Tuesday, October 14, 2008


You better watch what you say and what you do
Cause you never really know who got they eyes on you
They be plotting, scheming, eyeing, scoping
Waiting for the day they get you out in the open
You better watch what you say and what you do
Cause sometimes it's hard to tell what's fake and what's true
They plotting, harassing, scheming when they spot you
One wrong move homeboy and then they got you

Little Brother (What They Do)

It started with an email.

The email read... "Hello Kyle. I've been reading your blog for a few months now but I've never commented. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your work and the vibe on your blog. Candi "

I responded...just as a do to almost everybody..."Thanks for reading. Thanks for coming thru. It's ok to comment...we don't bite."

I was glad that she reached out to me. I didn't think much about it until she commented on my blog 3 days later. I greeted her as I do everybody when they first make a comment on my page. "Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day..." (you know the rest...LOL). Later that day, she sent me another email to thank me for responding to her comment. In the email, she also let me know that she also lived in Atlanta. I thought that was cool b/c I like to know where all the local bloggers are so that we can co-ordinate the upcoming ATL blogger event. Nevertheless, I would get emails from Candi for next month. I'd usually get a few a week. Nothing big. Just chit chat. I found her to be very cool. She was a hip hop head and a sports fan like me. That's mostly what we'd talk about. I made nothing of it. I viewed her as a friend.

One day I received a friend request on Facebook from Candi. I accepted without hesitation. The next day, I received an email letting me know that she was following me on twitter. No problem for me. It was innocent in my eyes. A few days later, I received an email from Candi that said..."Hey, I know that you're in marketing. I need some help with a business plan that I have developed for my company. Can we meet for lunch. My treat. And yes...I'll pay you for your services. Here's my number (404) xxx-xxxx. Send me yours and we can meet at Nan in midtown for lunch."

I accepted without hesitation. Who wouldn't want some additional cash? I'm all about that paper. LOL. Anyway, we agreed to meet at Nan on a Friday afternoon. As soon as I walked in the restaurant, she was there to greet me with a hug. Candi was cuter than her profile picture. As we waited for our table, she told me how nice my suit looked. After we grabbed a table, I reviewed her plan and made some suggestions. We talked about the Falcons and the Hawks. Then, she asked if we could hang out again. "Yeah. You bring a date and I'll bring Mrs12 and we can kick it." She laughed and said that she wanted to hang with just me. That was the sign to me that something might be wrong but I brushed it off. We left the restaurant and agreed that we'd keep in touch. I told my boy Clark about her b/c I had planned to introduce him to her since they are both single. Well, I got an email from her at 3:12 am that said that she enjoyed lunch and she wanted to see me again.

I read the email on my blackberry the next morning. I ignored it. Then later on that day, I got a phone call from her while I was at Kameron's football practice.

"Hey. Did you get my email?"

"Yeah. I did. Candi, you know that I am married. You've read my blog. I'm all about my wife and my sons. I think you're cool. I dunno what's going on in your head...but I don't get down like that. You feel me?

"Yeah. I understand." Click. She hung up.

Three days later, I get an email from Candi that caught my eye. Well...the subject line said it all...YOU AINT SHIT!!!!!! I read the email where she accused me of leading her on. She called me a dog. She said that I was a womanizer. She said that she was gonna get on my blog and tell the world what kinda person I was. I read it and laughed my head off!!!! Everybody who knows me know that I'm drama free. I deleted the email. The next day I see her BMW in the parking lot next to my office. How did she know where I worked? Then, she kept calling my cell phone and hanging up. I'm thinking..."what the hell is wrong with her?"

I called her the next day. She didn't answer so I left her a voicemail. "Candi, I dunno what kind of games you're playing but I don't play games. You need to fall back. Or else!"

No response from her. In fact, I didn't hear anything for a week. Then, I get an email from her at 8:30 pm. I was leaving practice with Kameron. The email read...

"How would you like it if I told your wife about us? BTW...you have nice house. I like the black shutters on the white house. Maybe I should go and ring the doorbell? I know that your wife is home b/c I saw her with your sons in the yard earlier today."

How the fuck did I get here??????


Pocahontaz said...

Hey Kyle,

Well I can't answer your question as to how you got there...she is crazy and deranged. That is some fatal attraction type ish. As long as you keep the lines of communication open with your wife 100% than things should work out. I think you should not take her threats lightly, if there is away you can forward her emails or what not to the authorities you should, even if she is just bluffing you can protect yourself. OR...give me her info..you cant fight no girl but if you want I can choke her for you!

Mizrepresent said...

OMG! She's crazy Kyle, that's just crazy! Listen to Poca!

Trisha Lynn said...

Dude, you need to call the police, like pronto. I don't think you did anything wrong and weren't "leading her on" so as long as you have the emails to prove you didn't, then everything's cool.

eham said...

