Wednesday, June 25, 2008

don't stress it

In no fashion have I lost my passion for the pen
It's just that lately life has been a lost less inspirin
To tell you the truth trials and tribulations is very tirin
I gotta play a little game of gimmick and gunfirin
I'm not aspirin to be any lower or higher than,
I get equal as in eye to eye again
I'm the truth, I'm complicated I'm all ready but try again
I've got to die once to never ever die again
And what I believe within I engrave within my skin
And one thang that I ain't is a saint without a sin
How could there be a now if there never was a then?
That is unbalanced just like the yang without the yen
I am distinguishably deeper as opposed to the paper-thin
And I breathe oxygen, and you rhymin bout rocks again
You stagnant, standing still enough to feel the world spin
I'm beginning to smell the end in the path of the blowing wind
Hopefully I'm fortunate enough to spend forever with a friend
I'm slow dancing with destiny every day until then
When I first got my big break I said that I would never bend
And discredit my character to keep up or contend
And my belief beat baseline secrete such a special blend
I am not like them at all and I cannot pretend
I am not like you at all and I cannot pretend.

Cee-lo from Goodie Mob


We all have it. We can't avoid it. But we all have different ways of dealing with it. We can be stressed by family, friends, work, or that dude in the car that just cut you off. We can be stressed by that female who annoys you so much that you started ducking her calls. We can be stressed by that dude who you KNOW aint good for you nor is he good to be around you.

We can be stressed by rising gas prices...a war that shouldn't be...and high food prices. We can be stressed by these damn bills that WON'T go away.

Stress is here. And it's here to stay. The question do you cope with it? Where do you go? What do you do?



The F$%K it List said...

WHO SHOT YA! I'm FIRST! YEAH ok going to pull a 12Kyle and go read the post now, HAHAH

The F$%K it List said...

YOGA! Its the only thing I do that will keep me from going all Naomi Campbell on folks.

It use to be Boxing but that also adds bulk :)

The Pew View said...

OOOOW Baby that sho is a good question. Well these days when I gets a little streesed I sqeezes me some hog mogs while soaking in a hot bath with Epsom Salt. You see the textures of them balls is very very relaxin. I tells everyone one that if ever needs to relax after a stressing day chile'go buy you some them hog mogs down at the local market and rolls them round in your hands like them rich folks rolls round them Chinese balls.

Take care now.

CapCity said...

i go to the FREE library & read a good book or take out a good movie that'll "take me to another place, take me to another world..." (can u name THAT tune?;-) LOL!

since i drive a MINI - sometimes i'll just go for a RIDE!!! LOL!

i.can't.complain. said...

when i have a lil' money to play with i like to cross state lines to ease stress.

but on the day to day

a nice hot bath and a glass of wine will usually mellow me out.

that and cheesecake

and orgasms


Kandi Black said...

well...some good old marry-wanna always helps to de-stress the kid.

but if i have none of that, i just try writing down my feelings or listening to some calming music. that also seems to help.

Ms. Jones said...

Stress is ridiculous, especially moving halfway across the country to live with your parents again stress lol. When it becomes unbearable I like a hot shower, to snuggle under the covers, and watch a good movie...a good snack never hurts either :)

Dreamy said...

Well I would either go to sleep when I stayed with mom!

Now my destresser is my patio, pen and pad( got a gazillion poems), wine and cigarettes!LOL

But on a serious note I just give it to God! He will work out the problem!

Urban Thought said...

A good work out and a run on the treadmill can always get that stress out.

Who said stress didn't have its benefits?

The Jaded NYer said...

when I'm stressed I eat myself into a stupor and then pass out on my couch while a movie plays on my computer.

or if the babies are away maybe I'll just up and walk around the city- even at 2AM- and look for trouble.

or I'll hook up with some random disposable dude from my little black book, get mines then go home. Well not so much anymore...

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother! Great post.....In more recent times I have learned to call on Jesus when I am stressed.....However there are times when I don't have strength to even seek him alone.... so I have to call out to my prayer warriors to stand in the gap for me or stand in agreement with me.....and I am usually at peace right away knowing that my peeps are on their "knees" in prayer for me....

