Wednesday, October 29, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

NBA is here! I'm ready!

Can you imagine going to work and getting a staph infection?

Tomorrow marks the 4 year anniversary of the death of Jam Master Jay. We miss you, JMJ.

This Curve is addictive. I haven't put it down yet.

I want to take a moment to apologize to you for neglecting you. I've spent a great deal of time online (job searching, blogging, etc). We will get together very soon. I haven't forgotten about you. I miss you...xbox360

One of my boys has internet dialup! Really! C'mon bruh...catch up with the times

Never understood why dudes (and chicks) get wings when they are at the shoe show (aka strip club). Too much clappin and shakin going on. I don't want no "germs" on my wings.

Nia Long...Nia Long...Nia Long

Speaking of Nia Long, my boy Rezidl had dinner with her at the Thurgood Marshall dinner and he neglected to give her my number! Why?

If he didn't giver her my number, the least that he could have done would be to give her my blog address!

Fellas...remember thinking..."If her period comes on...I promise that I won't do that again."

Ladies...remember thinking..."If my period comes on...I promise that I won't do that again."

One week away from making history. Are you ready?

I'm not a fan of chocolate candy. What about you!

Lauren London...Lauren London...Lauren London

If your job told you that they will triple your salary starting tomorrow. Would you work harder?

I'm not anti-social...maybe I just don't like my co-workers

I love black people

Pray for Jennifer Hudson and her family. I can't imagine what she's going through.

Cold weather is here to stay.

Have you ever locker yourself out of your house or car?

Between the 12th Planet, twitter, and facebook...I'm a media mogul. LoL

If you're interested in somebody...tell em! We're too old to be playing games.

It's cool when you "find" money unexpectedly in your pockets.


eclectik said...

NBA is here...I'm un moved; but feh.

I want the Storm (I think)

I'll be on the 360 as soon as the NFL season is over

If one of my friends had Dial up, I'd punch him in the neck, and not be his friend till he got DSL

I never understood why people go to the strip club in the first place...seems like the height of male stupidity

Here's the question: Greater Milf
Nia or Halle?

I'm finally over Lauren London...too boxy.

If they said they'd triple my salary I'd work the same...they liked what they saw

I'm not anti social...people suck

Between:,, eclectik-remixation, and myspace...I get ignored on multiple levels.

I'm interested in like 5 of your readers...hey yall...come give it.


Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - a media mogul - lol...hilarious! Yea, the Curve is TOTALLY addictive!

Big O said...

In 2 nba fantasy leagues...hope i can keep up.

Feel you on the strip clubs, never been a fan.

I've had the curve since the pearl, lol. Great phone.

If they told me they'd triple my harder, hell, i musta been doing something right!!

BorednTalkative said...

Go to work and end up with a staph infection? I'd have to hunt down whoever came in spreading their germs.

I am a chocolate addict.

I'm anti-social and I'm not scared to admit it.

I am definitely praying for JHud's family. When I heard about it I was in complete shock. i couldn't imagine something like that happening to my family. What a horrible situation.

The cold weather is definitely here. It was snowing like crazy over here last night.

I love "finding" money in my pockets/handbags. Especially when I'm flat broke.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I'm still eyeing the iPhone and the new T-Mobile G1. But then I think, do I really want to pay an extra $30 a month to have internet on my phone? I barely get any work done now :)

Umm, one of my girls still has dial-up. It took her a week to email pictures of our last "girls night out" and I was killing myself with laughter every time I got a photo.

Wings at the shoe show??? I would think germs would be everywhere, cause you have to touch things before you sit down and start to eat. You know how nasty people are.

I love chocolate (white and dark)

Yes, I have locked myself out of my car once. Never again.

I have told my crush that I am interested. I'm too old to play games and life is too short.

I just "found" a couple of bucks in a bag I hadn't used in a while. It's the adult version of Christmas.

Christian Keyes, Christian Keyes...Christian Keyes. I would loose my sanity if that man let me oil him down!!!! HA!!

Opinionated Diva said...

Yay…NBA here!

