Wednesday, October 8, 2008

random thoughts about hip hop...

Wonder what Jay Z saw in Amil?? He signed her but not Foxy Brown? Makes no sense to me

Biggie's and Tupac's murders are STILL unsolved

I remember when Master P was a bigger mogul than Puffy and Jay Z

Maybe there should be a "age limit" when rappers get in their 40s. LoL

Not hating on him...but...LL Cool J has had a nose job.

I've always had a crush on MC Lyte.

I remember when my mom heard me listening to the cuss words of NWA. She told me to "take that shit out of her damn house." Haaaaa

Never under estimate the influence that Luke Skyywalker (aka Uncle Luke aka Luther Campbell) has had on the game of hip hop.

Funny how people complain about the "influence of hip hop" but hip hop is used to sell everything from bras to dish detergent

Hip hop is the new "N" word. It's a way of saying it without saying it. For example..."Those in the hip hop culture embrace the thug life attitude."

The NBA instituted a dress code for its players because they were dressed "too much like rappers." But if you go to an NBA game...the only thing that you'll hear in the areana is hip hop music!??!

I've always been a fan of "backpack rappers" like Common, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Mos Def, and Little Brother

Ok...who's cuter...Salt, Pepa, or Spinderella?

Remember Yo MTV Raps hosted by Fab 5 Freddy?

Rememver when Rap City was hosted by Chris Thomas aka Da Mayor. Then it was hosted by Prince Da'Jur aka the dude with the "Good Hair" lol

There is a difference between rap and hip hop

People used to hate on Hammer for selling a lotta records. Nowadays, you had BETTA sell a lotta records...or else!

Long live the memory of Jay Dilla. Gone but not forgotten.

My sons only know him as "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" or as Will Smith...not The Fresh Prince.

Hip hop was supposed to be a passing fad in the early 80s. And look at it now.

Lil Wayne is a good rapper. The best alive??? Nooooo, Wayne's not even in the top 30

Nas beat Jay Z in their battle. It took me a while to admit that.

KRS-One is one of the best MCs to ever grab a mic. He also has one of the biggest noses that I've ever seen in my life.

Roxanne, Roxanne...I wanna be yo man

You have to admire the longevity of some MCs who've remained relevant

I hated to see EPMD break up! Same with Eric B and Rakim

There is a generation of kids who know Flavor Flav from tv and not from the days with Public Enemy.

I'm from the South. I live in the South. But I can't identify with most of the music that is coming from the South right now. It's not music...its noise.

Goodie Mob came out before Outkast. Ever wonder why they didn't blow up like them?

Love Wu-Tang Clan. Most people don't understand them. I do

The great thing about hip hop was that it took you places mentally. I could listen to BDP, Geto Boys, or NWA and be in the Bronx, Houston, or LA...even though I had never been there before.

Where have all of the great female MCs gone? MC Lyte never had to take most of her clothes off to get attention.

"Thanks for coming out. God bless you. Goodnight." - Russell Simmons (the GodFather of hip hop)


Tha L said...

MC Lyte! ME TOOO!!!

And there's absolutely NO QUESTION in my mind...Spinderella. 4shizzle.

And the truest sign of old age (which I just admitted myself the other damn day) is when you start calling the most current music "noise". LMMFAO! Lawd knows the stuff we listened to back in the day was nothin' but noise to our parents.


And you BEST leave my man LL the hell alone. Let the man have a nose job if that's what he wants. Seriously!

Oh, and FIRST. Haaaa!

eclectik said...

Well, I know a few thing about Hip Hop
Therefore I dig 95% of this post lol

EPMD latest CD came out yesterday.

Like Nas Beat Jay Z...quietly Antonette beat MC Lyte.

I WILL Underestimate Lukes influence on Hip Hop...his influence on Rap music was huge though.

Lil Wayne might be in the top 60

...because Goodies mob didnt have anyone that women wanted to have sex with.



dessex said...

The Goodie Mob just didn't have that star power.

