Tuesday, October 28, 2008

you're a customer

I am a consumer

So are you.

We all have a desire to have our consumer needs to be met.

Customer service!!!

I am a huge stickler for good customer service. Nothing frustrates me more than to try to conduct a business transaction and having to deal with bad customer service. For example, if I call for technical support help with my DSL...I would like to speak with somebody who speaks ENGLISH. I don't care about outsourcing...gimme a dude who understands what the hell I'm saying. Period! That's not asking a lot

I've learned that if you wanna get something accomplished while completing a business transaction, then you have to be courteous no matter how bad the service. Sometimes...it's not a good idea to cuss folks out when you're trying to handle business.

Bad customer service. Do you have a story?



eclectik said...

Title jackin!

I posted mine Monday...how DARE you!

Need one more for the F Basketball league.


dessex said...

I have plenty of stories to tell but the one thing that gets under my skin the most is when I am being followed in the store....I HATE IT.

Or when I go into a store and no one even greets me....or says hello, a smile none of that shit....I will be damn if I spend my money in there.

12kyle said...

@ e
Word? Mah bad. I didn't hit the blogs yesterday. I was gonna use a different title but I thought about the old EPMD cut.

I'm definitely gonna do the Fantasy bball. I'll be registered and auto drafting by 8

@ dessex
I hate that too! Don't follow me around your store! When I need your help...I'll ask for it.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

I too cannot stand calling about a problem and having to focus on translating the representatives English.....oh yeah and I absolutely cannot stand when I'm done with a transaction and they try to sell me something else...I tend to let them know before they get started that I am not interested BUT they keep on with the sales pitch....RESPECT me...I said "No thank you"....now let it go playa........one more thing....a waitress with a stank-a-dank attitude!!! Funny thing is I always attempt to make a connection with my waitress...and when u r stank-a-dank for no reason....that bugs me....so I gotta kill you with kindness!......Or when they running to serve another table but ignore your needs cause they think the people at the other table gonna be high tippers....WRONG answer...I'm a big tipper....but they judge a book by the cover...and snooze on money in their pockets!!!

Why do rude people choose customer service as a career????

Big O said...

What i hate is when ( and its happened more than once) is when im getting my change back from getting fast food..and say my change is $1.03....these fools say " i dont have any pennies..."

WTF?! so that means i don't get all my change...well, gimme me a nickle then..y do i gotta take a loss?????? lol

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I have many, but my worst was at Verizon at Stonecrest.

Not only did I have to wait 3 hours for my phone, but dude totally ignored me, and took other customers while I was at the counter before giving me my phone which was right in front of him.

Then, I'm asking, "may I get my phone" and he ignores me. I get louder...he still ignores me. I was about to come across that table when another customer said " please give this lady her phone 'cause she has been waiting before me." All of a sudden, he gave me my phone, and I had his ass written up b/c I called headquarters and complained.

Darius T. Williams said...

I have tons of stories too - but I dont' really do bad customer service. I know how it's supposed to work and I get what's coming to me. If I call you and you give me bad customer service - then I get free stuff - it's automatic. You act up with me? Nah, it ain't happening. I'll cut up in McDonald's if I need to.

I guess I have a story.

One time I went to McDonald's. We went through the drive through. It was a spanish speaking girl who must've only understood numbers cuz I asked her to tell me about the new southern style chicken sandwich - she couldn't do it. You shouldn't be at the window taking orders if you can't speak english well enough to describe the items. I went into the store. I spoke with the manager. He understood my point of view - removed the girl from the window - and gave me my meal for free. See how it works - lol?

12kyle said...

@ Keisha the Kitten
Stank-a-dank! LOL! I like that. I agree with you. I also try to be nice to my waiter/waitresses.

@ Big O
I've had that happen to me, too! I'm like..."How do you run outta pennies?"

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
OMG!!! I love my people but I can't mess with my people at Stonecrest. I had a similar experience at the Sprint store at Stonecrest. Not only did I have to wait to be served but the dude behind the counter was selling "bootleg Gucci shades" to customers. I had never seen such bafoonery in my life. Sorry to hear about your experience. Now you know that it aint just Verizon...it's Stonecrest. If I need something from Sprint, I'll go to the store in Buckhead. The white folks treated me like a king when I was there. And that's a damn shame. LoL

@ Darius
Very smart of you to go inside. You never know what they might try to do to your food if you raised hell at the drive thru.

Eb the Celeb said...

Yup but I aint sharing because I think I am mad at you at the moment

eclectik said...

I can dig it...I was just fukn with you...your title fits

I just make titles in homage to the classics.

I dont have too many stories, I have two rules

1. Always be nice to food service people.

2. If I'm ignored or treated flippantly I shake the spot

Follow those you'll have mad bread to break up.

Yes indeed...hurry up before someone else jacks your last spot too.

There will be mass trash talking on the board


Opinionated Diva said...

When I was younger I worked in customer service, so I've been on both ends of the spectrum. Because of that I really do try to understand...but sometimes I can't stop myself from checking itches that are nasty for no reason.