Well Cuz, since i have been there, all I can tell you is to travel with company keep to the right of the road and stand strong in your truth. If dat do work, run like hell!

dessex said...
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dessex said...

Yes! How did you get there?

That woman is crazy. You don't play with peoples family. Showing up at your job, stalkin your wife...thats what I call a stalker...

911 might be a joke, but it could be worth it.

Also, I ain't a married man, so i could be out of line for giving advice but I am sure you should probably let your wife know whats going on. Its better if she hears the story from you first, before i gets out of control

Peace my brotha!

Pro said...

watching dr. phil last night, i learned that you can locate all types of information on a person via their cell phone number (the wife searched her husbands cell records and called the number shown most frequently, got no answer, decided to do a number search, got the address of the number in question and ventured to the house on her way to church one sunday morning, where she spotted her HUSBAND'S car parked; imagine the rest). so, yes, i'm not surprised by technology that this fuck-chick put some pieces together to further her fatal attraction.

what i love most is that EXPOSURE you've done here. i really have always had the utmost respect for you 12teach, and the moral, married man character you genuinely display via blog. i told MP that we would definitely look you and mrs12 up on our visit (or future move) to the A.

all that said, you are doing many things RIGHT. that's why the enemy is stalking. shake 'em off like you on the field of one of the biggest SCSU games you ever played in and keep it movin'. i know mrs12 doing a happy "reminder" dance cause clearly this is another reminder that God ain't bless her with no junk... and even the crazies would be "Baker Act-ed" to have you!

peace bruh. walk in it.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Are you serious??? I'm mad someone would even disrespect you and Mrs 12Kyle like that! Coming by you job and house, what in the world???? The devil is a liar!

Lord, please handle this situation. Convict this woman's heart and mind. Please give my bro the gift of discernment and cover him and his family in the name of Jesus! I thank you in advance for the victory because your word says the battle is not ours but the Lord. We put this situation in your hands. Amen!

@Poca-I got mad reading this post too and I feel you about the choking up thing...but I had to pull out the big guns......PRAYER....and intercede for our brother....let's double team this chick by you standing in agreement with me on that prayer. Cause we know that when two or more are gathered in His name, he is there!!!

Pro said...

p.s. i heard that the ratio of decent, married, un-down-low brothas in the A is so limited that women settle for those married brothas rather than wait on their own. that's sad, but i can see that happening here. and you know before this episode it wasn't nothing to think twice about meeting people via blogger or the www. it IS the way of our times now. really blowed that somebody tryna get slick with their method to break up the black family.

*insert kings of comedy dvd; fast forward to ced-the-entertainer's, "i wish a nigga would" sketch*

Keith said...

I knew where this was going after reading the first paragraph..You've got a stalker...and you might have to call the police. What is frightening is how she got so much information..she knows where you live,she knows where you work, all of your e-mail and blackberry info.
You've got to find out if the two of you know somebody in common.
Be careful...If you can, keep your car off the street, put it in a garage or park it away from the house. Be careful and be vigilant.

Chay said...

wow can we say stalker???? i would say let her do whatever the hell she want to but let your wife know about the situation. let her know you met her for a business meeting and that "candi" wanted to talk more then business and know she went straight psycho on u

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

DANG Kyle you got swagger like that!?!?! OK, I laughed at a few comments but seriously...

Let Mrs.Kyle know what's going on. If it were me, I would rather hear it from you then from the crazy chick. Because women have a way of putting doubt into other women's heads. And it just looks better coming from you. Seriously. Don't wait to make her aware.

Because of how this chick is acting, I would look at it as making Mrs.Kyle aware for her and your little one's safety. Not saying this chick would do anything, but better to be prepared. And sometimes it takes another woman to get on that level to get her straight ;)

The F$%K it List said...

Clearly she is not all right in the head. Poca is 100% right.

I'm sure Mrs 12Kyle is aware of the situation so it might be Candi that wants to look out for herself. Cause if homegirl rang my door bell or sat out in front of my house she'd be.....let's just say I'm from Brooklyn and I don't play that shit!

The F$%K it List said...

But again I think this goes back to what I said to you on IM, why is being nice to someone always taken to the next level.

I don't think every dude that is nice to me wants to be more than my friend. I guess that's why my homeboy says I'm naive about these things.

The Jaded NYer said...

Oh no no no no!!!!

Who is this Candi heifer and when do you need me and the BK dreads to "pay her a visit"??

On a serious note, though, DO NOT TAKE IT LIGHTLY! She is clearly not all there. Pocahontaz's advice was good- save her messages and send to the authorities.

And posting it here is good, too, because now we all know and I KNOW that Candi chick is reading this and just so that SHE KNOWS:


Just so she knows...

Please stay safe- you and your family!!

