Friday, May 9, 2008

guess who?

My Momma, destination unknown, went out on her own
She was barely even grown and became my Momma
I never knew my dad, so even when the times got bad
I was glad cause I had my Momma
For so long she had to be strong
I know at certain times she was wrong
But she still my Momma, it still amazes me
The Lord had to help her raise me judging from the way I used to be
My Momma, the biggest player that I know I love her so
Hell everything I got I owe to my Momma
Thank you for caring, thank you for sharing yo' luv
I guess that was yo' way of preparing
Yo' son to be the one and not the two
To make you and my daddy's dream come true...

The only one that cares for real and really understands how I feel
Help me over come my fears and never left me through the years
So I dedicate this song for you, for all that you brought me through
I know there will never be another that will love me like my Mother

Cee-Lo from Goodie Mob (Guess Who?)

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in high school. I was in my bedroom and I was on the phone "rappin" to a girl. Well, it got late and both me and the girl were just "holding the phone listening to each other breathe." Suddenly, my mom picked up the phone that was located downstairs. She was trying to make a phone call but couldn't b/c her son was on the phone...asleep!!! She yells into the phone...

"KYLE!!! If you don't get off this phone, I'ma come upstairs and whip yo ass!!!" OMG!!! Talk about embarrassing. But that was my momma yall. We still laugh about that.

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you. Thank you for bringing me into this world on that snowy day in December. Thanks for being the backbone for our family. Thank you for being the great provider after you and Dad split. Thank you for forgiving Dad. Even though you chose not to re-marry and he did, thank you for setting an example for us. Thank you for pushing me. Thank you for the love. Thank you for the discipline. Thanks Mom!

Mrs12- you are the best mom that our little 3 soldiers could have. they love you and you do a great job. i know that you didn't need me to tell you that...but it's true. Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to errrrrybody in the blog crew...

LRenee (still waiting on some recent pics of Dylan and Allie)
Miz (hold ya head)
Jaded NYer
Ms Moore

And a special shout out to those whose mothers are no longer with us...

If you wanna shout your mother out...or have a mother story. Get at me.
Holla back!


Anonymous said...

I'm checking in KD. Just finished my paper and was just thinking bout my mom and how hard this Mother's Day will be. You know my deal..but I do expect a call from you on Sunday to wish me a Happy Birthday.

Much love to my punkin, my mom, RIP. Gone but NEVER forgotten. 2-13-38 to 11-6-07.

Oh yeah and I'm first again today. Twice in one week.

P.S. Missed you today!!!

i.can't.complain. said...

thanks bro !

i remember when i was a kid my mama would let me stay up late some nites

we'd get in her bed and she'd have a plate full of apples and walnuts, pecans, raisins and cheese all spread out.

we'd just chill, watch tv, and have girl talk.

she also put me up greats like gladys knight and michael jackson.

i used to love to hear her sing "midnight train to georgia" when i was a kid

my mom. not gladys.

well, gladys too. but especially my mama.

she let me get hair colored in the 10th grade (which was a huge deal)

stood by my side during my pregnancy

prayed and helped nurse my heart back to good health after my break-up

still goes out with me even when my clothes don't match

forgives me for being a brat

*getting misty eyed*

and most of all... loves me in spite of me.


k, on a lighter note.

lmao @ mama12 yelling in the phone like that.

messing up your lil' game.



Tabu said...

Happy Mothers day to all the Mothers of the Planet.

Mizrepresent said...

Thanks 12kyle, big hug...

I remember that falling asleep on the phone too,lol, but it was stepdaddy that picked up and said "Get off the dayum phone"!

A big shout out to my mom, who is my biggest supporter, constant pride, sister, friend, hangout partner, travel partner...for all the love...i wouldn't know what it was, if she hadn't shown me! And to all the mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day!

The Jaded NYer said...

Dammit, KYLE! you beat me to the mother's day post!! lol (scheduled for Sunday, so you can see my shout-outs then) thanks for the well wishes, man :)

mom story...hmmm well you know we stay clowining at my house, so funny Grandma story:

my cousin Minnie was acting a fool one day (can't remember what she did) and my Grandma was fixin to take off her leather house slipper to whoop her, but Minnie took off running... shiiiiit, my Grandma just flung that shoe and caught Minnie right in her back LMAO!!! Til this day I'm fallin' out about that one!!! HA HA HA HA... let me go call my cousin now and clown her- again LOL

prettyparker said...

My momma taught me to love first, forgive always and regret nothing.

She let us think my daddy was running things, but now I know it was really my momma who kept it all going so smooth :-)

She put 4 kids through catholic school, college, summer camps, two annual vacations (cruises or disney or overseas) all on a teacher's salary.

She didn't whip us, but she did keep a thick piece of lumber with our names on it just in case we thought about getting out of line. The threat worked, lol.

I thought she was mean at times, like when I wanted to ride my bike in the street or I stayed out past the porch light. Looking back, she was reacting to a fear I now get when my kids are out of my sight for too long and I begin to worry. Not fear, it was love.