Whats a “staph infection”? That doesn’t sound kosher.

OMG @ internet dialup…word???? *shocked*

I’m ready for the beginning of a new era

Chocolate makes the world go round!

Triple my salary to work harder? I’d work harder…slightly...but gone are the days of killing myself at work.

Ohhhhh…I just found a fifty cent piece in my coat yesterday. It’s been a while since I had it on…me so happy!

Cute Home Decor said...

i'm so excited with the first game

Just Jasmine said...


Im stuck with the curve until TMO gets something better.. Teh BOld I presume?

Im about to buy my son the 360 (i'll break it in since he's one)

Dial up? Throw back! That's like someone with a cord phone or without call waiting.

I have never been to the strip club but i prolly wouldn't even want to drink from their cups let alone eat.

Nia Is still very pretty

I've never been a Lauren London fan. Something a little off there

staph infections are nasty. tis the seaons. Wash your damn hands when you pee.

I hate chocolate, unless its an oreo, wendy's frosty or hot chocolate (these are all fake in my opinion)

i think if they tripled my salary they would probably try to triple my worklaod. I would therfore be much busier as a result. not by choice.

Still speechless at The JHUD tragedy.

I hate the cold:(

The F$%K it List said...

random thoughts...

NBA is here You know I am. Finally!

Heck no, I'd be mad as hell

We miss you, JMJ.
I'll find out next week, I'm finally getting this damn bberry (I could use my work one but they are too nosey)

What is it with you men and that xbox, we are officially a WII family now

DAMN dial up, does he use AOL too. DAMN

Food at a strip club is just nasty

*Dialing Ms 12K* about Nia Long

YES YES And Yes, never kept my promise, though hahah

I've been ready. Don't forget Monday Black Solidarity day!

I live for chocolate.

Nope I work too hard now. Taking work home, up until 1-2am. just give me the money no "IFs"

sounds anti-social to me bruh!

I love black people sometimes, heheh

Pray for Jennifer Hudson and her family. I can't imagine what she's going through.

What the heck happen to fall, I haven't even had time to rck my hubby's hoody like a dress with high boots. DAMN

Yes and then had to bang on the window so someone could let me in but everyone was sleep.


Ain't that the truth, I'm yelling at my friend about that now. If you like the man say something.

ShellyShell said...

I like the NBA but I only watch a little bit of the game and then the highlights on SportsCenter! I'm waiting for college Basketball...GO Heels!

I'm buying myself WII for the winter months! You haven't just been abandoning 360 you don't stop by te spot anymore! I should drop kick you in your neck...:(

Who the hell hell still has dial up? My girl still has an AOL email address and I make fun of her!

I have friends who love the wings at the strip club..Uhh NO Thanks!

Triple my salary. I'm still going to work the same!

People jsut get on my last nerve!

It's a little chilly in NYC! I haven't had enough time to transition!

I'm probably one of the few women who hates chocolate! I'll eat Oreos and Peanut M&M's! Chocolate ice cream, cake...YUCKY!! Give me candy any day!

My car locked with the engine running and I was on my way to the airport! One of the neighborhood crackheads got my door open. I gave him $10 and kept it moving! LOL!

I love finding money in my coats are handbags!

Ieisha said...

And how do YOU know that folks order wings at the strip club??????? Lol.

"If you're interested in somebody...tell em! We're too old to be playing games."

So with you on that one. This dude in class with me is so damn passive-aggressive that it has become a joke. I ain't down for all that. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Period.

Sexxy Luv said...

not a big fan of the NBA.....sorry

I want the G1 like ASAP!!!!

lol @ the dial up....@ least he has internet

you dont like fried chicken with that shake?....shame on you! lol

Nia Long is one beautiful sista!

no matter what i said i was still pregnant! lol

I'm so excited, i think i may sleep at the church where i have to vote at! lol seriously!

i love black people too!

with 30 being right around the corner i'm going hard to get what i want! lol wish me luck!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Who has sex on their period...never mind...

...I been ready to make history; I'm just hoping it's the history I want to see...

...hell yea I would work harder; and I would stop looking for another job...

