Thursday, June 19, 2008

how ya feel

Thanks for the well wishes on the hunnidth post. Looking forward to the next hunnid.

I think old age is catching up to me. I was 'sposed to introduce the newest members of my blog crew yesterday but i forgot. here we go...

mah homey...dione- very good peoples. we go wayyyyy back to freshman year at SC STATE UNIVERSITY

dreamy- she's not new to the planet b/c she's here every day but she changed her name. lol

kieya- she's been in the crew for a minute but i wanna shout her out any way. she's gettin some schooling in beantown

ms jones- very new to the blog crew but not new to bloggin. she's a jersey girl

- she's been here for a minute, too. reppin new yawk

the l- i've been going to her blog for a minute. L is maaad cool. reps vegas! and she loves the lakers...but i won't hold that against her. wessssyyyyde!!! LOL

tony oh- a fellow atlien. dude is sick with a camera. don't believe me...check him out?

Just wanted to take a second to shout out the new crew members. Check out their blogs as you do everybody else in the blog crew. You'll be entertained.

Now...on to the's simple. Tell me what you feel. Period. Not your goals. Not your aspirations. Tell me what and how you feel as you read this post right now.

I feel...hungry
I my career isn't where it should be...and I've gotta get back on track.
I feel like...there aren't enough hours in a day
I feel like...yelling (ahhhhhhhhhhhh) for no real reason but just to yell.
I feel a lil down b/c Deion and Kameron are in SC with my parents and I miss them.
I feel like...a breakthrough is around the corner
I feel like...tough times don't last but tough people do.
I feel like...praying.
I feel like...I've got a lot more to learn
I feel like...I should be running my own company.
I feel like...I'm tired of punching somebody else's clock and being a slave to the dollar bill.
I feel cool.

How do you feel? Hollatchaboi


Anonymous said...

first.....i feel like you have too much time on your hands

12kyle said...

@ anonymous

go to sleep, gurl. lol

Anonymous said...

you and them darn crickets. i don't have to work so i don't have to go to bed but you do. ha! ha!

The F$%K it List said...

I feel tired but my mind won't let me rest

I feel happy that I don't have to cover Europe tomorrow so I can sleep in

I feel blessed because I have an awesome family

I feel hungry because all I ate last night was toast (feeling sick)

I feel like laughing because South Park is hilarious (the one about the N word)

I feel excited because the Celtics whipped on Kobe and crew.

I feel like I better stop typing and go the heck to bed

Dreamy said...

okay so here goes, bear with me Kyle, are u ready,LOL

I feel..... horny as hell
I feel..... like calling one of my old flings up and getting some good jugg
I feel...... exhausted
I feel...... I'm very blessed
I feel......I'm too addicted to blogger
I feel...... I feel it will take forever for me to become an officer
I feel..... That I doubt myself too much
I feel..... Misunderstood
I feel..... Humble that u give me bloggy love
I feel.... That I have found the most positive, creative, craziest, funniest, and inspiring family in bloggy land
I feel.....blessed to have met u Kyle, ur wonderful


Dreamy said...

dang it I was trying to be first!

CapCity said...

Awwwww - on missing your babies - tha's so cool to "hear" a Brother express.

"I feel like...tough times don't last but tough people do. " LOVE IT!

Heyyyy! to all your new folk;-)

LOL & I feel Sistah Dreamy on addicted to blogging. LOL!

The Jaded NYer said...

I feel like I need to go away for a few months to "find myself" again, and am counting down the days until I can.

Mizrepresent said...

I feel sleepy

I feel like i'm ready for Mr. Right

I feel a breakthrough coming.

I'm feeling pretty special

I feel like i've got my swag back :)lol

I feel brand new

I feel lonely, i'm missing babyboy

I feel real proud of babygirl, off to NYC on her own in another 2 weeks.

12kyle said...

@ anonymous
*loud crickets*

@ The F$%K it List
The Celtics put a good ole ass kickin on the Kobe and nem. I love it!

I feel tired but my mind won't let me rest. I've been there before

@ Dreamy
Good jugg! LMAO!!!! Very good list

Thanks Dreamy! Preciate ya!

@ CapCity
Bloggin' is truly an addiction. I can't lie

@ Jaded Santana
I feeeeeeeeeeeel you!

