Friday, October 17, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

have you ever lost the remote control to your tv and you spent 5 mins looking for it instead of walking to the tv to turn the channel?

word on the street is that janet jackson has dumped jermaine dupri. good! hey penny...hollatchaboi!

i love going to the mailbox and seeing that there are no bills in there

i shop in less than an hour. get in...get out. i don't know 1 woman who spends less than an hour shopping.

what happened to the "dirty" kid in your elementary class?

speaking of kids, i heard some 5th graders the other day cussin like sailors. i was blown away. they cussed like i wasn't even standing there.

where's your next vacation gonna be? i wanna hit LA for at least a week.

quick many hours do you sleep? I need about 5 and i'm good

mcshame looked like a bitter old man the other night. he sounded like the old dude on your block who didn't want you to walk in his yard. "you kids stay off my lawn!"

the problem that he has with obama is that obama has money and he doesn't. obama's money is longer than mcshame's arms

wonder if joe the plumber got some booty the other night? they mentioned so many times that you know that he has to be using that to his advantage

is obama cool or what?

ever been in church and the preacher says "in conclusion..." but preaches 15 more minutes?

claudia jordan...claudia jordan...claudia jordan (sorry e)

pacman are an idiot! i don't feel for you

do you go to lunch with your co-workers? i don't. lol

when you go to lunch with your co-workers...why is the one person that nobody likes is always the one who wants to ride with you?

thank GOD. period

why do white folk work so hard to get a tan? do you really wanna be black?

clinton portis...i know you read yesterday's blog. now go register to vote. sucka!

can i bring these two sayings back..."jive turkey" and "right on"? lol

where my atl bloggers at? we gotta get together soon!!

let's get a game of spades!

paula patton...paula patton...paula patton

the nba season is right around the corner!!! i can't wait. let's go hawks

christmas is right around the corner. wowwwwwww

wonder how long it'd take me to become fluent in spanish?

have a great weekend!!!


Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...


Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said... comment time!

Hey Brother!

-How about your batteries go dead so you walk through the house to search for another remote control to steal batteries from...instead of manually turning the

-I love going to the mailbox and finding a surprise check!

-I'd like to introduce you that one woman who doesn't like to spend all day shopping or shop period for that matter.....Brother Kyle meet Sistah Kitten!

-Lately I'm working off of 4-5 hours of sleep a day...although Keisha the Kitten is a cat napper by nature...I need a whole day to sleep...cause a sistah is tired!

-Thank God...period...and end of the story!!

-speaking of God......


-Hecky yeah bring them sayings back so I can use them too
"Looky here Jive Turkey you dig what I'm saying?"...(they respond with a yes)..."Well right on!"

Pocahontaz said...

you dont need to be fluent.. all you need to know is hola, gracias, adios, and dinero..LOL

Smarty Jones said...

I have lost the remote, gone all over the house looking for it and sat right in front of the TV to use it. lol
I don't spend a whole lot of time in the store either kyle, I am the only one of my friends who hates to shop.
The dirty kid in my class was also the booger kid and he's in jail.
My next vakay will actually be in California. My brother just got stationed in Barstow so I'm flying into Vegas and we're going to L.A. at some point that week, so my vakay is gonna be off the hook!
As far as sleep, I need four hours to function, five to be cordial while functioning.
McShame is a bitter old man, an evil, bitter ole, condescending little man and I don't like him.
LoL @ Obama's money being longer than McShame's arms. MY money is longer than McShame's arms and that's not saying much!
Adam Jones is definitely an idiot and he's paying the stupid tax, just like Mike Vick is paying the stupid tax!
Kids are bad as hell nowadays. I think they should all be lined up, bent over with their pants down and have a bunch of old school mamas, mine being the ring leader, come by and beat their asses with belts, switches, extension cords and house shoes.
I only go to lunch with my co-workers when my boss pays for it.

dessex said...

I think I want to go to DC again. I love that city.

Paula Patton....Robin Thicke is one lucky man.

The dirty kid in 5th grade always got beat up.

I need 7 hours of sleep.

12kyle said...

@ Keisha the Kitten
You don't like to shop? Really! Wow!

@ Poca
LMAO!!! I wanna be fluent in Spanish. I haven't taken a class since sophomore year in high school. But I would like to take some classes.

@ Smarty Jones
Nooooo! The dirty kid is in jail. Awwwwww dayyyyummm. Haaaaaa

@ dessex
I've always loved DC! It's one of the few places that I'd consider living if I ever moved from Atlanta

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

pacman jones is beyond an idiot lol

12kyle said...

