Wednesday, October 15, 2008

IT overload

Sup fam?

First...I wanna thank errrybody for their comments, concerns, thoughts, prayers, and threats to do bodily harm (lol) from yesterday's post. I have to say that I was flattered at your concerns for ya boy and my family.

Yesterday's post was totally FICTION. Not all. It was a scenario that I created. Now...before you get mad lemme explain my thought process.

I actually got the idea from a statement that was made by my girl Jaded NYer. A few days ago, she made mention of an ex that found her online. She mentioned that she might be "overexposed". That got me to thinking. Although I don't have a myspace page (too old for, I have a blog...I'm on twitter, facebook, AIM, BBerry Messenger, etc. Much like you, I have divulged a great deal of personal information to those of you who read what I write. Scary when you think about it. It'd be cool if it were only read by the 25-30 people who comment each day. But I dunno how many people actually read this blog. In these days of information technology, we are all overexposed to some degree.

That said...I don't live in fear of somebody stalking me. I just don't. I ain't that important. LOL. However, I am concerned when I think about some of my sisters who could run into an overzealous "STAN" or "CANDI". I did this post just to show that sometimes we have to be careful about the information that we put out there. I don't think anybody should sensor their blogs but you should be careful about how you "put stuff out there". Information may not always be received the way that you intend it to be received.

Once again, thanks for your concern. I hope that I didn't raise your blood pressure yesterday. LOL. I think even Keisha the Kitten was on the verge of cussin'. LOL. And I believe that all of you who stated that you would "get busy" to defend me!!! LOL. Y'all are ride or die for real!!! Good to know that y'all got my back. Trust me...i'd do the same for y'all.

Lastly, if "Candi" had rang the doorbell to my house...that would have been the last doorbell that she would have touched in her life. Mrs12 would have whupped her azz on the spot. LMAO!!!

Have you ever been stalked, blog stalked, or other wise bothered by someone of the opposite or same sex?



Kandi Black said...

Yes i have been stalked real life...not my ex-bf...he's done it quite a few insecure...and nuts...hence the EX in front of the boyfriend

The Jaded NYer said...

Kyle YOU KNOW WHAT? You're a hot mess... You had me calling up negroes to see who they knew in ATL and all that... man! You cannot activate the Bat Signal unless you really need it!!!!!

*goes to call off the posse*

That said... ain't no one dumb enough to stalk me; they know I'm certifiable...

12kyle said...

@ kandi black
a repeat offender? now, that's a damn shame. i see why he's an ex

@ Jaded Santana
I'm sorry. Good to know that the Bat Signal is there if I need it. I meant no harm. Just wrote it to show a side of how crazy these people can be. If somebody wanted to stalk me, we can meet behind the Palm Restaurant on Peachtree Street. I'd make sure that there be somebody there to kick they azz. Haaaaaaa

The Dreamy One said...

lmao, you are too wrong for that.

at first i was wondering if maybe it was jus a story

and then i was wondering if you had slept with the girl on the cool and you didnt tell us,lol

hell to be honest with you I was like damnnnnnnnn!!!

please dont do that again, please,lol

and yes i was stalked by this young guys that had tasted a piece of smooth cooch brown.

dude stalked me for two damn years.

he used to call my phone constantly and thank God I got a new car cause he even knew the my plate on the old one.

i was afraid tht he was gonna be waiting for me outside of work. dude did not get the picture that what we had was just a summer fling,lol

see that is why smooth cooch brown is on lockdown,lmao

Eb the Celeb said...


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

First, let me say, "Kyle, that was messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

To the post, I have been stalked twice by two different men. That's why I knew what to tell you because I've been there. You made me have flashbacks and shit for no reason...

...not cool Kyle...

ShellyShell said...

Man Kyle. I should whup the black off your ass! I was calling folks to see if they had "counsins" Don't ever do that shyt again! Hmmff!

I had a stalker in college who sent me a dozen of black roses. Everywhere I turned he was there! Then he just vanished. He's the sole reason why I don't date Haitians!

When i lived in DC my upstairs neighbor who was like 50 and married used to put flowers and notes on my car. I would see him at the dumpster and at the gas station..he would just appear out of nowhere! Next thing you know he and his wife were ghost! I made it abundantly clear that I get BUSY with knives! I always have a scapel in my purse and I don't have a problem using it!

12kyle said...

@ Dreamy
I wasn't trying to make it a joke. I just wanted to offer a different perspective. Thanks for your concern. Ya boy is fine

Smooth brown cooch! LMAO!!! You are crazy

@ Eb the Celeb
Haaaaaaaa. Don't be like that, sis. Does this mean that you can't come to Atlanta and buss some heads...YES! Sorry. LOL

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
Dayyyum. I'm sorry to hear that. It was not my intent to bring up some bad thoughts. I only wrote it to show how a few actions can get us in trouble. Being overexposed has its downside. Hope you not mad? Smile

@ ShellyShell
Please don't "de-blacken me". I love my hue.

