Thursday, June 5, 2008

let it goooooooo...

For all you sucker MC's perpetratin a FRAUD
Your rhymes are cold wack and keep the crowd cold bored
You're the kind of guy that girl ignored
I'm drivin Caddy, you fixin a FORD
My name is Joseph Simmons but my middle name's Lord
and when I'm rockin on the mic, you should all applaud
Because we're (wheelin, dealin, we got a funny feelin)
We rock from the floor up the ceilin
We groove it (you move it) it has been proven
We calm the savage beast because our music is SOOTHIN
We create it (relate it) and often demonstrate it
We'll diss a sucker MC make the other suckers hate it
We're rising (suprising) and often hypnotizing
We always tell the truth and then we never slip no lies in
No curls (no braids) peasy-head and still get paid
Jam Master cut the record up and down and cross-fade

Run from Run DMC (Rock Box)

I was in the truck today. I needed something to play that would get my energy flowing. I was looking for some ole skool hip hop. While digging through the cds that I have, I stumbled across my Best of DC (go-go) cd. I haven't heard it in a lonnnng time. I love go-go music. A kid who grew up in South Carolina who likes go-go doesn't make sense does it? Actually, I couldn't stand it until I got to college and my boy Rezidl put me on it. So, for me to be riding down a street in ATL blaring's safe to say that I would get some strange looks.

Nevertheless, I was happy that I found the cd. This cd was a compilation of some of go-go's best...Chuck Brown, NE Groovers, Junkyard Band, Huck-a-Bucks, and Rare Essence. After listening to the first song, I realized why I haven't bothered to listen to it in a while. The cd was HEAVILY scratched! I mean...the cd would stop when i hit a bump in the road. I know that I should have followed Mrs12's advice and thrown it away. The cd won't even play in any other cd player that I have. But I can't let it go. I love that cd. And you can't find go-go music here in Atlanta. Rezidl comes here once a month on bizness and that dude STILL hasn't brought me any go-go (LOL...but I digress). I really should throw that cd away but I can't let it go. Just can't let it go

A few years ago...before I got married... I bought this couch. I copped it for the "low low" at Goodwill. I loved that couch! My wife never liked it. When we bought our house, she was adamant about us NOT taking that old couch into our new house. Huh? Me and that couch were tight. I took the best naps on that couch. It even had a bed in it. We actually argued about that couch. Can you believe that? I knew that I should have thrown it away but I couldn't let it go. Just couldn't. We brought it with us when we moved but SHE got rid of it not long after that. LOL

What about you? Is there some thing(s) that you have that you KNOW that you should get rid of...but you just can't? Why not?



Mizrepresent said...


Mizrepresent said...

Now for the post...i'm an absolute pack rat...i can't even get rid of old magazines or bills, i think that one day i will need them...and believe me there have been times that i have found some stuff in that old box that i needed. Yep, 12k, i hold on to cd's that scratch and don't play too well, but if they can play my fav song for just a little bit, i'm, it's stupid i know, especially when we can download some ish anyday, but there is nothing like the real thing, you here me.

Dione said...

I can't get rid of anything!! The worst habit I have is buying books. Then LIFE gets in the way and I don't get a chance to read them. Soooooo, My house is full of book shelves.
I've got a ton of CD's myself but I'm slowly changing them over to digital storage. (Sound familiar?)No more scratchy CD's! Maybe you should start with I Tunes to get your Go-Go on...or hit up some folks on the roundup...
I agree with the Mrs...the goodwill couch had to go... train the upcoming 12's the right way...

DreamCop08 said...

Hmmmm what cant I get rid of old letters and pics. I mean why do I still have pics and letters from centuries ago. I just really need to let it go but I cant find it in my heart.

Crazy huh?????????

CapCity said...

So, was this post a hint to me that u want me to brang u some go-go this weekend? LOL! I'll see what I can do 4 ya! LOL!

I'm w/dreamcop - letters, cards & photos are a challenge for me cuz they're well personal & meant for me! SOMEtimes I go thru & weed out - but it's rare...i HAVE kept & highly recommend that EVERY keep a FEEL-GOOD file of letters & cards that make u feel good for those dayz when u been beat da hell up by the world! ;-)

Darius T. Williams said...