@ Rawdawgbuffalo
I dunno if there's a bigger idiot than pacman. How are you gonna get in a fight with someone who was HIRED to protect YOU??? Dummmmeeeee

Darius T. Williams said...

I need like 7 or 8 hours of sleep and I'd be good!

Um, yea, bloggers should get together. We had the first Bloggers Family Reunion in 2008 in Baltimore. We're working on the next one for 2009!

Darius T. Williams said...

Oh yea, I'm taking Spanish now - still ain't fluent in that ish. They say you need like 4 years to become fluent...which I guess makes sense cuz babies don't really start putting together sentences and having conversations until they're like 4.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

*raising hand*

I am another woman who doesn't like to shop. I like to know what I am going in for, get it and go home. On a rare occassion I may spend a little time browsing, but it gets old QUICK!!!!

ATL blogger check in.

Why is it that the batteries in the remote die so fast?

I can tell you a bigger idiot than Pacman...Michael Vick!!

I do lunch with my co-workers every blue moon. Does it count if it's only the black people in my office?

I knew a girl who tanned so much, her legs were darker than mine in the summer. My mailman at the job is darker than me in the summer, but he says he likes that its only temporary because he couldn't handle the extras that came along with the permanant color. You don't say???

The Hawks are suppose to do big things this year, it's about time. They haven't been good since Spud and Wilkins were on the floor. Speaking of Spud did you catch him in the Zaxby's commercial? I always wondered if that was his name. Glad to know it isn't.

Big O said...

Im hitting Vegas for my girls bday in feb!

i shop like a chick...sorry man, lol

McCain had his best debate and still didn't pull it off.

L. Renee' said...

Hey 12Kyle,

So true...LOL

I've been so busy with school that my baby and I haven't really had a real quantity time together. So, I'm taking him to the Poconos for the weekend. If you want to learn Spanish fast..get The Rosetta stone.LOL

Sexxy Luv said...

I'm beggin' you to start using "jive turkey"! lmao my grandma use to always say that when i was little! ha

I like JJ & JD as a couple

I have gotten the shopping down to about 5 hours! :)

these kids are off the chain! you should have took your belt off.

Obama so cool i feel as if i know him! lol

lunch with co-workers?...hell naw! that's my time to be the "real" me! lol

thank GOD period!....i 2nd that!

and you don't have bill in the mail box cause they all come out electronically! lol

Queen of My Castle said...

I HEART Obama and Mrs. Obama to no end. I'm wearing my Barack the Vote Tee as I type this...@ WORK

How about the ATL blogger all come and vacay in The H?!

I am sooooo ready for the holiday season. The weather, the clothes, family, children laughing, snuggling under soft blankets, and FOOD!!!!!!! Give me a sweet potato pie and your girl is gooooood.

No hablas espanol?! Ay caramba!

And I yell a hearty resounding AMEN and Thank you, Jesus!!!!!!!

The Jaded NYer said...

I used to do that remote thing all the time! lol

and ewww who cares what happened to the dirty kid? he's probably still dirty somewhere, pickin boogers n sh*t!

I shall be in Key West in NOV... don't hate!

If you decide to bring back Jive Turkey I'll help; I'd love to call a few people that...

log onto Yahoo games and we can get a Spades tourney going!

to be fluent, at your age? Hmm... you'd have to study it for a few years and then immerse yourself in the language in a Spanish-speaking country. If you were a kid it wouldn't take as long. Sorry!

enjoy your weekend!! :D

laughing808 said...

yep, I spent 15 minutes looking for the cable remote to only turn three channels up......

I went in target last night for two items and wound up in there for 1.5 hours and spent $95 and still forgot one item

Praise Him!

I need 8 hours, but can't get to bed to early enough

The F$%K it List said...

hey now, random posts are my favorite.

I do this every day 5 times a day. I am going to have to tie the remote around my neck!

Where did you hear that about JJackson? A few weeks ago she was talking about having babies

I lovoe that too, So sometimes I don't even go to the mailbox.

i can shop in less than an hour, if I'm looking for mens clothes hahah

I never knew a dirty kid, Bugger kid yes. I see him when I drop off CJ all the time. EWW

You should have told them to shut that mess up. I do it all the time.

VACATION, haha more like STAYCATION.

If I get 5 I'm good, I'd prefer 7 though

McLame is a bitter old man!

Well that's not a good comparison his arms are majorly short. Too weird

I wish Joe Plumber and his no license self would go back under a rock!

Too cool for school! Love Obama

Yes, and it makes me nuts. Conclusion means the end.

pacman jones...I know only what you and Eb say so yeah he's an idiot!

