Friday, May 16, 2008


It was 1991

My senior year of high school

Wilson High

Florence, SC

Three words

And a hot ass soprano sax

That was my JAM

The song...

My, My, Johnny Gill

Damn! That song was fiyyyyah!!!

What about the joint that BBD sang...When Will I See You Smile Again

Aw shit! I forgot about Let's Chill by Guy. Not to mention Piece of My Love (we are still tryna figure out if he said dumb bitch?!)

That dude who begged on his songs had a hot one too...what's his name?? Ummm. Keith Sweat...How Deep Is Your Love

Can't forget about Jodeci! I loved Stay.

What are all of these songs??? They are slow jams that were HOT when I was in high school.'s your turn. You can name as many as you like. Or you can talk about why one meant something to you. This should be interesting b/c the age range of the inhabitants of the 12th Planet are from 19 to 45. Well...maybe 72...if you count the Pew View. LMAO!!! don't have to tell the year that you graduated from high school. We SHOULD be able to figure it out anyway. LMAO!!!!


12kylefan said...

I know he's a punk but we used to love some Al B. Sure!
Can't forget about New Edition with Mr. Telephone Man and Lost In Love and maybe I was a little too young to be going old school but we wore the heck out of a Marvin Gaye tape...
Oh, I almost forgot The Boys and Dial My Heart. Wonder where THEY are now??

S-Class said...

Well just about everything the that r. Kelly & Publici Announcement... remember them? & then he dumped the all and It was r. Kelly before the bum was a molester..
Keith Sweat.. Make it Last Forever
Dru Hill. Sleeping in my bed
Boyz to Men Motown Philly album
Entire sound track " Menace to Society" might be going back to far
I'll think of some more later on

eclectik said...

Damn I loved the post till I read "My My My" I loathe J. Gill cant replace the King or R&B in the greatest group ever!


Mizrepresent said...

Waking up...rubbing eyes...3, 3 before me, okay well...

See "I am Rick Bitch James" was doing his thing. His entire album, yeah i said album, because back in the day we didn't have cd's, you know the one where he is wearing those red leather pants, was so great.

"Give it to me baby"


"Fire and Desire"

Rick alone could set off a party.

I remember playing this song at my graduation party...

"You can ring my belllllllllll"

Not my year, but was the joint in high school -

"Aqua Boogie baby, never learned to swim..."

back then slow songs were the ish...

Switch was doing their thing ...

"There never be a better love"

in fact i sung that song with 3 other ladies at our high school dinner...we changed the words to reflect that there would never be a better year!

dayum, it just felt good reminiscing, thanks 12kyle!

12kyle said...

@ 12kylefan
I think the Boys work at the car wash on Main Street. LOL

NE was the illest back then. Period

@ Jeff S-class
I remember that 12 Play cd. It was sick. Wonder if he was a molester back then, too?

@ e
JG could NEVER replace the King of R&B. He's just a fill in

@ Miz
Rick James was one of the best to ever do it. Very underrated. I rememba when MTV wouldn't play Super Freak video. According to them, the video was too wild. Rick James...wild??? Imagine that! LOL

No problem. I took a trip down memory lane just thinking about this blog

L. Renee' said...

Good Mornting

New Edition for sure "Can you Stand The Rain"

Keith Sweat "Make it Last Forever" and "Right and a Wrong Way".

CECE Penniston "Walk on"

Lisa Fisher "How Can I Ease The Pain"

Lisa Stansfield "Been Around The World"

Bobby Brown " Tenderoni"

Guy "Piece of My love"

12Kyle, I bet you owned a polka dot shirt back then. LOL

The Jaded NYer said...

um... ok- I was not into R&B that much in high school so feel free to laugh...

My "jam" in HS (1993; I'm not scared of my age!) was November Rain by Guns n Roses.

*awaits kyle's ridicule with side eye*

The Pew View said...

