Wednesday, June 4, 2008

online ignorance...

When was the last time you kicked somebody's ass? Think about it for a second...

I mean REALLY kicked somebody's ass!!

You're prolly sitting near somebody right now who's ass you wanna kick. If you can't find someone's ass to kick...lemme introduce you to Alisha Dean. She REALLY needs her ass kicked.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A 13-year-old girl's sexual shenanigans have put a second man behind bars. Morris Williams, 22, told the judge he thought the girl was 18-years-old, but he found out Tuesday that ignorance is not a defense. Morris Williams' mother wailed as he went off to jail. The judge asked for media not to show 13-year-old Alisha Dean's face in court, but her pictures are all over her MySpace page and they portray a sexy, 19-year-old divorced woman.

"She told me she had just turned 18," Williams said.

Williams said Dean picked him up on the street and after a few conversations they had sex. When he heard she was not 18, he went to her father.

"He was like 'well, she's 13,'" Williams said of a conversation with Dean's father.

Williams said he never did it again, but Dean has done it before with 24-year-old Darwin Mills. Mills was sentenced to five years in prison. Dean's father wanted Williams to join Mills there.

"One of the reasons for the law is the fact that minors have poor judgment," said Jerry Dean, the girl's father.

Williams' father believes the jail sentence sends the wrong message to Alisha. "I guess we just sit back and count how many after this," Henry Smith asked after his step-son was sentenced to jail. Dean's family admits Alisha still stays out late and has yet to delete her misleading MySpace page. Williams will serve six years probation with the first year in jail. The other five years he will have to wear an ankle monitor. His attorney says he will come back to court to ask again for a shorter sentence.

Ok. She's obviously dead wrong. This is the SECOND dude who's going to the big house b/c of her freaky ways. Shouldn't there be some type of penalty for HER?? Why is her page STILL on myspace? What are her parents doing?

I can't let the dude off the hook either. How do you NOT know that she was 13? I'm not buying it. A 13 year old will have the conversation of a 13yr old. You feel me. You know my motto..."when in doubt about a woman's age...look at her feet to see what kinda shoes she's wearing."

Your thoughts. Holla at ya boyyeeeeeeeeee!!!

here's the video clip on the local news...


i.can't.complain. said...


yep. she does need a tail-kicking.

i have never kicked anyone's ass.

well, not physically.

emotionally. yes.

mentally. definitely.


12kyle said...

@ -1-
Whusssssssssssuuppp!!!! Good to hear from you, sis!

I might need you to kick her ass!

DreamCop08 said...

okay that heifer know she is wrong for that.....

then what kind of parents does she have to let her stay out all night and still let her have that damn myspace page......

kyle females like that piss me the hell off and definitely makes me want to kick her azz.....

lil hot huzzie.....

and part of it is his fault to, he needed to check some damn id.....

these men need to leave these hot azz lil girls alone....

12kyle said...

@ dreamy
WHO lets a 13 year old hang out???

i.can't.complain. said...

she can be my inaugural ass-to-be-kicked


only for u big brother 12.

well, u and the name of justice.


12kyle said...

@ -1-
haaaaaaaa!!! I like the way that sounds!!!

CapCity said...

I don't mean to laugh - but EVERY GAT DAYUMMM tyme a man let's his li'l man do the thinking he ends up in a world of trouble...sure the li'l gurl need her azz kicked - but men who sleep with "women" after a couple of conversations & don't think her lack of intellect are a clue needs they azzes kicked, too!
C'mon!! I don't care how strappin' & manly a young boy iz (& dere's some foine li'l mufrkahs 'round here) I DON'T want no PAHTS of a Dumb-azz box of rox just cuz he's cut da frk up & prolly hung like a horse! There have GOT to be more women - REAL & Legal women for those freaks. So, to those who keep getting tricked by the 13 year old hotazzES out here - in the famous words of the Li'l Rascals: Good enuff forrr ya! Ha Haaaaaa

writers dream said...

First off, why hasn't her daddy kicked her butt? if he knows this has happen before. That kid clearly has no guidence, but like I always say, Karma will pay the little girl a visit sooner or later.

eclectik said...


Mizrepresent said...

I say kick both they azz, but Lil Miss hotpants would definitely be doing some seriously restriction, and that MYspace page would have been deleted as well. The parents need to be just as accountable. Dude, 18, 13, come on...she must be real mature for her age, lol!

