Thursday, May 15, 2008

hairy situashun

This is the year that I come in and just devestate
My style is great ask your peoples can I dominate?
My rhymes are harder than last night's erection
Don't play me close, I'll have this mic up in your rear section
My shit is lovely simply meaning that my joint is tight
Amping up the mic making sure production's tight
Sometimes I might catch a severe case of writer's block
But by the end of the day you'll be on my jock
My name's Malik my hobby's putting MC's to the test
And if you front I'll put my foot up in your friggin chest
Freestyle fanatic, and never will it ever stop
You crew is loose, you might just want to call the cops

Phife from A Tribe Called Quest (1nce Again)

It was the mid 70s. Pops rocked a fro. I mean...his joint was like Dr. J's joint. Only had a hole in it. Aw shit! Moms used to tell us that we'd lose ours by the time that we hit our 20s. At 35...i still got mine.

Damon, my brother, lost his. But he rocks a baldy and it fits him. Not me.

Stylz- I've had the Gumby (don't ask for no pics cuz you ain't gonna see em), the high top fade (wasn't that high) and the regular. I have the regular style right now. I remember rocking "a small part" in the middle but i'm too old for that now. Never had a jheri curl.

I like it short or long. Always been a fan of natural hair. Weaves have grown on me (no pun intended). Just as long as I can't see ya tracks...i'm good.

Mrs12 has hers to her shoulders. For a long time, she wore it long just b/c i liked it long. It's what you wanna do with it. And she DOES. Maaad stylz every 2 weeks. I'm baffled at times. I've seen her take allllllll damn morning tryna "get it right". But i don't have that problem. Neither do our sons.

Looking at your profile pics, I can tell that y'all spend a lotta time and effort on your headz. What's your style? Natural or weave? Frustrations or success.

I saw some weird hairstylez yesterday

Soooooo...a blog about hair? Yep. Why not?



eclectik said...

A blog about hair...I can dig it.

I guess I dont have much to add...not much hair...but I take it off by choice!

I love a woman with a ponytail
And my true tell sign of how sexy/pretty a woman is is if she looks fine with curly hair and straight hair.

Some cuts are not for everyone though...ole knot/water head people lol

I dig the post.


Mizrepresent said...

What is going on here?

I walk away from the post only to return, smh, lol, okay!

Hair post...

i've been long, i've been short, i've been curly, and straight, layered, bobbed, ponytailed...all of that.

I wore the layered long look for a long time up until about a month ago, when i cut it, inverted, layered bob...that's what my hairdresser calls it, and it's cool, easy to handle, but not as easy as a ponytail.

lol@eraserhead look, that was the funniest style...can't help but think of Kid and Play.

Urban Thought said...

Different... wow... OK...

I went through the transition from a TWA to a big fro... End up with a flat top fade... and then into braids... Once I got that good job I went Caesar.

A cut a week and a brush every other day and I'm good.

The Jaded NYer said...

You're expecting a Dominican woman to talk about hair in a comment?

There's not enough room... lol

Suffice it to say I've had pretty much everything in my hair except a jheri curl, and now I've been relaxer-free since 1998 and hair-dye free since 2005; I keep my hair long because I hate to comb it and it's easier to put in a ponytail when it's long!

dejanae said...

extensions, weaves, cornrows
ive done it all
currently natural in a bootleg twistout fro crap
glad u preciate the natural sistahs

The Pew View said...
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The Pew View said...

Good morning baby. This one is sho nuff easy for yours truly. I puts me on a stocking cap and then I chooses my wig for the day then I'm off to the races. Now there is some amateur wig wearers out there. A professional wig wearer like ma'self got a wig for all occassions. From the alter to the bedroom to the casino to the grocery store to the meat market to the bedroom again (me and my suga son likes to role play so I gotta have several wigs for the bedroom). I even got a special wig in a safety deposit box for when I go meet the maker. I tole my 13 childrens they betta make sure mama look good in that casket. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Anonymous said...

well right now i'm rocking the braids.

have you seen mine...they kind of look like the ones that Mrs12 is rocking. so much so that when we hit the Dream game the other week someone says to us...look at yall looking like twins...imagine that!!(im mad you put her business out like that, in go'ne tell)

i will not be sitting in the braid shop with her ever again for 5 hours. :) nah she knows I got her.

Brad said...