I will talk Salt

Yes ther should be an age limit. As much as I love Too $hort, he needs to stop.

Scarface however, will get a free pass.

There are not too many people that could touch LL in is prime.

I liked Amil's first CD.

There are moments when I like Wayne but then he always end up saying something stupid...then I stop fuckin with him.

I like backpapers as well.

By the way AZ is the most underrated rapper in Hip-Hop history.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

-I miss Biggie and Tupac! It might be unsolved but we know who knows who did it...God will deal with that on judgment think Heaven got a ghetto???

-Would the age limit be for newcomers or used as a mandatory retirement age?

-Salt? Peppa? or Spinderella?...I'll say Spinderella

-Are people really saying Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive?

-Haa....Roxanne Roxanne...I remember sneaking and playing with my brother's dj equipment and trying to stratch that

Mizrepresent said...

Yeah, what happened to Master P, or the others from that group of rappers that lil Wayne was apart of?

age limit for everybody except LL (lol)

my favorite female rapper was Left-eye, (really)

mom's funny

12kyle said...

@ L
I'm sorry to offend your man. But LL be getting upset when people talk about his nose. He knows that his nose wasn't always that size. LOL

@ e
EPMD dropped yesterday??? Word!!! Awww man...I'm slippin'. I gots ta git it!

@ dessex
Scarface is a beast. He never has disappointed me.

@ Keisha the Kitten
I also tried to scratch that record...and any other record that I could get my hands on. LOL

@ Miz
Wayne was a member of the Hot Boys. They are still around. Except for one of em...he's doing a bid.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Wow, you're so right...there was a time when Master P was the biggest hip-hop mogul there was!! Times have changed.

Amil was such a one-hit wonder.

I must say, I was impressed by Lil' Wayne's latest CD. I was not a fan b4 it.

I miss Tupac and Biggie too. If Suge Knight had never come on the scene when he took Dr. Dre to start Deathrow...I still believe both would be alive today!

As always, I love your random thoughts!

Opinionated Diva said...

Probably didn't sign Fox, because he didn't need to...he got a piece of her cut anyway since he was writing ALL of her lyrics.

my brother in law used to date Lyte...she was supposed to put him on the rap scene - never happened.

I prefer Roxanne Shantay's rap style...cause she could cold rock a party and do this show.

Big O said...

Ether KILLED jayz....

percy was putting out albums every week from No Limit at one point...

I love Outkast and Goodie Mob, i just think that Kast had a better appeal then the mob. Plus, i think that "world party" had alot to do with good mob not doing so well, lol

the NBA is shitty for that dress code. point blank...

Brad said...

Jay was hitting Amil. I'm sure. Cause she had no real talent to speak of.

Biggie and Tupac are still alive. We talked about this.

Master P took advantage of what he had and made the most of it. I respect that he didn't blow through his money either.

MC Lyte would NEVER have a crush on you.....she don't like your kind. LMAO.

Uncle Luke defines FREAK.

Charece said...

Yeah..."hip-hop" today gives you something to dance to and laugh about, but hip-hop back in the day gave you something to actually think about. They would say some stuff that had you thinking like Ooh snap they're right.

I don't really know if I can say wit Jay-Z and Nas. I was just bumping Jay-Z this morning on my way to work, matter if fact I'm listening to him now...thats a tough one.

You know who reminds me of MC Lyte even though I can't stand the kid is Lil Mamma and I'm not talking bout he lip gloss song she got a new song out and it is hot can't remember what it's called but it's deep...she favors her a lot and her swagger is similar to MC's.

I loved Outkast...the were hot together. Yeah Will Smith ditched rappin for actin, but if you ask me he's a much better actor lol... Defineately, Flavor Flav and other rappers are nothing but modern day minstrel shows and even though he was a nuckel head back then too at least his lyrics had a message behind them.

I think you forgot to add the Fugees bra, I use to love the Fugees now they had some music that made you think.

Hip-Hop was also educational they introduced you to new word then too, I remember listening to the Fugees and having to take out a dictionary just so I knew what they meant.