Hey baby, well back in them days my family didn't allows us to listen to music lessing it was sung at the church house. Now round the 60's me and my best friend Mabel found the world and baby we stayed in a tavern every weekend. Matta fact thats when I found a love for Crown Royal. Anyway, we loves us some blues music. My favorite song used to be by Aretha Franklin. Course that was her bf (before fatness) days. My jam as you put it was RESPECT. Baby that was my theme song back then. Oh I used to let them mens know "what you want baby I got it want you need you knows I got it" BUT chile' you betta believe they was gonna pay for it. If you know what I means. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Tabu said...

Oh God, whatever Keith sweat begged about back in the day was good! Lol, and he is still doing it!

Xscape's work me slowly, I sang that while being worked slowly--the Memories!

Am I dreaming--Loved it.

You better be careful--R Kelly and Sparkle.

Silk--almost anything by them.

John Doe by public announcement.

Speaking of Rick James--Mary Jane will still make me drop it like its hot.

Shoooo I might be back to this post.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Who was I feeling in High School...

Jodeci "Come and Talk to Me"

New Edition "Can You stand the Rain"

Anything slow by BBD

Ginuwine "Only When Your Lonely"

Jade "One Woman" were are they now?

Blackstreet "Before I Let You Go"

Rapheal Saadiq "Ask of You" this song is STILL in my playlist.

Total "Can't You See"

The old school list from high school..

Commodores "Sweet Love" "Just to Be Close to You" "Sail On" "Easy" it goes on and on...

Isley Brothers "Hello, it's me" LOVED that song

My uncle was an old school DJ back when they carted around crates of vinyl. So, my old school list was fierce even as a teenager ;-)...

WOW! Thanks for the trip back down memory lane. Good times....good times.

The Pew View said...

Funny thang is that Ruthie Ann be lying he ass off. That woman know she used to listen to us some Bull Moose Johnson, Dinah Washington, and that Sam Cooke! We used to listens to them together round the time she found Crown Royal. Course, I was saved an all - never did drank...all that much.

With Love,
Mrs. Mabel

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i can't remember that some of my general faves would have to be blackstreet. e. badu had just came out. jodeci....i remember the first time i heard of them. it was when their vid came on and i was like-how do you say that word? i never liked "forever my lady" because i was kinda young and it made me feel weird to hear a song about having babies and such....but their sound was awesome

The F$%K it List said...

whohooo this is right up my alley!

New Edition, ANY and every love song was great, but can you stand the rain and and Lost in love, Jealous girl.

Al B. Suire. Oh this love, that song was jsut sexy

Lisa Lisa All cried out!
MJ "She's out of my life" that was the first song a boy ever dedicated to me.

You should be mine Jeffrey Osbourne

One Hundred Ways!
Silly, Gonna take a miracle
Let me be your angel
Water run dry Boys to men

ok I'm stopping now I have to do some work!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Man Brother you named all the songs me and my first love used to jam to back in high school. Our main cut was definitely "Let's Chill". I used to be a SWV groupie back in the day. I loved me some SWV and every single song was my jam!!!

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL @ Dumb Bitch...I do believe that's what he said though!

I wasn't really into slam jams until after high school.

In high school I was the BIGGEST Janet Jackson was all about Control, control of what I say...control of what I do...and I've got lots of it! LMAO...caught a flashback for a minute!

Opinionated Diva said...

slam jams = slow jams

Tabu said...

I call your name by switch, another good one.

12kyle said...

@ LRenee
Can You Stand the Rain was the jam! How could I have forgotten that one?

Make It Last Forever was the theme at my senior prom

I didn't own a polka dot shirt...I rocked the paisley joint. Haaaa

@ Jaded NYer
No R&B? I hear ya. I remeber Guns and Roses. That was Axel Rose and nem, right? LOL

You know me soooo well!

@ The Pew View
Lmao @ y'all "finding the world"

@ Tabu
Something about that ole beggar Keith Sweat that i liked. One of my favorites was How Deep Is Your Love

"Xscape's work me slowly, I sang that while being worked slowly"

@ Kay C
Good list. I dunno what happened to Jade. They were hot for a minute.

