Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Off tha Dome

Between the greenhouse gases and earth spinnin off its axis Got mother nature doin back flips The natural disasters It's like 80 degrees in Alaska You in trouble if you not an Onasis It ain't hard to tell that the conditions is drastic Just turn on the telly check for the news flashin How you want it bagged, paper or plastic? Lost in translation or just lost in traffic? Yo I don't wanna floss I done lost my passion And I ant trying to climb, Yo I lost my traction They makin' me break, my contents under pressure Do not shake, I'm workin while the boss relaxin Here come Mr. tax man, he leavin a fraction, give me back some Matter fact next pay check it's like that son I'll fuck around and have to hurt a few men They probably chalk it up as a disturbing new trend, Hello Black Thought (Rising Down)

random thoughts...

i'm convinced that they put crack in Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Beyonce and Jay Z's marriage can last. I'm convinced of that. Can't say the same for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. C'mon Nick! She was just "in love" with Eminem like a year ago.

Obama in ' 08, sukkkaz

I had a brutha send me an email the other day that said "he didn't think that Bush wasn't racist b/c he's always has surrounded himself with blacks like Condi Rice and Colin Powell. He even had a black pastor perform the wedding ceremony for his daughter's wedding this past weekend." My response..."if he had blacks serving the food does that make him less of a racist, too" I'm not impressed by a black pastor. What would he have said if his daughter brought home a BLACK MAN??? Hmmmm

Why do you need ID to get ID?

Have you ever purchased alcohol and they asked for your drivers license and you felt young?

I understand that it's a law and you have to wear a seatbelt but I'm not hurting any other pedestrians or drivers by not wearing my seatbelt.

I was in church on Sunday and I caught the usher looking at a woman's azz. LMAO!! I had to chuckle b/c he just couldn't help it. Kinda forgot where he was for a second. haaaa

speaking of church, i love my church but i'm getting tired of sitting in traffic in the parking lot for 30 mins AFTER church.

Remember when DMX was THAT dude in hip hop?

Jury selection just began for the RKelly trial. I've got $20 that says that this trial never makes it before a "jury of his peers".

Wesley Snipes got 3 years for not paying Uncle Sam. Mike Vick got 2 years for fighting lil Sparky. How much could Kells get for peeing on a little girl? I hope the bastaahd gets 25 years but it won't happen.

I love black people

I cooked breakfast AND dinner for Mother's Day for Mrs12. Can I get some luv for dat? LMAO!

There are a LOTTA jobs out here...not enough careers, tho. Look around your place of employment and tell me if you can find 3 people who've been there longer than 8 yrs. And that doesn't include Mr. Joe who is the janitor.

I may be the only black man who you know who DOESN'T like watermelons.

Is there anybody out there who can play the piano? I need lessons...

Gas is $3.69 and milk is $4.00!! WTF?? Somebody is making major money...and it ain't us!

I probably should sleep more than I do.

"I have girlfriend...she's just lives outta town." If you ever hear a dude say that...watch out!

I still don't understand why any man would wanna be gay in this city. Wayyyy too many sistas.

Mannn, I was in a stare down with my 17 month old son, Brandon...and I lost! WTF! That's not 'sposed to happen.

"Where are you?" That's a funny question to me.

I love blogging.

Let's go Hawks.

First Hilary Clinton...then Monica Lewinsky. Damn Bill...those are some raggedy lookin women.

The Pew View (i know who u iz...i think) but you are too funny. Sometimes we need some old age and wisdom in this blog world.

I'm gonna get a tattoo. Any suggestions?

Is it just me or Angela Bassett a classy dimepiece. I dunno how old she is but she is still a stunna. Just living proof that sistas age gracefully.

Anybody betta than Jill Scott when it comes to a live show?




WOW...little ol me :;blows kisses to everyone after me::

Back to the post at hand

Lyfe gives a good live show and Floetry too

I wanna know who the Pew sisters are

OF coure Jay and Bey are gonna survive..Nicarey..mmm I cant really say I dont think its gonna last but I cant wait to see how it will all unfold

KUDOS to you for cookin up some good eating for the Mrs

I love getting carded, hate taking the card out..LOL

Man Ima starting milk in my gas tank...shiiid

Man wear yo damn seat belt...quit playin

Gotta get up out....DMX is still the business...POP in BELLY and you will see why

12kyle said...

