Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i gotta story to tell

Growin up in the hood just my dog and me
We used to hustle in the hood for, all to see
Problems, I called on him, he called on me
We wasn't quite partners, I hit him off my P
Met him unlocked doors, off my keys
Yeah we spoke, much more than cordially
Man he broke bread with me, my business spread swiftly
The Feds came to get me, we both fled quickly
Wasn't quick enough to jump over the hedges with me
Got caught, and that's when our relationship strayed
Used to call me from the joint til he ran out of change
And when he called collect and I heard his name
I quickly accepted, but when I reached the phone
he's talkin reckless, I can sense deceit in his tone
I said, "Damn dawg, what, nine weeks and you're home?"
He said, "Main man, you think shit's sweet cause you're home."
I just sat, spat no more speech in the phone
The crackers up there bleachin your dome, you're reachin
I said, "The world don't stop I've got to keep keep on."
From there I sensed the beef was on
I ran to the spy store to add some more features on my phone
To see if I had bugs and leeches on my phone
Can't be too safe cause niggaz is two-faced
And they show the other side when they catch a new case
It's on
Jay Z (A Week Ago)

Soulmates. Inseparable. A great compliment to each other. That's what people thought when they saw the 2 of them together. Xavier and Reign. He was that dude that everybody liked. If you ever heard someone say something bad about him, it'd be because they were simply hating on him. Xavier was a good catch...and he knew it. He had graduated from Howard with a degree in business administration. He came from humble beginnings in East Atlanta. His childhood home was located in the slums in the shadows of Turner Field. Not many dudes from his neighborhood finished high school...none went to college. Not only did he finish college but he just got his masters from Morehouse. To say that he made his momma proud is an understatement.

Reign was no slouch either. She had rec'd her undergraduate degree from GaTech. She was one of the best in her class. It spoke volumes to see a sista doing very well in her field despite being a minority. They had been friends for 2 years but they had been dating for a year. They had no kids but you could see that marriage was on the horizon for them.

Xavier was an entrepreneur. He owned several small business (barber shops, car washes, etc.). He also had a several investment properties. He had a keen business sense. Reign was fully aware and proud of Xavier's business accomplishments. She didn't like the fact that Xavier had employed his brother to help with some property management. Xavier's brother, Rodney, was a knucklehead. He was always getting into trouble. Every time Xavier did well in school, Rodney came home with bad grades. Rodney had also been in and out of jail for various reasons.

One day, Xavier leaves his house to pick up Reign for dinner. They went to a fancy seafood spot in the city. After dinner Xavier excuses himself from the table...only to return with a box in his hand. He got on one knee and proposed to her. She cried tears of joy and accepted his proposal. They immediately set the wedding date for a month from that day that they were engaged.

Two weeks before the wedding, Rodney was arrested for driving with a suspending license. After the cops pulled him over, they found a loaded gun in the car. Xavier called Reign to let her know what had happened and he told her that he'd bail him out. Well, that didn't sit well with Reign and she decided to go to Xavier's house to find out what was going on. On her way there, she rec'd a phone call from her friend Janet. Janet was a well known gossiper. And when she called...she usually had dirt on somebody. Janet was a dispatcher for the county police dept and that made matters worse.

Reign: "Hello"

Janet: "Hey girrrrrrrl. You ain't gonna believe what I just found out."

Reign: "Janet...I'm not in the mood. Rodney just got arrested and Xavier is gonna bail him out.

Janet: "I know that already. Tell me something that I don't know."

Reign: "Huh? What the fuck are you talking about? I know what's going on. I'm not in the mood for your silly shit today."

Janet: "You betta listen to me. Do you know everything? I know everything. I know about the crew, the money, and everything in between."

Reign: "Huh? Will you make some sense please?"