"Need a piece of mind. I'm stressed out today. I just need some time. To make a getaway."-Get Away Bobby Brown aka the King of R & B. LOL

@ Miz
Got ya swag back? I hear ya!!! How is babyboy doing these days?

Brad said...

I feel like I deserve a promotion.
I feel like I should be more aggressive with my goals.
I feel like I should be happy I have a good job.
I feel like I have the cutest family in the world.
I feel like my boys are both destined to be great.
I feel like I missed my true calling.
I feel stupid because I don't know what my true calling is.
I feel like I should start a blog.
I feel like I'm too lazy to keep up a blog.
I feel like I could never do it as good as my boy 12kyle.
I feel like Laughing Out Loud.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I feel excited about going out of town soon.

I feel exhausted...I've been really tired lately.

I feel blessed for the unconditional support of my husband.

I feel upset when my family/friends aren't supportive.

I feel upset about the tomato scare - I LOVE tomatoes.

Trish said...

I feel.... mad sleepy.
I feel.... body strong from working out. (woo hoo!!)
I feel.... like telling my co-worker to shut the hell up !!

Kieya said...

i feel pissed off cuz i just read this article at CNN about there being no rape in Darfur.

i feel hopeless...darfur, women/children being raped, disowned by family, our young kids dying on the streets here, going missing, getting screwed out of education; it s too much. - sorry for being a downer debbie

i feel like i need to be doing something to help.

***but i did pep up a bit when you gave me a shout out!

Lovebabz said...

I feel happy.
I feel peaceful
I feel excited about hanging with Capcity in NYC!
I feel like I need a REAL vacation where drinks and snacks are brought to me on a tray and the sun is shinning and the sand is white or pink whatever and the water is crystal blue CLEAR! But I digress...

12kyle said...

@ Brad
You SHOULD have your own blog. You and Rezidl! Btw...where is he? LoL

I dunno what your true calling is...maybe it's preachin'. Lmao!!! Just kiddin.

And you might have the 2nd cutest family in the world behind mine. Haaaa

Support from your spouse is VERY important. It's tough when you don't get it from your family

Pleeeeeease don't eat tomatoes until they say it's ok. We don't wanna see you sick

@ Trish
I feel like you SHOULD tell your co-worker to shut the hell up. LoL

Got the workout going again, huh?

@ Kieya
It's sooooo sad what's happening in Darfur. We should be there instead of Iraq. But you know how it goes...

@ Lovebabz
Hangin out with CapCity? She's a lotta fun. I'm sure that there will be pictures!

Mannnnn, that sound sooooooo good. Maybe I'll take a "mental vacation" for lunch.

Opinionated Diva said...

I'm going to echo Dreamy on everything except the officer line.


I feel...guilty for having that Frappacino and slice of marble loaf from youknowwhere, when I know I'm supposed to have something high in iron. Tasted good going down though!

Rich said...

i feel out of sorts

i feel like i need to go to church regularly but i'm tired of business as usual

i feel like i should be doing my work instead of blogging but that would be too boring

i feel like what's around the corner needs to reveal itself becuase i've been faithing it for quite a while now -- i need a breakthrough

i feel like this job is a waste of my time and talent - but it pays the bills

i feel like i need a month off so i can really get myself going further down the right path. (why do i have to keep giving up sleep and weekends)

Eb the Celeb said...

Sorry I missed the celebration yesterday...

so I will say it now happy 100th... and I don't wanna here ya mouf bout it being late...

better late than neva right

Proactiff said...

i feel out da loop. like y'all 365bloggers have secret meetings and shyt. make me feel like an outsider tryna get in da club. no VIP status. fuck it. i fux wit da ESOP on ice n-e-wayz! lmao and i posted too so there. *pours a lil out for my non356'ers*

12kyle said...

@ OD
You feel guilty about that??? LOL. You should! But I'm wit cha!

@ Rich
I missed the last few Sundays and I am in need of a "spiritual re-charge". Real talk. But I'll be there on this Sunday.

Amen! I feel you on the job thing.

@ Eb the Celeb
Thanks! Preciate da luv!

365 bloggers! Toooooo funny. I'm not 365...well...maybe 300.

Don't pour it out...unless you gonna pour it into my cup!

Hadassah said...

I feel pissed at my university no one to inquire things about they always say go inquire witha darn computer!

I feel pissy, not sure why.

TravelDiva said...

I feel stressed out at this exact moment. But it will pass.