Of course I have stuff to let go of...and while I'm packing for this damn move I'm doing just that. I am throwing so much old stuff away it aint even funny.

12kyle said...

@ Miz
back at the top!!!

LoL. I hear you. I have magazines from years ago. I've got some from as far back as 10 years ago. Trust me...I feel you!

@ Dione
I found myself starting to buy books but not reading them, too.

You're right. I prolly should get more "modernized". I guess its just a level of comfort. I Tunes, huh? Hmmmm

@ Dreamy
Not crazy at all. I've still got "love" letters from high school back at Momma12's house. She asked me if I wanted to throw em away and I said no. Dunno why. LoL. It's not like I ever read em or care about the person who wrote it. That was 15-16 yrs ago. I don't blame you at all.

@ CapCity
Mannnnn, if you can get your hands on some RE or Junk, I would greatly appreciate it. Can't wait on Rezidl. LOL

You made a great point. I think you can always go back to those letters and feel good. Especially on those days when you don't feel good. Or those days when you are underappreciated.

@ Darius
I feel you, bruh. Don't you just hate to be moving and you see stuff that you brought with you into your current place...but you never used it...and now you're about to move it to the next spot?

Rich said...

I have some old journals from when I was single that need to be either in a vault or thrown away, but I just can't let them go. The last time I thumbed through was a couple of years ago. I wonder what my kids would think if they read some of the stuff in it. Hmmm.

My wife throws away NOTHING, she's like Miz.

Rich said...

Oh, @ CAP, because I know she likes to lurk back through, bring me a copy too -- I'm also a southerner that likes go-go.

Proactiff said...

My old college (HBCU represent) short set! I now sleep in it. The shorts have aquired holes in the crotch and the material is slowing dissipating. The tee is spotted with faded bleach stains and stretched to the size of a good maternity shirt. Yet, the logo on both the shirt and the shorts still remain brazen and affixed in the same local (center of tee and on the hip/side of shorts). I'm thinking about taking a picture of me drobed in it and posting it to my Alumni webpage for shits and giggles. "Oh, how you continue to feed the embers that are dormant within..." <-- If that shit wax poetic it's a sure sign of my undying love for that damn Tuskegee Tiger 'fit I've had since August 1991! LMAO

12kyle said...

@ Rich
I wonder what my kids would think if they read some of the stuff in it.

They'd prolly think that daddy was pretty nasty! LOL

Yeah man! Love that go-go. It's damn near impossible to find in a store, tho.

Too funny. You went to TUSKEEGEE and the set now prolly says GEE. lmao!!! Maybe you should take a pic in it. Your "flashback photos" take me back in time. I always get a kick outta them

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I can't get rid of old magazines. I've always been obsessed with fashion and beauty mags and I have a hard time parting with them even though they clutter my office. I did purge a few when I did some spring cleaning, but it wasn't easy! LOL

TravelDiva said...

HAAAAAAAA! 12Kyle I knew there was a reason I liked you--it's rare to find someone outside of the D.C. metro area who likes go-go. I lost my Best of D.C. Go Go CD. IT WAS the best. How can you not groove to the Waterdance? I need to get that CD again. I just got riled up!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Folk, im in my shop playing drop the bomb and pump pump pump me up as we speak

Trouble Funk
Chuclk Brown and the soul searchers
Experience Unlimited

and a classic - sardines and pork n beans

The F$%K it List said...

@Miz HA its been a minute somebody must be getting regular night sleep HAHAHA

ok post: I have this one CD of old school reggae love songs. Its all scratched and just a mess. But I listen to it whenever I can get it to work.

I have the first pair of Jordans and Charles Barkleys but I guess I shouldn't throw those way

12kyle said...

Haaaa! I thought I was the only one who had a hard time parting with old magz. I have old sports magazines that I won't let go. I feel where you're coming from

@ TravelDiva
Yeah. I like go-go. When me and Rezidl starting hangin...that's all that he'd play. So, the music grew on me.

I stole...I mean borrowed a Rare Essence cd from him. And one day my son, Kameron stepped on it and broke it in half. Mannnn, I wanted to tear him up but I shouldn't have let him near the cds. Since then, I can't find that cd. So...if you or anyone else is reading this and wants to send me that Rare Essence joint (Get Your Freak On)...hollatchaboi!!! It'd be a great father's day gift.