Lauryn, get yourself together and come back girly we miss you!

*Coop* said...

master P set the standard for marketing and promoting acts. That's hard to believe but everyone's now doing what he did back then. Man...

*Coop* said...

and I'm still deciphering some of Khujo's lyrics. I don't think everyone could relate to them outside of the south. Khujo was too much, T-Mo left much to be desired but big and dre were the perfect combination.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I think there should be an age limit as well...rapping in your 40s with sagging pants...eeeewwwww!

I didn't realize he had a nose job...he didn't need one.

I'm soooooo with you on this southern hip hop/rap...its stupid, and I think it started with that damn Laffy Taffy.

Goodie Mob was deep; too deep for the time they came out.

Sexxy Luv said...

Jay was hitting Amil we all know that!

I'm sick of LL did you see him and Busta in that Pepsi Max commercial?...

I think Spinderella was the cutest one....not so sure now.

yes there is a difference between hip hop and rap and i like RAP!

Wayne IS in the top don't even like rap you like hip hop so how you know?...

never understood Wu Tang

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

MC lyte was too manly for me lol
but me loved them geto bpys ans u know how i feel about nwa

ShellyShell said...

Pleas Jay was all up in Amil! She has NO talent!

Big and Pac's murders will never be solved! Everyone will be left wondering...

I keep telling everyone that LL had work done on his face!

At one point Master P was straight running shyt!

I always loved Lyte. Thought she was a little man-ish but I liked her! No one has had her flow!

LMAO! I remember when my mom heard me blasting NWA out of my bedroom. She came in and said the next time I listened to that shyt out loud she was busting the tape! I was only allowed to listen to it on my!

Spinderella was the cutest one!

Fab 5 Freddy was the shyt on Yo!

I've been listening to Wayne since he was about 10 because I have friends in NO who always thought he was the truth! I don't think he's the greatest. I think this cd is decent and I give him credit that he has evolved since the "Block is Hot" but the greatest NEVER!

Jay to me hasn't been FIYAH since Reasonable Doubt. He has his moments but he was so hot on Reasonable Doubt it's because he was hungry! The Black Album was soo WACK to me! I like the Life and Times of Shawn Carter vol.1 and 2 also. Nas has always been hot. He just hasn't had the commerical sucess like Jay! Jay can drop a line on someone's shyt and make the song hot but he just hasn't put out a hot azz album in awhile! American Gangster was cool.

KRS-One is the truth! He dropped so much knowledge on folks.

EPMD and Eric B and the god! Lawd I was sad when they broke up!

A lot of people didn't understand Wu. I've seen them in concert many times and there would be sooo many white kids there! 36 Chambers is one of my favorite albums! Of course Meth is my first "Thug Love" LOL!

Charles said...

Give me Spin...

I used to mess with the Wu, till I listened to them recently and didn't know what was going on...

I still rock with Goodie Mo-B. I have no idea why they didn't blow up...I'm guessin that they needed to drop Aquemini...

Yeah, Nas won...but ummm...didn't matter much...

MC Lyte could cold rock a party...

J Dilla 4eva

karrie b. said...

SALT. still is.


The F$%K it List said...

he saw the same thing all men did, Free T&A. and he saw that in foxy too.

And its a damn shame, if it were a white Rock singer it would have been solved 1o times, Black folks better let that stop snitchin gshit go!

Ah Master P, he started focusing on Lil Romeo and stopped cursing.

Age limit should be 35.

LL Nah he had more than just a nose job, heheh. I LOVE HIM THOUGH SEXY CARAMEL SELF!

Uncle luke bought the booty shaken to the game.

hip hop selling bras WORD ?

Hip hop is the new "N" word. It's a way of saying it without saying it. For example..."Those in the hip hop culture embrace the thug life attitude." SO TRUE!

The NBA wanted to dress up the thugs, see my baby KG was not one of those dudes!

Common, Mos Def and Talib LOVE Them, music with a message.

