Monday, June 9, 2008

Oooo hell yeah!

History is being made. It's being made right before our eyes. And yes...I will talk about it.

I've always said that the 12th Planet would be open forum to talk anything. The only things that I haven't talked about is politics and religion. There's no right or wrong with either. But today...that changes.

I would be a fool not to talk about what Barack Obama has done. When the race to become the Democratic nominee started, Obama started from behind. He wasn't given much of a chance. But he's made alotta folks believe in him.

Not only was he battling the odds...but he would have to stand toe-to-toe with Hilary Clinton aka Pantsuit (thx PCD). He had to battle her jabs as well as her hubby, Bill Clinton. The Clintons used to be held in high regards with black folks. Not anymore. In my opinion, they've showed their true colors. They made comments about Obama's heritage, his former pastor, and even hinted toward something relating to Bobby Kennedy being "assassinated". Are you kidding me?

I remember hearing so many people say that they didn't think that Obama was ready. But that was last year. I KNOW he's ready. Not only is he ready...but he's far more capable than the clown that we have in office right now.

Obama will beat McShame in November. Beeelee dat! What should be his first priority? What are your thoughts and hopes for him? Do you fear for his safety? What do you think about him and his policies? Should he choose Pantsuit as a running mate?



lotto 649 results said...
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ShellyShell said...

Ha! I think I may be FIRST!

Anyway, politics is one of my FAVORITE topics since Poli Sci was one of my majors. I was impressed with Barack at the DNC convention in '04. The speech he gave was so powerful that I knew he was destined for great things.

I think at this point one of his main forums needs to be the economy. People are fed up with what is going on especially white people. When you mess with their money it's not a good look!! I live in NY and regular gas is 4.18 that is beyond ridiculous! The sub-prime crisis has hit everyone, black and white. In Grenwich, CT they have the most Hedge Funds per capita but the city which has an avg household income of approx. $70k is seeing record foreclosures. If you know anything about Grenwich it's predominately white. When white people start losing money, houses etc. They will rally for change!

Next needs to be the war. I think it's time to start phasing out of Iraq. People are tired of seeing their loved ones be killed. There was absolutely no reason for the US to invade Iraq. W was just trying to get revenge for his daddy! We are spending billions on this war but yet less and less people have health insurance and inner city schools are a mess. The US is in complete disarray and something new needs to happen.

Part of me likes Hil with Barack since she does have that rural and white women over 60 vote but the other part thinks she will hinder him because she has alienated so many people. I would say John Edwards but he has stated that he does not want VP. The jury is still out on who I believe his running mate should be but I'm thinking it should be a white male and maybe someone who has an extensive military background...possibly Jim Webb(Va).

I'm sure I could write a lot more but I'm just getting in from Dallas!

CapCity said...

I feel great about being part of a history making venture during the same GREAT '08 year as Brother B.Obama! U don't know what I'm talkin' 'bout, Kyle? Check Miz's Place, or The Rich House;-). Was wonderful meeting U, Bruh! Gotta rain check on that boogie! LOL!

I continue to keep The Obamas in prayer! If he chooses hc as a running mate - he's the REAL Godfather who keeps his friends close & his enemies closer...

Darius T. Williams said...

Yup...ur right, history is being made. I don't know if he should choose hillary as a running mate. This is a hard call. He needs her supporters so it will be interesting to see his strategy. Um, he needs to tackle the troops, the war in iraq, education, the economy, and health care. He's got his work cut out for him.

12kyle said...

@ ShellyShell
You are FIRST!!!

The economy has to change. I really can't believe that things have gotten this bad. I agree. Most white folk will rally for change. I just hope that they don't mind rallying behind Obama

I just don't trust Hilary as a vp. She's said wayyyyy too much shit.

Good points! Hope you enjoyed Dallas.

@ CapCity
It was nice to finally meet you! You are maaaaad cool! Thanks for sending the links for the pics. I'll check them out shortly.

I dunno if I'd want that brawd too close to me. Never know when shit might "pop off".

@ Darius
You ain't neva lied. He's got his work cut out for him for the next 4 years!!!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

The economy and healthcare should be his top priorities.

I'm still not sure if I want Hillary on the ticket or not. I'm still weighing that one out.

