Thursday, May 1, 2008


the epitome of kool

my crew...

a nice clean whip with the shiny wheels...

a watch from Kenneth Cole...

me in a suit...

the sound of a child's laughter...

finding money in your jeans...

Billy Dee Williams in the 70s...

WeJa on the dancefloor...

getting an A on a test...

getting a promotion...

standing on Marietta Street in October...

watching a friend overcome a personal struggle...

my parents...

Denzel Washington...

a funny email or text msg

a soldier coming home from Iraq...

a tight beat and a dope verse...

South Carolina State University...

Barack Obama...

the epitome of sexy


me in a suit...

Sanaa Lathan...

black women...

yellow roses...

nice stiletto pumps...

Wilma Flintsone...

Jill Scott...

a DKNY suit...

lingerie from Victoria Secrets...

that "basket stuff" from Bed Bath Beyond...

Burberry cologne...

Oprah's bank account...

all of the females in my blog crew...

the epitome of krazy

Kanye West at an awards show...

my mind...

debates about who's better between Biggie and Tupac...

Dave Chappelle...

my homeboy's baby momma...

WeJa (lol)...

Bill and Hilary Clinton...

Uncle Ruccus...

gas prices...

the economy...

dogfighting (hold ya head Mike)...


Old Dirty Bastard (RIP)...


the person in your address book who sends you "Forwards" all day long...




crooked cops...

Your turn! Gimme something(s) that are kool, sexy, and krazy

Holla at me!


PrettyBlack said...


Me in the summertime
anything snoop dogg does or says
my husband
my uncles
old school weedheads
a brother in a 3 piece Ralph Lauren suit
Most Brothers


Me anytime
My husband
me in all white
me in all black
Sisters with confidence
Brothers with swagger


Me if you mess with my fuck, my feddy, or my family
my husband
my momma
brothers killing one another
remy ma
da brat
black folk on Maury
sisters fighting over a man

JayBee said...

i agree about the forwards thing. it's like why won't you work and quit sending me useless sh@t.

dejanae said...

u know i should be on all three

krazy:i talk to shadows
sexy: im hot. even in crackhead
kool:i developed my own language

prettyparker said...

kool -

people with their own sense of fashion and the guts to wear it.

sexy - confidence even when a situation isn't going right.

krazy - talking about others while sitting in church or in the parking lot.

Blah Blah Blah said...

Kool, sexy, krazy = Allison

Brad said...

Me period.
An Ice cold brew on a summer day.
Drop to BMW 650CI
Bones at a backyard BBQ

Me in a Jersey, arms flexed
The wife
Gabby Union
Sanaa Lathan
Lisa Raye
Elise Neil
Women in thongs
Women in boy shorts
Women in nothing
Women showing enough cleavage to make you look but not enough to make you stare.

Me period.
Club Visions on a Friday night (non-Atl heads won't know)
Magic City any night
The Blue Flame on a Saturday night.
Piedmont Park on a Saturday (don't go).
The wife when she thinks somebody after her man.
My job at the end of the month.
My kids after a candy bar and soda.
The women of Atlanta when they THINK a man is single.

Mizrepresent said...


New shoes ....ahhhhh!
My nephews (Steve and Eric)
A good book
that look (smile)
All my sistahs!!!!


A good smelling man
A nice haircut
ditto PB (on bruhs with Swagger)
When he opens the door for me
Slingback stilletos


Murder suicides
gun toting kids
gun toting cops
gas prices
food prices
credit card companies

PRO said...

damn you! i'll just say that my post today could suffice for all 3 categories! *shameless plug* add to that our blog minds are mad krazy cuz we be on some similar ish. you just sexy (LOL) for your blog commitment and your (obvious)respect for black sisters!

oh! i got one today: krazy: nick canon engaged to mariah carey; kool: him buying her a 17karat engagement ring (prolly for every year of the age difference); sexy: older woman younger man!


Queen of My Castle said...

Krazy, Sexy, Kool: The Queen fits the bill on all of these, but I'm sure this comes as no surprise.

Krazy: Knowing spreading AIDs

Sexy: Queen, mad ambition, Grown arse Black men (30 and above please), a fierce strut/swagger, a man in suit and tie, a woman tastefully donning fishnet pantyhose...sexiness is a mindset

Kool: Queen, chilling with funny peeps, jazz lounges, sipping on apple martinis

The Jaded NYer said...

Kool- would it be wrong to say "me"?

my friends
riding in a convertable
Prospect Park in the summer

Sexy- um, me again? LOL

my usual celebrity crushes
a fresh-shaven, good smellin' man

Krazy- *holds head down in shame* yeah, um, that would be me... again..

all them heifers on Flava of Love (all seasons!)
my sister
food prices ($5.00 for a bag of LETTUCE? Y'all out yo' goddamned mind!)

braincell said...

love it folk

just for me, i only give lily's and prefer for women to only give me lily's if they give me flowers

love the way the smell in a home

braincell said...


The F$%K it List said...

Vacation in one week.
My hubby's basketball game
CJ being able to form complete sentences
Cj going to sleep early and sleeping through the night
Trips to the S.C. (no longer than 4 days)
Sales at Saks
All the Blog buddies.

