Thursday, June 12, 2008

weather...or not

Between the greenhouse gases and earth spinnin off its axis
Got mother nature doin back flips
The natural disasters
It's like 80 degrees in Alaska
You in trouble if you not an Onasis
It ain't hard to tell that the conditions is drastic

Black Thought (Rising Down)

Summer is here! You don't need me to tell you that. Unless you're somewhere in the Pacific Northwest like's prolly pretty damn HOT where you are right now. I've been in the South for most of my life. I don't recall it being THIS hot...THIS soon. I mean, it's only June. What's gonna happen when August rolls around? It was 99 here in Atlanta last week. I guess it'll be 120 in August??

Extreme heat...tornadoes rippin the Midwest...heavy rains are flooding towns in Iowa...the list goes on and on. Even though earthquakes aren't related to the weather, we've all seen the destruction that was caused a few weeks ago.

They are expecting 6-9 major hurricanes this hurricane season. That's a scary thought when you consider what happened after Katrina.

Something is wrong, y'all. Something is severely wrong. I dunno what it is. Global warming is sumthin, aint it?

Since we KNOW it's gonna be hot, there are several ways that you can beat the heat. Here are some tips...

1. Stay inside! Sounds simple but you'd be surprised how many people think it's cool to take a jog at noon to "burn calories". That's not all that you'll burn. You might pass out, fool!

2. Drink plenty of liquids. And I don't mean beer! I have a rule. If I'm outside at a barbecue, then I don't start drinking until the sun goes down. Liquor and beer along with the summer heat will drain you.

3. Don't spend a lotta time laying in the sun. I don't have to tell this to most black folk. LOL. I love my dark chocolate hue but I'm not tryin to expose my skin to these rays that are beaming down from the sky.

4. Dress light. Take the jeans off and put some shorts on. I don't care how big or skinny your legs are. Just make sure you put on that lotion, baby!

5. Always keep a "cool" towel with you. If you're gonna outside, then you're gonna sweat.



Kieya said...

My grandmother says they're signs the end is coming, better get right...

Yea, it was blazing this week, really gross but I was def prepared w/my sunblock! Cuz as much as I wanted to stay inside, I couldn't :-(

Stay cool!

karrie b. said...

it was blazing hip hop and r&b all effin week.


Trish said...

My hubbie and I were watching the news and all the horrible flooding out west.
I immediately looked at him and said "You know this is all a sign, right?"
Its all in the bible, this is no joke.
The news talked of how all or most of the crops for food are destroyed.
There will eventually be a depression and famine.
Truth !
Better start stocking your household as much as you can.

Urban Thought said...

I'm all for dressing light but please don't dress too light. Some people aren't meant to wear some things. I'm just saying but I'm saying.

Thank you for the tips.

i.can't.complain. said...

well, u know what my granny has been saying since i was like 4...

"the end is near"

she'd tell me all these stories from the book of revelation in the bible.

scared the crap out of me

i still dont read that chapter even now.

but, yeah.

that atlanta heat is a beast.

y'all arent playing down there

in fact, i was glad to leave atlanta and get to miami

it was much cooler there.

i dunno how yall just arent washed down in sweat all the time


Dione said...

Thanks from a SC girl where the heat, humidity AND mosquito's are MUCH worse than anything u got in the ATL...Personally, I don't go outside unless it's to go from point A to point B. The only way I'll hang out at a cookout is if I'm the one cooking food on the grill. The smoke keeps the mosquito's away... and u knoooowwwww I aint cooking out in the heat!
I'm with the others though, we'd better get right because this weather is TOO extreme from one place to another. Someplace out west just had SNOW day before yesterday!! Snow, Flood, drought, severe storm. It's a sign...

Tony OH said...

Great tips Bruh, so i guess that means I won't get you out on the Golf Course this summer?

The reason the earth is spinning off it's axis is because of oil depletion... Too much oil extracted has caused the earth to shift it's weight, therefore leaving it out of balance on it's axis... You can't pump millions of gallons of fluid out of the planet and not experience the negative effects! That's another reason there are so many earthquakes... The earth is beginning to collapse from the inside, causing problems in areas that never experienced Quakes!

DreamCop08 said...

you are so right Kyle. I was just outside looking at the sun and it seems like it has gotten closer to earth. Me and Sgt was just talking about going online and seeing how closer the sun is getting to earth in the past 5-10 yrs.

things are happening all around the world. I think God is coming back, its just my opinion. Just too many things have been happening

Brad said...

See, I combine a couple of your suggestions.

I stay inside and drink lots of beer.

But know my second home is right where your first home was. I KNOW how hot it gets around that piece. You just getting soft in your old age son. I remember being out on Route 1 and Route 52 when it was 100 degrees in the shade. Walkin on the asphalt with no shoes son. This lil 95 degrees we got in the "A" ain't all that bad. LOL

Ms. Jones said...

Still being in Oklahoma going to sleep with tornado watches every night is not so comforting so I know exactly what you mean about the freakish weather...going back home soon though so I better brace myself for the random heat waves that seem to be going on, if its not one thing then its surely another!

12kyle said...

@ Kieya
"My grandmother says they're signs the end is coming, better get right..." Classic right thurrr!

@ karrie b
Blazin' is the correct word!

@ Trish
I bet you and Charles still have stuff from Y2K! Haaaaa!

You're right, tho. I makes you think.