Janet: "They are about to come down on the crew. Xavier and Rodney are members of the Parkside Crew. They are about to get charged for all of this dope on the streets, guns, and some dead bodies that turned up in Decatur. My source told me that they are trying to get Rodney to wear a wire to set Xavier up so that he'll do less time than him. Mmmmm hmmm, girl. This shit is about to hit the fan. You need to cut him off before they drag you into it. If I was you I would..." CLICK

Reign hung up the phone. She was speechless. She knew that her man wasn't some drug dealer. She'd never even seen him around those kinda folk. He didn't dress flashy nor did he have any thing that would suggest otherwise. He had the investment properties and businesses. Could they have been a front so that he could launder his drug money through them? How could this be? They are getting married in 2 weeks. How could he be tied up with a notorious drug gang in Atlanta? What was SHE gonna do? Before she knew it, she had pulled her car into his driveway. He was walking out of the house and was headed to bail out his lil brutha. She froze when she saw him. What should she do? Should she let him know about the wire? Should she leave him and protect her own neck? Should she act like she doesn't know anything? Is HER life safe? What should Xavier do? What would YOU do?



DreamCop08 said...

okay Kyle where do you come up with these scenarios from??? That is some crazy shyt right there.

Now what would I do,hmmmm??? Me and Xavier would be walking back into that house because we would have alot things to discuss. And he would definitely know everything that messy heifer had said.

and if all the things that was told to me happened to be true then i would defintley be getting rid of Xavier because if he was hiding that shyt well then aint no telling what else he is hiding.

holla Kyle

The Jaded NYer said...

how do you spend that much time with someone and not know something like that?? I'm nosy as hell so I can't picture it... anywhoo, I'd back the hell up from that driveway go home and let whatever was about to go down go down. I'd want nothing to do with gangsta sh*t!

eclectik said...

All I can say is damn.
That was...damn

Seems like some long talks need to pop off at the very least

Good biz


Mizrepresent said...

Great story...oh me and X will be having a talk, because i just can't go with what my girl said without some validation, explanation...i got give him a chance to explain himself. It really don't matter if i drop the beans, if he is indeed guilty of said acts the police are gonna find him any way. Thats a guarantee. Sad thing is, you just don't fall out of love, so if X is guilty, then Reign will have to move on, sadly.

12kyle said...

@ DreamCop08
Where do I get this stuff from? Good question. I dunno. Lol

Messy heifer! LOL. You're right, tho. He could be hiding a lot more

@ Jaded NYer
You KNOW that you are gangsta! I could see you smackin Xavier up. Lol

It looks like he did good job of hiding his "other life"

@ e
That's sooo true, bruh

@ Miz
Two weeks away from marrying the man of her dreams and she has to just walk away from him. Is that crazy or what?

Anonymous said...

What is really going on? Where are you coming up with this stuff. Write a book or two and make some cheez! It doesn't matter what her messy azz girl is saying. Dude definately has things to hide and they need to talk. Its obvious that he has to employ and keep up with his brother b/c of the dirty biz they got going on. Most don't have that many businesses going on at once that aren't related (just my opinion) And I agree....how are you with someone that long and don't know the deal? Closed eyes i guess. Holla!

The Pew View said...

I would beat the fool upside his head with the black skillet for holding out on me. Hell I could've been getting the hook up on my glaucoma medicine! Oh chile let me calm down and put myself in that chile Reign shoes. Let me see here what would I do if I were her. I would put my car and reverse and get the hell out of dodge. I den said time and time again I ain't doing not a lick of hard time for nobody. I refuse to be the bitch of a big bully butch braiding hair and washing stanky panty drawers. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Brad said...

Wow. I'm speechless. It's gripping. What's she going to do CBW? You have to give us part 2. Or are we supposed to make it up?

She has to talk to him though. Because second hand information is just that. I don't care how credible the source. You don't leave a man who has proposed to you on the word of another. Now if he admits it then I do feel like she should leave him. Nothing good will come out of it in the long run but death or prison. Or death in prison.

Or he could end up blowing up like Buns from Belly and then turning his life over to Allah and then the federal government will want him to set up the Minister and then..........whoa.....where were we again?

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

What's up Brother!