I'm just saying...

12kyle said...

@ CapCity
I feel ya. You can't let your little head do the thinking for your big head. I have to put some blame on him b/c he should have known betta.

@ writers dream
You are correct. The father should have stopped her after the first time that it happened.

@ e
that's what i said, too

@ Miz
Why would her parents even let her have a MySpace page? That makes no sense to me.

She ain't mature. When she said that she was 18...that's all that he needed to hear! LMAO!!!

Kieya said...

Wow I'm so mad. She def doesn't look all that grown but the fact that she's done this again? I'm sorry but thats a reflection of home as well. She's not all that innocent of a victim, she did it once, homeboy went to jail. So she knew the consequences and still did it again.

I don't fight...I just talk alot of mess so ppl just automatically assume I'm crazy. And I mean...who wants to mess w/a girl who looks like she might snap any moment? lol

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

She does need to have a good old-fashion whooping!!

The guys need to be wiser. Come on, there's a huge difference mentally between a 13-year-old and an 18-year-old. Myspace is something else!! Her parents need to be more hands-on and monitor her internet uses.

12kyle said...

@ Kieya
I agree. There's nothing about her that's innocent. Stevie Wonder could've seen that she was a kid. I will say this...there are some youngins who are built like grown women. They didn't look like that when I was younger. Lol. But that doesn't excuse either dude.

Funny how these dudes are in jail but RKelly is still on the streets.

"I don't fight...I just talk alot of mess so ppl just automatically assume I'm crazy.

MySpace is crazy. Some people get on there and you don't know who they are or what they are after. It's definitely not the spot for a 13 year old girl.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

oh no ma'am!!! she not only needs to be whipped, but she also needs to go to a detention center until she's 18. since she thinks its funny...she should have no computer privileges, no driving privileges until 18 or 21...skanky little hooker!

OOOOOOOOHHHHHH, this makes me so mad!!! even tho dude was stuck on stupid, he DID go speak to her father because he knew it was the right thing to do. for that....i say he shouldn't have to do the year...but keep all the years of probation and monitoring. you never know kyle...some of these fast-tail girls can be very convincing actresses. and since she's a whore, she might be scamming people out of money and be able to afford really nice shoes that a grown woman would wear

Queen of My Castle said...

Wow. That MySpace is a killer ain't it? I was chatting with my sister yesterday about these little girls on MySpace. I think it's for kids anyway, which is why I switched over to Facebook.

She needs one of those down South whipping...extension cords, shoe, switch, whatever is the nearest object, seriously.

I am so sick of these passive ass parents that just let their kids do whatever they want for whatever reason, and the rest of us have to suffer because THEIR kids have no damn home training.

The guys were prolly on MySpace just looking to bone something anyway. Maybe next time they'll think with their brain instead of thinking about getting brain.

Eb the Celeb said...

First off... I have that t-shirt

2nd - I remember exactly the last time I whooped somebody ass was... freshman in college at A&T... them country broads was hating on the ny chick and I had to let em know...

now on to this story... they all need they ass kicked

TravelDiva said...

Don't have time to watch the clip. But I blame her parents. Obviously something is going on with her. 13? I was still playing truth or dare and going to slumber parties--not having sex. Come on.

And for men--I have never met a 13 year old that looked 19--make up, curves, etc. don't matter. Period.

The F$%K it List said...

Last time I kicked someone ass was in high school but i will break out my ass kicking shoes and vaseline for this one. I mean really HELL to the NAW!

She needs more than a butt whipping, its called Boot Camp with Maury! And the fact that the dude went to her father shows that he was clearly mislead and had remorse for what happen. Damn did his lawyer even introduce her myspace to defend him. Jeez

As for her dad he should be ashamed of himself, raising a child and then not forcing that child to take responsibilty for her actions. The law is not there to protect her if she is going out of her way to lie. Its there to protect the children who are innocent/ They need to lock her dad up for being so ignorant.

MySpace is the ghetto of the ghetto and dudes need to stop picking up children there.

Opinionated Diva said...

I guess I can't get pass the fact that she's only thirteen. I actually feel sorry for her because obviously something is missing out of her life forcing her to lie about being a divorced 19 yr old to get older men.