@ Urban Thought
Good to see you back on the scene, bruh.

I totally agree with you. I saw this dude the the other day with a mesh shirt on. Mesh? C'mon man! Lmao!!!

@ -1-
Haaaaaa! U are too silly! I thought I was the only 1 who skipped that chapter, too.

This heat is brutal. I'm glad that I don't work outside.

@ Dione
You know that I know bout dat SC heat. I used to think that Orangeburg was the hottest place in the whole world. LoL

I saw that snow! It was in upstate Washington. That is crazy

@ Tony OH
Nooo! I will be on the course, bruh. Beleee dat!

A quake is something that nobody wants to experience. You can run from tornadoes and hurricanes. Can't outrun a quake. Good points, bruh

@ Dreamy
Maybe that's why it's so damn hot! Too close to the earth. I guess there's not much that we can to about it.

@ Brad
LMAO @ u!

Man, it's much hotter than it was when we were youngins. I told Rezidl the other day..."I'm glad that we don't have to play ball in this heat."

@ Ms Jones
You need to get back to NJ...quickly!

Rezidl said...

#2....better get them electrolytes in ya!

Proactiff said...

it be too damn hot for sticky lotion. i say let it "ash" hang out for the summer! lmao

[add] #6: join a YMCA or befriend someone who lives at either an apartment complex or a housing community outfitted with a pool.

ya dig?

i love the fact that ours isn't blocked by a screen, but nice and open for the sun to warm up the freezing water we are forced to deal with. sounds lovely when it's hot out but it's a beast tryna get acclamated to earlier in the day... when it's hot out even, no less.

PrettyBlack said...

I have some pretty good tips to I learned from the middle east indians;

Don't eat a lot of meat during the daytime it raises your body temperature trying to digest it.

Drink hot tea on hot day, yeah my sisters doctor told me that one. The hot tea makes the body turn it's internal air conditioner (the hypothalamus (sp)) in the brain up to cool you off. Cold beverages have the opposite effect.

Don't wear shorts. In the hottest part of the day wear white light cotton pants. It deflects the sun and the cool air penetrates the fibers. Same with long sleeve cotton shirts.
And I've seen too many ugly ass legs down south...mosquito bites are a muthafucka!

Your tips were the shit tho'! haha!

CapCity said...

Well, y'all bettah take Prince's advice & party like it's ...oh, wait that's ovah - well party like it's yo last!! Live FULLY - tomorrow ain't promised;-)

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

mane. one came through downtown atl yest and knocked our power off

12kyle said...

@ Rezidl
Man, you ain't neva lied. Coach J's words are still in ya ears!

You know I can't be down with the ashy-ness! LOL

I'm all about finding a nice pool to hop in.

@ prettyblack
No meat? Word?

Hot tea? I didn't know that.

I gotta rock the shorts. I don't have any white cotton pants. I don't think that most dudes do. Unless you count...underwear. lol

good tips!

@ CapCity
So true. None of us are promised tomorrow.

@ Torrance
I heard about that.

TravelDiva said...

I agree with Kieya--cyclones, hurricanes, tornados, floods, sweltering heat--I feel like I'm going to wake up one morning and see locusts!


walk around butt ass naked...thats whatcha do..LOL

Tony OH said...

Hey Bruh...I got those photos up at my spot and add me to your BlogRoll so your folks can find me! Holla Back!

Mizrepresent said...

CBW tell it like it is...i don't even go out in this heat. It's from the garage to the car, to the shuttle, to the bus, to the building, back to the bus, to the car, to the garage. This ish can kill you! I turn blacker just thinking about it, you know what i mean. I know, i know Black is beautiful, but charred is another question. So me, i'm like a vampire taking in all of the festivities after dark, and lying in wait on the inside. I ain't trying to get skin cancer or no other ish, plus it's just too dayum hot to be out!

The F$%K it List said...

It was ridiculous here in NY. It was too hot to even go outside. Thank God it ended on Wed (the heatwave at least), but its still like July.

I feel sorry for the pregnant women and the Muslim women in my neighborhood. I say it every summer if I were Muslim I'd have to convert from June thru October.

Eb the Celeb said...

oh so you like R.Kelly and you the weather man now?


12kyle said...

@ TravelDiva
Just like I Am Legend

@ Poca
I would if I could. lol

@ Tony OH
Mannn, you've been in the blog crew for 3 weeks. LoL. I peeped the pics! Swwwwweeeet!

@ Miz
If you go to the mailbox, you'll come back drenched in sweat!

@ The F$%K it List
LMAO @ u for converting for the summer!

@ Eb the Celeb
Nah. I'm not a pissin' pedofile!

writers dream said...

Sign of the times is so correct, my brutha! Im in sunny cali, but its been entirely too much sun lately. And summer isn't for another 2 weeks! So I have been inside with the kids, outside of work. And I do plan on reading my basic instruction before leaving earth [b.I.b.l.e] everyday, because its the only thing that will ge us through.

12kyle said...

@ writers dream
basic instruction before leaving earth...go song by GZA

-Q. said...

I didnt really read the comments posted, but I just wanted to add (if not already)..

My black bloggers reading and anyone blogging about this in the future- let the brothas and sistahs know that we need sunblock a much as our white and fair-skinned counterparts.. Dont matter how dark you are, we are still subject to the rays as they are-not as drastci but black folks can and will catch skin cancer if exposed to much. Just words to the wise. Respect -Q.