Typically when sending a text reminder to sistahs to join our weekly LYLAS prayer calls.... I say "Prayer Works!" I have learned that nothing works better than prayer. Not sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping, eating, etc....those old methods of dealing with stress have only hindered not healed....helped me avoid the problems...but not delivered me from the problems....have weakened me instead of giving me strength.....Long story short....only Jesus has been able to be my pain stress reducer....that's why I pray when I am stressed....cause Prayer Works!!!

Kieya said...
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Kieya said...

i usually call my mom so that she doesn't worry when i put my phone on silent & stop answering calls for awhile, then either

a. Sleep
b. Paint
c. Write

12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List
Youz funny! LOL

Please don't Naomi Campbell nobody. But I think the folks at CON edison deserved to get cussed out!

@ Pew View
WOW!!! You took me back with the Epsom Salt! LOL. I remember when my grandmother used to keep at least 3 boxes under her bathroom sink.

@ CapCity
Arrested Development!

I used to take rides but it costs a billion dollaz to fill up ya tank. Can't do that no mo.

@ -1-
a nice hot bath and a glass of wine will usually mellow me out.

that and cheesecake

and orgasms

In that order? LOL

@ kandi black
I've never tried that Bob Marley aka joint aka reefer aka cheebah aka spliff aka sticky icky aka gunjah aka left handed cigarettes...but i heard that it is very relaxing. lol

@ Ms Jones
I feel you. A long hot shower can calm you down

@ Dreamy betta put those squares down! LOL. Please don't tell me that you go thru like 4 packs in a day?

@ Urban Thought
I feel you bruh. Sometimes I'll get on the bball court when I'm stressed. The more stressed that I am...the better I will play. Exercise is a good way to relieve stress

@ Jaded NYer
LMAO @ random disposable dude from my little black book

@ Keisha the Kitten
So true. Prayer does change things. And it works!

@ Kieya
You paint? Word? What do you do with your work?

Brad said...

I watch a good action flick on the tube. Or I play a few games of pool. A good workout at the gym is also a good stress reliever.

If worst comes to worst....I go out on the street and find the unlucky dude of the day a beat the sh*t out of him. That's only on real bad days though.

Kieya said...

eh, i dabble.
they just sit on my desk once i'm done lol

i don't think they're good enough to be showing folks...and they're personal

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I agree with the above poster that said yoga, or I pack up the "Fur-baby" (my dog) and take him on a hike. We always end up on top of a mountain or by a stream or river that instantly reminds me how small I am compared to the world, and it allows me to give it to God.

And that is enough for me to start to get through it.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i go to the spa or out with my friends...if i need an immediate fixer, i grab the wine, bubble bath and ipod and SEE YA!!!!!

Opinionated Diva said...

I kinda thrive on stress. lol...I'm weird like that.

When things are slow and quiet...I'm bored. But when it's hectic and I'm crazy and killing myself to meet deadlines, I crank up the music and deal. That's how I deal with work stress.

When dealing with people that stress me the hell out...I don't. I don't answer the phone, their emails, their texts...i place them on ignore until I'm in a calmer place. It's really better for both of us if I'm calm. lol

TravelDiva said...

church, exercise, and my man.

Queen of My Castle said...

Oddly enough I received an email about stress. It states:

Handle every stressful situation like a dog...piss on it and walk away LOL

I deal with stress by stretching, deep breathing, reflecting on the good, and a nice glass of wine. Ahhhh, pure therapy.

Queen of My Castle said...

Oh yeah...I ditto Diva on dealing with people.

Sexxy Luv said...

I throw most of mail away, don't look to see who it's from unless it has my gas or light companies name on it! lol

Never give my cell number out to any companies i have no contact number I know what I owe you and when it's due.

As far as the stress from my personal affairs, I just think, and think, and think one day I'll face it and figure it out!

Smarty Jones said...

