Saturday, June 7, 2008

i don't wanna dream about gettin paid

Somehow...i think i got into the wrong profession. I should've played golf for a living...

Five years ago, Sports Illustrated first set out to find the 50 top-earning American athletes (taking into account on- and off-the-field income). We discovered a few basic facts, and as the Fortunate 50 turns five, some things have remained dead-on consistent:

No one can touch Tiger Woods, the runaway No. 1 for the fifth year in a row. Tiger's near $128 million haul is more than double his closest pursuer, Phil Mickelson at $62.4 million. As usual, hoops dominates the 50: More than half this year's list is made up of NBA players. There are 10 baseball players, seven football players, three NASCAR drivers, three golfers and one boxer -- and yet zero women.

Meanwhile, our International 20 list has seen a huge bump in average paycheck, thanks to the weak American dollar: 12 of the athletes earn their bread in foreign currencies from leagues outside the U.S. In the futures department, we tab the likes of Danica Patrick, Chris Paul and Joba Chamberlain to someday soon make the 50 in our Future Fortunates photo gallery.

As always, we limited our estimates to salary, winnings, bonuses, endorsements and appearances. Candidates for the 50 had to be American citizens. For an in-depth analysis of who's on the fifth annual Fortunate 50 and why, click here.

. Tiger Woods...(Pro Golf)

Last Year's Rank: 1

$22,902,706 - Salary/Winnings

$105,000,000 - Endorsements
$127,902,706 - TOTAL

With close to $800 million in total earnings on and off the course over his 13-year career, Tiger should become the first billion-dollar athlete in the next two years -- and he's still only 32.

. Phil Mickelson...(Pro Golf)

Last Year's Rank: 3

$9,372,685 - Salary/Winnings
$53,000,000 - Endorsements
$62,372,685 - TOTAL

Lefty's numbers jump thanks to an extra $2 million in FedEx Cup points in '07 and lucrative appearance fees for his first participation on the Asian Tour in Singapore and Shanghai.
3. LeBron James...Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)

Last Year's Rank: 6

$12,455,000 -
$28,000,000 - Endorsements
$40,455,000 - TOTAL

King James has earned $167 million during his five seasons in the NBA, and has his eyes on serious entrepreneurship: He counts billionaire Warren Buffett as a role model and friend.

4. Floyd Mayweather Jr... (Boxing)

Last Year's Rank: 22

$20,000,000 -
$20,250,000 - Endorsements
$40,250,000 - TOTAL

It's been a monster year for Pretty Boy, who made $20 million in purse and pay-per-view shares for his fight with Ricky Hatton and another $20 million for his foray into professional wrestling.

. Kobe Bryant...Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)

Last Year's Rank: 5

$19,490,625 -
$16,000,000 - Endorsements
$35,490,625 - TOTAL

How's that for a change of tune? He once criticized his teammates; last month Bryant bought each of them $9,000 Swiss watches as a thank you for helping him win his first MVP award.

. Shaquille O'Neal...Phoenix Suns (NBA)

Last Year's Rank: 4

$20,000,000 -
$15,000,000 - Endorsements
$35,000,000 - TOTAL

Shaq finally unloaded his 2.5-acre Miami estate last fall after having it on the market for more than two years. The buyer? Miami-native (and No. 7) A-Rod, for a reported $27 million.

. Alex Rodriguez...New York Yankees (MLB)

Last Year's Rank: 11

$29,000,000 -
$6,000,000 - Endorsements
$35,000,000 - TOTAL

Assuming A-Rod plays out his new mammoth 10-year, $275 million deal, he'll have earned $445 million in base salary alone over the course of what would be a 24-year career.

. Kevin Garnett...Boston Celtics (NBA)

Last Year's Rank: 7

$22,000,000 -
$9,000,000 - Endorsements
$31,000,000 - TOTAL

KG is the highest-paid of the Celtics' Big Three; at a total of $56.1 million in salary this season, the trio makes up 74 percent of the Eastern Conference champs' entire payroll in '07-08.

. Peyton Manning...Indianapolis Colts (NFL)

Last Year's Rank: 12

$17,500,000 -
$13,000,000 - Endorsements
$30,500,000 - TOTAL

Hide the Lombardi Trophy. Football's leading endorser is still king of NFL pitchmen, but little bro Eli -- with whom he now regularly shares screen time in TV ads -- is creeping up fast.