Funny story about Before I Let You Go. When I was in college, I went to one of my teammates' room to drop off a book. His door was ajar. I pushed it open only to see my teammate hiding under the covers of his bed. He was singing that song to a chick. And he sounded AWFUL !!! LMAO!! Well, I couldn't hold my laughter longer than 10 seconds. I was on the floor rollin!!! Every time I hear that song...I think about that incident. LOL

@ The Pew View
Bull Moose Johnson? LOL

My list might be a lil bit b4 yo time. LOL.

Jodeci was on fiyah when they hit the scene. If you look at where they are now, you'd just shake your head.

@ The F$%K it List
Lisa had a thing for her an those twins. LOL

Boys II Men were the shit back then. What happened to those dudes?

C'mon know you ain't doing no work right now. LOL

@ Keisha the Kitten
I was in a singing group in high school. We were pretty damn good, too. We won several local talent shows, too. One of our favorite songs was Let's Chill

@ OD
We used to have major arguments about that. I think that's what he said, too!

LMAO!!!! Get Control of yourself! Haaaaa

Rich said...

I graduated in '85, so this might take a minute to remember what was spinning back then but it will be in the range.

I do remember Prince's International Lover spinning somewhere between the years of '83 to '85.

Richard "Dimples" Fields -- "She's Got Papers on Me" and "If it ain't one thing it's another"

Atlantic Starr - Touch a Four Leaf Clover, Silver Shadow, Secret Lovers, If Your Heart Isn't in It.

Stacy Lattisaw and Johnny Gill - Perfect Combination

Michael Jackson - Human Nature

The Time - Gigolo's Get Lonely Too.

New Edition - Is This The End, Jealous Girl

Jeffrey Osbourne - Plane Love, The Last Time I Made Love, We're going all the way.

And the GREATEST SLOW JAM Artist of all time

Luther Vandross - If This World Were Mine, Superstar, Wait for Love, Creepin', If Only For One Night

I probably can come up with some more, but I better get back to work.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

aint nothing like some good ole grind music

DreamCop08 said...

Well the music I used to love ranged from ole school to semi old school like:

Isley Brothers: Footsteps In The Dark

Betty Wright: After the Pain

Chakka Khan: Sweet Thing

Anita Baker: Your The Best Thing Yet That Ever Came Into My Life

Pebble: Always (my favorite song of all times)

Just to name a few I have over a 1000 old schools in my itouch. I just love it. Now I was young but this is what moms and fam used to be playing back in the day!!

12kyle said...

@ Tabu
I remember that one. I had to think about it for a second

@ Rich
Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! You taking me back, bruh!!

The Time - Gigolo's Get Lonely Too
I used to sing that around the house and I didnt know what a gigolo was! LOL

You are right. You gotta put LUTHER at the TOP!!!

@ Torrance
Yessir. Bumpin and grindin

PrettyBlack said...

Oh LORD!!! Johnny Gill My, My, MY is mine and my hubby's song. The First time we had sex was off of some Johnny Gill, my,my,my! And Doc box and B-fresh...slow love.

Yeah it took a couple of songs to pop it cause that shit HURT! too much info I know!

"YOu can have a piece of my love...dumb bitch, it's waiting for you." I do believe to this day he said that shit!

Yeah so here are mu songs from that era in no par-tic-U-lary order:

Slow love-Doc Box- B Fresh
let's chill-Guy
it feels good-Tone-Toni-Tony
I will always love you-Troop
Piece of My love-Guy
It never rains in southern california- Toni-Tone-Tony
Groove Me-Guy
Al B Sure-Naturally mine

And there's more so you know I'm going to go think on it and come back! Love this post!

12kyle said...

@ DreamCop08
I liked the Isley's too. It's a damn shame that Mr.Biggs is locked up right now.

Good point. Our appreciation for the music starts with what our parents listened to.