I'm a real dude that took it back to his African Roots. I rock a natural. Unfortunately for me, baldness runs on both sides of my family. So NATURALLY I'm BALD. LMAO. But my head is suited for it. No discoloration, odd shapes or dings and dents.

Darius T. Williams said...

Um, I do a low cut kinda diddy - one that looks not too freshly cut and not too much like it needs to be done - right in the middle. Gives that um, corporate look - lol.

eham said...

Man, I thought it would never happen to me, but My hair line is doing a slow Peabo. And the thinning spot at the top may what happened. I tried to see what the bald look would do, but man I got some dents up there, gots to be some hair to cover the air. Maybe I'll have to try what i did in middle school when i tried unsuccessfully to cut my own hair, that’s it, I'll use some eye liner to fill in the top. But what do I do about the Peabo.... dis some bullchips... damn genes.

prettyparker said...

It was long as a kid thru high school, but I cut it off in college cuz it was early 90s and everybody was looking fly with those short, short cuts. I cried when I realized my head was waaaay too big to wear a short cut. (I looked like a watermelon head w/o hair!)

Since then I've sported braids, twists, weaves, wigs, short styles, shoulder length styles, you name it, I've tried it.

Now I'm wearing it pulled up in a bun because it's easy to do.

And I am a sistah who loves wigs because you can switch up your style in an instant! Just buy the style you want and presto!

The F$%K it List said...

@Mizrepresent, WTH did you fall a sleep hehehe. Eclectik you better watch out now!

Ok to the post, I rock my natural hair, no chemicals (ok I color it but thats it). I decided it was time to let the perm go when I was preggers and it was the best decision I have ever made.

in the humidity of NY no problem rock it wavy, curly. I blow it straight most times and now that it is trained it little to no problem!

Anonymous said...

I've done it all.

Rocked short hair for a while; wore it long for a while.

Wore braids for a minute til I almost had to be rushed to the ER due to being allergic to weave. Maybe it was just the brand.

For the last six years I have kept it all natural, except for my "double agent" hair colors.

Luckily it doesn't take long to do my hair. I don't use a mirror to part when I'm doing cornrows and stuff. Just use my fingers and sit down to a good movie.

karrie b. said...

"My rhymes are harder than last night's erection
Don't play me close, I'll have this mic up in your rear section"


my hair is naturally curly/wavy but i like it straight, and i wear weave cuz theyre easier than dealing with my own hair...

i've been a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette. not the boiling hot-ass two-toned blonde bangs and red highlights bullshit either. that shit is just COONISH.

i've had long hair, short hair, and medium length...any style looks good on me cuz my face is oval shaped (or so i hear)...

i like my hair pulled. "tug a lug".


Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

I went from a long perm with semi nappy roots straight to a low natural then I rocked an afro for a mintue then twist and now I'm locked up!

Truth be told I miss my afro. Although work is required for a 'fro I miss picking out my fro especially when it was flat on one side! Peace & Blessings

Queen of My Castle said...

Hair!!! A favorite topic of mine next to love and sex.

I've been long, short, close cropped, and gone through that frustrating "in-between" stage...

Red, black, blonde, auburn, and wine, but none of those funky unnatural colors...

Rocked a bob, layers, and Farrah F. wings. basically any style I can wrap at night because I can't stand stiff styles. I don't do braids or weaves. Don't knock them, just don't rock them.

Anonymous said...

HELLO 12KYLE, ARE YOU OUT THERE. you must actually be working today since you have not done your response posts.

Opinionated Diva said...

LMAO ... I wanna see the gumby pics!

When I was younger I used to be obsessed with my hair. I've been dyeing it since I was 12. I've been auburn, blonde, jet black, blue, burgundy, pink (lol)...and one time a bad dye job turn my hair orange! lol

I've done the super straight and the curly natural. I've also had it super short (shaved in the back even) and super long (to the middle of my back).

Now I look at my hair like it's just that...just hair. No more obsessing. It's medium brown, shoulder length and straight these days. Easy to manage and that's the way I like it.

Proactiff said...

Question: What's your style?


An album I started several years ago that I've failed to update in the past few all dedicated to my "hairstory." So there. If you got time on your hands by all means click away at it.

L8r - 12teach' ... lmao

prettyparker said...

Proactiff you are such an attractive woman and I'm loving your healthy, gorgeous hair!

The Big Chop! Good way to put it.

Jadore.Tokeyo said...

9 months ago....i had long straight relaxed hair down my back..

now...i'm ALL natural!!! i get up...wash my curls up...and i go! it's simple and i love it..

