Wednesday, May 14, 2008

good, bad, and ugly

When you first start rhyming
It started off slow and then you start climbing
But it wasn't fast enough I guess
So you gave your other style a test
You was hardcore hip-hop
Now look at yourself, boy you done flip-flopped
Giving our music away to the mainstream
Don't you know they ain't down with the team
They just sent they boss over
Put a bug in your ear and now you crossed over
On MTV but they don't care
They'll have a new nigga next year
You out in the cold
No more white fans and no more soul
And you might have a heart attack
When you find out the black folks don't want you back
And you know what's worse?
You was just like the nigga in the first verse
Stop selling out your race
And wipe that stupid-ass smile off your face
Niggas always gotta show they teeth
Now I'm a be brief
Be true to the game

Ice Cube ( Be True to the Game)

Today is Wednesday. And today's vibe will be sports and entertainment.

Surprisingly, we are almost HALFWAY through this year. Before you know it, Christmas will be here again. A lot has happened in the 5 months of 08. There's been a lotta good (OBAMA, baby), bad (Brittney Spears), and ugly (Flavor of Love...season 3)

Today, I'm gonna give you a few good things...bad things...and ugly things from 08 from the world of sports and entertainment

New York Giants beating the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl
Beyonce and Jay Z FINALLY tying the knot
Dallas Cowboys getting knocked outta the playoffs...again!!!
Alicia Keys latest cd
American Gangster

Gerald LeVert's death
The cancellation of Girlfriends
Foxy Brown and Remy Ma going to jail
RKelly trial
Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Brittany Spears

Flavor of Love...Season 3
The writer's strike
Hilary Clinton
The idiot who put the video out "announcing" that he was HIV positive and he knowingly had unprotected sex with hundreds of under aged girls.
Memphis at the free throw line in the championship game. (sorry Torrance)

It's on you! Give me AT LEAST 2 of each



Mizrepresent said...

Whatup know the deal, lol!

Good - yep got's to agree with Obama.
Hawks going to playoff.
Stimulus checks (yeah i know we got to pay them back, but anyways)

Bad - Gas and food prices going up and steadily climbing.

The weather is killing folks.

Ugly - Whitney and RayJ
(not a good look, she can't get her ish together)

Flav - no brainer

The Pew View said...

Oh praise the Lawd I'm first! Do I win a prize or something cause I'll take a half pint of Crown Royal. You kno I likes to use that bag to save my pennies! Plus Crown Royal on ice aint to bad either.

Let me see here:
-That big lip rapper marrying that big hip sanger! What's they name? Oh yeah Jay Z & Beyonce

-Whoopie cutting dem thangs in her hair down a bit. That chile' hair looked like a nest of snakes if you ask me.

-Watching all them gals stick they tongues in that Flavor Flav mouth. That man kno he look like a gremlin and my 2nd late husband Leroy Lee.

-I bet you Flavor Flav's breath is BAD!

-Flavor Flav's mama! Does she count since she was on tv recently? She reminds me of old stank breath Mother Edna at my church.

-I personally thanks that Jay Z fellow is ugly. I could have hooked Beyonce up with 1 of my 13 childrens'. She could have got with one of my boys and I even got a girl who thank she a boy. So she had plenty of choices pending on what floats her boat.

Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

The Pew View said...

I see that Mizrepresent stole my award for being first! Guess I was moving to slow. The devil is a liar.
Oh well I'll if you still gives prizes for second place I'll take a 6pk of your choice. But it damn well better be beer cause I don't drink soda. You know you gots to be careful what you put in your body. Take care now

Ruthie Ann

The Jaded NYer said...

>JOHAN SANTANA joins the Mets!


>the return of 30 Rock, Ugly Betty and Lost after the strike... *whew* I was about to go stir crazy!

>Boris Kodjoe on BROADWAY!

>Scott Weiland left Velvet Revolver (that punk!)

>CBS pissed me off by 1- cancelling Jericho and 2- not showing "Old Christine" online anymore

>having to wait so damn long for the next season of Heroes

>saying goodbye to both Yankee and Shea Stadium this year

>that VH1 reality show, "I Know My Kid is a Star" especially the chick that had my same name who looked like a heroin addict

>Tila-freakin-Tequila! She's worse than Paris when it comes to being famous for nothing!!!

>poor, poor Barry Bonds not playing ball this year

>Mariah and Nick... WTF? where'd that come from??

