Monday, June 16, 2008

Off tha Dome

random thoughts...

Why is the new Batman movie called The Dark Night and not Batman 3?

I remember the first time that I put gas in my whip the day that I moved to Atlanta back in '97. Gas was $1.05

Do you ever remember seeing any grown ups on the Charlie Brown cartoon?

I don't care how long you've known'll never figure a woman out.

Now that Hilary Clinton is outta the race, Bill can go back to his old job...chasin' hoes.

Anybody remember The Gong Show? I used to love that show as a kid

Wonder how history would have changed if Willis (Todd Bridges) had made Charlene (Janet Jackson) his lady in real life?

Who is your cell phone service with? On a scale of would you rate their service...and phones? I have Sprint. Service-6! Phones-10

There's a reason why Tiger Woods made 167 mil last year. He was unreal this weekend!

I'll be glad when reality tv is dead

Kerry Washington

Do you know any white people who can dance?

Ever known a man who could forget something simple like a dr appt but he can tell you how many points Michael Jordan averaged in '96?

Kissing is underrated

Have you ever been on your lunch break and you got a drink...or 2...or 4...then went back to your job?

You should find something to laugh at each day.

Thanks for the well wishes for Father's Day. The day was awesome

I used to suffer from road rage. I haven't had an "outbreak" in years

Gimme Lauren London's dimples...Sanaa Lathan's eyes and smile...Kerry Washington's lips...

Basketball is almost over. Football can't get here fast enuf.

Mike Vick is in jail for fighting dogs and RKelly skates on charges that he slept with and pee'd on a 13 year old girl. That's not right!

Heard a fool say on tv that Obama might not be "black enough". Getdafugouttahere! You are an idiot!!!

Ever had a white co-worker ask you repeatedly "where do you live?" They really wanna know if you live in the hood.

I saw a young chick walking down the street with a shower cap on head. C'mon man!

I love black people

Good men are hard to find. Good women are even harder to find.

Aren't you glad that when you make mistakes...they aren't broadcast to the world?


Dreamy said...

okay kissing is definitely underated. i love to kiss. i can kiss all day,lol.....

oh and when is the new Batman movie coming out. i will definitely be going out to see it..

did i really sleep on part II....

bill clinton chasing hoes to funny....

your welcome (Fathers Day)

The Jaded NYer said...

The Gong Show- I loved that mess!

I know a couple of white girls who can shake what they momma gave em

I have Verizon; my service and phone are 9, no doubt!

you saw a girl with a FOR REAL shower cap? damn... that's taking business casual a bit too far...

AND You aren't supposed to figure women out; you're just supposed to cater to our needs and shut the hell up LOL

Mizrepresent said...

I'm with dreamy - i so love kissing :)

The Dark Night - well, yeah i saw that...guess we will see the dark side of Batman.

You are so funny.

Glad you had a great Fathers Day.

I have AT&T.

Girl with showercap,lol, where were you? How about one with the furry slippers on in the store...i know, i know.

How about i stop in at the Hood Dollar Store to buy a Fathers Day card, and they sold out, lol! yeah, i told my stepdad, sorry about that, but here's your gift. He didn't seem to mind.

I just love your off the dome posts!

I'm with Jaded, don't try to figure us out :)

I used to have road rage too! I am so glad that now i just chill on the road.

12kyle said...

@ Dreamy
I think the new movie comes out next month.

We all know that Bill is back on the prowl. He prolly could WAIT for Hilary's run to end

@ Jaded NYer
Welcome back from hiatus. Good to see you back in the mix.

I'm glad that you remembered that show. I didn't know if I was the only one who watched it. I used to love it. It was must see tv for me as a kid

Yes! A shower cap. In 2008! What is the world coming to?

Cater to women's needs and be quiet. Hmmmmmm...


Lmao!! Welcome back Santana!

@ Miz
Maybe you're right about Batman.

The chick who had the shower cap on was walking near the corner of Panola and Redan Rd.

