Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i think i still love h.e.r

Damn! I never thought it'd come to this. The perfect union is falling apart. I'm not really sure how it happened. They say that people change over time. I guess that's true. I've grown up. I'm not really sure that you have. Maybe you did...but I just didn't see it.

For as long as I can's been me and you. We were always down and loved by the crew. I remember when you helped me grow. Dealing with my parents divorce, I turned to you. You never let me down.

I still love you...just not the way that I used to. I mean, i still smile and nod my head when I hear you or when I see you. But it ain't the same. Have you changed? Yes! Have I changed? Yes! Change is good.

We had some good times. No...we had some great times! I remember when it all started back in the day. This was before the job, car, crib, wife, and kids. This was the good ole days. You took me all over the world. You took me from SC to places like LA, NYC, Miami, Chicago, Houston and everywhere in between. It seemed like everything that I did involved you. From the way that I dressed to the way that I talked it involved you. It became funny to see white people try to copy my style b/c of you. But you can't be copied nor duplicated. You are what you are.

And then you were fun then, I'd be geeked when you came around
You were fresh when you were underground
Original, pure untampered sister
Boy I tell ya...i miss her

Now, it appears that we're going our separate ways. That's cool. Maybe I'm too old for you anyway. But I can't help but hold on to what we've had b/c I know that we can make that magic again. You can spark that special feeling when I hear you call me. When I'm reminded of a song that takes me to that old boom bap.

I could turn my back and walk away from you.

Fuck it. I'm not. We've been down for too long. We've still got more history to make.

The more that I think about you...I realize that I can't outgrow you. You're not a number. You are a way of life. You are me. And I am you.

But I'ma take you back because I know that me and you can't stop
Cause who I'm talking bout y'all is hip hop


12kyle said...


Miss Mika said...

It is hard to lover h.e.r nowadays because that realness exists in so few. So many try to fake the funk or claim themselves and kings or princes when they are really just puppets being led to sell out and play a phony role.

Thank goodness we can look back on what it used to be like and reminisce .

DreamCop08 said...

Kyle you had me all over the place with this story. I am gonna kill you, I swear,lol

Had me thinking you was cheating, you and the Mrs was breaking up,, hell I didnt know,lol

Dont really listen to hip hop. Im a slow grove kinda girl,lol

dejanae said...

hip hop
i want that old thing back

Jeff S-Class said...

What is LOVE? Is Love and simple act played out by too fools? Why does it hurt so bad even though I told you so i still got love for you. I never meant to her you at all. Do you still got love for me?
The moment you began a change in yourself and you don't have the goofy feeling anymore in your body or stay up late on the phone 1, 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning just talking about any and everything then feeling is gone. There's a change in attitude and your not as patient anymore the love is gone.
When you stop doing the little things that meant the most.
I don't know about you, but if you have that special someone in your life then you need to hold onto that one most powerful feeling which one can give that's LOVE. Never be afraid to show your feelings or emotions. Through love & understanding overcomes a great deal of disappointments.

Mizrepresent said...

That was cool...:)

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

She remains.... a shinin star...
They may dim her light....
but she aint gone.... to far...
In heart... of the folks ...
that really love her so...
raise her.... up...on the ipod..or radio...she pumping truth...through the speakers...let her lyrics flow....hip hop...step the's yo time glow...(Kitten)

The Pew View said...

Baby you sho had me excited for a minute. I thought you was bout to leave that wife of yours. Chile I was sho gon makes you my new sugason. You knows I likes a man thats deep just as much as I likes mens that go deep. If you knows what I mean. Take care now.

Ruthtie Ann

The F$%K it List said...

I knew from the first line you were talking about Hip Hop!

My love for h.e.r these days has dwindled because of the abuse she is being subjected too. But Hip-hop will always be to quote The Mighty Roots "the love of my life"

12kyle said...

@ Mika
That is sooooo true. It's all about everything OTHER than music. And that is what is sad about it.

I reminisce EVERYDAY on some ole skool. Gimme LL or Ice Cube anyday. You can keep Souljah Boy and Lil Wayne

@ Dreamcop08
Haaaaaaa. No, we're still together. Me and hip hop...that's what this is about

@ dejanae
Me too! I want it back in the worst way. Thank God for satellite radio. If not, I'd be a wreck tryna listen to the radio

@ Jeff S Class
um...i think you missed the point, bruh. LOL

@ Miz
Thanks! I'm tryna get my "Miz" on

@ Keisha the Kitten
Very nice! I peeped your songs too! I liked both songs. The first one was short but that's ok. The other one was hot. You were very clear and definitive in your delivery. That's important

@ The Pew View
"Sugarson"??? OH lawwwwd!!! I'm ova here rollin

@ The F$%K it List
You feel where i'm coming from!! The song by Common and that Roots song will always speak to us true hip hop headz.

Queen of My Castle said...

I soooo loved it, but I knew off top who/what you were referring to. LOL. So, Mr. 12 can pen prose/poetry/free flows. Who knew?! And now the layers are being exposed...

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I love it!! It's as good as Common's original!!!

I must say, I quit h.e.r a long time ago, but then again I was never really 100% faithful to her anyway.

I hate to say it, but now she's just a fragment of what she used to be. Now she's in the gutter. Hopefully, those who truly love h.e.r will help get her on her feet again.

I'll be watching/listening!

TravelDiva said...

Ahh, nice. All I can hear right now is that Lauryn Hill song from miseducation - I Used to love him, now I don't, now I don't.