. Derek Jeter...New York Yankees (MLB)

Last Year's Rank: 8

$22,000,000 -
$8,000,000 - Endorsements
$30,000,000 - TOTAL

The Yankee captain cut a deal with the tax man in February that allowed him to avoid paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes on his $13 million Trump World Tower condo.

to view the rest of the athletes who made the list go to this link...


Dione said...

Sigh, I'm in the wrong profession too... But looking at your list, since I'm a woman, I'd never be considered for such blessings anyway...

MsPuddin said...

ok i dont really watch golf, but is tiger really THAT good? or he's just built up so much hype around his name people keep callin him out as good?

DreamCop08 said...

okay tiger woods is the shyt. nobody can stop that negro. i used to watch golf faithfully because of him.

~Ms. Moore~ said...

It is a shame that women have always (and continue to be) been paid less than men for doing the same job. The only chance that a pay scale would have been totally equal is if Hillary had become president then they would have no choice but to pay her the same as a male. The WNBA (I know you can’t bear to watch it Kyle) players are paid far less than the men. I’m not sure any of the female stars even get paid as much as the bench warming male of the NBA.
Kyle your football glory days are over and unfortunately they did not lead you to the multimillions that these athletes earn but I still want you to dream of (and come up with an idea) of how to make your multimillions. Any little thing could take you there. The WOMAN that created white-out was a secretary. That invention made millions for her. The man who took the sandwich bag, cut it in half to create the snack bag has made millions adjusting someone else’s idea. “Remember where there is a problem there is opportunity”
It is shameful that some are paid so much to work at playing and others like Mother Theresa, teachers, nurses (those who truly help people) get little or nothing. But this is the shallow world we live in!!! Until there is a change, I’m just a squirrel trying to get my million nuts =)

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

What's up Brother! I bet you would have been a great golf player...but I bet your even better at what you do now....keep doing'll be surprise how you could end up with million behind your name! Matter fact...I'm speaking that into your life....12kyle a Million Dollar Man!!!! Peace & Blessings...

A Go Bytch said...

..I'm back....uh yeah talk about we all should be hitting balls with a stick if that's what it gets you... *humph*!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i grew up playing golf, started round 9

11 handicap here

but its not about money
its about happiness

prettyparker said...

wow. speechless.

i don't make their money but i'm happy with my chosen career and i love doing the work i am doing.

not taking anything away from the accomplishments of these men, but i wish there were women in the top list. i'm sick and tired of women being treated as lesser athletes.

Kandi Black said...

in the words of flavor flav..."woooooooow"...these dudes is getting it...on the one hand, I can understand how their talent would allow them to make such large amounts of money but on the other hand...i think its kinda unfair that athletes as well as other entertainers make all that money and people like the teachers and highschool and college coaches are somewhere struggling...know what i mean?

Ms. Jones said...

I knew Tiger was paid, but I had no idea he was THAT paid...crazy!

12kyle said...

@ Dione
You could always play golf or tennis. There's plenty of money in that.

@ MsP
YES!! He is that good!!! LOL. Remember what Micheal Jordan did for basketball? Well...multiply it by 2 and you'll see Tiger's impact on the game. He's made cats like me pick up the clubs

@ Dreamy
I feel you. If Tiger is on tv, then I'm watchin'

@ Ms. Moore
LMAO @ u!!! You know that we've had these discussions before. A WNBA player won't get paid like a NBA player b/c of their skill set and the revenue that they'd draw. It it ain't fair...but that's the game that we have to play.

I hope i come up with a way to earn multi-millions, too. I'm thinking of some thangs. But right now...with these gas prices going up...I'm thinking i might need to Set It Off like Latifah, Jada, and Vivica!!! Haaaaaaaaa

@ Keisha the Kitten
Preach on sistah! I'll take those blessings. And I will spread them right back to you

@ A Go Bytch
If I knew then...what I know now

@ Torrance
Word? We need to hit the greens one day when you have a break from the dog store

You're right. It's all about the happiness. I'm happy now. But i might be a little happier if i had some zeros behind my name. lol

@ Kandi Black
I totally agree!!! I'd love to see teachers get paid big bucks. But we have to keep in mind that sports are merely for entertainment. You're not gonna drive to the high school and sit in Mr. Green's class for 3 hours and watch him teach geometry. That's not entertaining to you. Going to see a football game is. That's why we'll pay $30 to see Iron Man. We want to be entertained...and it comes at a cost to us.