I'm assuming that I'm in love with Xavier if I was willing to marry him....so he would get stopped in his tracks and would need to give me the 411 immediately....This is definitely a jam and if Reign is anything like me...she would be doing some major praying....I can imagine my mind would tell me to be up....but my heart would be telling me to hold my man down....clearly an internal conflict.... Forgiveness would be necessary too because he hasn't been completely honest with me and I would be mad about that big time....I would have to pray...pray...and pray some more!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...
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L. Renee' said...


You are a really good story teller. I do mean that in a good way. (smile)
Knowing me, I would talk to Xavier about everything I just found out. Then, I would end things with him. Basically, even if he is not involved...his brother is TROUBLE. I really don't want that kind of drama in my life. His brother is going to eventually pull him down with him in one way or another. I would cut my losses now.

Kieya said...


damn yo...thats rough...

well, lil ole rodney is gonna have to wait cuz me & xavier would have some things to discuss. and imma put all the shit out there & dare him to lie to me.

Rich said...

id just ask what's up and say I heard from a pretty reliable source that he was connected to some shady stuff.

Opinionated Diva said...

Being that ole girl is a dispatcher, the odds are that she knows what she is talking about. I would not have hung up on her until I got the full story.

I wouldn't need any other validation or confirmation or even closure with X.

I would let him know about the wire though and then I'm wish him well because I would walk away from his azz...for good.

You do or sell drugs and you can't have me.

Opinionated Diva said...

And another thing...I'm with Jaded NYer. How are you with someone two years and not know something like that?

I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too nosey...I ask waaaaaaaaaaaay too many questions and I remember EVERYTHING. Couldn't see this happening!

Brad said...

@Opinionated Diva.

LMAO at you Nosey......is that where you develop all thos Opinions?

12kyle said...

@ Anonymous
Everybody knows that I'm writing a book. I'm on chapter 5 right now.

The businesses that he has aren't connected. However, they are a front for his doings in the street.

@ The Pew View
Mannnnn, I can't read a post from you without crackin the hell up! Black skillet to the head. LMAO!!!

@ Brad aka Crack Daniels
No part 2, son. This story is based on a true stories and the names have been withheld to protect the innocent. Do you think she should walk away if he admits to it?

@ Keisha the Kitten
Good points, sis. Prayer helps. But will prayer keep the Feds from putting you behind bars?

@ LRenee
LOL!!! Thanks. His brother is definitely TROUBLE. The fact that his brother is in custody and could be framing him creates a whole nutha level of problems.

@ Kieya
"imma put all the shit out there & dare him to lie to me."...spoken like a true sista

@ Rich
I hear you, bruh. She definitely has to get some answers

@ OD
I think she'd heard all that she could process. But you made a good point. You'd like to have the full story.

Xavier has been able to hide this secret b/c he wasn't a low level drug dealer. He was one of those guys who didn't even "touch" the stuff. She never knew about his secret b/c they didn't live together. Remember, he's runs his own businesses. When she thought that he was going to work...he was puttin in work.

@ Brad
She's off the hook, ain't she?

Opinionated Diva said...

@ Brad...can't help who I am. I learned from a master...MY MOTHER!

@ Kyle...even if he never touches the stuff, there has to be hushed phone calls, meetings of some sort, friends/business partners that he acts weird around, SOMETHING about him that makes me feel like he's hiding something!

DreamCop08 said...

LMAO off at the Pew View, they are a mess. And I am with OP Diva too. Knowing me I wouldnt need a private investigator. Hell I am my own investigtor.

by the way they say whats done in the dark will definitely come to the light.

Miss Mika said...

One thing about gossip is that it isn't always true. OP Diva said it best, I couldn't be with someone for that long and not get an idea that something was up like that. But the fact that he employed his brother knowing his track record would be enough for me to ask him what was up. If something sounded suspect, then I would be gone, probably to the police station to give a statement that I had no parts of that mess!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

dang he didnt tell her, give her a choice

Queen of My Castle said...

Wow...I honestly don't know how I would feel, but being that I try my best not to operate solely on emotions, I do know that the relationship would be over or at least put on hold until I knew for myself what was really up.