AND make sure the authorities know, because if she's been by your house, who knows what what craziness is going through her head!

Trish said...

Kyle, I hate to say it but you got here by meeting with that crazy bitch in the first place.
You didnt know her from Adam. Thats exactly what happens to you men, you meet these women you dont know and boom, she turns out to be some crazy fatal attraction fool !!

You need to get her license plate and give the 5-0 a heads up.
Oh, btw let Mrs. 12 know what the hell is going on right away!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Is it weird that I'm laughing, yet scared for you at the same time?

This girl is crazy!!! Kyle, we are living in a world where mentally challenged people are everywhere...just because someone doesn't ride the short bus doesn't mean they are mentally sound. Over 55% of the people walking around here have some sort of mental defect, but they don't know it, due to denial and other excuses. I suggest you file a police report (ASAP), so that you can have it on file in the legal system, just in case anything serious happens and report it whenever she calls and/or sends emails...document it, and save copies (I've had to do this before). Also, tell your wife...you have to b/c it sounds like she just my try to be dangerous not only towards you, but towards your family as well, and we ain't trying to have that.

Opinionated Diva said...

I'm with Nae (Poca)...we gotcho back son! LOL

I think it's ironic that "you aint shit" for not wanting to cheat on your wife with her. Being that she wanted to be your side chick...what does that make her?

In the blog world...I've learned there's three sides to every story (his, hers and the truth), but I do believe that you've put the truth out there.

Hopefully that will be enough for her to keep it moving. Why would anyone continue to chase someone who doesn't want them ya know?

Opinionated Diva said...

PS: This is exactly why I detest lurkin azz lurkers! Wanna email on the low but don't want to leave a comment...it's weird!

L. Renee' said...

What the hell????
I guess you lost me when you met her for lunch. Can I just say because I know and love you: that was STUPID!!! I'm sorry but I am pissed. I will talk to you more about this offline.

Eb the Celeb said...

OMG... men are so gullible and dumb... why did I know what this was leading to in the first paragraph and you didn't get the hint...

Now she is obviously crazy as all hell... cuz I know you and that your a good dude and some dudes just don't know that being nice can be misinterpreted by crazy chicks...

you should know by now that the blog world is full of some crazy ass people... you should know that...

some socially challenged people that dont have real lives, homewreckers, insecure people, you know all of this...

I already know Ms. 12 is gangsta but if she need somebody to have her back on this one.. let her know I will fly down.


Rezidl said...

Chocolate Boy Wonder, this is simply a by-product of having a following for your successful blog where you share your honest thoughts. There's no real way to avoid having admirers, however, you are in control of how you respond. Document the actions, keep your distance, be straight up with the wife, and keep it moving in a positive direction.

I agree with PRO that you have to put people out there when they try stuff like this.

Ms. Minnie said...

This chick is crazy!

Sorry u had to go through that!

ShellyShell said...

Damn! I had a feeling where this shyt was going the first few sentences! As everyone has said I'm sure you have discussed this with Mrs12. I would call the police and file a report. Recall the deleted emails if you can(that's why I don't dump my emails for a few months...lol)! So, if this beyatch does happen to show up at your house when your wife is there and Mrs.12 has to beat her mf effin ass it will be documented why she had to put the ass whoppin on her!

Clearly she has mental issues. Just because a man talks to you etc does not mean they want to holla! If she paid the slightest attention to anything in this blog she would know that you don't get down like that!

Candi...dear if you're reading this. Your behavior is NOT COOL! If this was me all my professionalism would go out the door and I BEAT YOUR MOTHERF&%kIN ASS! So stay away from Kyle and his family!

Ms. Jones said...

Man listen, I'll be in Atlanta in a minute and teach Candi a little lesson ASAP. Bitch is nuts and you need to (a) call the cops (b)get a local family member,friend, random hoodrat to meet her in the parking lot and fuck her up. I saw Fatal Attraction..need I say more? Take this seriously because you have a family to protect.

Dear Candi (b/c I know you are going to go through the comments with a fine tooth comb): Leave this man and his family alone before you get yourself in more shit than you are already in. Clearly you feel the need to feel wanted and close to a man so go to church and try JESUS!!!! Stalking is taken very seriously in the court of law and I'm sure this isn't your first time, so just step back and get some help. Instead of preying on this good man and his family get yourself together so that one day you can have a family of your own someday.

B said...

Dang psycho bitches get on my nerves. I really have ZERO respect for women who try to date a man THEY KNOW is married. Granted she may have been hurt in the past and is looking for love yadda yah..no excuses. Keep your car on lock and the 5-0 on speed dial.

Oh...and tell Mrs12 before "Candi" elaborates the hell out of the story.

Sexxy Luv said...

I'm shocked.....i have no words to say besides not my Kyle!

The Pew View said...