@ Poca
You have impeccable timing...i just posted this like 2 mins ago.LOL

I wear my seatbelt. I don't move without it being on.

I dont wanna blow the Pew sisters' cover. I like em. They are fresh...like 1988

Milk in the gas tank? LMAO!!

DMX is my dude...but he's on that stuff right now. I know it! He's gotta go to rehab and get right. LOL

DreamCop08 said...

ooh Kyle when I seen how DMX looked i could have died. I dont understand why someone would want to do that to themselves.

And why dont you wear your seat belt. That is not safe at all.

Gas is very high and I think I will start taking the bus. I will drive my car to the nearest bus station, get me a bus pass, and catch the freaking bus!!!

Men cant pass up a great behind huh?? You know you probably turned to look too?

Does your wife have a blog too?? I would be interested to know what she blogs about,lol

That was nice what you did for the Mrs!!! I need me a man like that,lol

Cool post Kyle!!

12kyle said...

@ DreamCop08
X looks a hot mess.

Noooo. I wear my seatbelt. I'm just saying that I'm only hurting ME if I don't.

LOL. No, I didn't look. I knew that he was gonna look b/c he was gawking at her from a distance as she walked toward him. I'm a people watcher. He had that "look" in his eye. You know...that look that a dude gives you and when you walk past him you KNOW he's staring at your azz. Lol

Mrs12 doesn't have a blog but she does post to this blog sometimes.

Thanks! I'm sure that the man for you is coming. He's right around the corner.

Proactiff said...

you just bloomin' where you are planted, huh? tattoo. at 35 going on 36? you MUST be related to MP. he has nada, but wants one. your ass should get a damn "blogger" symbol for your bloggin-ass self. *lm mf ao*

MP made a slammin ass omlet for mother's day breakfast. his first time making them. i had to give him mad props because it almost tasted better than mine. lmao. then he made dinner (of course I came up with the menu he followed the instructions to a science). okra-tomatoe-turkey sausage-onion medley, basmati rice, banana pudding and purple kool-aid! that too was off the e-z! job well done, my men. planet man did his thizzle in the kitchen for the queen b. i digg!

and the only wallamelon thing i eat is now-a-latas. i hate wallamelon too. *kindred soul sibbling* lmao

The Pew View said...

Baby if you keeps a secret Mabel and I will pray for you at bible study on Wednesdays!

As for your post I don't approve of R. Kelly peeing on the childrens, but old Ruthie Ann used to be a freak back in her day and ain't nothing wrong with a golden shower. Course I did the peeing! Take care now

Ruthie Ann

Eb the Celeb said...

First, look at you trying to switch up the profile pic

Second, why does every one of your randoms say i love black people

I dont think bush is racist either cuz I just got my check biiiiaaaaatccchess... SYKE!

Why are you still chanting about them whack Hawks?

The pew view... I dont know where she came from... but yes... she is the truth...lol

Ok that is all!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

sooooooo i'm dying to know what YOU cooked? and the real question really isn't WHAT, it's WAS IT EDIBLE AND TASTY? lol

i love badu for live shows

where do you plan on getting this tattoo? that may determine the suggestions that pour in...nothing worse than a ill-placed tat!

Opinionated Diva said...

Awwwwwwwwwww looka the boys. So cute!

Badu is pretty awesome live.

LMAO @ Poca

If Kellz peed on a little white girl...he'd already be convicted.

About that tatt...don't get it. It's something you do when you're young and then you're so over it. I'd like to have at least one of mine removed actually.

I love blogging too

No you not shouting out the Hawks...*side eye*

Luv Angela...always have...classy, well-educated and absolutely beautiful!

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL @ PCD on ill-placed tat. I concur.

Sexy people never have to show ID to purchase alcohol. LOL

I loathe watermelon with a passion. BLEECH

LMAO @ the usher...hey, he's still a man ain't he?

Mother's Day breakfast AND dinner?! Kudos to you, Mr. K. Dizzle.

A GF that lives out of town could be quite possible. LOL. Don't hate on them.

Where are you? is a very reasonable question. Why does it amuse you so?

Oh.MY.GOSH...it gets NO better than Jill. Have you SEEN the passion she exudes when she performs Crown Royal and All I? I sooooo heart her!

Queen of My Castle said...

Oh yeah...the little handsome are tres cute! I love little boys in baseball caps. Too cute.

Darius T. Williams said...