Eb the Celeb said...

you are such a hater... I am about to be done with you... and you know why!

and until you stop hating... i aint particiapting!

Anonymous said...

The Good.....7 more schools days left and these bad azz kids can go home to their parents.

The Bad......only 2 months of summer break then these bad azz kids come back even worse than when they left.

The Ugly.....I'll get back to you on that one.

L. Renee' said...

Grey's Anatomy is back! (yeah)
Summer is around the corner
Warm weather and convertible tops.
Old School Pear Glace' lotion from VS
Marc Jacobs Stilletos and fitted jeans.

All These damn tornadoes
Bright orange red lipstick and blue eyeshadow on a sista!
FLOODED BASEMENTS from all this damn rain!

Higher prices for Groceries.
airline tickets.
The democratic race...someone needs to jump ship so we can move on to bigger and better things.
Ugly toes in flipflops.
peek a boo thongs on way too big asses.LOL

12kyle said...

@ Miz
Back where u belong! Lol

Hawks in the playoffs was definitely a good thang. The city was on fiyah. That's how its 'sposed to be!

I'm pulling for Whitney but she should leave that bum alone.

@ The Pew View
Sorry...Miz is firrrrrrrst

Flavor Flaaaaaaaaaaaaa. lol

You are killin' Jigga. lmao!!!

@ Jaded NYer
Johan who?? *crickets* LMAO!!!!

New stadiums in NY. That's gonna be really different.

Did you see that new indictment that they threw on Barry Bonds? Dayyyyum!!!

@ Eb the Celeb
Errrrybody knows that I hate the Cowboys. It iz what it iz.

@ mlinz
I thought you loved the kids like Trick Daddy?

@ LRenee
heyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! lol

"Bright orange red lipstick and blue eyeshadow on a sista!" That's not a good all!

The democratic race is a joke. I agree with ya!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

1. Halle Berry & Jennifer Lopez finally had babies.
2.Whitney is back on the music scene.

1. No one seems to find the right one on these reality shows (Tia, Flav, New York)
2. New season of Grey's Anatomy (I'm disappointed)

Sorry I can't think of nothing! :)

Proactiff said...

you are like the fave teacher... erybody loves coming to your blog class even though they know full well there will be work involved with the lesson. *sticks out tongue*

[queue original post link]

good: 1) i know what i don't want as it relates to a career path. 2) we moved into a rental home, after our first home sold faster than anticipated we seemed to have been from pillar to post due to apartment conversions and landlord foreclosure; we never considered renting a freaking house because we just thought we'd buy another. 3) made the decision to relocate from florida. for real for real this go round.

bad: 1) still. 2) unemployed. 3) since august '07.

ugly: 1) found out old landlord was in foreclosure and we were forced to move on short notice. 2) not being able to spend both our income tax refund or this coming stimulus check because of moving expenses and bill "ketchup" (see the bad as part to blame).

Did I get an 'A' teacher? lmao

Brad said...

I'm back on the block CBW.

Good - The Giants are the Champs baby. The NBA is back baby. Alcohol Sales on Sundays (come on Georgia get with it). The 12th Planet.

Bad - The cheating azz Patriots who already got punished and now all the dirt comes out. The Hawks making the playoffs with 37 wins. The KNICKS (i'm so sad). The Boston Redsox (just hate all things Boston). Black on Black crime (I know that's corny but I was listening to Self Destruction this morning.

Ugly - Venus Williams. Dennis Rodman. That dude who is selling Obama 08 T-shirts with Obama looking like a monkey.

Proactiff said...

i'd like to add that it's gone be ugly if i don't get blog love from the teach' real soon... i will pull a columbine in dis bit... lmao

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...


good-the rebate checks, mother's day

bad-lebron's mother embarrassing herself and him the other night, the recession that bush won't officially acknowledge as such

ugly-mariah carey and nic cannon getting hitched after 6 weeks (or at all IMO), mario getting canned on dancing with the stars (pure hateration!)

prettyparker said...

Good -
I made the registration deadlines for all of the kids' overnight camps this summer.

The Cavs are looking good this year

Bad -
Bush is still an idiot and he's so out of touch with reality.

Many are forced to choose between filling up the gas tank or getting groceries during the week.

Ugly -
Sad to say it, but I watched every episode of Rock of Love, Flav of Love and I love New York and nearly vomiting whenever anyone kissed.