I am just so certain that Obama is going to make such a difference for all people. It's just a proud moment for us especially.

prettyparker said...

politics and religion? the two things i don't talk about are politics and micheal jackson. i'm passionate about both.

i'm a hilary supporter. up until the very moment she pulled out i was cheering for her. in my opinion, based on her experience, she would have made an excellent president.

i don't vote along party lines or popularity. i vote based on the platform that will most benefit my family.

Eb the Celeb said...

You are a week late but I will still participate.

Yes I do feel for his safety. Racism is still very alive and well and many people do NOT want to see a black man in that position.

I feel there is a greater chance than not that he will get assassinated if he gets in the white house. I know sad, but true. The main reason why I feel he should NOT choose hilary as his running mate. As slimey as her campaign has went she would probably be in on the conspiracy to assassinate him just so she could still be president.

I say he puts a black VP in there.. and the 3rd and 4th person in life be black as well. So if he does get assassinated there will be a chain of more black folks to take his place.

Brad said...

I think Barack will win in November and the world will change on that day. I do however feel that he will have some tough times around the world trying to bring about the change that he speaks so eloquently of. His political strength will be slightly diminished by the same racist politicians who have held us down for years.

His biggest accomplishment will be a shift in our beliefs. America ain't the bully on the block anymore. And the world has to respect this country for it's humanitarian accomplishments not it's military ones. If Obama can do that.....he will be the greatest President ever.

karrie b. said...

McShame...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! i love u kylie!


TravelDiva said...

Hey Kyle,

I think he can beat McBush. It will be a tough battle because racism is alive and kickin' in America. So on some level, it will be like Head of State where people go running in the streets to keep him out.

I'm most concerned about the economy--as most Americans are. So I would say I want him to focus on the economy, foreign policy, education, etc.

I can't stand Hillary. At the same time, if he will win if she's on the ticket, then take her. Especially since McCain might try to pick a woman to get Hillary's supporters. Problem--neither Pantsuit or her freaky husband can be trusted.

12kyle said...

I think Hilary's support is needed. If she gets behind him, then that will really help him out. I dunno about her on the ticket b/c she's said so many bad things about the man...I dunno how she can get past all of that. It'd be like a chick saying..."Kyle, I think your a punk...a bum...a buster...but I wanna be your girl."

@ prettyparker
Politics and Mike Jax! LMAO!!!

I appreciate you for vibin' with me as always.

I initially thought that she'd make a great prez. Right now...I'm not sure. But I respect your opinion and your decision to stick with her. Hopefully on November 11th, you'll put it down for Obama...if not...write your own name in! haaaaaa

@ Eb the Celeb
I think there's a reason for concern for his safety. That said, I think he'll be ok. He's in danger just like errybody else. The only difference is...if something happens to him...there WILL be bloodshed on dem streets! Beleee dat!

LOL @ u! I don't think it works that way, lil sis. And I don't know that there is anutha brutha who he could pick to be his vp.

@ Brad
His political strength will be slightly diminished by the same racist politicians who have held us down for years. That is soooo true bruh.

There's a long road ahead for him. There would be a HUGE celebration for him in January! But after the party is over...he's really gonna be on his grind. I'm sure that he can get the job done like BDK.

@ karrie b
Yep! That's his new name!

@ TravelDiva
I feel you. The economy is the key. Times are hard right now. The economy usually takes a step backwards when there is a change in Washington and we really can't afford that. Hopefully, gas won't be a grand to fill up ya car!

Kandi Black said...

well...since obama is basically a shoo-in for presidential status at this time...i think him and hiliary should join forces. i think they'd make a formidable team. and im hoping that obama has some plans to relieve the economy. and we definetly need better health care. and lowering tuition wouldn't be such a bad idea either.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

well, i feel pantsuit has shown herself NOT to be a team player, therefore she is not deserving of a veep offer. there are too many things that have been problematic regarding her.

as far as barack goes, i hope that he stands his ground and remains assertive. he has an uphill battle laying ahead with all of the same washington fat cats. i hope he chooses his veep wisely. and i do not fear for his safety. he's had uber-security since day one...i'm sure they will step it up. too many of us back away from trying things out of fear...and i will not even allow my mind to imagine such tragedy

braincell said...

nope u know i suggest Collen Powell or me, Mccain is leaning toward webb

braincell said...