12kyle said...

@ prettyblack
"Johnny Gill My, My, MY is mine and my hubby's song. The First time we had sex was off of some Johnny Gill, my,my,my!" Dayyyyyyumm!!! LOL! TMI!!!

I will always love you-Troop
I loved that joint. I wonder what happened to those jheri curl wearin fellas? LOL


prettyparker said...

I played 'Can You Stop The Rain' by Peabo Bryson so much the cassette taped ribbon snapped in half.

And Keith Washington singing 'Kissing You' still makes my pulse race!

L. Renee' said...

Not the paisley...LOL
I can't even talk with my jean jumper dress, fingerwaves and rods hairstyle and huge bamboo earrings.LOL


NINETY FIVE...BYTCHES!!!!....YEAP...We was all about Aaliyah and H Town...even met Ursh when he was a piss ant

Miss Mika said...

Class of 99!!!

I love the music from the 90s. My iPod is jam packed with more of those jams than any of the crap that is out now (Mary J and Alicia Keys excluded)

Brownstone "If You Love Me" was my JAM!!!

"En Vouge "Hold On" and "Free Your Mind"

All-4-One "I Swear"

"I'll Take Her" Al Scratch feat Brian McKnight. Loved the beat to that song.

"Swingin'" by Mint Condition

"I'll Make Love To You" by Boys II Men. I remember that video vividly. Had the biggest crush on Mr. D. Martin back in the day.

"Fill Me In" by Craig David

There at waaaaaaaaay too many too mention!

Great post 12kyle. This brought back memories!

Michelle said...

I'm a lurker but had to come out of lurkdom on this!
Keith Sweat...How deep is your Love
Guy..Piece of my love
Bobby Brown...I really love you girl
EnVogue...Hold On
BBD...I Do Need You
My all time personal favorite artist...His Royal badazz... PRINCE!
Forever in my life,Adore,If I was your girlfriend....that is an all time classic!

Proactiff said...

Aaron Hall joints. Mary J. Blige who was all hurting and in Jodeci pain. LMAO "When I'm with you," by Tony Terry. Oooo, anything Anita Baker. Sade. Morris Day & the Time, Don't Wait for Me...

I can go on and on, but my head is hurtin'. At least we had a "fun" assignment on a Friday, but I'll be damn if that 12teach don't let up off the classwork. Can't a sista just come to class, read a passage, give a well deserved kudo and be out when the bell ring?

Oh, I forgot my ex-teacher mantra: THE BELL DOES NOT DISMISS. THE TEACHER DOES.

LMAO... Have a good wknd 12teach.

Queen of My Castle said...

Queen's late to the party!!!! LOL

I can't remember the hot joints from high school, but some of my faves are

Next Lifetime-E. Badu

Your Love is King-Sade

No Ordinary Love-Sade

Let's Chill-Guy

I Cried/Because I Love You-Lenny Williams

Just Me and You-Tony Toni Tone

Pretty Brown Eyes-Mint Condition


Good-bye Love-Guy

OMG!!!! Before I Let Go-Maze feat. F. Bev.

If I Were a Bell-Teena Marie

Computer Love-Zapp

I Wanna Be Your Man-Zapp

Anything Teddy Pendergrass

Okay...I digress LOL

Anonymous said...

we are still tryna figure out if he said dumb bitch?!

You pretty much named all of my slow jams from middle and high school.

The Flyyest said...

can i jus ask.....WHO IS 12KYLE FAN???!!!??? LMAO!!!!!!

is it Mrs Kyle on the unda!!!!!

i.can't.complain. said...