Last minute shopping for Father's Day cards? Shame on you, Miz! LoL

Tryin to figure women out is an IMPOSSIBLE task! Haaaaa

CapCity said...

it's prolly called Dark Side cuz it's going to put the makers/producers in the BLACK;-). how come most "dark" references are negative 'cept when it comes to money? I'll TAKE BLACK ANYday!! & yes I wanna see it the previews were OFF da CHAIN! Can't believe that's Heath Ledger's final movie - or is it??? AND dude who's playing BatMan I think will be the BEST one, YET! that dude is da truff as an actor!

how bout when kissing is good it's great - when it's bad - EWWWWWWWW!!!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Glad you had a great Father's Day!! :-)

I can't believe someone would walk outside of their home wearing a shower cap!!!

R. Kelly should be put under the jail!! You know he's going to record a gospel album next!

I have T-Mobile - I actually like it, so I'd give it a 9.

I used to have road rage when I lived in Chicago, now that I have never driven in NYC, I no longer have road rage - I have commuter RAGE!!! All the people on the train can drive a girl nuts!!!

The Pew View said...

NO Baby. Kissing without your dentures in your mouth is underrated. Yall youngins don't know nothing bout that right there. You betta ask somebody. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

The F$%K it List said...

Batman can't be called Batman 3 its only the second part of the beginning series. @Dreamy it comes out July 18th (and I am calling in sick that day).


I have Sprint as well service-5 phones- 8. I'm too lazy to change services.

Tiger was awesome this weekend. I was glad to see his caublasian A$$ back.

Kissing is def underated.

Liquid lunches, ME YES. If it wasn't Monday I'd be down for one today.

If I hear one more person say Obama isn't black enough! I mean what kind of stupid nonsense is that. Let him stand up in times square and try and catch a cab.

I can't even speak on r.Kelly, He knows it was him and that is a shame, And if he does record a gospel album its going to be a shame. People are going to have to stop buying his music for it to make a statement.

Brad said...

I love black women, even the ones who hate me.........hey, I was young.

Glad to be a Father. My boys are my pride and joy.

Obama is going to change the world. Nuff said.

If you're with a woman and she can't kiss........dead it right then and there.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother! You know what's messed up is that the "good ones" are often right in our face......being overlooked for the crazy, lying, cheating, dramatic filled ones!

I aint had no good suger in a long time.... I can't wait til I get to enjoy kissing someone I love....who kisses me with love...and....passion....OH HAPPY DAYS! lol

Kieya said...

Its not called The Dark Night...its The Dark Knight lol

LOL @ Bill chasin hoes....

Tmobile, service 10, phone 10 - family plan, thats whatsup!

i know white folks that can do choreographed dance...but spontaneous stuff aint for them lol

kissing is definitely underrated

R Kelly makes me so mad

i love black folks too

and Happy Belated Father's day!

Opinionated Diva said...

If not for being called The Dark Night...this would be Batman 5 or something.

lol @ The gong show. Remember that song "Bubbling Brown Sugar"? Do you remember the episode that got the gong show cancelled???? Three young girls sucking on an icepop...SCANDALOUS! lol

I luv kissing and I always find something to laugh about all day every day.

12kyle said...
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12kyle said...

@ CapCity
I'm with you...I'd take BLACK any day. Is this really gonna be his last movie?

I said the same thing. Who would have the nerve to walk outside with a cap on their head. AND it was 91 degrees!

I wouldn't be surprised if he made a gospel cd. There'd be a lotta folk who'd buy it, too. And that's sad

I'm pretty sure that you have some great stories from riding the train.

@ Pew View
You're right...I don't know nuffin about kissin with dentures. LMAO!!! You are funny

@ The F$%K it List
Haaaaa! You're calling in sick to catch the flick. I hear you.