So thanks 12Kyle for letting me acknowledge my momma. Happy mother's day to all the moms.

Proactiff said...

*wipes tears* dammit, mane! thanks so much for thinking of me. the plantet rox! '30Somethings' got a lil something for the momma's too...

don't let mrs.12 lift a 'fanga' on Sunday! even if you have to dress her ass for chu'ch! lmao

12kyle said...

@ mlinz
I know it's gonna be tough for u on sunday. Your mom had a great life. And she's smiling down on you right now.

@ -1-
You are too funny. You're right, tho. Colored hair was a big deal back then. Sounds like your moms is a ride or die moms

Yes! My mom blew my game up that night! The chick who I was on the phone with...hung up the phone immediately. Lol

@ Tabu

@ Miz
Big hug 2 ya. You're gonna be ok. I'm prayin 4 ya

@ Jaded NYer
You would call your cousin and STILL clown her, wouldn't you. I'm sure that your lil ones have a few stories to tell about their momma, too. Lol

@ prettyparker
"She let us think my daddy was running things, but now I know it was really my momma who kept it all going so smooth :-)". LOL. That sounds like my house. Haaaaa.

Mah bad. I KNEW that I'd forget somebody. Happy Mother's Day, prettyparker!

You are fuuuuunny! I'll dress her...then maybe undress her. LMAO!!! Enjoy ya sunday with MP and the lil pros

Trish said...

Kyle, What a great post !
Dont think that Mrs.12 doesnt need you to tell her all those wonderful things, we all need to hear it every now and then, it just makes us feel even more loved.
Just to know our men recognize and appreciate all we do. So sweet!
We just have to remember to reciprocate the love !!

All of this is bitter sweet for me to read all these sweet comments about each Mom. You see my Mom and I dont have a great relationship actually our relationship is at its bare minimum. With the huge age gap that was between me and my Mom growing up, she could never really relate to me. When I think of my childhood, I dont have alot of those mushie memories that make you tear up at times, none of the sitting on the bed watching movies and eating cookies and fruit, and while I cant say that Im jealous of all of you, I do wish it was way different. I was closest to my Dad who passed away in 2000 and now that hes gone... I dont know how I feel. He was always the one at my school track meets and talent shows, plays, even my graduation!
I do love my Mom, she did bring me into this world and raised me. I harbor alot of resentment and its ashame that I have tried in my heart to forgive but it hasnt worked. I know that we only get one Mom, so cherish what you have and all the memories you have. They are sooooo precious !!!!!

Eb the Celeb said...

I aint no mama... so I aint sharing no stories... I will shout my mama out at my own spot... lol

Nah i'm just playing... but I have way too many stories.. the whoopings... are the funniest... but I will just say that Mommmy I love you more than words can ever describe!

Brad said...

I wanna tell my mom how much of a phenomenal woman she is. She came a long way from backwoods South Carolina to raise 5 boys on the South Side of Queens. And managed to get 3 to graduate College and all 5 to stay out of prison. I think that's major. Love you Mom.

To my wife. She puts up with all my stuff. That must be love right ya'll? But through thick and thin she's my babygirl. Seems like just yesterday we met. But we been together since before Martin had a tv show. Wow. Couldn't have picked a better woman to raise my 2 bad azz little boys. LOL

DreamCop08 said...

Awww Kyle that was so sweet!!! My mom is really special to me. When I was younger her and my dad were hit head on by a drunk driver. Dad ended up not making it. My dad died at 26 yrs of age.

My mom at 26 had 3 beautiful kids to raise. Even though things havent always been smooth sailing I can honestly say that my mom did a wonderful job with us.

We all have educations and we have stayed out of trouble. Kudos to my mom, she is the best mom that a girl could ever have!!!

Kyle wonderful post!!!!!

Queen of My Castle said...

I truly LOL at your mom saying she'd whip your arse even though you were in high school. Classic! Too funny. I owe a lot to my mother and can only hope that one day my sons feel the same love and admiration for me. They are my world.

Such a sweetheart for rememberin us. Thank you.

12kyle said...

@ Trish
You are right. She needs to hear it. She has to deal with 2 Leos and 2 Sags in that house. LOL

I hear what you're saying. Just remember that you only get one momma. Me and momma12 weren't always close. But we are now. Don't take the time for granted.

@ Eb the Celeb
Your momma prolly should've whupped you more. LOL. Just kiddin'. From the pics on your blog, I can tell that she is young and hip

@ brad
Why South Carolina gotta be "backwoods", son? LOL

Big shout out to your wiz.

@ DreamCop08
Sorry to hear about your lost. Sounds like your mom was the epitome of strength.

@ Queen
She meant that! She'd always tell us "if you think about fighting me, then you betta fight slow and let me win." LMAO!! She is buckwhyld

I think your sons will adore you the same way that you adore your mom.

dejanae said...

what u all jumpin the gun for?
aint ya heard
mother's day is on sunday.

ill give a mother's day shout to all the women in my life who've played a maternal role
there've been a handful

didnt appreciate it much when i was younger, but now i see how much of a blessing that was

karrie b. said...

happy mother's day mom, even tho you're a big jerk.