CapCity, you'd better take me back to "Tennessee!"
As far as stress relief, since I'm not like other girls, I play "The Godfather" on PS2 or Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Shoot, if I really need a pick me up, I'll play Madden.
I know there are probably a couple of folks looking at me with the screw face but it really helps.
Instead of going postal on these folks, I just imagine that they are the people I'm shooting or hitting in the video game.
Try it, but be careful, these games can become addictive.

i.can't.complain. said...

yes, dear big brother

in that order :-P


12kyle said...

@ Brad
Mannnnn, shame on you for beating up on bums! LOL.

I feel you, tho. I gotta pick up the Xbox 360 and crush anutha gamer

@ Kieya
You might be the next JJ Evans

DY-NO-Miiiiiite lol

@ Kay C the Quiet Storm
Mountain? Sounds real cool. Where do you live?

I can't front on the spas. I used to do it...until i went to one. I love it. Everybody should treat themselves to a day at the spa

@ OD
Striving on stress? WOW! Ignoring folk sounds good!

12kyle said...

@ TravelDiva
good picks

@ Queen
Where are you?

LOL! Funny quote. Can't beat wine

@ Sexxy Luv
Never give my cell number out to any companies i have no contact number I know what I owe you and when it's due. haaaa!! Classic

@ Smarty Jones
You play Madden??? That's what's up. If you ever come over to the 360, I'll beat you in Madden! LOL

@ -1-
WOW! LMAO!!!! You are too funny

Demon Hunter said...

Vacation relieves my stress, and I can't wait to get one. In the meantime, I watch TV, read, shop, write, etc.

My job is stressful, so I'm looking for another one...good post. :-)

ms.uncensored said...

hmmm thats a good question. when i'm stressed. i read a book. i get lost in the pages. in a completely different world so that i can forget my own.

i listen to music. the rhythms soothe my brain.

before. i used to get totally and completely smacked. weed and alcohol. whichever was available. but coming from a long, long, LONG, line of alcolholics, i refused to allow myself to become dependent on them as stress-relievers cuz a girl gets stressed out too often.

i mean i still drink but just not as a means to an end.

Rezidl said...

several options to relieve stress.

1. Go for a drive (love to drive)

2. Vodka and Cran (not a 'Diddy' made of Ciroc and lemonade)

3. Hit the punching bag in my basement...(mostly when I'm out of vodka)

the old me said...

When I'm stressed, I make a Martini and try my best to have the wildest sex possible.

If I'm all out of drank and no partner is around, I will write, write and write until can drink and get some sex!

dessex said...

I deal with it with Pray...and having an up beat attitude....I know thats easier said than done, but talking to God really helps me deal with life

Mizrepresent said...

It's simple, prayer, wine, music and dancing always, always soothes my some good sex would be good too!

lol@thef$%k list

12kyle said...

@ Demon Hunter
Vacation! That's the magic word. I need one!

@ ms.uncensored
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a lotta fun around here. We're here every day...hangin out like wet clothes.

If alcohol runs in ya've made the right choice to put it down. I feel where you're coming from.

@ Rezidl
Hit the bag when you're outta vodka! LOL. You should get out in the yard and work on ya back peddle

@ the old me
Martini's and sex...sounds like a great combination to me! LoL. You are funny

@ dessex
Prayer definitely helps. I'm with ya, bruh.

@ Miz
Somehow...I knew that dancing would make your list! LOL

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

a fat one
if no throat
and always writing
aint like getting hit by a car
no stress here im blessed

Eb the Celeb said...

I have to spend time alone by myself... write what is bothering me down and pray on it...

and I love when you post that t-shirt...i just wore mine this past

ShellyShell said...

I'm always stressed! I like to listen to Prince "Sign of the Times" album especially the song IT. I work out extra hard and go for a long walk around the city or Prospect Park.

On good days I'm getting it in good between the!

Dione said...

ooohhhh... Ryan, my massage therapist, I love to see him when I'm stressed out!
I'll run a hot bubble bath AND read a book while soaking my worries away!