I'm Waterdancin' at my desk right now! LMAO!!!

@ Torrance
Classics, bruh! Pure classics! You can't go wrong with Chuck

@ The F$%K it List
Nooooooo!!! Don't get rid of the Jordans and the Barkleys. Those shoes are classics!!!

Do you still wear em?

Rezidl said...

.....CBW, my ears were ringing...

I'll cop some of the newest grooves for you on my next trip to the A.

...the only thing I cannot get rid of is a T-shirt I got from playing in HS All-Star game. It's my only link to that particular game other than a few photos. Probably should let it go...or frame it...yeah, that's what I'll do....LOL

prettyparker said...

Go-go skipped OH while I was growing up. But hubby hipped me to it when we moved to Northern VA after college. Loves it.

Like Mizrepresent, I can't toss an old bill. I just can't. I have bills from freshman year in college (first credit card, school bursar office, etc).

And I'm with Dreamcop08 as far as pics are concerned. Even duplicates of the same dang picture are kept!

Finally, shoes. I have my Timberland-look-alikes from 11th grade and still sport them when there is snow on the ground or when I'm hiking. I will NOT toss a heel, tennis, sandal or boot w/o a fight (or good yelling).

Muze said...

maaaan i have so many cds that are scratched beyond recognition it's ridiculous. lol. seriously. lol.

i can't let them go either. they're special to me. ha.

and that couch, ugh my bf when we moved into our apt last year just had to bring these jogging pants (yes pants) that were so beyond disgusting. ewww. i never convinced him to trash them though. and even when i bought new ones, he still chose to wear those. ugh. lol.

Trish said...

Cant really think of anything right now but.. I love Go-Go.
Its mostly all they played at Shaw University in Raleigh, NC.
loved it.

Opinionated Diva said...

I could probably make a post out of all the things I can't let go of.

The first TV I EVER bought, was a 13 inch color TV. I kept it for SIXTEEN years, even though I didn't use it anymore. I FINALLY gave it to my niece and nephew...they effed it up in less than a month. Knew I should have kept it!

The F$%K it List said...

Nope they are in the boxes in storage and they still look new ( I visit them from time to time)

They are boys size 5 (I have small feet) so I guess CJ can rock them if classics are the thing when he gets older.

I also have my Anfernee Hardaways, first pair of sneaks I bought with my own money. If all my stuff was unpacked you would be amazed at all my shoes/sneakers. I posted a few pairs the other day.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i hang onto pictures, papers and mags. they are organized, but most of them are just that...sitting somewhere organized. in my mind, i really do intend on going back to view them or scim thru the pages and pics..but i hardly ever do.

ShellyShell said...

Hmm. I still have my first pair of Red Gloria Vanderbilt,Sergio Valente's and Jordache jeans from 4th grade!! I can't get rid of them! Also, I have the first Jordans's Red/black and the white and Metallic blue ones! Oh yeah and my Air Max '95's! I saw them in the store selling for $200!
I keep pictures,cards,magazines,letters. Anything that I can look back on and smile I'll keep!

TravelDiva said...


12kyle said...

@ Rezidl
Glad you heard ya boi! Definitely bring some go-go when u come back to the A.

Mannnn, you still rockin' that Big 33 shirt??? LMAO!!! I thought Moe stole it from you. Well...he told me that he was gonna take it. Haaaaa! That's funny.

@ prettyparker
WHY hold on to an old bill that has already been paid? Haaaaa! It's not like you're gonna pay the bill again. LOL

I feel you about the shoes. I had the audacity to ask Mrs12 to throw away some of her shoes and she gave me the dirtiest look. I figured that I had better not "go there" with her. A brutha was only tryna create room in our closet. Dang! LOL

@ Muze
Those pants were prolly very comfortable for him. It's hard to let something like that go. LoL. Can't really explain why.

@ Trish
They had go-go "back then"? Lmao! Just kiddn

@ OD
C'mon now. What were you gonna do with a 13 inch tv?. But I feel u, I would've been pissed if they would've broken it, too.