I take lunch with my friends, not my other co-workers though, they are boring.

that does not happen here we will quickly let you know you are not invited.

thank GOD. AMEN

HAHA, I had a friend that would tan and then come measure her level of tan against my skin.

clinton portis. YOU ARE A LOSER! VOTE DAMN IT.

Listen Re-run no one wants to hear those phrases anymore LOL

the nba season is right around the corner!!! WHOOOO HOOOO! I am so ready.

christmas? what is that? I'm celebrating Kwanzaa this year home made gifts. hehehe.

well according to Michael Phelps it will take 6 months to learn any language with those tapes.

Eb the Celeb said...

I"m going to LA with you

heeeeeeeeyyy j phresh... he reads the blog right kyle?

since you wont hook us up I have to take matters into my own hands...


heeeeeeyyy boo... call me ... wink!

Charles said...

Amen on Paula Patton!!!

I get headaches looking for stuff, so I wouldn't spend that much time looking for the remote, I'd just find something else to do.

I can spend a whole day shopping.

I think McCain was getting so mad because Barack was so calm....

Church be lasting every bit of 3.5 hours. When I hear 'in closing' that means another full hour.

Opinionated Diva said...

I wont watch TV if I can’t find the remote! Lol

Word? Is that why she keeps cancelling concerts?

Whatchou know about spades?! Don’t you hate when someone says they have three and two “possibles”, but they only get two books?!!!

Keith said...

That thing about losing the remote control happens every day at my house.

I love going to get the mail and finding no bills..The last time that happened..The neighbors saw me do the cabbage patch in my bathrobe and wave cap.

The "Dirty Kid" that I went to school with is doing quite well for himself now.

Obama is as cool as crushed ice...

I eat lunch with my co-workers ocassionally.

Somebodies Friend said...

I absolutely LOVE going to the mailbox and finding no bills!

Get in - get out

I had to get out of the way of a 5th grader that wasn't getin' his way the other day, the way he was acting, you'da thought "I" did something wrong, the boy was not havin' a good day.

Not quite sure of my destination, but a vacation is in order!

I need 7 or 8 hours sleep

Poor McShame, I'm feeling for him (not)

Thank God, yes

McShame hates that Obama has money and he doesn't, but that isn't all he is hatin' right now!

The Flyyest said...

Im on my kick so I can't go back and comment on everything u imma go off memory (which is shot)

I wanna start saying "right on" hahahha

Yes can basketball season come already??? Geez


Yeah its funny how white people be gettin tans...u ever see the ones that's so tanned they are orange..hahahhaha

Paula patton is hella pretty...aint that robin thickes wife?


Mcshame is a damn shame!!!!

Your next vacay....LA?? What happend to seattle? Lol

I give myself til moving to either houston(1st choice) or atl(2nd choice).. Either way it gonna make my way to the A....asap


12kyle said...

@ Darius
4yrs? Word? Can I take a crash course? LOL

@ Kay C the Quiet Storm
I hope that the Hawks can build off last yrs playoff run. I'll be at the games this year.

@ Big O
I've never been to Vegas. I heard that it's off the chain.

@ LRenee
The Poconos sound good!

@ Sexxy Luv
5 hrs shopping?? Oh noooooo!

@ Queen
I love the Obama's. They will be the example of a beautiful black family when they get in the Black House

@ Jaded Santana
I know that you can teach me Spanish in no time. You can start an online course..."Spanish with the Jaded NYer."

@ laughing808
LMAO! That's wayyyyy too much time in Target.

12kyle said...

@ The F$%k It List
Joe the Plumber's 15 mins of fame are almost over. Thank God!

@ Eb the Celeb
LMAO @ u!!!

@ Charles
You aint never lied about the preachers! I remember a dude who kept sayin' "I'ma get y'all outta here b/c I know you're ready to go." And he proceeded to keep on talking

@ OD
*raising hand*
That's me! I'll say that I have 2 possibles and get 3 books. Lmao!

@ Keith
Same here. We're always losing or misplacing the remotes b/c we try to hide them from Brandon

@ Somebodies Friend
Mcshame had the nerve to say that Obama has negative ads about him. He sounded like a wuss.

@ Flyyest
Yes. Paula Patton is Robin Thicke's wife. He's a lucky dude!

T Dub said...

Nice blog.

Want to affiliate?

Anonymous said...

dammit Kyle....I am still looking for that remote...

Can you turn to channel 5 for me?

Anonymous said...

Great randomness as usual.

#1 is just pure laziness. I'm so guilty of it.

I'm like you when it comes to shopping. In and out> The only time I lollygag (lol) is when I'm bored or wasting time.