Yo ma dude - you're so right about those Krispy Kremes - it's the same crack that's in those hash browns at McDonald's - lol.

TravelDiva said...

LOL. You're crazy.

BTW, your little boys are the cutest little Kyle mini-mes. Seriously!

I think Jay and Bey are in it for the longhaul - love and a good business arrangement.

Nick and Mariah--umm, negative. They don't even know each other yet--they weren't even dating long enough to get out of the "I just started dating so I'm on good behavior" phase. Please.

LOL. Jill Scott is great live. BUT I got to give it to Prince on this one. His live show, the musicians, SICK.

AND yes I giggle when carded, even though it is the law.

Bush not a racist? Give me a break. That black preacher was probably the only colored at the wedding. SMH

prettyparker said...

hi all... cute kids kyle!

vick - 2 yrs, snipes - 3 yrs, scooter libby - not a day, and his was an act of treason that that outed one of our secret agents.

bey/jay, long lasting. mariah/nick didn't even get married in the states so imo, not valid/ain't legal. will pull a eddie/tracy when they sober up.

i play piano, teaching daughter now. i was THAT band geek - president of symphonic orchestra, section leader in marching band. good times.

hillary has my vote & i don't argue or debate my choice. folk assume i'm voting for obama because i'm black. (or hillary because i'm a woman).

i cooked breakfast for my family on mother's day. i really wanted to do something nice for them because they treated me to an all day spa on friday.

i love mr prettyparker and our kiddies.

i laugh at my own jokes. no one else does.

i cried the day after i cut all my hair off.

i don't have nor use voicemail.

bush is an idiot and 51% of this country are idiots too.

if they're putting crack in krispy kreme donuts, then they have heroin in chocolate tastykakes. yum!

i would have turned groupie for DMX and Tupac back in the early 90s.

The F$%K it List said...

The thought of Krispy kremes make my teeth hurt.

A. Keys give a great live show and can't forget the 'Kast.

I love black people too!

Jay and B gonna make it because the prenup is Ridiculous! heheh just kidding, black love is beautiful. I won't even talk about Nick and Mariah :(

A tattoo get something that means something to you (do the research) cause you will be hella mad when you are 60 and you have soem foolishness like a tribal you picked off the wall HAHAH

Yumm love watermellon, but I will only eat it in public if its cut up in small pieces, YT folks already expect you to eat it doesn't mean you have to go at it face first HATE Watermellon candy YUCK YUCK!

Aww Damn X, I was listening to his first CD today shaking my head on the train. Stay away from the rocks!

Rich said...

Ok -- side comment - go with the popup comment section so I can remember your long list of stuff. I'll go from memory, but I'm getting old.

Love the Pew View. I was trying to figure out who they were too. The writing is funny and they bring a fresh twist to the table. I know where they hail from, but I don't check enough blog author locales to place them. Either way, I'm just enjoying the fun.

Milk is high as heck. People with kids recognize that one big time. Boys run through some milk and cereal. I have one and he can take it to the head, so I can imagine what your three are throwing down.

Angela Bassett is a dime among dimes...yessirr.

Jill Scott does give a good concert.

R. Kelly will definitely walk. I will be surprised otherwise. He deserves to take his behind to jail though.

There are plenty of Deacon Booty's up in church, but some of the sisters be putting it out there trying to catch them a good "church going" brother.

I used to do a Mother's Day dinner and invite my mother in law and my wifes closests friends, but then I had a couple more kids and killed that tradition. Maybe I'll do it again one day.

Bush ain't racist. Like any good massa he likes keeping a few house niggas around. -- I'm from the field, I can't stand that fool.

Trish said...

They put "hash" in the Hash Browns at McDonalds. lol

Do you think Beyonce's baby will have lips as big as Jay's?
Nick and Mariahs fake marriage will be annulled soon. Watch.


You're right about the Bush.
Who really considers Condi and Colin black anyway? lol
BTW the black preacher that officated the marriage supports Obama !!

Isnt the point of getting ID to have ID? hmmm.

Dont know why you even made the seatbelt comment.. you knew everybody was gonna get on you for that one. we dont want you hurt.

The usher let his flesh take over in church ! The power of the booty!
You know them women come to church lookin all juicy in those hip hugging dresses, then wanna walk up and down the aisle, whats a man to do?

Stop going to those big daggone MEGA churches and you wont have a traffic problem.
Have you ever even met your Pastor?