I feel the same way. I'm just too lazy to change services. I've been with em for soooo long

Tiger was unreal. You know he's gonna seal the deal today

Liquid lunch! Haaaaa

@ Brad
Hope you enjoyed your Fathers Day

I agree. If she can't kiss...or don't like to need to end it...FAST

@ Keisha the Kitten
Good point. The same can be said for men. I've seen men dogg out good women then chase skanks for a while until they realize what they had.

Good sugar! LoL.

@ Kieya
Dark Night...Dark Knight...Dark Light...whateva! lol

How was DC?

White folk can line dance. Just don't make em go solo.


@ OD
Word! I remember that! Maybe we're showing our ages! LoL.

I love to laugh, too!

Queen of My Castle said...

I really liked this one. Glad you enjoyed your father's deserved it.

cryssrenee said...

These random thoughts are perfect. The Gong show was the best. It's not up to men to figure women out, stop trying, you'll make yourself dizzy. LOL. I hate to see people in shower caps. that ish makes me want to holler. I have t-moblie-2, phones 1. Everyone should love a nice slow sensual kiss, but every now and then that heated hard kiss, that takes your breath away. I kiss alot

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

kissing is def underated

and i got one, am i the only operson who still uses a clothes line to dry my clothes

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

ps Ruthie Ann is buck wild LOL

Dreamy said...

Fu&**Itlist: okay cause i seen part one and now there is a part three. i was like i know i havent missed part two. i was gonna be two hurt. i was online last night looking for part two,lol

i will definitely be seeing part III. i love Batman, especially the newer version

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

don't you wish harm to my reality tv...i told you its my crack! i needs it!

i'm glad batman is now the dark knight...sounds so gutter-chic!

i have sprint too..its whatev..

who doesn't like kissing?

Smarty Jones said...

Glad you had a good father's day. I am feeling today's "Off the Dome."
As far as cell phones, I'm with Alltel and for service they get an 8 for phones I'd say a 6, maybe a 7 if they'd get a freakin' smartphone that could hold a charge.
You were playing about the shower cap, right? I haven't seen one of those since my mama stopped wearing her Jheri Curl. They still make 'em?
I still have a little road rage. I thought about putting a bull horn on top of my car so my fellow motorists can hear exactly what I think of them pumping their breaks in the third lane on I-40.

TravelDiva said...

LOL. I think it's because Batman Begins was the first one and this is the second?

I DO remember the Gong Show; and I remember an episode on What's Happening where Rerun auditioned for the Gong Show! HA!

Deep on Michael Vick and R. Kelly. Deep.

CapCity said...

ummm, 12k - did it make the ATL news that Heath Ledger passed away?

& T-Dawg - my mama still hangs her clothes out to dry. If/When I get a yard & house keeper I'll have mine hung to dry. Love THAT outdoor, fresh smell in my clothes!!

TravelDiva said...

Shower cap. No words. Except, "You embarrass me, You embarrass yourself."

CapCity said...

dang, the link got cut off - just google him ...

Eb the Celeb said...

" I don't care how long you've known'll never figure a woman out."

YOu are so very wise dear blog brother

shower cap walking down the street aint nothing...

I saw a chick in church yesterday with her doobie still wrapped with the pins it in... SMH!


Somebody has been watching Kerry Washington a lil tough...LOL

You are right, kissing is wayyyy underrated!

12kyle said...

@ Queen
Thanks! I appreciate that. I really did enjoy my day

@ cryssrenee
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here everyday like bad traffic

I'll never try to figure y'all out. LoL

I've always heard that T-Mobile has good customer service

@ Torrance
You still use the clothesline, bruh? Talk about ole skool!

@ Dreamy
I heard that it was good

I hear you. I just can't get with it. The one show that holds my attention..."Flaaaavorrr Flaaaaaaav".

I've threatened Sprint several times...but I'm still here

@ Smarty Jones
I feel you. Nuffin worse than having a phone that doesn't hold a charge. That really sucks

Noooo! I wasn't joking about the shower cap. I wish that I was joking.

@ TravelDiva
I remember that episode of What's Happening!