@ Ms. Jones
Yes. He's paid...and he has a white wife.

LMAO!!! Just had to throw that in for no reason.

The F$%K it List said...

I'm comfortable and I love what I do BUT DAYUUUUMMMMM! No one needs to sleep on Tiger he does the damn thing (when he is focused) and he is great to watch.

I'm getting off this computer and taking CJ out to the golf range HAHAHAH.

blogging not a bad deal either, look at Christian Lander. He inked a huge deal to publish "Stuff white people like".

12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List
Get CJ started...right now!!!

Kieya said...

Thaaats bananas.... i need for one of them to take pity and pay my tuition/loans off. That'd be awesome...maybe i'll write a letter....

Dione said...

ooorrrrrr, someone from the gubment could actually come in my classroom and see that I am "entertaining" and MORE instead of making decisions about what they think is best from their lofty offices in Washington and pay me what I'm actually worth. I'm the Tiger Woods of my classroom and I'll settle for a WNBA salary for what I do! I'm not asking for millions here, just a little something to live decently...

Kieya said...

And the fact that there are no women on that is a ppl not see how outrageous that is? you know who should be getting that money? teachers

Opinionated Diva said...

I find golf to be EXTREMELY boring...HOWEVER for that much money, I would love the hell out of it!

i.can't.complain. said...

ive never been much for sports.

my only hope of getting some of this money is to marry one of these guys.

since im in miami and all

maybe ill see if the dolphins are at practice today.

or maybe i can find that sexy d.wade

ill keep u updated



12kyle said...

@ Kieya
Lemme know if that works. I've got some student loans to pay back, too! LOL

@ Dione
I'd be the first to admit that teachers are vastly underpaid. I feel where you're coming from, tho

@ Kieya
I agree. But like I said earlier...most people in this country will pay $30 to see a movie or $100 to go to a game. That's their form of entertainment. Not sitting in a classroom and watching Mr. Green explain the Pythagorean theorem

@ OD
LMAO!!! I totally agree!

@ -1-
The Dolphins are practicing today!!

I dunno if you can get close to Dwayne Wade. He's being guarded by a cougar...Star Jones! Ugh! LOL

Eb the Celeb said...

Sports on a Saturday?

Are you sick?

and why the heck you putting these athletes biz all out there... that's why they have so many groupies cuz planets are out telling all they


12kyle said...

@ Eb the Celeb
*crickets...did u say sumthin

This is public information, lil sis

Kim said...

This is why my husband just bought our 2-year-old golf clubs. I think he wants our daughter to be the Tiger Woods of the LGPA. LOL!!!

Mizrepresent said...

Wow, just wow! It almost doesn't make sense, and yet, it is. Sports and Entertainment pay the biggest salaries, while educators, scientists and medical workers make less, smh. Yeah, i may be in the wrong profession, but my heart is in the right place.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yo jones, forgot to get your number last nite shoot me an email, finna look at game at my crib with rich and tony-oh

12kyle said...

@ Kim
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day like a stray cat.

The great thing about golf is that you can play it all of your life. Unlike football, basketball, and baseball.

@ Miz
I hear you. My heart is in the right place, too.

All of that money comes at a price. We are able to have certain freedoms that that can't enjoy. I mean, how would you like it if you couldn't even go shopping at the mall without a security detail. Or having the ability to enjoy a nice dinner with your family without somebody hounding you for an autograph. In some cases, you can become a prisoner of your success. And that's not cool.

@ Torrance
I'll do that! I had a good time at the event last night.

i.can't.complain. said...

no luck at the dolphins practice.

i ended up buying more clothes.

maybe tomorrow i'll find time to be a groupie.

unless there's a shoe sale.


12kyle said...

@ -1-
I'm sure that you'll find anutha sale! Haaaaaa

Tha L said...

OK, you've convinced me to at least give that golf thang a try *wink!*