@ The F$%K it List
Mannnnn, you are takin me back. I loved the Penny Hardaway kicks. My brother bought a pair and he let me wear em one day...and I never gave em back. Haaaaa! U took me back with that one

I think that's the thing that gets us. In our minds...we're gonna go back and look at it again...but we really aren't. Good point

@ ShellyShell
You are truely ole skool. 95 Air Max?? Awww man!!! I remember the day that I bought those. Feels like it was yesterday. Ahhhh...the memories! Thanks!

@ TravelDiva
Awwww shit!!!


karrie b. said...

i have 4 garbage bags full of clothes and shoes but i cant bring myself to take them to my local salvation army!

some bum out there is gonna be fly...


Rich said...

Now you got me in a Go-Go mood. Check out this amazon link.

If it doesn't work, just type in Rare Essence. There is even a "Go Go: DC's Best" Album.

TravelDiva said...

12Kyle--never say I'm not your friend. Go-Go is available on I know you're on a no cd purchase kick right now due to gas prices--but FYI.

The Get Ur Freak on CD can be found at:

Rare Essence's greatest hits is at:

AND drumroll....Gimme Dat Beat:The best of d.c. gogo can be found at:

Am buying my copy ahora! I forgot Uh Oh was on there!

TravelDiva said...

Retraction--I may buy the Essence, but fools are trying to sell The best of d.c. go-go for $65. 44 for the TAPE! I'm not that pressed.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I did a major spring cleaning last year...but...I definitely need to do it again...and get rid of some old papers..bills..clothes...where in the world does all this stuff come from!!!!

Queen of My Castle said...

I throw everything away. I hate clutter. I hang on to sentimental things like pics and maybe cards, but other than that...everything hits the trash.

Kieya said...

my toe socks...with holes in the toes....i can't cuz they're so comfortable....old papers I've written for class...old journals from jr high/high fraggle rock book italian test papers...the list goes on and on. i like memories...and everything reminds me of something different.

~Ms. Moore~ said...

@Miz – I feel ya. I keep ALL documents for at least 7 years. I have my first job ID card from when I was 14yrs old. I have old post cards that my mom received in the 60’s.

@ Dream – U gotta keep pictures of the family. But sad to say I am still holding on to pictures of ex-lovers!!! Y??? IDK =)

@Cap City – Don’t bring K12 any go-go. Have mercy on his family! Isn’t the fact that they have to deal with him enough! How much more must they endure---LMAO U R right on point about the feel good letters.

@Pro – that’s what I’m talking bout-clothes!!! The one’s that are so broke in (comfy) that u break out of them in various places.

Like all of you I must confess that I am a pack rat. I still have a collection of cassette tapes and vinyl records (no eight tracks). My children are 26 and 30 years of age and I still have school papers from when they started kindergarten.

Pack rat mania must be inherited because my mother gave me some of my report cards from the 5th and 6th grades. She also gave me her and my father’s high school yearbooks. But things like these you can’t ever let go of.

Eb the Celeb said...

you need to check out my MC Lyte post on Jonesin' you slippin not mentioning her...

I am a pack rat... so I have a whole bunch of stuff that I should probably get rid of...

pictures of old bf's in the nude.. keeping those just in case they get famous or something and I need to blackmail them

old birthday/chrismas cards... they just sit in a box collecting dust... i dont even know why i keep them

that's all i can think of right now

12kyle said...

@ karrie b
A fly bum!!!! You are hilarious.

@ Rich
Mah man!!! Good lookin owt!!! I'm gonna buy it...right now

@ TravelDiva
Thanks, sis!!! I really 'preciate that.

$65.44??? Word? NOT!!! LOL

@ Keisha the Kitten
You'd be surprised how much stuff can be collected over time.

@ Queen
Cards are huge for me. I have cards from high school. Do you hang on to the stuff for your kids?

@ Kieya
Socks with holes!! Haaaaaaa. Italian test papers?

@ Ms. Moore
I've seen your desk. You are a pack rat...fa sho! LOL.

@ Eb the Celeb
Nude pics of bf??? Ohhh helll naw!!!

dejanae said...

its been a minute
i got put onto gogo by some cat i met online
took a while to get into it

i.can't.complain. said...

"it even had a bed in it."


i could actually see u saying that.

a literal lol to u, sir.