I worry that many black folk will decide not to vote at all if Obama doesn't get the party nom.

Queen of My Castle said...


Good...My son turned 8 this morning and he didn't wake with an attitude, greater knowledge of self, the mild days of Spring

Bad...Gas prices, Bush

Ugly...Yeah, I got nothing. LOL

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Good - My birthday and OBAMA baby!!!

Bad - Layoffs, Sky High Flights (oil), American Idol

Ugly - Sean Bell not getting justice

Darius T. Williams said...

Good: Definitely Obama, Obama, and Obama

Bad: recession, housing, gas prices

Ugly: Rosie Odonnell, Oprah gained weight, Bush...

12kyle said...

@ Keisha the Kitten
Lemme help ya out...the Sean Bell case! That was BAD and UGLY!!!

Halle and JLo did have seeds, didn't they? I almost forgot

You are toooooo much!!! You are right. You will work in this classroom.

Wow! You came wid it this mawnin'. First, I know that you're gonna get through this. Tough times don't last...tough people do. And we all know that you are tougher than leather.

These landlord forclosures are on the rise...and that's a shame. It's not your fault. You're only doing what you are 'sposed to do. And yes...I know about that "ketchup" bill. LoL

A+ for a real PRO!

@ Brad
Preciate it, bruh!

The Patriots gotta feel terrible. 18 wins and ONE loss! LoL

The Knicks need a complete overhaul. Maybe one day they'll be able to compete with those high flyin' Hawks. LOL

co-sign @ the court.

"When will the black-on-black crime stop?" LOL

LeBron's momma showed out, didn't she? Damn shame. He told her to "sit her ass down". Classic

Mariah and Nick MIGHT last...3 months. Lol

@ prettyparker
"Bush is still an idiot and he's so out of touch with reality." Aaaaaaaamen!
*internet pound*

I'm still wondering how much mouthwash you have to guzzle after playing suckface with ole Flav???

I feel you. We're gonna decide this election. Period!

@ Queen
Happy bday to the lil fella

Ugly...hmmm...I can help you with this co-worker's feet. And this brawd has the NERVE to be in here barefoot!

The layoffs are a killer! Trust me...I know!

btw...happy belated bday. I hope you enjoyed Houston. Queen swears that her city is the shit. LOL. I gotta see fo my self! Haaaaa

@ Darius T. Williams
Oprah gained weight? Noooooooo!!! Say it aint sooooooo! Lmao!!!

karrie b. said...

flavor flaaaaaaaaaaaav!!! omg i love those low self-esteem having skanks!!!


karrie b. said...

funny post kylie


Miss Mika said...

Great post 12kyle!

The Good:
Obama (time for change!)
Thin Mints (gotta love em)
"House" (love that show!)
College Graduatations! (Go Dessex!!)
Mary J's CD.

The Bad: Gas prices
produce prices
milk and eggs prices
American Idol (sorry, AI didn't seem "real" this season)
Any Mariah Carey video.

The Ugly:
The strange and horrible weather we've been having.
My supervisor. She is such a bia bia and her "I am the boss" attitude makes her uglier than she already is.

12kyle said...

@ karrie b
So eloquently put! LOL

@ Mika

I'm feelin Mary J rightaboutnow

I've never seen American Idol...can you believe that?

I'm wit cha on the ugly supervisor. Don't you just wanna smack em sometimes?

PrettyBlack said...

I'm with Eb don't be fuckin' with my Cowboys can get touched!

Ice Cube's single "gangsta rap made me do it"

Reggie Bush still screwing that used up trick Kim.

Marion Barber getting traded.

The F$%K it List said...

CJ turning 2.
Starting my blog
Mets! (this is every year)
Kevin Garnett (oh wait he's yummy not good sorry)

Gas going up
food going up
Not being able to fly abroad
too expensive for 3 people (why should I pay full damn price for a 2 year old)

Reality TV
The Knicks
the Knicks new coach (yes I stil love them but DAMN!)

The F$%K it List said...

@Mizrepresent are you sleeping at the computer you are always first (I'm HATIN THATS RIGHT, HEHEHE)

The F$%K it List said...

watermellon for lunch HAHA

Muze said...

great post.

yay @ jay and b getting married. i'm sad over girlfriends too.

getting a renowned literary agent
my new addiction to gossip girl

this michigan weather
the hills being so scripted.

these mean heffas at my job
my aunt gladys going to hospice.
ewww flavor of love. lol.