...I have locked myself out of both; for the car, I just call Pop A Lock with their high asses (can't stand them); getting locked out of the house is a bitch...I have to break into my own time I got stuck in the window and had to wait for someone to pull me out (waited 2 hours)...

dessex said...

First of all....Nia Long is Mine! lol....damn that woman is sexy.

I got 2K9 (i don't really play B-ball games) but that game is dope...I can't put the sticks down when I play.

I remember saying...I won't do that again....Birth Control is the best thing known to man lol

Don't like chocolate....Hell I don't like candy! Except for Fruit snacks.

One week away...and WE HAVE TO DO OUR PART! We must go to the polls and vote! I will be there EARLY MORNING!

clnmike said...

The Knicks suck, so I am not looking forward to this season at all.

Eb the Celeb said...

I with E... I'm unmoved by NBA being here...

and you aint no damn media mogul

and stop putting bad energy in the blogosphere with all that if her period comes on mess

12kyle said...

@ e
Halle or Nia??? Hmmm. I gotta go with Nia. I've been in love with her since she was on The Guiding Light back in tha day

Ignored? Man, your blog is fiyah. I really don't see how you have time to run the blog and the message board.

@ Darius
You told me that it was addictive. I believe you!

@ Big O
It'd take a lot to move me to go to the shoe show. I'm not into throwing away money

@ BorednTalkative
Haaaa! At least you'll admit to being anti-social. Admission is the first step. I dunno if I am. Well...maybe I am

@ Kay C the Quiet Storm
LMAO!!! I feel you. I wanted to send my homeboy some pics of the kids but it'd take him forever to view them!

@ OD
Staph infections are bacterial infections that can easily attack your body. If they arent treated promptly...they can kill you.

@ Cute Home Decor
Welcome to the 12th Planet Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day...hangin out like wet clothes

@ Just Jasmine
Haaaaaa! Buying the xbox360 for your 1 yr old son??? Yeah right! LOL

12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List
She knows about my love affairs with Nia and Sanaa. LMAO!!!

@ ShellyShell drop kicks in the neck. LOL. I'm been grinding like some bicuspids (haaaa). I'ma come thru to all the blogs. Did you do a new post?

@ Ieisha
I know that dudes order wings at the shoe show b/c I've seen em do it. Here in Atlanta...the women get butt nekkid. And i can only imagine what might/might not be floating in the air while dudes are eating their wings. LMAO!!!

@ Sexxy Luv
no matter what i said i was still pregnant! Now that's funny! LMAO!!!

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
Period sex? Nooooo I wasn't talkin bout that. LMAO! I'm talking about when you have that "pregnancy scare" and you tell your self that you won't ever have unprotected sex again. And you know that you're lying! LMAO!!

@ dessex
I just copped NBA2K9. Awwww's sick!!!

@ clnmike
The Knicks just might be at the bottom...again. Sup with Isaiah and the sleeping pill overdose???

@ Eb the Celeb
Not putting bad energy out there. You know that you've said it once or twice. Haaaa

Somebodies Friend said...

Hurray for the NBA!

Who in the world would go to work with a staph infection and spread it around. If you have one it is unmistakeable, YUCK!

I need me a Curve!

It's all about the 360!

Dailup? Do they live in a cave?

I never think about that!

It's all about the HISTORY!

Triple salary, I'd have to figure they already are diggin' what they got! HELL NO to 3X the work!

I'm feelin' the co-worker bit!

It's all about find the money in my pockets, YES!

Pocahontaz said...

I am ready for a change


I love finding unexpected moolah

I am in constant prayer for Jennifer and Julia Hudson

If they doubled my salary at work I would keep doing what I was doing but I would not slack off..LOL

ShellyShell said...

Uhh I did a post last week about Colin Powell and one this morning! See how you do me. I feel like a white kid with r4ed hair in a black family!

Keith said...

Bring on The NBA...I'm going to Modells Saturday to get my Elton
Brand jersey. I used to collect
Baseball Caps...Now it's Jerseys.
Got my Jimmy Rollins jersey on now.