Salt is cutest now. But Pepa was always my favorite.

Remember Yo MTV Raps hosted by Fab 5 Freddy? YEP SURE DO!
Prince D'ajur had a head full of vaseline, good hair ha

There is a difference between rap and hip hop (OH YES SIR, one is the music one is a culture. Ask KRS One he'll speak on it)

I never hated on hammer, just his pants hahah. Hip Hop is like the Matrix now

Long live the memory of Jay Dilla. Gone but not forgotten.

Well you are going to have to school them on the purest form of hip hop! Nothing better than Parent just don't understand

Yeah look at it now, a multi million dollar empire. MATRIX

Lil Wayne, This is too easy I'll pass.

Nas beat Jay Z in their battle. HE SURE DID! (I) Fuck with your soul like ether (Will) Teach you the king you know you (Not) "God's son" across the belly (Lose) I prove you lost already ! WHAT nothing was hotter than that. I'm listening to that right now.

KRS-One is one of the best MCs to ever grab a mic. He also has one of the biggest noses that I've ever seen in my life. TRUE TRUE

Roxanne, Roxanne I was listening to that this morning. They really thought they were suave! "HAHA

I hated to see EPMD break up! Same with Eric B and Rakim YEAH IT WAS A SHAME!

I wish I didn't know him from TV, PE was my group! Still is .

Hey now you always have the Kast!

Goodie Mob came out before Outkast. Ever wonder why they didn't blow up like them? They were too scary, but I pumps my Goodie Mob

True Hip hop fans understand the WU, changed the game!

that art of story telling has been lost on these new rappers. No more MC's

Female MC's, what where? I shake my head at the lack of GOOD female Mc's there are a lot of crappy ones.

"My friend" I'm gonna ask you to limit your quotes from Blood Diamond Rus.

Ms. Jones said...

Amil...she didn't even have a full 15 minutes of fame lol

Speaking of Tupac...have you heard the new track with him and Keyshia Cole?

Master P is on the come up again with BBTV (Better Black Television)

I heart backpack rappers :)

Salt is beautiful!!

Lil Wayne is far from the best rapper alive

Nas ethered Jay...your admission is so late!!!

I long for more female MCs...there's a NEED for them!!!

Russell and his lisp always make any show of his worthwhile down to the last second!

Queen of My Castle said...

I'm with Sexxy Luv on this one.

I love LL, but he needs to sit that azz down somewhere.

Weezy's underground stuff is better than his radio stuff. He can actually be rather thought provoking.

I think Salt is prettier...Now. Back in the Gap I would have said Spin.

Jay was most def hitting that. Heard his verse on Usher's song Best Thing?

dejanae said...

I've always been a fan of "backpack rappers" like Common, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Mos Def, and Little Brother

yep yep
good post

Rich said...

I remember when my mom heard me listening to the cuss words of NWA. She told me to "take that shit out of her damn house." Haaaaa Too Funny

Spinderella!! They kept her in the back to keep her from stealing their shine.

Master P changed the game and now he's making bad movies. SMH

Chris Thomas -- saw him live doing standup back in the summer of '95, dude was funny as heck.

I was singing "Flava Flav is the son, Public Enemy # 1, got you running for your gun, Pow, my oozie weighs a ton" and my kids were just staring like "where did you get that from."

12kyle said...

Great points about Death Row and Bad Boy. I think you make a valid point

@ OD
Maybe your brother in law wasn't that good. LOL!!!

@ Big O
That World Party album was such a disappointment for me. I've probably listened to it 5 times since I've had it.

@ Brad
I think Uncle Luke speaks to the inner freak in all of us. LMAO!!!!

@ Charece
Mah bad. How did I forget about Ms. Hill. I hope she comes back. I have maaad love for her. Shoot, I'd love to see the Fugees get back together. And Pras prolly needs some work.