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ive had many, i just blow it out straight. its growing back from my last cut. i think i like it best when long enough for a ponytail tho. its the easiest and simplest and you can dress it up or down

Trouble said...

Its mostly been short, from chin length to thisclose to bald, natural and relaxed. Braided everyonce in a while, weaved once. I've had locks for the last 8 years, I'm a little obsessive about them, especially once they got long enough for me to see them without looking in a mirror. So I've trimmed them alot and they are just past my shoulders (I started them with about a half an inch of hair on my head) and I usually wear them in spiral curls..

DreamCop08 said...

All my life I have had long hair. People used to ask me all the time was it a wig and it used to annoy me to the fullest. Last year I decided to go natural because I just wanted my hair to be more healthier.

Why did I do that, since then I have cut it like 6 or seven times. Now I just want it to grow back long. I dont know what I was thinking about when I cut it off. If you notice all my blogs pics are when I had hair, thats how much I miss it.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Not really a hair girl. I haven't had many styles. The plain one you see in my profile pic is what it is and has been for a while. I know i need to cut it or change it up a bit. I've never worn a weave, although I did receive a box of extensions to try out! LOL

The Flyyest said...

i love doing different things with my hair!!


i dont do the crazy color weaves tho....too ghetto for me...i stick with 1 or 1B....14 inches in my girl remy!!! LOL

right now im wearing my own hair.its to my shoulders, its coo but i feel naked without the long weave hanging against my back!!! it will be in on saturday!!!! LOL

i used to rock the short fantasia cut like 2yrs ago and i loved it... i honestly feel i can rock pretty much ANY hair style.....(my hairstylist told me) and she is my friend....she aint gonna lie!!!!! LMAO


I don't do braids or weaves. Don't knock them, just don't rock them.

I agree with Queen. Every time I have tried... that shyt slipped out or I sweated it out....::pouting:: Weaves are so pretty!!!

So all my life I have had natural hair, I've had a relaxer maybe twice in the last 8 years and only twice ever. I can wear it naturally curly or super straight which is hard fckin work.

Ima get a new look this weekend though....dont know what

Don said...

i've had a fade, tapered cut, fat back, low cut, ummm i don't think i've ever had a curl or braids. tried some short dreds in '05. cut 'em out after about 2 months.

if my head wasn't so big, i'd get a bald.

Rich said...

small afro (coarse hair don't take to big afro's), fades, and twists when they first got popular back in like '01. My hair hasn't been cut in a few weeks, so I'm thinking of putting a little process in it. Not sure yet, but I'm going to at least get a line today.

Dilusi said...

I'm soOo not a hair person; roller wrap every other week when I had a perm, shaved it bald my last year in high-school, wore it short for a while, let it grow for two years, and now I'm locking it up. Hopefully this will last for a good while =]

.. and no funky colors, lol-- love the dyed tips on others but I don't think I could do it. My hair's dark brown but I think I want to keep it jet black.

Jeff S-Class said...

Had my hair cut in all styles. One Problem... My Head is too BIG. I had to wear the purple dot helmet in football..
Well right now it's a cross between low medium high. Just enough to get the waves back and trying to hide a little of my head.
As for women hair.. Don't matter to me as long as you keep it up. When your hairdo start looking like PigPens from Charlie brown.. Then Houston we got a problem

12kylefan said...

It's ok 12kyle, you don't have to post your Gumby Hair pics. LeBron is rockin it for ya...

As for me, I'm pretty conservative simply because I hate beauty rituals. You know, get up an hour early, curl, straight iron, RECURL, yadda, yadda, yadda. I keep mine long so I can wrap my hair up at night/unwrap and go in the morning. For those heavy humidity days (and there are PLENTY in good ole South Cakalac), it's pulled back in a ponytail and outta the way... I neva got into the whole weave and wig thing. I think I saw one too many "head horrors" when they first came out and I haven't looked back since...

12kyle said...

WOW!!! I am blown away by all of the responses about...HAIR. I thought about it b/c it ran through my mind @ 1am...don't ask why. Nevathaless, I appreciate the responses. Sorry that I'm JUST getting to the responses. Well, I wrote most of them today but everytime I tried to post em...i got pulled away. Anyway...let's get it.

12kyle said...

@ e
Waterhead people! LOL

@ Miz
I had that "eraserhead look" but mine wasn't that high. I did it just to see if my hair would grow...and it did!