If one of my friends had dial up,I'd clown him everytime I saw him until he got DSL.

I wouldn't eat nothin in a strip club.

If they tripled my salary tomorrow I wouldn't work harder..I figured they tripled it because I was already working my a#$ off in the first place.

Nia Long Nia Long Nia Long

Lauren London Lauren London Lauren London

I'm a social monster, always socializing.

I love Black people too...

Hey, I found money in my coat pocket this morning..Ten dollars to be exact..trying to remember what I was doing the last time I Had this coat on.

TravelDiva said...

LOL on being a media mogul.

I've locked myself out of my car, with the car running. All kinds of stupid...

Charece said...

"If you're interested in somebody...tell em! We're too old to be playing games."


L. Renee' said...

Hey 12Kyle,
working on a paper right now. But, wanted to stop through and say HI!
Why when you are nice enough to let someone get over in front of you their ass slows down?

Why do people stop and park in the kiss and go lane when you are dropping your kid off at school?

Why am I looking at my neighbors out the side of my eye for having McCain signs in their yards? My kids will not be trick or treating at their house. LOL

Why are certain people still driving around with their damn convertible tops down in 45 degree weather?

12kyle said...

@ Somebodies Friend
I voted yesterday. I felt good when I finished. The turnout was HUGE. Old, young, rich, and poor. Good to see our people exercising their right to vote

@ Poca
Hudson's tragedy was senseless. It's very hard to believe!

@ ShellyShell
Haaaaaaa! I'm coming thru!

@ Keith
Big ^ to Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard and the rest of the Phillies. Good to see them bring a 'chip to the Illadelph. Long time coming. Celebrate, bruh

@ Traveldiva
I've never done it but I've seen it happen. It's sad and funny at the same time

@ Charece
You feel me. We're all adults. Let's act like it. No need for games. Be up front with people.

@ LRenee
LMAO @ trick or treating. Don't worry about them. In a few days, they'll have to fall in line with the O movement!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I'm not a fan of chocolate either.

I can't wait for next week to see history being made!!

I am anti-social! LOL

I have locked myself out of my apt.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i hate the cold

and she aint give u her url - foul

Smarty Jones said...

NBA is here, so.
Any kind of SmartPhone is addictive.
Who has dial-up? Does he still have a green screen too?
I am soooo ready to make history next week, it's not even funny.
I love chocolate. It's almost orgasmic. (OK, clearly, it's been a while.)
I certainly encourage everyone to be in prayer for the Hudson family. That was tragic and senseless.
What do you mean, "if you like somebody, tell 'em?" I understand we're all grown now, but the stakes are higher. I'm not saying don't ever tell 'em, I'm just saying, calculate it first.

Mizrepresent said...

I love basketball, but i haven't been watching.

Dialup sucks!

Food in the strip club, my's well just suck on a tit and be done!

Greater MILF = ME, lol!

Dayum give me 3 times my salary and i will work how you want!

I love people! oh, sometimes!

I like pure chocolate, but i'm not really big on sweets!

Man to find money in my liking finally reaching that pot of gold! You hear me!

Ummm when i settle down with my man (whomever it may be) i don't give a dayum if he wants to do
Xbox, Wifii or any other thing, that just leaves me time to blog, write and do my thing! Shid do you, and i'll do me! 09 Mantra! For real!

Kin'shar said...

I love NBA

I hate any type of infection

I will miss you Master J

what curve...?

Why are you neglecting the XBOX

ummm, dial-up....LMAO!!

Hey, lay off the chicken, I love chicken

Nia...yea shes cute, but Meagan Goode got her (check the lips boi)

Do what again......ewwww!!

Yea, OBAMA here we come!! lets do this!!

Chocolate is not like it used to be

Hey the requirements wasnt to work harder....

Black people love you too

Prayed for her....

Cold weather is out...

Yea, Im locked out now...(help)

Wonder what planet im on now???

The person im interested in ....well they know, trust me..

Change I find....when I do laundry is called a tip...and I get

Kin'shar said...

Hey you made me forget.....


lol, how are you?