I have way too many stories...lol - and none of them are short enough for this comment box!

Charles said...

Customer service is always the worst over the phone...its like the two go hand in hand.

Pigskin Loving Lady said...

Both Sprint and Verizon get thumbs down. If you call after work hours and all the Americans are gone home,FRUSTRATION! I just want to understand the words that are coming out of your mouth.

But let me OWE them...mofos be talking with an american dialect!!

B said...

Okay seriouslyyy, bad customer service can like make or break your day. Them jokas at Delta Airlines and Sallie Mae NEVER speak English. It's so frustrating. Bright House Networks, however? The best!

Just Jasmine said...

I think the worse is having to call your phone company only to get "claire" whom you have to repeat "blackberry" to several times in order for her to route you to the PDA department.

I absolutely hate when i pay for something, I clearly hand the cash to the cashier only for him.her to put my change on teh counter. If i handed you the money, hand me my Fing change.

Anonymous said...

ok you hit a soft spot kyle.... oh by the way I like saying your name...

lol, ok I'll stop but customer service is a thing for me...I hate poor customer service. Especially when you call about a product or service and the person sounds like. Ehlo You av rech cusoma servis.....aaahhh man, hell naw...if they cant understand what I am saying then how can they help me.

Ok, now one of my worst customer service was when I waited for my meal while everyone had finish...then the waitress brought it to me cold...as if she forgot my food. I didnt say anything to her until it was time to go. Do you know this heffer had a nerve to charge my bill. Aw hell naw man, you know I raised hell and requested the manager (you see im your worst enemy when im pissed)....MY ENTIRE BILL WAS FREE!!

Thanks to the waitress for saving me on a 89.00 bill at Bennigens (^_^)

Keith said...

I could tell a dozen different stories about bad customer service..One of the funniest is when I was trying to conduct business and the guy farted..didn't say excuse me or anything..We are both standing there pretending we don't smell anything..It was horrible..Then he had the nerve to get smart with me
before the sale was transacted..I can laugh about it now..but it sure wasn't funny when it happened..it was downright disgusting.

laughing808 said...

unfortnately I have too many stories to tell.......MSN and Verizon are prime examples of companines outsourcing to countries that barely speak english. I already barely know my way around a techincal computer stuff, but factor in a problem and a representative that doesn't speak english, recipe for diaster.

I can't stand when I hand cashiers my credit card but they put it on the conuter for me to get......it irks me to no end....it's too rude!

12kyle said...

@ Eb the Celeb

@ e
Remember this line...
"And even if they down with my crew...I'll jack them, too,!"

Looks like I didn't get there in time to get the roster. Damn!

@ OD
Sometimes...even if you don't want to...you gotta check em!

@ Charles
I agree. They do go hand in hand. When they talk on the phone, sometimes they feel like they can say what they want b/c they know that they don't have to see you.

@ Pigskin Loving Lady
LMAO!!! Classic! Sad...but true. So true

12kyle said...

@ B
I have to let Sallie Mae talk to my voice mail. Haaaaaaa. Never had any problems with Delta

@ Just Jasmine
OMG!!! I totally feel you on that. Put the money in my hand! I always viewed that as a sign of disrespect. Especially when white folks do it

@ Kin'shar
Haaaaaa. Thanks

Cold food?? Oh helllllll naw! You can't do that. I don't blame you. They should have given you another meal for free.

@ Keith
That's funny, bruh. I think I would have had to have said something to them

@ laughing808
I'm with you. I understand outsourcing. But the LEAST that you could do would be to hire people who understand English.

ShellyShell said...

I have so many stories...mainly with Sprint! Those beyatches! A couple of years ago I had to go to the Sprint store in DC when I still lived there. Matter of fact it's the one on 18th and M. I walked in dressed all professional and asked to see a few phones and the manager told me that I didn't need to test the phones and I should know what I want! Aruuuuuu? I thought my damn head was going to spin the hell off! I said excuse me! He said it's neither here nor there you either get a phone or you don't! I was so damn mad I was shaking. But instead of going completely the hell off. I asked one of the reps to use the phone and calmly called my boy who works at corporate Sprint and told him what had just transpired. He got the regional manager on the phone and I told her what happened. I went back to my office and wrote a scathing letter to her, the dumb ass manager and a manager above him. Sprint gave me a new phone, paid my bill for three months and for three more months I recieved a $25 credit! The manager was written and suspended for 3 days. I guess he pissed someone else off cause I saw him bouncing at a lounge one night and I said Ohh shyt to my friends we ain't gettin in here! Sprint is the worst though! I have horror stories for days about them!

Miss Mika said...

I have TOO many horrible customer service experiences... both in person and over the phone. Speaking with and English-is-obviously-not-my-first-or-second-language is the absolute worst. I've worked in customer service so I have a high standard when it comes to the service I expect. But you are right, staying calm and courteous will get an issue resolved...


Cute Home Decor said...

@charles yeah you got it man!