L. Renee' said...

You know I have been behind Barack from day one. I almost cried with pride watching his speech in VA.
I made my son watch it with me. This is HISTORY!! OURSTORY!!
I really believe he can do this. I am nervous about his safety...but we have been through so much I'm sure his security detail and the the Umpth degree. I want him to get rid of "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND" and get back to the business of really teaching our children to think not regurgitate scripted lessons. Our children deserve better opportunities to learn all that they can.

12kyle said...

@ Kandi Black
I'm all for lowering tuition!! I gotta pay for these 3 lil fellas.

I don't like talking about it either. I really hate when the media gets involved b/c I think that they can give some psycho an idea. I think he'll be fine.

First priority...put a hoop in the backyard of the White House. Obama got game!

@ Rawdawgbuffalo
You think Powell would be interested???

@ LRenee
Spoken like a true teacher. I feel you, tho. We've gotta focus on education

~Ms. Moore~ said...

Yes this is truly historical. Please do not compare him to the idiot that is in office now. Saying that Barack will do better than him is no great feat because Bush has done so poorly.
I believe that Barack can do soooo much better, but there is so much for him to do to correct the errors left by this administration.
I do not fear for Barack especially if Hiliary is vice president. But if he has a white male vice prez he might get the ax
When you say that Barack is ready to be president exactly what do you base that on? I want to hear facts not feelings.

The Pew View said...

Hey baby. I needs your prayer so be sure to read the latest blog. Take care now.

Ruthie Annn

The F$%K it List said...

After all the hate spewing that pantsy put Barack through he is still as gracious as ever, considering her for his team. I do not think he will or should chose her for VP but she will definitely be a part of his cabinet. Its just the law of nature, and in his final speech he all but said it equating it with how Lincoln chose his cabinet.

In the end its about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

As for his safety I do fear for it in some parts of this backwards country. In Dallas the police tried to have his security stand down. However I am sure he is aware and that makes me less fearful.

Ms. Jones said...

I think that Obama would be crazy to select Pantsuit as his running mate simply because she dogged him bad (politics or not)throughout the entire campaign. What I am worried about most is that people are all hyped for change and are going to expect it overnight without understanding that it may take a minute to clean up all of the messes that have been made. With that being said I hope people don't start pointing fingers if the change takes longer than expected, but I have no doubt it will take place eventually.
And clearly its a no brainer that the economy should be addressed first with health care and education following.

Muze said...

i'm so proud of barack.

like, chest sticking maaaad out, proud. lol.

history is being made indeed.

and i'm on the fence about having hillary as a running mate. i think she could bring in a lot of viewers, but at the same time, i can't stand her arse!!


Muze said...


voters, not viewers. lol.

watching tv and blogging is not a good thing to do.


Dione said...

IMHO it would be KRAZY to have Billary (and I do mean BILLARY) as a VP because she is a backstabber... I have no doubt she will be smiling away while plotting to undermine Obama. She'll probably be at a cabinet meeting shaking her head in agreement but tapping away on her Crackberry under the table. I don't fear for his safety as much as I used to because to do harm to him now would make him a saint and you know the other folks just can't have that now could they!
I would hope that the first few issues he tackles would be the economy and these darn gas prices, education (No Child Left Behind is a joke if we don't have the funding to facilitate the law), healthcare( it takes my mom's disability check AND my paycheck to pay for her healthcare) and Iraq. Bring our families HOME! It does sadden me that the country is in the state of disarray that it's in because it makes Obama's job that much harder to CLEAN up...

DreamCop08 said...

hey, well first off I dont think that he should choose senator Clinton for his running mate. all she will do when he gets in office is keep an eye on him, next thing you know Obama will be looking at impeachment.

I love what he stands for, we need change. And Bush isnt doing anything to help us pooh people.

he definitely needs tackle gas and the cost of living. soon we are not gonna be able to afford anything. the rich will keep getting rich and the poor will just keep getting poorer. he definitely needs to address that first.

i cant wait for him to be president. Barrack all the way for me.

eclectik said...

LOL@ McShame

I dont fear for the man's saftey I think ihe will be fine
Just play it cool...move slow and try to fulfill as many promises as he can

Cuz if ANYTHING goes wrong he's the blame.

I need you on the board fam...come sign up!


The Flyyest said...

YOUR SUPER RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im not a politic kinda gal but im ssooooo proud right now!!!!!