Friday, October 24, 2008

two hunnid

Thanks for comin out tonight
You coulda been anywhere in the world, but you're here with me
I appreciate that

Jay Z Izzo (H.O.V.A.)

It started here.

I took me like 5 hours to write that 1st post. Just me and my computer. Not sure where I was gonna go or what I was gonna say. I had only been blogging since Nov '07. But I didn't have my own blog. I would comment on other blogs but the idea of having my own blog was downright scary to me. At the time, I didn't have a job. Downsized from the imploding mortgage industry, I needed an outlet.

Much like Reasonable Doubt...there was supposed to only be one post and then I was gonna quit. I just wanted to see if I could do it. It started out with one and today I celebrate my 200th post! Not bad for a dude who was gonna quit after one post b/c nobody commented on my first post. LOL

I am happy to have reached 200 posts. The 12th Planet has become something special for me. First and foremost, I've gotta thank my boy Weja and my girl LRenee. If you had never suggested that I create my own blog, then I probably never would have done it. Also gotta thank Don and Eb the Celeb. I don't know where Don is (i used to see him around but i don't know if he's still bloggin) but if he had never come to my blog then I would have never met the trillion people who read his blog. Thanks to Eb for the vodoo (lol) shout out back then on RBW. Despite the fact that you like the Cowboys and you went to A& aiiight with me, sis. LOL

I could make an attempt right now to shout out to everybody who has been at the 12th Planet. But if I give a shout out and forget ONE person...I'll be getting an email saying "you didn't give me a shout out! I've been reading since '85." LOL. So, lemme just thank errrrrybody who reads and comments. From those of you in the blog those who read every day and those who read and NEVER comment. I really do appreciate you for vibing and hollerinatchaboi each day.

I appreciate the friendships that have been formed through the 12th Planet. I don't take that for granted. Most of you read this blog everyday and I have close friends who've NEVER read my blog. LOL. And I'm cool with that. Over a period of time, I've come to believe that you do one for you. Period. It's your thoughts. If you blog for you, you'll be fine. It doesn't matter who reads it. One day I may wanna talk about Obama and the next day I may wanna talk about frogs. And that's cool. Blog for you...and people will read. Even if they don't read it...let it be your method of expression.

200 posts...pop bottles!!!


Have a good weekend!!!!


Kin'shar said...

hahahaha, I saw the minute you posted. FIRSTTTT, ok now off to read!!

Kin'shar said...

Hey I'll drink to that....200 huh.

COngrats...hey you didnt mention me....just kidding just wanted to pick a bit, stay sweet kyle

Smarty Jones said...


Pocahontaz said...

got my drink and doing my two step for you...Congrats!!!

BorednTalkative said...

Congrats on your 200th post.

Big O said...

Man...we started at the same time and you got WAAAAAAY more posts than me.

Your a dedicated blogger!! keep it up .

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

I popped open some Holy Water and I'm pouring some out for my dead homies and your 200th post!

Know that I appreciate the 12th Planet and your friendship Brother!

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

***Laughing at Keisha and the Holy Water for her Homies***

Congrats! Yep, I stop by like the traffic in the A Homie!!!!! (minus the headaches, lol)

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...


Now, what are we drinking?

Pigskin Loving Lady said...

awww sh8t, doing my happy dance. I'll have an apple martini with my lime on the side. Will you crush my ice too? lol


Derrick said...

It's good to see that all the time you spend on your BlackBerry is well spent. And to think, I thought you would have killed this ish long ago. Congrats Homeboi...More importantly, thanx for not puttin your crew on blast too much with our crazy ways...LOL

dessex said...

Congrats man!

I'm slowly creeping up on 200 myself

This a great blog.

The Jaded NYer said...

You know I stay coming over here like I got stock in 12th planet or something!!

Congratulations on the 200th... and here's to 200 more!!


PS- and just for good measure... *SIDE EYE* lol

Trish said...


Here's to many more blogs and expressions of thought.
Do you.

You could talk about toe-jam and I'd still be here. Ride or Die!

Love ya !!

12kyle said...

@ Kin'shar
I was tempted to do the shout out thing but I know I'd forget somebody. And then they'd be pissed off.

@ Smarty Jones
You know I got mad love for you, Eb, and Stew...but I can't say the same for your school of choice.

@ Poca
Haaaa! Drink and 2 step. I like the way that sounds

@ Boredntalkative
Thanks for checkin in from across the water!

@ Big O
I just talk a lot. LoL. Blogging is like talking to me. When I have something to say...I'll open my mouth.

@ Keisha the Kitten
Lmao @ Holy Water!! Thanks! You know that I appreciate you, too!

@ Kay C the Quiet Storm
Thanks for coming thru like the Wu

12kyle said...

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
First drink is on me!


You can have whateva you liiiiike


@ Pigskin Loving Lady
Haaaaa! Crushed ice is not a problem. I love apple martinis

@ Derrick
Haaaa! I preciate the crew for reading each day. You know I'd never put the fellaz on blast. People wouldn't begin to understand our shenanigans. Especially last weekend! LMAO!!! I came close to doing a blog about it but I couldn't even put it into words. Haaaaa

@ Dessex
Keep the posts coming. Your blog is tight! We have similar tastes in music

@ Jaded Santana
Lmao!!! Yes! You do have stock in this blog. You've been comin over here for a lonnnnnng time

@ Trish
We go wayyyyy back! You and I have talked about almost everything...except toe jam. Lmao!!!

