Thursday, October 2, 2008

kick booty


– noun

1. respect or reverence paid or rendered

Today, I'm gonna pay homage to a place. A place that I knew very well but never got a chance to REALLY experience it like my friends did.

It was a place that was etched in my memory beginning in 1991 (freshman year of college)

Unfortunately, the place no longer exists. It is gone... but not forgotten

The place that I want to pay homage to is...

Kick Booty Liquor Store

Yes. That was the name of the liquor store. Kick Booty. (i know that you're laughing but i'm telling the truth)

It was located in the town where I went to college...Orangeburg, SC

I never really got a chance to enjoy Kick Booty b/c when I was in college...I didn't drink. In fact, I didn't take my first drink until I was like 25. But I took many trips to Kick Booty b/c I was always the designated driver when I hung out with my teammates. We'd go to Kick Booty and they'd buy liquor. Keep in mind that Kick Booty had a policy...they DID NOT care how old you were. They never checked IDs or anything. If you had a could purchase beer. LOL. And you could get liquor at 9 am!!!

A few years ago, Kick Booty burned down. Dunno what happened. There is a place called Kick Booty Motorsports located in the same town. I wonder if it's owned by the same dude that owned the liquor store? It amazes me that the store operated the way that it did and no one was ever busted for selling booze to underage college kids.

After taking my friends to Kick Booty, we'd ride around and they'd get drunk which was comical to me. They'd tell stories about great they were in high school and I'd laugh. Then, they'd tell me how they felt about me..."(slurring) Kyle, you mah nikka! Youz a good dude. I like you, man. You got a lottttta heart." I used to call it Drunken Confessions. Those were the days when I wish I had my camera. It'd be on reality tv or on youTube. LMAO!!!

So today...I pay homage to the one and only...Kick Booty Liquor Store.

Anybody else have a place like this where some shenanigans would go down???



Big Cheekz said...

"kick booty" liquor store? wow. i done heard it all.

Angel said...

I'm laughing - Kick Booty…lol

In the UK store names are not so…hmmmmm…...creative.

My first experience with alcohol ended so badly (I'm laughing/shamed at the memory) that to this day I don’t drink!

12kyle said...

@ Big Cheekz was sort of a shrine. LoL

@ Angel
Haaaaa! I'm a social drinker. I never drink too much. I don't ever wanna be sick. I was one of the few guys on my team who didn't drink in college.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I am LMAO at Kick Booty.

In college after I pledged we would hang out at what we called the Sigma Hop or the Blue and White Hop after every event in the ATL. (It was really the IHOP on North Avenue, down the street from Varsity. It is some other restaurant now)

You could go in there late on any Friday or Saturday night and see Sigmas and Zetas for days. And usually I could get a meal for free. (gotta love my blue and white) Those were the days, because someone always got busted snuggled up with someone they SWORE they weren't talkin' to :)

Big O said...

Its a liquor store near me called " California Barbecue".

The problem is...they never sold any bbq!!!

Also a "Las Vagas Liquor" near me

mlinz said...

OMG Kyle why did you have to go there!! Kick Booty was the S*&^ in da 'burg.

I think we all remember very well the day that it burned down. (Moment of silence please).

You know they have a group on the roundup dedicated to Kick Booty, maybe you should join it. Also I think I heard that they are doing something at homecoming for Kick Booty.

Also you forgot to pay homage to The Silver Spur.

R.I.P Kick Booty and The Silver Spur!!! Gone but not forgotten.

Keith said...

"Kick Booty"?? Hahahahahaha, yes I'm laughing....And YOU didn't, the first time you saw that place?

My first experience with alcohol ended very badly...I was a freshman
in college and lets just say I ended up over the toilet swearing I
would never get like this again.
It happens to all of us.

Keith said...
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Anonymous said...

Aint nuttin like some kick booty liquor.....funny name yeah

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ok, even if i THOUGHT i had a story, you wiped it all away with KICK BOOTY LIQUORS...oh my

Darius T. Williams said...

Lord - this is too funny. But there's a place called Ms. Muffet's that used to be on 79th and Western in Chicago - they're long gone now...but they had the best ghetto breakfast in the city.

You knew it had to be about food, right?

Kandi Black said...

Kick Booty...lmao...and then u kept emphasizing the name in red...u are too much...but i dont think there is any place that i can pay homage too...i aint too big on liqour anyways...u kno im all about the marry-wanna...(which i am taking a break from now btw)

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

No, I don't know of any place...however...

LMAO at Kick Booty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I would have loved to see this store!!!!!!!

Eb the Celeb said...

you really didn't link your college

AGAIN... ugh

anyway...look who found a new pic to

Charece said...