As for telling him about the wire...I would warn him that it was very well possible, but I would tell him that I didn't know for certain whether or not this information was totally true. I was raised to believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

Brad said...

I think she should walk away if he admits it. But if she really sees the qualities in him that made her want to be is wife....then she owes to him to let him know what his path to redemption is. And offer to support him on his journey to virtue. That's what a real woman who loves a man would do. Granted he has lied and that has to be addressed. But at the same time.... She might be the only thing standing in between him and full fledge thugdome.

The F$%K it List said...

I'm with the Jaded NYer on this one. I can't see how I wouldn't know this. And when I found out, I'd be driving the HELL away. Because 1) with the current drug laws I'd be in jail too and i'm too cute for jail 2) can't arry his ass he's a liar and a good one.

CapCity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CapCity said...

having grown up when crack hit the skreets of dc - i used to leave bruthahs alone if i even THOUGHT they were in ANY way shape or form associated with the drug trade -- cut a "mechanic" brothah back cuz his hands were cleaner & pretty as mine... cut a carpet cleaning "entrepreneur" back cuz he upgraded from a sentra to a lexus (drug dealer's car of choice back in the day) within a month of us meeting.... SOOO, Sistah Reign - walk away. It may break your heart - but i know of too many cases where sistahs did time or were buried for being w/ the wrong brothah at the wrong time...

Men can be GRRRREAT at keeping certain things from their woman (especially if they don't live together - heck even if they DO). AND the fact that he continues to bail out an obvious DEAD-END Brother ... i can't have my money going down THAT family drain - even if there were no drugs involved... u DO marry the spouse's connection to their family...

i rather be alive & alone...and i guess u have MY life story;-)

Anonymous said...

No more wedding for Xavier and I.

Michelle said...

I'm with Jaded Nyer and Opinionated Diva. I'm waaaayyy to nosy not to have any knowledge on what is going on? I would have to take into account a little of what the gossiper said seeing that she is a dispatcher! Needless to say that when I pulled up we'd be standing in the driveway having a convo(don't want to go in the house shyt might pop off and I would have to pull out "lettie" and buck some rounds). One thing for sure is we would NOT be getting married in two weeks! By the way why did they set the wedding date so close to the engagement(1 month)? Did he want to get married that fast? As a woman that has been in more weddings than I care to count and started planning my own(that didn't happen...lol)1 month is not sufficient amount of time! That makes me wonder...

Kieya said...

lol @ michelle - "lettie"

that gave me a good chuckle ...

12kyle said...

@ OD
I hear where you're coming from Ms. Private Investigator. However, they never lived together. She wasn't privy to any "hushed conversations". lol

@ DreamCop08
You're right. The light is about to be VERY bright

@ Mika
I hear you. Sounds like you would want to make sure that you're absolved from any of his mess.

@ Torrance
Didn't tell her a word

@ Queen
You'd be at least willing to put the relationship on hold?

@ Brad
"full fledge thugdome" LMAO!!! You stoooopid, son!

@ The F$%K it List
Too cute for jail! Haaaaaaaaaaaa

@ CapCity
ALIVE and alone. That is sooooo true. And you're right...you do marry the family at that point

@ Jewells
cut him off and hope that you're not indirectly caught in his mess

@ Michelle
You are soooooo perceptive. LOL. Ok...ok...let's just say that he wanted to get married within a month b/c he didnt want a long engagement. Remember...this is a true story so it really did go down like this.

lol @ "lettie"

@ Kieya
me too!!!

ShellyShell said...

Okay Kyle,I just can't understand what the rush is? That makes me think he is trying to hide something and she was not on her shyt to go along with it! My parents would have said "what is the rush?" Hmmmmmmmm I need to know what the hell happened. I have a feeling that I would have DEFINITELY had to use "lettie"
By the way this is Michelle. I guess I didn't have my Google/blogger open when I left my last comment!

12kyle said...

@ ShellyShell
That's a very good question. I think you've made a good point. She didn't look at it like that. She just wanted to marry this man.