I think I'd get ghost if somebody offered me their "knife work".

Once again...'preciate the love and the violence.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

They say go with your first mind......I thought this story might be fiction at first that's why I said "are you serious?"...BUT then I fell into the proverbal trap! lol.....Very good concept Brother...very good....

Now why you have to put a sistah on front street? be told....I was about to curse and call Sistah Poca up so we could go choke that chick know the Holy Spirit got the best of I chose to pray for my bro and his family instead of catching a case! you almost pulled the killa bull out me...but thank God for conviction!!!!

Now as far as your question...I can't say I've been stalked and I pray to God that I am NEVER EVER able to say that.

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm glad that wasn't a true story - I kinda thought it was blood pressure had 'rosed' up a bit.

My story - of course I've had one - by the same sex, of course - lol.

B said...

You know you get on my nerves! Co-signin' with Eb.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to get rid of my "MySpace" too Kyle, lol. I understand how you feel when you say "too old for that." To be honest, I rarely check the page! I missed the story that you posted that has everyone jazzed up, so I have to go digging for it in your older posts, lol. I have been so tied up lately, but I will begin to make my rounds. Hope all is well!

The Pew View said...


Now you know you shouldn't play with ole folks like that. Hell me and Mabel stole a spoon so we could dig a tunnel and escape from prison and come to beat some sense in that gal. Imma have to tell Mabel nevermind and she can gone head and use that spoon for her pudding. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

12kyle said...

@ Keisha the Kitten
When I read your comment...I was like..."Keisha is about to cuss!" LoL. Thanks for understanding the concept.

@ Darius
I remember this post that you did. Crazy! Just goes to show that it doesn't matter. Same sex or not.

@ B
C'mon now. Don't co-sign with Eb. She's crazy. Lol. Jusss kiddn. Again...sorry for the confusion.

@ Kei
I've never had a myspace page. Never had a need to have one. I've seen some pages and some of the info that people put out there will make your head spin

@ Pew View
Calm down. It's all good. need to tell me how much bail is so we can try to get you out.

Big O said...


But it really just goes to show that you really can only take blogs as face value.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u better not hit no woman folk, unless she sawng first
and besides i know you wiff would have wwfd her azz lol

Trish said...

@The Jaded NYer ... LOL ! I love it. You are so right, dont send out the bat signal unless you are serious !!

Kyle, I guess you at least proved that many people care about your chocolate ass !

Yes, I have been stalked by a Jamaican x-boyfriend. When I broke up with him, he said that he would have someone hurt me and for about 3 months I never went out with out a weapon at my side or in my car.
Real deal! Made me swear off Jamaican men for life. Once I gave him a piece of punany he thought he owned me.

The second time I was stalked was by my husbands x-wife. When my husband and I first moved in together, she would drive past our house, sit up the street in her car, etc. I ended up calling the 5-0 several times.
She never touched me or my property so I never had to kill her.

Rezidl said...

Chocolate Boy Wonder, you d*mn near started an online revolt *Give us free!*

All I can say is don't be like Ricky-Ticky-Timbo or the boy who cried wolf. Next time we ain't coming to help yo azz! Good one, dawg.

L. Renee' said...

Boy I was taking my earring off and putting vaseline on my face. LOL
You are crazy!

Sexxy Luv said...

Damn you made that seem so real! lol

How come you didn't tell me you were on BB messenger!

no stalkers for me!

12kyle said...

@ Big O
No doubt. Communication is a 2 way street. Sometimes the information that we send is not always received the way that we intend for it to be.

@ Rawdawgbuffalo
Never hit a woman. And you're right, wifey would have whupped that azz

@ Trish
Glad to see that so many folks love my chocolate ass! Hahahaha

I remember the story about the ex wife. Crazy!

@ Rezidl
Not cryin wolf. Just trying to make a literary point

@ LRenee
Haaaaa! I knew that you'd be ready to rumble

@ Sexxy Luv

Yeah. I'm on messenger. I'll hit you up

Chay said...

i have never been stalked online but in real life yes.
I met a guy one day on my way to see my bf. i gave him my number so he would leave me alone(he called right then just to make sure it was the right one) then about 2 days later he was ringing my doorbell. I asked him how he knew where i lived he said he saw a car parked outside that looked like mine and he decided to take a chance....he did that lil pop up thing quite a few times before i finally told somebody. Seeing as at the time i was living with my aunt who was a cop, as soon as she got word of what was goin on I didnt have no more problems with him showing up, i just had the damn random phone calls of him professing his undying love for me

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Oohhh booooo.

