Friday, June 6, 2008

let's get a game!

At the tender age of I too old to be playing video games? Helllllll no!!! You're neva too old to play video games. I've been playin' all my life. I'm not gonna stop. Well...I might stop once my boys get to the point where they can beat me. LOL. I developed my love for video games from the video games from back in the day. You know...Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man, Frogger, Joust, Space Invaders, etc.

But there were games that I played looooong before video games. There were games like Monopoly, LIFE, Chutes and Ladders...just to name a few.

Can't forget about card games like UNO, Spades, and Blackjack.

And everybody remembers the basic games like TAG, Hide and Seek, Jacks, etc.

I'm a firm believer in the fact that we ALL are good at several things. I'm sure that you had at least ONE game that you were good at. A game where NOBODY could beat you.

What was YOUR childhood (or adulthood) game?



Mizrepresent said...

First! 2 for 2, lol!

Mizrepresent said...

Man, i'm about to take you way back, first was Pong, remember that, no graphics just you hitting back in for with dots and lines, lol, but it was fun. Then Pacman, but my favorite was Invaders, man i so loved this game. I remember the first time i was able to enter my initials, yep as the high scorer. I also loved board games Life, Monopoly, Scrabble, Checkers and the family gambling game Keno, all cards games but esp Tonk, Bid Whist, and Spades oh and Black Jack, yeah my family new how to gamble, i guess that's why i so love Vegas, got some tricks up my sleeves for sure. Outside games, Kickball was my favorite, Queen of Jacks, and dodgeball.

Miss Mika said...

Ooo, this is a great post right here.

I have always been a fan of board games. Sorry, Monopoly, Scrabble, Life... I loved them all. I had no mercy in Sorry. Didn't have it in Monopoly either. If you owed me $500, you could try to make arrangements or trades... I WANTED ALL MY MONEY!

Video game-wise, Doom and Quake were my games! I knew all of cheat codes for the games and knew where all of the hidden rooms were. Folks under-estimated me in that game. But I was killin' em... literally!

CapCity said...

i liked ACTIVE games with REAL people OUT DOORS: tag, DODGEBALL was my JOINT!, hot bread & butter, Mr. BEAR, hide & go seek!

never really a tv kid, nor video gamer - worked at an arcade in college & gave friends tokens or sold 'em to "associates";-)

now, even as a computer teacher i encourage my students to figure out how to create the games more than being the drone that plays it. LOL!

DreamCop08 said...

i was good at this game called speed, its where you deal out all the cards except 5 cards. you and the person that you were playing against had a set. you flip the card over at the same time and just follow suit. this is one of those games where you see who can clear their cards the fastest.

i was so good at it for a long time before my lil sis got the upper hand on a sister and started whipping that azz,lol

Kandi Black said...

ummm...i still play uno and i'll leave ya ass bankrupt in monopoly, straight up!

im a lover of all boardgames...and i have ms.pac-man on my cell phone now...i'm not really up on any other old skool video games cuz im a young'n...

glad i got here early before everyone else posted 200 have got some faithful ass readers man, but with good reason :)

i.can't.complain. said...

i spent many nites in dorm study areas w/my pals avoiding the books.

and u know what i learned...

there are NO friends in UNO.

hell, if your mom hits u with a draw four... u may have to cut ties w/her.

and don't be playing triples and doubles and get hit w/two draw 4's at the same time.

it might be time for a fist fight.


good times, big brother 12.

good times.


uno out.


eclectik said...


Monopoly, Spades, Uno, Tonk, Whist, Jacks, Chienese Checkers
I did summa everything!

I need people that still like human interaction to get them up


Tony OH said...

Mine was, " 3 Card Molly" You know? The red you win, the black you lose"? Now it's time to pick or choose? I got $20 that say's you didn't see where the Black Card

"Now gimme yo" lunch money Fool!" (LMBAO)

Tony OH said...