I could argue all day that she needs her ass beat for being too damn grown. I could flip it and argue that these grown ass men need THEIR azz beat for being dumb enough to think a 13 year old was 19 years old.

Bottom line is that her parents need to be held accountable. Especially because this is a pattern with her. That Myspace page should be deleted. She shouldn't even be allowed out at night.

prettyparker said...

18? Really. That's a stretch.

The girl looks 15 or 16 but no one in their right mind would believe this chick is a divorced 18 year old. The eyes don't lie and like you said 12k, neither does the conversation.

Then again, if all the dude had was a couple of conversations before getting busy he obviously had no concerns about her age anyway.

Yes, they are both wrong, but he is more accountable as he is a 22 yr old GROWN MAN. Regardless of what she prints online, she is still a minor. Laws are in place to protect minors from being sexually exploited by adults and ignorance is not a defense.

And this girl should be in juvenile court or something. And her parents too!

I feel for old dude, next time use the big head when making decisions that deal with the little head.

Kieya said...

That is true...I work with some 12 years olds who are more stacked than i must be the chicken lol

Trish said...


Where is the responsibility of the my space administrators !! They should be deleting the page themselves.

Trish said...


PrettyBlack said...

First...when was the last time I kicked somebody's ass? haha! It's been so long I'd date myself!

As for skanky...she looks 12. But I don't blame dudes all the time because some of these little girls are moving way to fast, they lie about their ages all the time.

And my question is...What the fuck are her parents doing? What do you mean she still stays out late?

They may as well invest in some pole dancing classes and fuck me pumps, and condoms so she can at least earn a living...

ShellyShell said...

I had to pop the piss out of some chick about 2 mos ago! I'm in a lounge and she violated my personal space. I told her to fall back and she still insisted on poppin shyt! So, she got popped! I proceeded to keep sippin my drink like nothin happened! That's funny you asked about that. I'm going to write a blog about that evenings events!! LMAO! I'm waaaayyyy to old to be poppin someone!

This little chick needs her azz beat down along with her parents! Since when does a 13 year old...hang out and not come home! WTF?? Granted the dude should have used some common sense and knew that this chick wasn't 19! Obviously he's messed with some birds that were actually 19 and acted like they were 13 and couldn't differentiate! These two dudes lives are ruined. Don't they now have to register as sex offenders?

My "man friend" is a middle school teacher. His school had a huge meeting last Thursday because 4 7th grad boys and 3 girls were caught having sex. One of the girls let all 4 of the boys have anal sex with her! I was like are you serious? What 12yr old thinks about anal sex! Another one of the girls had sex with 2 of the boys and another one had sex and gave oral stimulation! So, the school had a big meeting set up to discuss talking about sex, My Space etc with your kids. Do you know only 35 parents showed up! The school has 200 kids. That's a shame!

As for this chicks father he needs an ass whoppin. This chick is going to be preganant by 16!

prettyparker said...

shellyshell, I can't stop laughing at your comment that you kept sipping your drink after popping a chick!

I agree with Opinionated Diva and hold parents responsible for teaching their sons and daughters what is right and wrong behavior.

I'm not an over-protective, over-bearing or naive parent in any sense. Yet it is hard for me to imagine this 13 yr old girl behaving that way.

I fear for my daughter (11 yrs, 6th grade and still has dolls & barbies) and what type of girls she will meet in middle school next fall. Heck, her best friend has dolls, barbies, etc. too! Their ideal weekend is girl time at build-a-bear and chuck-e-cheese!

Rich said...

Her daddy needs his ass kicked, that's the problem. He should have had her little freaky behind on lock a long time ago, and what do you mean she still hasn't deleted her page. She would do that in my presence right before I revoke her computer priviledges.

karrie b. said...

yea, they both need their asses kicked. esp ol' boy for NOT knowing.

hot ass mess.

i kicked my ex boyfriends ass a couple months ago for telling me to throw some D's on myself.


L. Renee' said...

This is ridiculous! Sounds like something I would put on my blog. LOL
Yep,she needs her ass kicked, her parents need their asses kicked and the judge needs his ass kicked for putting those boys away for 5 years. Come on...that is one expensive booty call.

12kyle said...

You know you crack me up...skanky little hooker

I guess he is to be commended for talking to her Dad. Then again...he could've kept his mouth shut and still been a free man?!? LMAO!!! I feel you but at the end of the day...a 13yr old isn't gonna have a real conversation. She's gonna be talking about stuff like Souljah Boy and the Cheetah Girls.