RKelly is what he is. He wouldn't be celebrated if he wasn't a singer

@ CapCity
I think I've got him confused with anutha white dude. Lol

@ TravelDiva
That is sooooo true!!!

@ Eb the Celeb
Yeah. I learned that a lonnnnng time ago

What? That's crazy! She should be ashamed of herself

@ Poca
I gotta thang for Kerry! I can't lie.

The Flyyest said...


i love can tell if someones a freak by the way they kiss...hehe

theres a batman movie out????? LOL

happy belated fathers day buddy!!!

i know a couple of white people that can dance....

i have tmobile.... um service id say 10 phones 10 (i loooovvee my sidekick) and that my faves is the truth... and unlimited need to get on with the T-MOBE

yeah you aint supposed to figure women out... that inner mystery in us

hey i did the shower cap a couple times...BUT i was going straight to the shop to get the hair right!!!!!

kerry very pretty....

lauren london is prettier

Lovebabz said...

Well hello!
I finally made my way over here. We have some of the same blog friends...It was inevitable that I make my way over here!

There were no grown-ups on Charlie Brown, white or otherwise...there was one black kid...Franklin.

I am with you I am SICK of realty shows...however, I love Top Chef, Project Runway, HGTV Show Star, Hells' Kitchen! LOL!

Kissing is defintely UNDERrated! It is a lost fine art!

I so feel you on the Mike Vick thing. I was never an RKelly Fan.

Absolutely LOVE all people.

Ahhh some of my mistakes were very public!

This is was fun post!

PrettyBlack said...

I think on off the dome days...just for the old school converted weedheads you should change the comments to where we can see the post and comment at the same time.

Sorry I've been MIA but I've been busy, and since it's summer and I don't work, hubby is the boss and all that good shit, I will be dividing most of my time between mini vacay's to LA and the bay with very little time for blogging! haha! Until I get my blackberry...I know I know I should have been had one but a bitch is frugal...I'm working on 5 million by 50!

Oh shit about the post let me see I can't remember any of it accept the frankenbitch you built from sanaa and some other chicks, but you forgot one thing...PrettyBlacks skin color and hair! haha!

Tha L said...

"Have you ever been on your lunch break and you got a drink...or 2...or 4...then went back to your job?"

LMMFAO! But seriously tho, YES.

Proactiff said...

ya dome is scatterbrained as mine! i dig... i won't, however, dig into all them women references that got you stumped! it was a reason them isley brothers named that tune, "who's that lady," cause we been a mystery before the word was painted on scooby & the gang's van! [throwback dan a mug]

ShellyShell said...

Ahhh a good kiss can seriously make your panties wet...lmbao!

Isn't the new Batman move called "Dark Knight" cause it's more focused on the dark side of the Joker? I thought I read that somewhere!

I have raggidy ass Sprint. If I wasn't so lazy I would leave their bitch asses! I get at least 2 free months/year for their horrible customer service. Plus they are giving me $100 off my next phone!

I have the worst case of road rage! I act a stone cold fool. I got in an argument with an old ass man with no teeth! After living in Houston,DC and now NYC(which is the better city to drive in)I absolutely wild out when provoked! I'm too old to be wildin the way I do but dayum learn how to drive f*ckin better!

Yeah I remember the Gong Show that shyt was funny as hell!

Since I grew up with a majority white folks(only graduated from hs with 5 black people) yes it was traumatic there will be a post about! I've run into a couple of white people who actually have rhythm. A white boy I grew up with can dance his ass off!

As for Kells. He lost me at "You remind me of a jeep" WTF? I saw that video he knows dayum well that was him peeing all over that little girl! YUCK!

Hadassah said...

Mike Vick is in jail for fighting dogs and RKelly skates on charges that he slept with and pee'd on a 13 year old girl. That's not right!

Daaaaaaaaang say that again!!!!!!!!!

Heard a fool say on tv that Obama might not be "black enough". Getdafugouttahere! You are an idiot!!!