Kick Booty...That was probably some spot...Never had a spot like that but I definetly remember times like that..I just miss college life period those were the dayz(long sigh)Yup!

12kyle said...

@ Kay C the Quiet Storm
Free food is always good. Getting busted aint. LoL.

@ Big O
California Barbecue?? Man, that's funny.

@ mlinz
When it burned made alotta drunks sad. LoL

@ Keith
I've been down that road. And I'm not trying to go down it again. Haaaa

@ kin'shar
The name is very funny


@ Darius
Nuffin better than a ghetto breakfast

@ kandi black
I'm glad to hear that you are taking a break from "left handed cigarettes"

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
Trust was a sight to behold. It was common to see people at Kick Booty at 9 or 10am

@ Eb the Celeb
Beat it. LoL

@ Charece
Those truely were the days. I miss college sooooo much!!!

The Dreamy One said...

yes indeed kick booty liquor store.


Sexxy Luv said...

that's crazy! lmao i don't have anything creative like that around my way. :)

The F$%K it List said...

now that is just so COUNTRY but big ups to Orangeburgh, SC!

I will pay homage to the ABC liquor store for the ready available supply of Southern Comfort, my drink of choice in VA.

And Kroger for opening even when every other fool ass store in VA would shut down. Oh and Roanoke PD for making sure that I was ok in the light dusting of snow but looking rather confused when I said was ok this was not REAL snow.

Ms. Jones said...

I don't have to tell you that I busted out laughing when I realized that Kick Booty was in reference to a liquor store!! Being the type of guy that you are I assumed from the title that some type of football game was coming on and you wanted your team to..well, kick booty lol

I want to pay homage to Home Liquors for going strong since I was an infant and looked forward to going there with my parents so they could pick up their pack of Heineken....

O Yea, and to White Castle for being the hot spot 24/7, whether it be after church or after the club that's the spot where you can find everybody!

Chay said...

Kick Booty-that name is too much for me

~Ms. Moore~ said...

Kick Booty liquor store---LMAO As they say "truth is stranger than fiction" just can't make that up.
when I was about 15 years old the drinking age was 18. There was a liquor store (don't remember the name) in my aunt's neighborhood that sold alcohol and cigarettes to any one, any age. If you had cash and could communicate what you wanted the transaction was done.

Stew said...

hell naw....liquor is STRONGLY REGULATED in NC. but it was never a problem. i always had a way to get my hands on some liquor

Muze said...

lmao @ kick booty.


we had a place like that when i was in college. only it was a rickety old house where some old lady ran things.

we called it the something house(can't think of the name... i think it was booze house. or crack house. or something like that. lol)

it was scary. we would only go in groups.

and i totally understand what you mean about being the only sober one. my job was to keep everyone's legs closed and drawers up... like i was their dang mama. lol.

ShellyShell said...

LMBAO@ Kick booty!

F$%K it- I remember ABC Liquor from when I lived in VA! I would cuss htem out for closing so damn early!

There was a liquor store in my hometown that some old man ran and I would go in there with a fake ass id or no id at all and buy gallons of "Mr. Boston" vodka(for $7) and we would drink it straight and get drunk and say "Mr. Boston F&%ks you up" I remember throwing up and grabbing the bottle and rinsing my mouth out with vodka! I was a mess! That's why in my yearbook everyone called me "Iron Stomach" LOL!

ms.uncensored said...

kick booty.

priceless. effin priceless. o don't know if this is relevant. but there are an overwhelming amount of cornerstores in philly named "ice cold beer" or "cold beer" or "beer" or "cold beer and steaks". i kid you not.

Dione said...

Hmmmm... I'd like to pay homage to the infamous Kick Booty, the Hot Spot, Central Park, the Brown Derby and at the top of the list... *Drum Roll*
THE CONDO'S! Bethea Hall gets a close 2nd...

dessex said...

kick booty?????

When I was in colleg and my friends and I got drunk for some reason we always ended up Mcdonalds. I'm not sure why but we go there and talk crazy in the drive thru....

damn I miss college

CallmeDnyce said...

Bra, you hit the nail on the head!! I was dating a flag girl in the Marching 101 in '92 while I was at USC. I had alot of homeboys at SCSCU at the time, and we used to wear Kick Booty out when I came down. The name originated from a shortened version of "Go Bulldogs, Kick Booty." The same people who owned KB back in the day run the garage by that name today. They could not get the license renewed, so WHOOF!!!.....instant seed money from insurance to do something else. Everyone who was at State knew of Kick Booty, and I even met an alumnus in LA in 2005 who asked me about KB when we talked. That was indeed a landmark in Orangeburg history.....I am gonna pour a lil liquor out 2nite for Kick Booty....PSYCHE....that would be alcohol abuse!!!

Anonymous said...
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