ain't been here in a week and you come in the door hatin'. LOL

Brooklyn Zoo? Might haveta try that.

@ WeJa
We know that you ain't gay. The abbreviations will work, tho! LOL

@ Queen
Don't listen to him. Tommorrow's blog will be about the affect that Sesame Street had on the drug trade in Brazil.

@ Don
Henny and Hypnotic is a HULK-like potion. I love it

@ Derrick
His liq stories almost always lead to some story with a chick. He's the king of that. We'll talk about that off the blog. LMAO!!

12kyle said...

@ WeJa
See what I mean!! Haaaaaa

@ karrie b
Thanks for letting me know. I like dr. pepper. I'ma try this. But I'll only drink one.

@ Jewells
You are soooo funny. Be careful what you ask for...even in a drunken state of mind

@ Jeff S Class
Mannnnnn, I doesn't not pay to try to drink with Paul Glenn. That dude drinks like a big fish. That's a funny story. You're lucky that you didn't get your car stolen...with you in it

@ Flyyest
That'll be my first drink the next time that I go out. Then, I'll get the one that Karrie B recommended. Thanks!

@ DreamCop08
I guess it's safe to say that we'll never see those pics, huh?

CapCity said...

"Do you have a drunken memory?" How can I - i was drunk! LOL!

Some of these comment/stories are funny az hayl! Me? late starter (in many things it seems! LOL!) but I'm makin' UP FOR IT! LOL!

After reading these other stories i don't have much to tell: 1st drunken tale in jamaica in my mid/late twenties = drinkin' games w/ jamaica's 80 proof is NO JOKE! Woke up as drunk as when i passed out the night before ON The resort's beach...

vowed never to do that again & didn't ... until a couple years ago when i was introduced to martinis - REAL ones! after having 3 in an hour's time it was LIGHTS OUT!

only called earl once - thank gawd - will nevah EVAH mix dark & light likker again!!