I do know 3 people here longer than 8 years at my job. NY.

Love watermelon.

I wanna play the Organ so bad.

I want to know if Mrs.12 loved the breakfast and dinner.

If Brandon is not little Chocolate boy wonder, I dont know who he is.
Where's his cap?


The Jaded NYer said...

CHILD- I kicked my Krispy Kreme habit a few years ago; now if I eat one I go into diabetic shock

AND I'M CLOWNIN'!!!! lil man beat you at a staring contest??? HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Send him over here so I can teach him the side eye, too LMAO!!!!!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

-I'd have to agree with the majority and say JILL SCOTT all day long. She truly knows how to the work the crowd at her concerts. She has sooo much personality!

-I'm still in shock about the Mariah and Nick wedding. That boy is sprung, you can see it all over his face on the magazine cover. Seems like the older woman-younger man thing is popular these days.

-I probably should sleep more than I do too. My mind is just always running. I've noticed when I read the bible before going to bed, I sleep like a baby! Peace & Blessings

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

LOL@ WHen DMX was the It guy in hip-hop. What happened??? Crack maybe?

Jill Scott really does perform a great show!

I want to know what you cooked for Mrs.12kyle too!

Great random thoughts/questions.

Wow, you don't like watermelons??? They're so good to me! :-)

Sexxy Luv said...

Look at the boys! I love seeing kids no matter who they belong to they put a smile on my face! (as long as they are healthy)lol

You didn't know the glaze on them donuts was made out of powder?....you better ask a crack head! lol

The Pew sisters are funny I love reading the comments they leave!

I know Jay & Bey are forever and I think Nicarey are too they both think they are 12!

FK gas and milk did you see the price for eggs?...I'm about to get 2 chickens for house pets!

Rich said...

lmao at sexxy luv on the two chickens comment.

CapCity said...

random responses 2 your random muses:

is that your summer flick - no skully on in the profile? LoL! cute kids.i agree: crack in KK ... j&b will last (not as FLY as will & jada - but no less connected;-) ...nick's career needs a boost? church is ALWAYZ filled w/ playa playahz - most i KNOW enjoy the views around 'em AND the church-going-feel 'em up hugz (and I ain't really mad at'em;-)... AMEN 2 this: "There are a LOTTA jobs out here...not enough careers, tho"
I have SEVERAL relatives who refuse to eat watermelon cuz they think it'll make 'em look bad - I say PASS ME YOUR SLICE! LOL! I enjoyed Jill Scott - but if u nevah seent Janet in concert - she's another MUST see = have seen her SEVERAL times & EVEN when she was overweight/outta shape I had a BLAST!!
I, too LOVE me some BLACK folk & so glad to be Black myself (no matter HOW often folk axe me what I'm mixed with! LOL!;-)!!

Oh, if any of your fans/readers are in NYC this week...tell em to come out:

SPECIAL Invitation to NYC Bloggers from Organized Noise:
" ... I am inviting all bloggers who live or work in the New York City area to join me on Wednesday night afterwork for a meet and greet. It will be held at MIXX LOUNGE in Greenwich Village. The address is 84 7th Avenue South, a block away from the Christopher Street train station on the 1 train and 5 blocks from the West 4th Street train station on the "A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", and "V" trains. Please pass the word to other bloggers in the area."

The Pew View said...

Hey baby...yes, milk is $4.00 a gallon. Now listen, I'm on a fixed income. Hell, i'm still tryin' fix it. What I can say is that it's a good thang I'm able to make my own milk. It comes out like powder these days, but I adds me a little luke warm water and it tastes just like the cows made it. I mixes it with my coffee in the mernin and it usually makes for good cornbread.

I called myself eating cookies and dippin' too - that turned out not to be a good idea. But hell, we gotta do something in these rough times.

With Love,
Mrs. Mabel

12kyle said...

LMAO @ u!! Too silly. 1nce again...good to see u back on the set whylin out like O-Dog.

Tell MP to get that tat! Nothing wrong with it @ 35. It'd be different if I were 65.

Big ^ to him for throwin down in the kitchen. I like to hear that! Wallamelons...lol

@ The Pew View
I see...you like to piss on em and tell em that it's raining, huh? Lmao!!!

btw...I enjoy your commentary. Always entertaining.