And as far as, "Hide and go SeeK"
We played, " Hide and go get it" Sexplay 101 Boy!

12kyle said...

@ Miz
You are on a roll!!! LOL

Pong was a classic! Very simple. If you made a child play it today, they'd go crazy. Thanks, Miz. You took me waay back with that one

@ Mika
Monopoly was the king of the board games in my humble opinion. That game could take forever but I loved to play it. In fact, we just bought it for the kids...well...maybe we bought it for us!

I remember Doom. I couldn't play it that well but it was a good game.

@ CapCity
Today's kids don't know how to create their own games b/c everything has been manufactured for them. If you ask a kid to go play KICKBALL right now...they'd prolly tell you that it's too hot

@ Dreamy
I remember Speed!!! I sucked at it, tho. My lil cuzins used to kick my azz. I got frustrated with the game and stopped playing. LOL. Sounds like you were/are pretty good at it

@ Kandi Black
I feel you. Aint no friends when it comes to Monopoly! You gotta be out for dolo. I have UNO on my Xbox 360 and I play with my sons. But I'll be damned if I let them win!!! haaaa

It won't be 200. LOL. Thanks for coming thru!. I'ma slide over to your spot, too. I love that cassette tape look

@ -1-
hell, if your mom hits u with a draw four... u may have to cut ties w/her.. LMAO!!! That is soooooo true!!! You had to get yours! UNO is a game that could definitely lead to an argument.

@ e
Awwwwwww man!!! You took me back with the Chinese checkers!!!

@ Tony OH
" Hide and go get it" Haaaa! I hear you bruh. Gettin started early as a youngin

Kieya said...

i played a mean mancala & DOMINOS! i was sick, i could just see the plays before they came. i swear, when you're young, you must be tapping into some quadrant of the brain we no longer use as adults lol

prettyparker said...

Monopoly ruled our household. We played after dinner everynight and we still do when we all get together at my parent's house. We played so much that we incorporated real life situations (insurance, 2nd mortgages, 80/20 mortgages, mega lotteries, start out in debt, etc).

The other game was Stock Market. That game was wonderful! It was a board game that was modeled after the NYSE.

We played Hearts a lot. Those 3 games were what I grew up on. Sure we had other board games and played other card games, but it is those 3 that stick out most.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Nobody can beat me at Scattergories or Outburst!! I love those games. My family and I play them every holiday.

Enjoy your weekend! :-)

Brad said...

My game was Chinese Handball. It's like handball only istead of the ball hitting the wall first, it has to bounce first. Weird game but you can play with more than 4 people. And there were 8 of us. We were sick with it. In the summer we could literally play that game for 8 to 10 hours straight. Crazy. We'd take a break about 4 hours in and go to the store and get a quarter water and some Lemon Heads and get right back to it. Fun times.

Opinionated Diva said...

As a kid we played street games like: steal the bacon, kick the can, hot peas and butter, mother may I, cocalevia, red light green light, punch ball, dodge ball, games not so much!

Rezidl said...

CBW, good post....

Pretty Parker...."insurance, 2nd mortgages, 80/20 mortgages, mega lotteries, start out in debt..."....that's hilarious!!!!

card games.....tonk & spades
active don't want to see me!
video games....old school colecovision games....

Trish said...

Candy Land, Space Invaders and Centipede.

Eb the Celeb said...

Video game wise I used to love my powerpad... that was my favorite the track and field and doing the hurdles since I couldnt do them in real life...

Contra was the bizness and of course super mario brothers

in college I was the tekken queen no one and I mean NO one could beat me in tekken

now I have a Wii and I love everything about it... just about any game I play I love on my Wii

and you and mizrep with all this being first mess is for the

Now when it comes to board games... growing up I used to love guess who... remember and sorry, trouble, and I remember I got that girl talk game one

then in high school i got heavy into card playing... I was a whiz at spades, tunk, rummy, and spoons

in my adult like I still love playing spades and tunk, tried to get into texas hold em a couple years ago but still aint a pro at it... I love playing phase 10 now too and bullshit

Eb the Celeb said...