@ Urban Thought
I feel you, bruh. It's kinda hard to rock those braids at some jobs. I've seen some dudes NOT get a job b/c of their hair.

@ Jaded NYer
I liked that "exploded" look on the pics that you took the other day.

@ dejanae
I've always had a thing for the natural look. Momma12 rocked the natural look back in the 70s. She was real fly wid it, too.

@ The Pew View
When you say that you are a "professional wig wearer"...I really do believe you.

"I tole my 13 childrens they betta make sure mama look good in that casket." Classic! Lmao

@ mlinz
Yes. You have the same braids as Mrs12. They look good. I'm pretty sure that you'll have em longer than she will. Lol

@ brad
Some people would say that your bald head and your look is reminiscent of the all time leading Home Run King in baseball. I think his last name is Bonds. LOL

12kyle said...

@ Darius
I feel you. Gotta stay corporate

@ eham
Cuz! Whussup? Yeah, you've thinned out. Hopefully, you won't pass it on to Arin. Wonder how your genes got messed up? Both your dad and Mike had a ton of hair. Remember when Mike had the curl back in the day??? LMAO

@ prettyparker
"I cried when I realized my head was waaaay too big to wear a short cut."

Mannnnnn, you got me over her rollllin'!!!!

@ The F$%K it List
Letting the perm go! That's funny

@ Jewells
Low gotta love it

@ karrie b.
Whutchuknowbout Phife???

Blonde? Say word?

@ Keisha the Kitten
Any chance of you going back to the fro? Just asking. I like the locks, tho.

@ Queen hair! LMAO!!!

You've been blonde and auburn?

12kyle said...

@ mlinz
I've been kinda tied up today.

@ OD
I made sure that Momma12 burned those joints a lonnnnng time ago. I still have ONE picture left. I MiGHT post it one a flashback post like PRO. If not, y'all will NEVA see that. Haaaa

Orange? Dayyyyum

I can't pull up the link on my phone right now. I'll check it when I get to the 12th Palace

@ prettyparker
U think I could grow mine like PRO's, too?

@ Jadore.Tokeyo
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time around here. We're here everyday like the smog in LA

Sounds like you really have it the way that it should be

Can't beat a ponytail

@ Trouble
locks for 8 years. wow. that's a lonnng time

@ DreamCop08
Sounds like you are REALLY missing that hair

12kyle said...

Did you try the extensions out? LOL

@ flyyest
I believe you when you say that you can rock any hairstyle

@ Poca
Make sho that you send us a pic so that we can see the new look

@ don
Noooooooo!!! Not the fat back! Say it aint so, bruh

@ Rich
Man, I wish I could've rocked the twists

@ Dilusi
you rocked a baldie in HS? Wow. How did u like that?

@ Jeff S-Class
Yes. You are correct. You have a BIG head! LOL

@ 12kyle fan
(twice in one week??? wow!! LOL)
Those South Carolina summers can be murderous on your hair. To your credit, i don't think i've ever seen your hair looking busted.

Mizrepresent said...

Got a new post up...need your input 12kyle...and you didn't even visit me today :(, just for that i'm not being first tomorrow, lol!

@thef$%Klist - yep, fell asleep, gonna stay asleep tomorrow if 12kyle doesn't show up at my spot by midnight.

12kyle said...

@ Miz
LMAO @ u!!! I'm going through the blog crew right now. LOL. You know I'ma check it out. haaaaaaaaa

Proactiff said...

@ Pretty Parker, you've made my night lady! Thanks for the sweet compliment. *cheesy grin* All the 12Planet ATLiens rock!

i.can't.complain. said...

nothing too special about my 'do.

it's all mine.

i get relaxers to keep it str8

press it after washing.

i don't do weave

i mean, i would. but i have alot of hair of my own.

i am a fan of color

my hair has been every reasonable color from black to light blonde.

yeah... i know.

and im w/u... ive never had a jheri curl

there's always time, though.



Dilusi said...

lol, i gotta few strange looks but i don't see how yall guys do it.. my head was FREEZING and this was like April-ish in CT.. got sick of everyone rubbing my head (good luck? or something) before our softball games so I let it grow =]

12kyle said...

i checked out the link. the pics are nice.

@ -1-'ve got a lotta hair.

you're right...there's still time for a jheri curl

@ Dilusi
nooooooooooooooooooo!!! not the mascot!!! LMAO!!!