@ Eb the Celeb
Don't hate on the pic, lil sis. Flyyness must be commended...and not hated upon. Lol

I do love black people. I want that to be known. Don't hate on my Hawks. You saw what we did. We had Boston shook!

I cooked fluffy buttermilk pancakes, turkey bacon, and scrambled eggs for breakfast. For dinner, I cooked pasta (w/sauce), scallops, shrimp, and long stemmed green string beans. And for dessert...walnut brownies. Very delicious.

Haaaaaa. The tat will be on my shoulder. Nowhere else! Lol

btw...welcome back!

@ OD
"If Kellz peed on a little white girl...he'd already be convicted." Mannnn, u aint neva lied!

Don't worry bout my Hawks...just worry bout dem Celtics. They are looking reeeeeeal suspect right now. Haaaa

Thumbs down on the tat??

@ Queen
"Sexy people never have to show ID to purchase alcohol."...*crickets*

The usher was a man. I could have let it slide if he tried to do it on the low. But he wasn't even tryna hide it. LoL

Can't front...my boy JFresh kinda helped me with the menu. But I'm not gonna give him credit. I still had to cook it! LOL

"Where are you" just makes me laugh. Make me think I'm like in the 3rd grade and your mom asked you that question.

@ Darius T Wiliilams
Mannn, I can't drive past that place and NOT stop to get at least one.

@ TravelDiva
Thanks! Those lil dudes are off the chain. I thought they'd be quiet and shy like me.

Nick and Mariah kinda came outta nowhere for me. She's crazy. And he's a lil stuck on him self. Not a good mix

Can't argue with Prince!

He WAS the only kneeeeegrow at the function. Prolly had to come in thru the back door. Haaaa

@ prettyparker

I forgot about ole scotter! Damn!

Mannn, I took 2 lessons and quit. I'm gonna learn to play it before I get outta here. Belee dat!

Nuffin wrong with voting for Obama b/c he's black. Lol

No voicemail? How do you survive? Why did ya cut ya hair?

X was the man in the 90s.

12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List
Lmao @ u about the tattoo! That's something to ponder right thurrr.

Is Mariah black?

White folk DO expect you to eat it! LOL!!! Sooo true

@ Rich
LOL. I hear you.

The Pew View is tooo funny.

I didn't realize how high milk was until I bought some the other day. And yes...these lil dudes will destroy a gallon of milk.

"There are plenty of Deacon Booty's up in church, but some of the sisters be putting it out there trying to catch them a good "church going" brother." *internet pound*

He's almost outta office. We can tell our kids that we survived the Great Depression (remix)

@ Trish
C'mon Trish. Don't hate on Jigga. That said...I pray that any kid that they have will look like Beyonce. Lmao

Word? I didn't know he supported Obama....maybe Bush didn't know, either.

I have "barely" noticed the influx of tight dresses in the chuuuch.

It's not a mega church...but it's big. And yes. I've met him on a few occasions. Very impressed with the brother. I chopped it up with him at Deion's b-ball game one day.

Mrs12 loved the meals!!

Brandon hates hats. He don't want you to even TOUCH his head. He's a lil pretty boy! Lol

@ Jaded NYer
I can't quit. I won't. I just won't

Noooo, I don't wanna give him any ideas. He is already off the chain and he's not even 2 yet

@ Keisha the Kitten
How old is Nick compared to Mariah?

I usually blog right b4 I go to bed...that's why this post is all over the place

Crack did X in. And that's sad.

I'll give you alllllllll of my watermelon slices. Haaaaa

@ Sexxy Luv
I love kids. I'll love em even more when they go off to college. LOL

Powder, huh? So THAT'S what it is!

LMAO @ U!!! 2 chickens!!!

@ CapCity
Haaaa. No. I like going to other blogs and seeing pics. I wanted to add personal pics to my blog but I never could figure out how to download the damn pics from the camera. LOL. So, I'll be adding pics from time to time

Feel em up hugs! LOL.

I've never seen Penny Gordon in concert. I heard that she puts on a great show.

LOL @ "folk axe me what I'm mixed with"

Sounds like a good groove in nyc

@ The Pew View
Ohhhhh lawd...she makes her own milk! LOL

Miss Mika said...

I don't know about black man, but I am a black woman that can't stand watermelon. And my people give me a lot of flack for it.

I was really wondering who the Pew blogger is too. The comments are so.... interesting.