Oh, I forgot my adult board games... hands down would be naked twister and taboo... i am a genious at taboo

CapCity said...

"Today's kids don't know how to create their own games b/c everything has been manufactured for them..."
Don't blame it on the kids, 12k - it's the adults around 'em. As a teacher I have had some WONDERFUL REAL fun with other folk kids when i introduced 'em to the "old" games! Kids get the biggest kick out of adults playing kid-games - whenever i played "tag" with my students even the least active wanted to play! LOL!

CapCity said...

my fave INSIDE game (in mixed company;-) is PICTIONARY cuz i'm a purty good artist;-).

TravelDiva said...

Good post! Games I could play for hours growing up:

Connect Four
Ms. Pac Man
Super Mario Bros
Tomb Raider
Pitfall (Sega Genesis version)
Mortal Kombat
Candy Land

Now - Tetris, Dynasty Warriors, (Yes, I'm a video gamer too. LOL)

12kyle said...

@ Kieya
Dominos is a game that I'd love to learn how to play. I've watched people play it all the time but I dunno how to play

@ prettyparker
I love that idea. Real life situations in Monopoly is so real. That would make the game more competitive.

Neva heard of Stock Market but it sounds like fun

"Nobody can beat me at Scattergories or Outburst!!

I hear you! Have a good weekend!!

@ Brad
That's a NY game, right? I've only seen it played up north.

quarter water and some Lemon Heads Classic, bruh

@ Rezidl
Mannnn, I've seen you play spades for hours. And you knew that you had to go to class the next day!!! LOL. You could cheat, too. You and Marvin! LOL

@ Trish
Awwwww damn! You took me back with Candy Land

@ Eb the Celeb
I remember the powerpad. That track and field would have you worn out real fast.

Tekken was a classic.

Naked Twister???

@ capcity
I hear you but I gotta blame some of it on these kids. Some of them are just lazy. Do you ever remember saying that you weren't going outside b/c it was "too hot"? We would never say somethin like that. LOL. These kids just aint built like how we were. Its the "sissification of America" haaaa

@ TravelDiva
Me and my brother played Pitfall, Mario Brothers, and Sonic for what seemed like days. Good list!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i currently enjoy scrabble and guesstures...i know guesstures isn't a board game, but its sooooooo fun!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

oh, i forgot the childhood part...i only enjoyed video games featuring the super mario bros....any variation before they got ridiculous like mario bros. 1-3, mario race cart, and yoshi's world...oh, and donkey kong for super nintendo

Tha L said...

OMG! dreamcop08 just took me WAAAYYYY back to that speed game! I used to whoop erry'body's ass on that one! That, and Ms.Pac-man...I can still kick anybody's behind in that!

Tha L said...

Oh! And chinese jumprope...I was (and still am) ALL legs, and very flexible, so I was unbeatable in that shit!

Just_Wondering said...

Candyland hands down was my favorite board game ever! Followed by UNO and a card game called "spit" I remember rotating those games 7 days a week with my classmates and my sisters! Sad to say I never learned how to play spades and no one wanted to teach me!

Jadore.Tokeyo said...

i was a beast at uno!!! you couldn't tell me nothing...and tic tac toe..especially in church!!! lol

i was more of an outside girl couldn't beat me in a race...especially if i was bare foot(did that statement let everyone know how country i am!!! lol) and hide and go seek at night..

CapCity said...

i'm stickin' to my ADULT influence stance u ever remember having a CHOICE? My parents PUT us out of the house with the instructions: "GO PLAY!" LOL!

u think kids r outta shape - uh, u looked at their parents lately?

12kyle said...

Scrabble is a great game! I always called it a game for thinkers. Nuffin better than making a word that nobody else knows

You're the first to mention Donkey Kong. A true classic

@ L
You don't wanna see ME in Ms. PacMan! LoL

Chinese jumprope! I remember that. I never tried it, tho. I wasn't crazy! Haaaaa

@ Just_Wondering
I remember the game called "spit." but I've never played it.