@ *coop*
Good points. I think P was ahead of the game. I think his marketing strategy and plan was great. However, he prolly over saturated the market with his sound. People grew tired of him and No Limit. By the time the Hot Boys hit the was over for No Limit

12kyle said...

@ *coop*
Khujo really confused me on Watch For the Hook LOL. When in doubt about a lyric...i look it up at

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
If I ever see those Laffy Taffy dudes walking around the's on!! LOL. They are horrible. They'll be at McD's in 3 yrs.

@ Sexxy Luv
You're right. Jay had to be hittin Amil. But wasn't he hittin Foxy, too???

@ Rawdawgbuffalo
Geto Boys repped the south!!! Everybody loved them. I still think Scarface is one of the most underrated MCs in the game

@ ShellyShell (twin)
Hole didn't like the Black Album? What about the Blueprint? I will admit that none of his cds have measured up to Reasonable Doubt but that's b/c that cd was damn near perfect! LOL

@ Charles
Mannnnn, I'm a HUGE fan of JDilla. I've got about 10 cds of his beats (instrumentals) that I listen to all the time. Dude was sooooo far ahead of the game with his music. Cats don't even understand how sick he was.

12kyle said...

@ Karrie b
I've always thought that Spin looked better. Salt looks better now.

@ the F$%k it List
LMAO @ DaJour with the head full of vaseline.

@ Ms Jones
LOL. My admission is somewhat late. Here's the story...both Jay Z and NaS have always been 2 of my favorite MCs of all time. I didn't even know that there was a rift between them. Jay Z threw the out the bait at Summer Jam when he yelled "Ask NaS...he don't want it with Hov." NaS responded with a diss song. It was good but not enough to do damage to Jay Z in my eyes. When Jay Z dropped Takeover...I thought NaS was done. He left him for dead. When I heard Ether, I was like..."that's hot" but I wasn't gonna say that he won b/c I just couldn't admit that Jay Z lost. LOL. Jay Z's response was ok...but he crossed the line. He knew it and apologized. Anyway, it took me a long time to admit that Jay lost simply b/c I was a bigger fan of Jay than I was NaS. NaS won the battle. Jay won the war.

@ Queen
It's definitely time for Uncle L to sit down. Retire and bow out with grace.

@ Dejanae
It seems like these guys bring back something refreshing to the game of hip hop

@ Rich
LMAO!!! Seriously, I don't think that I would have been a hip hop head if my mom didn't forbid me from listening to hip hop. I was a teenager who wanted to rebel. Hip hop was the "rebellion music" at the time. It proved to be a great alternative for me.

Pocahontaz said...

Hey Kyle...its been a min since we last chat...Im back tho and I missed your spot. I can only give my thoughts a the very first comment

Jay Z was confused...I dont know why he aint no Amil was a MAN BABY!

12kyle said...

@ Poca
HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Whussup Poca??? It's been a long time. Word on the street is that you and hubby hit the lottery and moved to some exotic island. Well...y'all better invite me down there. I'll come down there and hang out like wet clothes. LMAO!!

I definitely don't see what Jay saw in her. I mean, he won't be mistaken for Denzel but I'm sure that he could have found somebody prettier. Oh least he did upgrade her. LOL

Welcome back!!!

Anonymous said...

"The NBA instituted a dress code for its players because they were dressed "too much like rappers." But if you go to an NBA game...the only thing that you'll hear in the areana is hip hop music!??!"

GREAT POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith said...

I'm late today....
@Loved Me some Salt..I thought she was so sexy...
@Ether Did Kill Jay Z and I took his side over Nas during that battle, but there was no denying the truth.
@Luke brought Sexy to Hip Hop.
@ I actually met Left Eye in a mall
about a year before she died.She was so nice and down to Earth..My daughter will never forget it.
@ Uncle L was untouchable in his prime. (LL Cool J..not Luke)

ShellyShell said...

Ok. I forgot about the was hot! But I thought the Black Album could have been better! He was talking all that shyt about retiring and that being his last album and it was mediocre to me! He had a couple songs off there but that shyt should have been a classic!