1997- 8th grade/freshman yr: get it together (702), last nite (az yet), the one i gave my heart to (aaliyah)

1998- freshman/sophomore yr: nice & slow(usher), i get lonely (janet & backstreet)

1999- sophomore/junior yr: spend my life with u (eric benet & tamia)

2000- junior/senior yr: say my name (destinys child), i wish (carl thomas), lets get married (jagged edge)

2001- senior yr/1st yr of college: promise (jagged edge), u got it bad(usher)

love this post, big brother 12.

i heart music.


i.can't.complain. said...

oh. i almost forgot to add rock the boat (aaliyah) for 2001


Eb the Celeb said...

you went to the whack wilson high...

the wilson high that what the bizness was my alma mater in rochester, ny

but you get cool points for the guy let's chill

the only one I remember is Beauty by Dru Hill because our dance troup peformed a song to it and they almost banned it saying it was too we had too much damn fun...hahhahaahah

12kyle said...

When you listen to a tape soooo much that the reel pops...then that's when you know that it's YOUR song

@ LRenee
Yep! I had the paisley joints. It was fly back then. Well...that's what I'ma tell my boys when they ask why i was wearing it. You had the fingawaves??? Ohhhh lawwd

@ Poca
I loved Aaliyah. It's a shame that she's no longer here with us.

@ Mika
Al Scratch??? OMG!!!! That dude had to be one of the worst rappers in the history of the game. LOL. That said, that was a hot song. I admit that I "borrowed" that cd from a record store just because I like that song. Haaaa

Swingin was hot, too

@ michelle
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a lotta fun around here. We're here everyday like bad traffic

Thanks for coming outta lurkerville. of the greatest.

"You will work in my class but you will enjoy it and be rewarded."

I loooooooove Sade. Kiss of Life is my joint!!

@ Queen
Very gotta late pass??? Hmmmm

Computer Love...i pumped that when I was in the 8th grade. And I know that you are younger than me so now I really feel old!!! Haaaaa

@ Jewells
I think he said it! LOL

@ Flyyest
You are hilarious!! I almost spit out my Sprite when I read this.

No, 12kyle fan is not Mrs12. Mrs12 usually posts anonymously...when she does post. Or she'll post as Mrs12.

12kyle fan is my homegirl from college.

wait a minute...where's your list????? haaaaaa

@ -1-
damn! you REALLY broke it down. I likes it, sis!!

spend my life with u is such a beautiful song. that songs take me back to some good times.

@ Eb the Celeb
There's only ONE Wilson school...not yours. haaaaa

Although I wasn't a fan of Dru Hill, I like that song.

Y'all were some lil fast gals, huh?

CapCity said...

It wasn't my senior year - but i recall luving AND hating Prince's DO ME, BABY!! Ran to the bathroom every time that came on -- tired of boys trying to feel my bootay! LOL!

The Flyyest said...

oh yeah straight up forgot about the list....hahahahah


8th grade (98)- genuines the bachelor album
immature- please dont go

9th grade (99) Next- butta love
destiny child- no no no

10th (00)Lil Waynes (the block is hot) album... i hated that song kisha....
"got an early call form kisha kisha wanted me to meeta...she said i think its time to make the relationship get deepa"


Jagged edge whole J.E heartbreak album

"cant take another heartbreak, heartbreak...

why why why, why'd you do the things you did knowing that i love you so tell me..

tell me why.........." lmao

11th grade (01)Case- missing you!!!
that was me and my first loves JAM!!!
ja rule n lil mo- put it on me

12th grade (02) Aaliyah- Rock the boat
the clipse- grinding
ja rule n ashanti- always on time

MsPuddin said...

my first and foremost love was boys to men lol guess how old i am???lol

i listened to next, ginuwine, kieth sweat, as far as what was contemporary at the time.

but i also listen to what my dad did too, so luther, mj, marvin, bob...

Kieya said...

Welll considering the only song I know that you mentioned is My, My, My & by "know" I mean "vaguely know from a Time Life commercial advertising slow jams for $19.95." lol

Slow jam when I was in HS? The only thing coming to mind is "I wanna be your man" from Love & Basketball...every girl I knew knew that song just cuz of the movie lol

...and Let's get married by Jagged Edge

...and Differences by Ginuwine

...and Missing You by Case

...and Read Your Mind by Avant