I hear you. When I think back to the Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow, the Fat Boys, Krush Groove, Heavy D, Salt N Pepa, Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick or any of the random folks I used to watch addictively on the Jukebox--it's hard to reconcile the simplistic, woman degrading, money loving rap that dominates the airwaves today. But, there is still hope--somewhere!

12kyle said...

@ Queen
Preciate the luv. I'm not a good writer. Not like least. I mean...I can't write like you or Miz. LOL. I try. Maybe I'll try day

Thanks! I've got a lonnng way to go before I catch up with Common.

I've always loved h.e.r...couldn't cheat on h.e.r b/c she's been too good to me. R&B is killin it right, now. And I see why.

It's funny b/c you see all of these rappers and they flash and flaunt money in their videos...but when the cds come out...they flop. Most can't even go gold. And there is only a few who will go platinum. The numbers don't add up.

@ TravelDiva
Amen!!! The content SHOULD be better. There is some great hip hop music out there. It gets no airplay, tho.

Rich said...

I knew there was a twist. Man, its so hard to love hip hop these days cause most of these cats is just rapping for dollars. There AIN'T no soul in it. It's a straight up Minstrel Show.

Rich said...

LOL @ The Pew View. Ruthie Ann is a mess.

PrettyBlack said...

Loved it! I was like oh hell no he better not leave his wife...I was getting on a plane to save Black love! haha!

I had to explain to my prof a couple of months ago what HIP-HOP is. She said she hated hearing the kids on campus walking around repeating mysoginistic, degrading lyrics, she said she didn't like HIP-HOP.

I advised her that HIP-HOP and gangsta rap are two different genre's. What she heard was gangsta rap...NOT HIP-HOP.

I told her to go pick up some Common, KRS-1, Goodie Mobb, that's HIP-HOP. I can listen to HIP-HOP with my daughter in the car.

I try to school people every chance I get on the difference. We haven't changed Kyle, somebody changed HIP-HOP.

PrettyBlack said...

Oh and can somebody please tell me how to make my words bold and all that good shit!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i'm so over hip hop...every now and again, i come across a jewel or two...but NOTHING like it used to be :-(

Urban Thought said...

That's whats up right there...

L. Renee' said...

Hey Kyle,
You inspired me this morning (smile)
"Ode To The ONE"
Strong, Solid, Selfless, Studious, Stalwart, Socialable, Sensitive, Soaring, Spiritual, Beautiful, Boundless, Black Man. Calm, cool, and collected is your M.O
Truly God's gift to me and the countless beauties before me. Husband to one, fantasy of many. What a wonder created by one. Souls leap for joy when in the presence of you. Upliftment is your mission. People are your passion. Humanist is how one could describe you. Truly, deeply caring, Placing my needs before your own. Sacrificing with out guilt trippin, always pleasing or creatively gratifying the insatiable me.

Travis said...

Playa u didnt fool me b/c I know your a*% would not have been to type this blog if this involved home. Its been a while and your boy is leaving the ATL next month. On my way to DC to work for the "FEDS". I will holla at you later.

Kieya said...
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Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

its ok to love her but u may not be in love with u

CapCity said...

U gotta See Mike Britt talk about how hip hop ain't dead - but she's on her last leg! LOL! that Brother is HILARIOUS! I've seen him live & he's off da chain funny!

i'm w/ pcd - it don't move me like it used to --- but e'rey now & den i'll get my groove back on...

Kieya said...

lol i'm pretty slow...i thought u meant you & the mrs were breakin up or something lol....then i got it

great post!

Don said...

Good stuff.

I knew when I read the title that you were speaking on good ol' Hip Hop. She has seen both good and bad times, hasn't she?

Like you, I still love her. If I were to hate her, I'd only be hating myself. She is a undying part of me.

James Tubman said...

life hip hop saved my

i used to listen to krs, nas, the woo, mob deep

and any word i didn't know i would look it up in the dictionary

thus sparked my love for words

and then i saw how my words could make people resond to me in certain ways so i started to use them more and more to get what i want

and it was all because of hip hop

thanx homie

12kyle said...

@ Rich
They are getting pimped. The said part about it is they don't care

Ruthie Ann is off the chain, aint she?

@ prettyblack
Saving black love? LMAO!! That's funny

You made some good points. There's a lotta good hip hop out there. Unfortunately, we have to get past these wack ass rappers to get to it

I'll shoot you an email on how it works

That's the truth. I need something to move me like when The Show comes on at a party!!

@ Urban Thought
Thanks, bruh

@ LRenee
Preciate the love! I hope you sent this to your hubby!

btw...where's our homie, Rezidl. I'ma have to cuss him out. He's been MIA

@ Travis
You leaving the A...again?? Ohhh lawd! Holla at me man. We gotta kick it b4 you break out

@ Torrance
She definitely don't love me with this "ringtone rap music"

@ CapCity
Thanks. I'll check it out

@ Kieya
Nahhhhhhh. We are good. Thanks!

@ Don
That's sooo true, man. We grew up on this. Kinda hard to let it go

@ James Tubman
Funny how Wu had their own dictionary.

Anonymous said...

It ain't nothing like it used to be.

ShellyShell said...

I knew you were talking about Hip Hop! Oh how I miss thee!

12kyle said...

@ Jewells
You aint neva lied

@ ShellyShell
Maybe it'll come back and be better than it was.

Eb the Celeb said...

You got true skills...big blog brutha...

if only you could wake up to the fact that PAC was the G.O.A.T.

we'd be all good!