ShellyShell said...

I feel....the first two things on dreamy's list!
I feel....good since I've been working out 5 days/wk getting my abs right again!
I poppin the piss out of the lighter persuasion!
I feel....overwhelmed
I job is stagnant.
I feel....I'm destined for great things.
I having my own SHYT. You are NEVER going to get your worth unless you work for yourself!
I feel....stressed
I I need a dose of the Lord. I missed church the last 3 Sundays but not this Sunday!
I feel....conflicted about applying to business school this fall. If I get in I will quit my job and go full time!
I how am I going to pay for living expenses if I'm not working!
I God will work it out for me and I need to trust in him!
I my dad will think I'm crazy for leaving my good paying job to go back to get an MBA.
I my mom,sister and teacher boy will be my biggest cheerleaders!
I I'm getting old(my bday is June 28...Yeahhh)
I feel....blessed to have 12th Planet as a venue to vent like this! Thanks Kyle!
I feel....extremely sore because I've been going to Fitness Bootcamp!
I my arms and legs are going to look FLY AS HELL in my birthday dress next!
I eating lobster and having a nice glass of wine!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i feel...

...tired from being at lil PCD's gymnastics class this morning

...the nice breeze coming thru the window i should stop watching this show "snapped" about women who kill their spouses, but i haven't seen this ep, so i'll keep peepin! i want some chocolate

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

I feel...hurt
I feel...blessed...
I feel....change is coming
I feel....complete healing is near
I feel....excited
I feel....God's presence
I feel....ready for the next level
I feel....sleepy!!!

The Pew View said...

Baby I got a whole lot of feelings bout a few thangs but Imma give you a few.

I feels like I wanna take me a drank of crown, hat, or somethang. I'm thirsty!

I feels like eating me a spam and toast sandwich with cheese. I'm hungry!

I feels like calling my ex-sugar son Tyron. I'm horny!

I feels mad at you Kyle. I made that hog head cheese yesterday and you never called me with the address to the party!

I feels like Mabel gone come back with a financial blessing for me from Vegas! I feel lucky!

Take Care Now

Ruthie Ann

Dreamy said...

lmao at PCD girl u better leave Snapped alone that show is crazy!

Ms Ruthie don't u even think about it, LOL

prettyparker said...

i feel... hungry
i feel... good about kid's overnight camp!
i feel... serious heartburn due to being hungry
i feel... happy w/my career and position at my company after today's team meeting
i feel... light in the purse after father's day weekend at the beach.
i feel... overweight because i can feel the folds in my back in this tank top
i feel... good about myself despite the back folds
i feel... happy to hear from my overseas pen-pal after a 7 year absence
i feel... like swimming after work
i feel... a headache from not eating before that meeting

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

dang i gets no love folk lol

i.can't.complain. said...

i do hope these "new-bies" realize that a recommendation from mr. 12 is priceless.

i'ma check 'em out.


The Flyyest said...

blogger aint trippin no more i see....

well i had all my feelings earlier..... but it wasnt letting me comment...saying blogger is unavaliable.......well

i dont feel like re doing it!!!!!

luv ya kyle!!!! LOL

congrats on the hunid post yesterday!!!! i was MIA

12kyle said...

@ Hadassah
Wow! That's sounds like my old school! LOL

@ TravelDiva
Me too!

@ ShellyShell
We got a lot in common! LOL. I've missed the last few weeks of church but I'll be in there this week. Beleee dat!

I gotta go get that MBA, too. I dunno how I'ma pull it off but I'ma do it. Lobster and wine sounds really good! Yes! You can always vent here at the 12th Planet

Pleeeeeease don't watch stuff like that on tv. LOL

@ Keisha the Kitten
I know that a change is gonna come for you. You've already claimed it.

@ Pew View
Crown and spam??? That's a helluva mix. LOL.

Mah bad. I thought you knew the address...12 Twelve St.

Mabel went to Vegas? Ohhhhh lawd. I hope she comes up!

@ Dreamy
I agree

@ prettyparker
Gotta get sumthin to eat, girl. Don't starve ya self.

Good to know that you set it out for Mr. Parker. I like to hear stuff like that.

@ Torrance
I haven't forgotten about ya!

@ -1-
They are all very good. Check em out. btw...welcome back from M-I-Yay-Oh

@ flyyest
LOL!!! I feel you. Thanks for the well wishes.