@ Queen
She has horrible parents. It makes you wonder what really goes on in their house. LMAO @ letting the little head do your thinking

@ Eb the Celeb
Fighting at A&T? Well, it's good that you got the win. They can't win any football games so at least somebody in Greensboro got a win. haaaaaa

@ Traveldiva
I think he knew that her age was suspect but he didn't want to confirm it.

@ The F$%K it List
LMAO @ ass kickin shoes

Dudes "lurk" on MySpace just to catch a chick like this. I'm not saying that he did this but it could have just backfired on him.

@ OD
How many 19 year olds do you know who are divorced? That sounds suspect to me! LOL. I agree. The parents should be held accountable. How can you hold them responsible if your child downloads 15,000 songs illegally but not for doing this?

@ prettyparker
Good call. I dunno if I would even say that she's 15. Either way, he knew that she was too young. I'm with you...i feel for him but i don't feel sorry for him

@ Kieya
LMAO!!! It's in the chicken!!!

12kyle said...

@ Trish can kick her ass. And I'll kick the father's ass. LMAO!!!

@ prettyblack
"They may as well invest in some pole dancing classes and fuck me pumps, and condoms so she can at least earn a living...
OMG!!! I'm in tearz rollin!!!!

@ Shellyshell
Don't tell me that you are a thug!?! haaaaa

Anal sex at that age? Damn that's scary. I've got 3 sons. When I hear stuff like that, I can only think about how I have to teach them better.

35 people showed up? Ugahattabekiddinme!!

@ prettyparker
Just do what you've been doing...keep her close to you, keep her active, and love her. That's all that you can do.

@ Rich
I think I would have smashed that damn computer on the floor. LOL. You're right, tho. The father almost seems to condone this type of behavior

@ karrie b.
i kicked my ex boyfriends ass a couple months ago for telling me to throw some D's on myself.
LMAO @ U!!!!

@ LRenee
Not only was it an expensive booty call but it'll be painful for him once he hits that jail cell and Bubba snuggles up next to him. LMAO!!!

Proactiff said...

'preciate you hipping me to shyt in MY OWN back yard! Half-quoting her myspace banner... "D-a-y-u-m" I'm shocked! As far as the convo of a 13yo goes the kids these days are exposed to SO SO much. I wouldn't be surprised that she possibly knew how to keep his attention via a 'couple' conversations (the news said just a few then straight to secks). Man will fall victim ery time to female. And it goes to show that red bones gone always be in style. LMAO

~Ms. Moore~ said...

This situation is so wrong that there’s enough wrong to go around to everyone. KICK ASS list: Both Parents for not handling her i.e (whuppin her bad azz), both stupid ass men who followed their dicks mind and then wanted to cry they didn’t know. Something should have told them she was 13. Of course her bad azz (she needs serious discipline).
The judge/judicial system should penalize her for being a juvenile delinquent.

swag_ambassador said...

what the hell!!! aww man im sorry but i just dont understand it..

I dont understand how someone cant really depict someones mental capacity and realize how old some people are.. I know there are young girls out there that are physically formed like a grown woman nowadays, but cmon man..

Its funny and ashaming at the same time.. horrible..

Darius T. Williams said...

Wow...the way she set him up just aint right. It just aint right.

12kyle said...

These dudes are fools. I can't really call then men b/c a real man wouldn't be tryna have sex with a kid.

And it goes to show that red bones gone always be in style. LMAO

U r kraaaaazeeee

@ Ms Moore
I agree. There should be SOME type of punishment for this lil skank

@ swag
He can't expect anybody to believe that he didn't know how old she was. You're right, tho. It's funny and ashaming at the same time

@ Darius
Maybe she was working for 5-Oh! LoL

LadyShay said...

That is some boolshyt at it's finest. It's in my county too, I might just have to lock and load on a bitch:) I don't understand how the father is going to even be like that. Dude came to you and you put him in jail?? Makes no sense. How about you beat your child's ass!!!! And how is she staying out late and still walking up in your house??? Not me, I wanna dare my lil one to try that shit when she thinks she's grown, it will def pop off in that bitch.

And she should be penalized. She's luring these men and then fucking up the rest of their lives, with no consequence.