Miss Mika said...

Awwwww!!! Thank you so much for the Mother's Day love!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers, current and future.

While I am grateful to my biological mother for bringing me into this world, my heart holds a special place for my step mother. Even though her and my father are currently going through a divorce, she will always be mom to me. She opened her heart to me when she didn't have to and accepted me as one of her own and I will always love, respect, and appreciate her for that.

Sorry for turning this into a shout out session!

12kyle said...

@ dejanae
Nothing wrong with getting a head start, right? LOL

I feel you. I definitely appreciate her a lot more now.

@ karrie b.
C'mon Karrie b. Let's be nice

@ Mika
No problem!

I've been through the divorce thang. It'll be tough but you'll get through it.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

My mom has to be the sweetest person on earth. She's so compassionate and so understanding. It's so hard living away from her.

Anyway, that was a good mother story! :-)

Happy Mother's Day to all of the fellow bloggers - one day I'll join the team!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Btw, BGG misses your comments! :-)

Opinionated Diva said...

Awwwwwwwww...this was so cute!

Happy Mother's Day to your mother and all the others reading this.

LMAO @ falling asleep on the phone...those were the days.

Opinionated Diva said...
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Anonymous said...

To momma - Though our relationship is strained, I still love you and always will. Hugs and kisses

To grandma - Thank you for loving me unconditionally and always praying for me. You are the best!

Thanks for the shout 12kyle. As of midnight Saturday, I'm OFF! I'll expect a hearty breakfast and an exquisite dinner. I'll need my strength for Monday when I'm back on my 24-7 shift. Smoochez

Happy Mother's Day to all!

karrie b. said...

that was being nice!!!!!!! i'm looking for trouble to cause like u do at my spot...i'll be back.


12kyle said...

When you become a mother, the whole world changes. Not just your world but how you view the world

btw...i'm on my way over there. i've been slippin this week.

@ OD
Those were the days! I really do miss them. Good to see that I wasn't the ONLY one who fell asleep on the phone. LOL

@ Mrs12
Sunday is all yours. I got you. No need to lift a finga.

@ Karrie B
LOL!!!! You are funny


Thank you sooo much ::xoxox::

Sexxy Luv said...

Oh so since I don't have a blog I can't get no love?....none? dam Kyle you cold blooded! lol

The Pew View said...

I'd like to give a shout out to the head of my life for blessings me to mother 13 kids. 5 boys and 8 girls. Sep, one of the girls wanna to be a boy now, so I guess I'll hav to start saying 6 boys and 7 girls. Anyway, I'd like to thank God for everyone of my childrens even though they messed my six pack up and got my stomachlooking like a keg now...but anyway God bless all the mothers. Good nighty nite.

Ruthie Ann

PrettyBlack said...

Thanks for that. My mom knows she's loved and I hope all the Mothers commenting know they are loved as well.

Happy Mothers day Ladies! said...

I LOVE my MOM for all she has done for me throughout my childhood.
Thanks mom for sending me to Catholic school even though it was a financial hardship.
Thanks mom for slamming the door in the face of that dude when you could see (but I couldn’t) that he was not the right one for me.
Thanks mom for teaching me right from wrong. Thanks for showing me how to stand up and fight for myself and my rights.
Thanks mom for being a good grandmother watching over my children when I was not there to do so.
Quick Funny Story:
My children had returned to Jersey to spend the summer with The Fam. While I was at work (here in Ga) and their dad was working not too far away in the same town my teenaged daughter went to visit one of her male classmates that she knew before she moved. When my mom realized where she had gone she took my youngest child with her to go find my elder child. My youngest knew what block the boy lived on but not the house. My mom walked up the block and asked everyone she saw for my daughter, they all claimed not to know where she was. My mom stood in the middle of the block and shouted that my children’s father was a police officer and if her grandchild did not come out immediately she would have the police search every house for her. My child immediately appeared unscathed by the young man but had just experienced her most embarrassing moment at the hands of her grandmother.
Happy Mother’s Day to my daughter Coran who has blessed me with my grandson Nathaniel. Happy Mother’s day to all of my sisters (biological and spiritual)

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

here here to the mothers

and they alway embarrass us, especially son's i think they got classes on that

12kyle said...

@ Sexxy Luv
Mah bad....mah bad...I didn't mean to leave you out. I hope that you enjoy the day with your 3 lil ones.

The Pew View
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Makes sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here everyday like a wind on the southside of Chicago.

13 kids? Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd?

@ PrettyBlack
No problem. Enjoy your day

@ Ms Moore
You are toooo funny. Happy Mother's Day

@ Torrance
I agree with you, bruh

Jackie Edwards said...

Its funny cause you gave me some flashbacks to when my brother used to be on the phone "rapping" and my mother would get on the other line and tell him to get off, much to his chagrin!! In our older years, we see the wisdom in their words. Happy mother's day to your mother, mine and all the other mothers out there.