Spades is a must. You gotta learn. It's not hard. Once you learn...and if you're'll play all the time.

@ CapCity
Haaaaaa!!! That's true! The parents look real bad

@ Jadore.Tokeyo
Tic, tac, toe in church? Weren't u 'sposed to be listening? LoL

You GAHATTA BE COUNTRY if you raced while barefoot. Know how I know??? I used to race barefoot, too! LMAO!!!

TravelDiva said...

Me and my brother played Sonic too!!!!

I'm the only girl with two brothers--video games were my life!

Anonymous said...

The numbers game. I use to be the one with all the numbers at the end of the night. (smile)
I was pretty good at that game. Too bad I's married now. LOL

L. Renee' said...

Don't sleep on a sista. I was the Queen of Connect Four and Operation. I even bought the games for my kids so I can play. (smile)

-Q. said...

Who said somethin about adult board games? -Q.

Oh and i'm currently last- reppin it as long as i can..

Seen you around brotha for a lil while, this my first time peekin in man. Dont start pullin that first mess lol.

Favorite game gotz to be Lakers Vs Bulls and 1997 NBA Finals for Super Nintendo. Oh and I play house nowadays - Flawless victories

Peace -Q.

Ms. Jones said...

As a kid I took the board game Trouble hella seriously and nobody could beat be..then there was that game Jenga that I was a genius at too! Can't forget about Mario Cart...tons of time playing that one, o the memories lol

12kyle said...

@ TravelDiva
Two brothers? You were destined to be a gamer!!!

@ Anonymous
That's good game.

"It's not about how many numbers you got. That ONE number that you got is better than the 7 that I got! Slim from The Wood as told to Big Mike

@ LRenee
I can see you beating Dylan over and over in Operation

@ -Q
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have good time over here. We're here every day like bad traffic.

I love the sports video games. Madden, NBA2K8, NCAA Football...

That game was a CLASSIC!!!

Can't beat a good game of HOUSE!!! LMAO!!!

@ Ms. Jones
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have good time over here. We're here every day...hangin out like wet clothes.

Jenga was a good game. A lotta people slept on it but I liked it!

The F$%K it List said...

I'm all late and not on my computer (mental health day).

I loved Monopoly and NO ONE could beat me at it. My hubby and I still play every two weeks and he's only beat me once. In my defense I had just had my son so he I was probably half asleep.

I love Taboo, jenga, scrabble, chess, checker. Hell I just love playing board games. As for video games I was the Queen (and still am) of tetris.

The F$%K it List (I can't sign in on my sisters computer don't want her knowing all my bizness)

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I used to love Super Mario Brothers!!!!...In the game room with sunflower seeds and pocket full of quarters....ah the good old days!

Dione said...

When I was a little girl with my first video game system... ATARI (hey, stop laughing!), I used to LOVE Frogger, Pole Position and Enduro... My Sega Genesis favorite game was Jeopardy...
Back in college, me and my suitemates would play Monopoly for hours... We didn't even break the board game down. We just left it right in the middle of our living room floor. We all hid our money of course!
Now, I'm a taboo or Scene It player... those are good times right there!

12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List
Great list. A forgot about checkers!!!

LMAO @ u!! Isn't your sister a blogger?

@ Keisha the Kitten
Those were the good ole days

@ Dione
Damn! I forgot about Pole Position. I could play that for days.

MsPuddin said...

man I HATE video games! dont even get me started, for real. haha, but i remember UNO and playing cards with my mom, i used to be good at poker. should have kept it up and got rich!

MsPuddin said...

ps scrabble is awesome btw

The F$%K it List said...

Yes she is a blogger too, but I am in LAWG ISLAND at her house (she's in ATL for a christening) and I don't want to sign in and be in my account going thru my stuff heheheh