"Fell of chair laughing so hard!"

Dione said...

Man, DO NOT get me started on the gas prices!

Nope. I was a Scooby Doo girl.

you'll never figure a woman out- sure you can. Just do what we say, when we say it, and never ask WHY...

Bill stopped chasin hoes?????

AT&T. LOVE the service because I used to be a new hire trainer there when the company was still Bellsouth... Love my phone too...

reality tv- gotta disagree. I LOVE Survivor. Sorry.

Kerry Washington- Loved her in Save the Last Dance...

I would be so fired for drinking and going back to work in my classroom...

Mike Vick is in jail for fighting dogs and RKelly skates on charges That's not right!- Gotta disagree again. I'm a doggie mom, bruh and my baby is part pitbull. Vick needed to spend some time on that one. Don't get me wrong, I also disagree with The Urinator getting off so lightly as well.

Fortunantly, I live between two exclusive neighborhoods so they never really figure out that my house is on the other side of the tracks!!

Good women are hard to find. Good men are even harder to find.

12kyle said...

@ Flyyest
Freaks are good kissers! Haaa! I like that idea

Thanks for the Father's Day wishes!

Please don't ever do the shower cap thing

Kerry Washington is fine. I can't really compare her to Lauren London. That's like asking if I want a Benz or a BMW? Haaaaa

@ Lovebabz
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here everyday like the school bully

Yes! I've seen you in a couple of "hoods". Glad that you came thru to holla at me

You know what's wife watches all of those shows that you mentioned! I've seen em a few times. Not bad...not bad at all. If I had to pick one, it'd be Top Chef

@ prettyblack
Mannnn, you are stoooooopid! "Converted weedheads" lmao!

@ L
Crown Royal, right? LMAO!

You're right. I can't tell you how many times I've said...or heard anutha guy say..."I just can't figure her out." And it's b/c we can't. You're right...such a mystery

@ ShellyShell
Lmao @ you and yo wet drawz

*sigh* I feel you on Sprint. The customer service is the worst. And it takes forever to get a live person on the phone!

I feel you on the road rage. You think NYC is better to drive in?

Only 5 kinfolk at your school? Wowwwww

@ Hadassah
These folks kill me with that stuff about Obama. And it's usually our people! That's the sad part about it

@ Dione
You're right...maybe Bill never stopped chasing hoes

Survior has been around for a long time.

Loved Kerry in I Think I Love My Wife. Oooooo weeee!!! Haaaaa

I feel you on Vick. I'm not saying that he shouldn't have been punished. But 2 yrs? That's excessive. And I love dogs. What he did was wrong...dead wrong. But Kels gets off when we KNOW that was his ass on the video. Hell, TI had enough guns to take out Iraq in his own house and he's still walking the streets. Not to mention former NBA player Jason Williams. He shot his limo driver in front of 20 people...lied about it...asked the people to lie for him...and he's still walking the streets. Some justice system...

karrie b. said...

i have cingular...theyre pretty cool...


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

if i was a person to do such
TI should have got his waeponry from me but what do i know lol

Muze said...

the cheapest i remember gas being is $1.59. man those were the days. lol.

women aren't meant to be figured out. ha.

lol @ bill chasin hoes. lol.

maaan i can't even imagine 167 million dollars. whew. maaaan where is tiger? lol.

AMEN at that r.kelly/mike vick statement. wtf??

... seeing as though i plan on being really, really famous one day, i will enjoy the days of my mistakes not being broadcast to the world. lol.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Yep, I remember the gong show and I remember the prices at the gas station being 69, 79 and 89 CENTS!!!!

I also remember my first car and how I had to "rock it" to get a whole $10 in the tank...good times...good times.

Kissing is SO underrated. You can tell a lot about a person from the way they kiss you. MMMmmm...what was I saying? (lol!)

Darius T. Williams said...

Ha...tooo damn funny. Willis and Charlene...could u even imagine?

Dreamy said...

where you at player we miss you over here its been two days