Hey Baby,

The Lawd is sho nuff having mercy on that gal. Cause if me and Mabel wasn't locked up, she would be getting knocked upside her head with a purse full of bibles. Baby don't you worry cause that Lawd is on yo side. We praying for you baby. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Charles said...

Kyle...what the hell man!!! See...thats why I'm kinda skeptical about blogger meet ups...even though I know the majority of people are sane, but there still is always that chance of finding that one crazy muhfugga out there. That sounds like some thin line between love and hate mess right there...

The pure definition of the illness. I hope things are getting better, and the more people you tell about the situation, the better.

Darius T. Williams said...

Yea man - now this is CRAZY! This is what happens when you take a cool thing and mix crazy with it. We've all had our share of crazy blog stalkers. I don't know how you got here. I hope it all works out. Make sure you're communicating this with your wife though -Mrs. 12 needs to know that you're not playing games.

For what it's worth - I totally admire you. I admire the bond that you and your wife has as well as the care you put into being a father. You and Keith are my top two blog dads.

Keep us updated on the progress!

Anonymous said...

Yo Kyle,

This is your boy

Didn't go through all this shit once before with another bitch, and it wasn't all that long ago either.

wtf were you thinking, meeting this crazy bitch for lunch, "to talk business." You are a slow mf'ing learner kyle, it took months and a lot of shit to shake the last one off, I would have thought that the last thing you would do is meet a bitch for lunch like that.

If not for your sake, how about for Mrs kyle and your kids.

I am a little upset with you, b/c you know better.


Boy I wouldn't want to be this "Cindi" bitch if Mrs kyle is at your house and the psycho bitch decides to show up, let's just say if would probably be ugly and we wouldn't want to have to bail mrs kyle out of jail because of this crazy woman.

How could you be so ignorant kyle?

Anonymous said...

Yo Kyle,

This is your boy

Didn't go through all this shit once before with another bitch, and it wasn't all that long ago either.

wtf were you thinking, meeting this crazy bitch for lunch, "to talk business." You are a slow mf'ing learner kyle, it took months and a lot of shit to shake the last one off, I would have thought that the last thing you would do is meet a bitch for lunch like that.

If not for your sake, how about for Mrs kyle and your kids.

I am a little upset with you, b/c you know better.


Boy I wouldn't want to be this "Cindi" bitch if Mrs kyle is at your house and the psycho bitch decides to show up, let's just say if would probably be ugly and we wouldn't want to have to bail mrs kyle out of jail because of this crazy woman.

How could you be so ignorant kyle?

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

OMG!!! i was waiting for some type of twist or something like it wasn't real or it didn't really happen. How awful and super scary!!!!! I'm sure you've already told your wife. This is why it's sometimes frightening to have a blog nowadays. Lurkers scare me and I know I probably have a few over at my blog.

Good luck with getting rid of her. Keep us posted. I hope this doesn't deter you from blogging because we sane folks enjoy your blog so much!

Mad Hatter said...

Kyle, dangerous stalker? Driving by your house, wife and kids, cell phone calls, shes getting ready to mess you up big time. Play those cards wise.

~Ms. Moore~ said...

DUDE!!! What the F… Were you thinking? You mentioned several signs that she gave but you dismissed them. If this was a business meeting she had no business hugging you. Would you have hugged a dude in that situation? Would you hug a female at a job interview? No and No.
I sorta understand you cause our b’days and only days apart. And for the most part we are drama free but we will only allow others to push us but so far. Sometimes we Sagi’s are too trusting cause we say what we mean and mean what we say and we expect others to be the same way. Yeah we like the paper but we have to evaluate if the paper is worth the situation that it gets you into. In this case NO!!!!!
Who would of thought this situation would go this far. I’m in agreement with the rest of our blog family. Put this on record with the police and do what you have to do to keep Mrs 12k and the boys safe!

CurvyGurl said...

WTF? You can't be nice or responsive to some people these days. Certified stalker material. I'm with Eb, if homegirl decides not to fallback, we'll come handle it for ya. The nerve!

The Dreamy One said...

i really and truly hope things work themselves out.

praying for you sir!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Kyle!! This is the false story that you were talking about on today's post, right? Geez!

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

oh hell to the naw!

she is cRAZY! my first time here =) and this blog got me... i want to read moooooore!

Anonymous said...

Everything has been pretty much said here. There's always a nutty one in the bunch. Damn shame.

Take it from someone in the legal field, show ole girl that you mean business. If you got her info, the police can find her. Share all that with them and let them pay her a visit. That will set her straight ASAP.

Good luck with everything. I'm sure she's just testing you to see if she can create drama.

Rich said...

so you are ready to write your first story for publication. i got something that could be right down your alley.

Stew said...

damn....so this is what happens when i stay go away for a month. seems as if everyone else said it all...

hope everything worked out brother