Fiction? I'm here thinking it's real!

Well I'm with you on the be careful what you put out there...but I only blog about whats real!

laughing808 said...

ok, so I didn't read yesterday's post and subsequently had to go back to get the jist of this post. And I'm glad to hear it's fiction.

Nope, I've never been stalked or blog stalked, thank goodness. Not sure how I'd handle that.

Miss Mika said...

I need to see the previous post... I am going out of order here but I am certain anything that has Keisha on the verge of cursing someone out must be pretty interesting.

I have been stalked once... by an ex's jump-off. Apparently he was still messing around with her while seeing me, she got a hold of his cell phone, saw text messages between us, and decided to give me a call and let me know what was going on between them. After that, I ended things between us, but I guess she didn't appreciate how I talked to her, so continued to call me 20 + times a day and leave me these so-called threatening voicemail messages and text messages, had her friends and relatives call me, would come to my job and wait outside until I got off and would try to curse me out from her car.
All over a dude I wasn't seeing anymore.
Chick was nuts.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I almost didn't believe it...remember my comment yesterday! LOL

Good to know that it was not a true story!!

No, I have never been stalked via blogs or in person. Thank the Lord!! :-)

Sexxy Luv said...

I have access to you on blogger, email and soon BB messenger....i'm almost up there with Candi! lmao!

12kyle said...

@ Chay
He actually showed up at your house??? Wowwwwwww!!!

@ Bow Chica Wah Wah
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day like a stray cat.

I feel you. I blog about what's real and relevant to me. Yesterday's post was meant to be an illustration of how things can go sometimes. As you can see, I got the crowd rowdy. LOL

@ laughing808
Yes. It's fiction. It's all good!

@ Mika
Now that is crazy. I wonder what's in somebody's mind to make them wanna act like that.

Yes! Thanks for your concern. Ole kyle is fine.

@ Sexxy Luv
LMAO!!! Look at you!

Somebodies Friend said...

Thanks for the hot tip kyle, I deleted my facebook, I hardly ever go their anyway, so what the hell.

I also took my blog off-line for now and changed it's password.

You can never by to careful!

CapCity said...

Hey Brother 12k - just came by to check ya out!

And this question:
"...or other wise bothered by someone of the opposite or same sex?"

Thank God, never been stalked electronically or otherwise - but I have been bothered...haven't u? LOL!

CurvyGurl said...

Dang Kyle! You had me all ticked off about this crazy azz imaginary chick. Point taken though.

I've had a quasi blog stalker situation, hence the "A Little Clarification" post. A crazy mofo can test ya girl but they will soon find out what crazy really is :).

CapCity said...

P.S. - I figured I may as well get into all this electronic stuff to start training for my Oprah appearance &/or lottery acceptance;-)

~Ms. Moore~ said...

BOI U CRAZY!You did raise my blood pressure yesterday but I'm glad u and the fam are in no threat of danger.
There are 2 reasons that I have never been stalked.
1)I don't bring anyone to the crib and I give out very little personal info before they are screened.
2)People are vulnerable when they are naked or sleep. I let men know up front that Al Green wasn't the first or last naked man to have hot grits thrown on his NAKED A_ _.

Ms. Jones said...

I'M TOO THROUGH WITH YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Had me ready to come to the A lol....I've been bothered to some great extents, but lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

I've been blog stalked so much so that my blog is now private. More so b/c the lurkers were at school and I'm trying to keep the drama to a minimum. More so b/c I have to pass character & fitness for the bar and I ain't trying to build no additional hurdles.

Folks is crazy!!!

Tha L said...

ok kyle, i was absent on the last post. I'ma have to go back and read that shit just to see how you pissed erry'body off.

Now, about your question. I have been stalked twice, and both times these fools had the nerve to pull a gun on me. The first one got handled by my big brother, the second one got his azz beat DOWN by me (one only knows how one will react when shit really hits the fan). Adrenaline is more powerful than any drug!

Keith said...

I've never been stalked personally,
but my ex neigbor was. So bad that he eventually moved.

Dione said...

Not cool Kyle.

The F$%K it List said...

See now I'm on my way to ATL to show you the back of my hand! Had me searching past blogs for candi and what not!

I was stalked by a one of my guy bff's ex girlfriend. She would park in front of my house and wait. I had to talk to her and then MrF$%K it list had to pull her card on the next step if she didnt relax.

Rich said...

a negro take a break and Kyle got everybody hair up on their neck -- off to read yesterday's post.

Stew said...

naw....never been stalked or bothered by anyone. probably because i have not invested much into many people. i have not given anyone anything to stalk.

that was a good little trick. you damn sure got me