ME all day every day even in sweats. HOLLA!
My new Chanel shoes, so HOT!
Obama and Michele (Black love is sexy)

My mom ranting about Jeremiah Wright

Jeremiah Wright
Bill Cosby
Michele Obama last night (she needed to go off a little)
Me getting ready to kick my new landlords BLEEEP (damn why did I sell so soon)
Bloomie (Bloomberg) not using the word recession (dude not saying it doesn't make it not true)
Me blogging when I have a deadline.

I'm out son!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

sunny days


bad parents

karrie b. said...

oh imma have to come back to this one lata! lemme think...


Don said...


being on top of your game. complete agreement, seeing smiles on the face of your children. positive nature. a good bath. great conversation. a warm spirit, barack obama, etc.


great coversation with a female. bathing a female, and vice versa. cuddling with a female. intimacy. a female with bow legs and a smile on her face.


society. women who used kids against fathers. sex abuse. complete ignorance, etc.

Trouble said...

Kool - me on the beach with some bangin shades and a liquored up drink in my hand, Samuel L. Jackson, great food and someone to share it with, loving with all of your heart, a man that can rock a suit, a tux, and some sweats and feel comfortable in all three, openminded people

Sexy - Me and everyone else that said themselves, BMW 6 series, confidence with the credentials to back it up, intelligent outspoken people of color, a good looking man climbing out of a pickup truck, firemen, a man who can dance, clear brown eyes, a pretty smile, people in love

Krazy - that I didn't think the cops in the Sean Bell case would go to jail, that I was right about that so far, that there really aren't any national black leaders besides Al Sharpton and a lot of folk really don't like him, that children can be outside raising hell at 11:30 pm on a school night, the fucking price of food these days

Poca said...

Kool- My Hubby his walk his talk

Krazy- When Im driving in my hubbys car..Ima beast

Sexy- When I throw on a sundress and you can see my chinese tattoo on my back or my legs struttin in stiletto sandals

The Flyyest said...

My daughter is coming back this weekend!!!!

everyone on my blog roll....

My Taurus peeps...


i aint supposed to be on here at work....and i still sneak...

i got asked to do 2 fashion shows..hheeyyy!!!

12kyles posts.....



Dwayne Wade....

guys with big soft lips that when they lick makes my panties wet!!!....

a deep voice...with a sexy face to go with that voice

men that work out....

all my ladies on my blog roll.....




Flavor flav...

Me most of the time....

i cant get on blogger at work the way i want to....

gas prices......

the weather....

the rice and sugar is low!!!!!

karrie b. said...

kool: lupe, barack, my uncle sal

sexy: my 5 inch mary jane peep toe pumps, andre 3000, my skanky attire when it's warm out

crazy: all dat shit hillary be poppin', my shoe collection, me when intoxicated


Eb the Celeb said...

Ok first i beg to differ on the you being in a suit kool or sexy...

and the only reason the biggie/pac debate is krazy is because you think biggie is better...

but anywho

Kool -

Me always
watching a game in my boyshorts cuddled up with the boo at the moment

my new cut
me in heels
Idris Elba
D. wade
tall Chocolate men

men afraid to commit
you thinking big is better than pac
you thinking your

hahahaah... you know i'm jus messing witcha big bro

Rich said...

Uncle Ruccus is the shiznit!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brotha! I dig...I dig...nice concept!!!

My Sorors, me & friends joking & being silly, gas prices, killerz, those that abuse & neglect children, my future husband (as n silly crazy)

My Sorors, boy shorts, my lips, a bible knowing man of God, wife beaters, my future husband in boy shorts & a wife beater... ...

My Sorors, me majority of time, chillin w people I can vibe with, having dinner at the table as a family, my future husband personality......

12kyle said...

@ PrettyBlack
Old skool weedheads are sooo funny.
Good list PrettyBlack

@ JayBee
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day like the school bully.

Man, I have a aunt who sends me at least 20 fwds a day. I can't take it. I mean, I love her to death but I can't even open them. I just delete them when I get mail from her. LOL

@ dejanae
Yes!!! You have your own language! LOL. Sometimes I have to read your post twice so that I can understand. Haaaaa

@ prettyparker
"talking about others while sitting in church or in the parking lot"

Sounds like the church that I grew up in.

"Did you hear that Sista Brown is messin around with Deacon Johnson?"

@ Queen
I agree. Spreading "The Ninja" aint all.

I see that you are all 3. LOl. I hear ya!

@ Jaded NYer
5 bux for lettuce? Say word?!?

@ braincell
I knew it was you...folk! LOL

@ The F$%K it List
Bill Cosby is krazy! We think alike!

neva had sushi

12kyle said...

@ karrie b
i know you'll say that you're all 3

@ Don
"great coversation with a female. bathing a female, and vice versa. cuddling with a female. intimacy. a female with bow legs and a smile on her face." Amen

@ Trouble
the BMW 6 series is kinda cold

@ poca
Chinese tats? DO you know what it says? LOL

@ The Flyyest
Lil Wayne???? haaaa

@ karrie b
liquored up!

@ Eb the Celeb
beat it! LOL

Men afraid to commit? I hear ya!

@ Rich
Aint he crazy?

@ Keisha the Kitten
What sorority did you pledge?

CapCity said...

Kool -
Me - of course
Black Men who know their worth
Discovery of your blog

Sexy -
Me - of course;-)
Black MEN - especially when they diggin' me! LOL!

Krazy -
I'm not on your blog roll. LOL!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Sigma Gamma Rho @ Northern Illinois Univerity & we were known for being Crazy Sexy Cool!!! We even had sweat shirts with that on it......