12kyle said...

@ prettyblack
you know it's all love. I like y'all. I just hate your team. Always have...always will. Ask Mrs12. She's a cowboy fan, too. I let her HAVE IT!!

"Reggie Bush still screwing that used up trick Kim." LMAO!!!

@ The F$%K it List
The Mets???? LOL. Yankees, baby!

The price of a flight is unreal

The Knicks are in bad shape.

Miz knows that i usually post before I go to bed 12 or 1 am. I guess she's on the same weird sleep pattern. lol

@ Muze
"these mean heffas at my job"


Michigan weather has to be horrible. I feel for yall.

Don said...

good: i agree @ watching the giants pull off a playff shocker as being probably one of the great sports events this year.

bad: remy ma throwing it all away over $3,000. t.i. had his share of bad news.

ugly: knicks nba season. the isiah sexual harassment trial.

Mizrepresent said...

@the Pew View - lol, sorry sisters...hey, i tell you what i'll trade that Crown Royal for the sixpack, alright. Cuz i ain't messing with no more Crown Royal, me and CR had a fight, it CR won!

@thef$%Kitlist- you had me laughing so hard...well yes and no, my laptop does sleep next to me, and when i can't sleep i just tap and it's on...

TravelDiva said...


After I type this post, I'm leaving for Jamaica.

Obama for Prez!

Chrisette Michelle (I know I'm about a year late on her, but I Am is currently in heavy rotation).

Those West Virginia jokers not voting for my boy.

Anything related to Flavor Flav


Natural disasters -Tornados, cyclones and earthquakes.

Billary - I don't like Hillary or her husband. Just say Hell no.

Sexxy Luv said...

GOOD-Ending a loveless relationship.
Knowing that Jay & Bee are going to have a baby real soon! :)

BAD-Breaking someone's heart
Not being invited to Jay & Bee's wedding. :(

UGLY-Falling for some1 (again) who does not deserve me.
Knowing that I'm creating my own problems.


The F$%K it List said...

@Miz, got it I'm going to beat you one of these days. Ok now I am waking up, not going to happen

@112kyle. You will NOT rep the yankees! Historically they are the most racist team in the league. UGHH!!! The Mets are the team of the folks!

12kyle said...

@ Don
I don't even think the Giants believe that they did it. It may not hit em until this summer.

Remy Ma got 8 yrs in the slamma. Damn! All of that for 3 stacks. It looked bad for TI for a minute. He's str8 now

The Knicks had a horrible season. Truth be told...they had morrre than enuf talent to make the playofffs

@ Miz
Crown Royal is undefeated! LOL

I really enjoy the battle for first on the Planet. It's soooo amusing.

@ TravelDiva
Party like a rockstar in Jamaica.

WVa will vote for '08 (lol)

Bilary has GOTs tah go.

@ Sexxy Luv
Bee is knocked up already? If so, I aint mad at cha, Hov.

Heart breaking aint cool...but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Don't fall too hard. You know how the story ends.

@ The F$%K it List
The Yankees are my squizzad! Have been since the 70s. They aint no more racist than anybody else in baseball. Lol. Seriously, I don't hate the Mets. They are the only "minority" team in the league. I like that. I want a Subway series every year. I don't like the Braves but I love going to the games here.

Queen of My Castle said...

Don't sleep on Houston baby! Damn right Queen swears her city is the shizznit. Need a tour guide?

Thank you in regards to the birthday wishes for my little man.

12kyle said...

@ Queen
LOL @ u!!

CapCity said...


*Reading is STILL one of my FAVORITE pastimes!
*Tis the SEASON for outdoor cafes = Drinks AND a warm breeze - PRICELESS!
*I wield my POWER = NO CABLE!! suckahz!! LOL!

*Obama's not president, yet!
*Hard 2 find a Brother who's NOT a sports FREAK/TV addict *smirk*

*Their daughter

~Ms. Moore~ said...

New York Giants beating the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl
Transformer the movie
Forrest Whitaker
Shocking: Hawks going to the playoffs and lasting 7 games with the Celtics.
What the Chinese government is doing in Africa
10,000+ dead after earthquake in China
Flav of Love seasons 1,2 & 3
Dallas Cowboys getting knocked outta the playoffs...again!!!
Ironman the movie
Terrance Howard

Paris Hilton