Still in shock of the Mariah and Nick thing. And I hate to be the pessimist here, but I don't see Jay and B lasting "til death" either.

You get super duper props for hooking up breakfast on Mother's Day. I am sure Mrs12 appreciated it.

I hate the trouble of being carded. I hate the fact that I have to take my ID out of my wallet. A wallet that my ID has been in of so long, it is practically impossible to get out because it is stuck to the plastic window.

Always a fan of randomness!! Great job 12Kyle!

dejanae said...

too much damn crap for me to comment on

good post

Anonymous said...

I was in church on Sunday and I caught the usher looking at a woman's azz. LMAO!! I had to chuckle b/c he just couldn't help it. Kinda forgot where he was for a second. haaaa

Heck naw...that's funny!

speaking of church, i love my church but i'm getting tired of sitting in traffic in the parking lot for 30 mins AFTER church.

I used to hate going to Bishop Long's church for that very reason. People were actually selling bottled water in the summer time because we had to wait so long!

soumynona said...

Kyle thanks for the site visit, this is my first time here but I cant stop laughing. I too am a much maligned watermelon hater!! Nice lil flow too. It's funny because at my church I dont look at women's body parts but when I visit other churches I do...
I also love watching how men look at women, its crazy how we can't do anything w/o everyone knowing. Women can do that ish and keep it moving

Slausin-Ass Slaus said...

Angela Bassett could get it.... several times

Mizrepresent said...

Stevie Wonder gives the best live show! OMG! and of course Frankie Beverly and Maze!

I hope Jay and Bey make it...but it's too soon to tell. Now Nick and Mariah, i don't know.

You did a good thing for Mother's Day, but i wouldn't expect anything less from you :)

I so love getting carded, i laugh everytime, especially when i see the shock on their faces, ahhhh, life is good!

I've switched to the Express bus, Greyhoud style, quiet, and saves gas.

I so loved DMX!

I so love the Pew ladies...i'm guessing i know them too, but they are hella funny!

Love the chocolate boys!

I'm gonna be like Angela Bassett when i grow up...dang, i forgot i'm already grown...shid, i am Angela Bassett!

Kieya said...

hot verse

and yes, there is crack in those Krispy Kreme donuts which is why they taste like absolute freakin heaven. YUM!

B & Jay aren't like those 2 wk celebrity relationships. They been together for a minute so, I agree. Mariah & Nick? yuck.

If his daughter brought home a Black man, he would've had Cheyney shoot him.

I hate the fact that I have to present all this ID just to get a new one. I lost mine but I live out of state & its mad frustrating. :-(

Thats why after chuch, you're supposed to socialize for 45 mins lol

Boo Hawks. :-)

kudos on Breakfast & dinner!

Angela Bassett is amazing. She stay giving these young broads a run for their money...Black don't crack!

The Roots are pretty good...actually amazing. I hear Erykah Badu isn't bad either. Haven't seen Jill Scott in concert so I don't know how they compare.

PrettyBlack said...

Love your random shit but I can't remember it all;

I wish gas was still 3.69 in Cali we're at 4.05 what!?

Angela Bassett is the beautiful truth. But I still say that body wouldn't be as bad as it is had she carried and pushed out her own babies! (hate in the air)

what else did you say?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

great pic folk, get u 2 more and have a starting 5

12kyle said...

@ Mika
Anutha watermelon hater! Ya gatta love it

The Pew is off the chain!

Stuck to the plastic! Soooo true

Thanks, Mika

@ dejanae
LOL!!! Thanks

@ jewells
I went to New Birth once. That place is HUGE. I felt like i was back in college.

@ soumynona
Thanks for coming thru again!

I agree with you. The women do it sooo cleverly that nobody notices. This dude was downright blatant with it. LOL

@ Slauss
You damn right!

@ Miz

"I'm gonna be like Angela Bassett when i grow up...dang, i forgot i'm already grown...shid, i am Angela Bassett!" LMAO @ u!!!

@ Kieya
The Roots are killin it right now. I can't stop bumpin the new cd

LMAO @ Cheyney shooting him

Don't hate on mah Hawks. LOL

@ prettyblack
$4.05??? Dayyyyyyuuuummmm!!!

@ Torrance
Thanks but naw bruh. I'll stop at 3. That way...we'll have a foursome when we hit the golf course.

karrie b. said...

ughhhhh... can i adopt your kids?!?!