Charles said...

Thats whats up man...congrats on the 200th. I'm well over 300 myself, and when I reach 4...I hope my site is half as hot and has half the following as yours does...

Many more homie

Keith said...

BROTHER MAN...I'm poppin my bottle of champaigne..

Tigeress said...

congrats on ur 200th post! It must feel good to have a lot of 'followers'. :):)

Keep us entertained.

12kyle said...

@ Charles
I beg to differ, bruh. Your blog is tight. Keep the posts coming!

@ Keith
I'll drink to that!

Hey...Falcons come to Philly this weekend. Should be a good game.

@ Tigeress
Thanks! I think the people that come here are like family. I'm that cousin that you have whose house that you love to go to b/c you can let your hair down when you're there. LOL

CapCity said...

Congrats on the 200, Brother Kyle! Yea, this blogging has brought some amazing people - such as U - into my life. It's been a blessing! Glad u continue to 'spress yo'se'f!

Just Jasmine said...


and I think i'm only at 21.

It takes a lot of dedication and perservence. Job well done

R. Fitzgerald said...

Congratulations man. I remember when I used to see that falcons cap all over the place. Now you got your "Kool Kyle" pic.

I don't get by everyday, but I always find my way, around your way. Congrats again.

Darius T. Williams said...

Ahhh - congrats man! I know it feels good.

12kyle said...

@ CapCity
I feel the same way. It was good meeting you this summer. Next time you come to the A...we are really gonna hang out. You know Miz is a party animal. LOL

@ Just Jasmine
LOL! Thanks. I didn't know that I was near 200 until the other day.

@ Rich
I appreciate you coming through. It was cool when we hung out this summer at the blogger event. We've gotta do it again. bout those Rams?? That was a big win last week!

@ Darius
Thanks bruh! feels good

Tha L said...

and you KNOW i'ma tip up that Crown this evening in your honor...

Cherish said...

congrats on 200

Derrick said...

I don't think you wanna touch last weekend. Your blog fam might find out some new ish about the man we call Quik-1!!!

Somebodies Friend said...

It is a BIG day... Bruh, I think this will be a day I remember for a long time;).


ShellyShell said...

Congrats! You KNOW I'm poppin' something tonite! It's Friday!! Again congrats look forward to 200 more!

Mizrepresent said...

Congrats 12kyle, so glad that you decided to remain in the game...i mean, where would be without "The Planet". Much luv to you!

L. Renee' said...

Thanks for the Shout Out!
Boy...I got you started and you way past me. LOL
Congratulations! I'm glad you found a hobby that you love and it seems to love you back!

CurvyGurl said...

Way to go, Kyle! You've inspired a lot of us. Looking forward to reading your next 200 :)!

12kyle said...

@ L
You bring the Crown and I'll bring the cups and ice.

@ Cherish

@ Derrick
I don't even think I could accurately articulate how it went down last weekend at tha crib. LoL

@ Somebodies Friend
That is true! Thanks, bruh

@ ShellyShell
Pop sumthin for ya boi!

@ Miz
Thanks! You've been here for a long time. Preciate the luv!

@ LRenee

You're right. I love this...and they love me. And I'm cool with that

@ CurvyGurl
Thanks! You all have inspired me too!

Ms. Bee said...


(I stop by and read a lot. I found you through Chicas in the City)

Eb the Celeb said...

It's all love big blog bro

congrats on 200 and I cant wait for the next 200...

I got quite a few suggestions... Like uummmm letting jphresh guest blog or *wink*

When ya'll coming to NYC?

The F$%K it List said...

200, next 5000. And I'll be here for the ride.

CONGRATS! I'll pop bottles for you next week, meds and all :)

12kyle said...

@ Ms. Bee
Thanks for coming thru and reading!

@ Eb the Celeb
LoL! U r sooooo silly! Thanks!

@ The F$%K it List
5000? Haaaaa! Thanks for all the luv

Big Cheekz said...

awww... congratulations on your 200th post! keep doin what u do folk...

The Flyyest said...

start with straight shots and then pop bottles!!!!


well imma be reading when you get to 1000 post....

hopefully...within that time you will have a post saying... "flyyest came to the A and kicked it hard!!!" hahahahaha

i doubt you gonna come to seattle so imma come to you!!! hahahaa

Luv ya bro!!! have a great weekend!!

basketball preseason....lets GO CLEVELAND... im goin for them this year... last year i supported BOSTON and you see what they did..ahahahahahah

PrettyBlack said...

Congrats! And don't worry 'bout my Cowboys- they gone be aight! lol! Miss you man! Gotta get back to my homework now.

PS you be postin' your ass off! I've been doing this shit longer than you and I'm a minute away from 200 damn!

12kyle said...

@ Big Cheeks

@ Flyyest
When you come to the A...we'll set this city on fiyah!

Cleveland has a good chance this year. I dunno if they have enough to beat Boston but I wouldn't bet against LeBron.

@ PrettyBlack
Whussup? Thanks for coming thru. I know that school is time consuming. Keep doing ya thang and make us proud.

Ms. Jones said...

I leave for a week and you already on your 200th post?!?! Congrats!!!!!!

12kyle said...

@ Ms Jones
I didn't do em all in a week. LoL!!!


Kin'shar said...

Hey sweat, just kidding

You are just doing your thang!!

Cute Home Decor said...

congrats to you man!!