Tuesday, June 10, 2008

da art of storytellin' pt 2

Some things need to be kept a secret. Can you keep a secret? You say that you can...but you can't. You've shared a secret. Some things are better left unsaid.

Jennifer and Trina were the best of friends. They had been friends since they were in middle school. They're both 25 now. They do everything together. They shop, hang out, drink, smoke cheebah, and party together. Jennifer has been dating her man, James, for the past 6 months. Unlike Jennifer, Trina was "too busy" to have a man.

Because they were friends, Jennifer felt like she could tell Trina anything. That included stories about her man. Specifically...about what they did sexually. And she never held back. She didn't have to b/c Trina was like the sister that she never had.

She told her about all of their "sexcapades". You know...the time that she gave him brains in a CROWDED movie theatre...or the time that they banged at her job just b/c they were horny. She told her how big he was and how nice his head game was. She also told her that is favorite position was doggstyle.

One day, Trina called Jennifer...

Trina: "Hey girl! Whussup?"

Jennifer: "Nothing much."

Trina: "I just picked our tickets for the basketball game. I've got 4 tickets. I just need to find somebody to go with me. Maybe I'll call Kevin."

Jennifer: "Cool. We need to get the tickets from you before the game. I know that James will want to be there early and you are KNOWN for showing up late so we'll take separate cars. Can you bring the tickets?"

Trina: "I can't. I'm doing my hair right now. Where's James?"

Jennifer: "He's on his way home from work."

Trina: "Why don't you have him stop by here to pick up the tickets? I mean, its on the way."

Jennifer: "Ok. I'll call him right now."

They end their conversation. She calls James and tells him to stop by Trina's house to get the tickets. And he does. When he gets there, Trina invites him in. Trina tells him that the tickets are upstairs and she advises him to come upstairs to get the tickets. When he does, he opens her bedroom door and finds her naked laying across the bed.

And we KNOW what happens next!!!

Who is REALLY at fault here? What should James do? Was Trina wrong? Was Jennifer wrong for "braggin" about her man to her girl?



Mizrepresent said...



Mizrepresent said...

Trina is no dayum friend to go after her bestfriends man...that ish is in the Girlfriends Bible. Boyfriend is weak as hell. Sorry, but i would have to let both of them go!

i mean so what i tell you our secrets, what's more important to you our friendship or you getting some?

L. Renee' said...

I learned the hard way. Keep your bedroom business to yourself. Heffers always want to come over and sample the fertilizer to find out why your grass is so much greener. Keep your sexcapades to yourself. Let the bitches water their own lawns! LOL

Kieya said...
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Kieya said...

Thats not even a question. I doesn't matter how much Jen was bragging, they weren't sharing men. Trina's trifling...uh uh. Thats not even ok. My best friend & I have pretty frank convos about sex...I don't go seducing her man. Thats real trifling...And James should keep it in the pants, get the tickets & leave. Betta not forget those tickets lol

Brad said...

Aight first dude in.

Now while I say both them are trifling and there is no excuse, we ALL know it happens JUST like 12K described it. You but too much of your bidness out there and you build curiosity. You build ingtrigue. You create a scenario where your friend is trying to picture the things she's heard about YOUR man. And YOU'RE building the fantasy for her.

Again, that's not an excuse, but that's how the bull starts. And in defense of dude.....men are weak at that age. And if you think it's easy to turn away from something tasty right in your face then think again. That's coming from a man's perspective.

Darius T. Williams said...


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Trina and James are the ones at fault!!! Trina was a sneaky you-know-what who wasn't a true friend to Jennifer. James was just a sleazy guy who betrayed his girlfriend.

Sometimes you have to be careful of what you tell your "so-called" friends. People can be treacherous, especially an envious woman!

Trish said...

Trina is no friend.

James should have man'd up and said no thats alright, you can bring the tixs down stairs, got the damn tixs and left.

Jennifer needs to stop sharing so much of her and James sexcapades.

Opinionated Diva said...

lmao @ Darius.

I think they're ALL at fault, but probably not for the reasons you suggest.

Jen is at fault for not knowing what a skanky friend she has. Come on...there are some people who are in your life that you just KNOW would do something like this. These are not people you share sexual escapade information with.

Trina is at fault for being the WORSE kind of 'friend'. First opportunity she gets, she's naked on the bed and just ready to jump dude.

Dude...he should have known better. you always know when your mate's friend is interested...and you should know to stay away.

pink said...

Awww hayl naw!! whatchu mean whos at fault? Trina is just dead, wrong, triflin and outta line. true, the other gurl shouldnt be tellin all her bizniz (i agree wit l. renee "let them bitches water they own grass lol).

Trina and ol boy are wack...

prettyparker said...

experience is a good teacher. at 25 you're still learning what to share and what to keep to yourself so i'll excuse the bragging due to homegirl's age.

the boyfriend is wrong for taking the bait. the girlfriend is wrong for luring him in.

now 12k, don't get all upset with me for the next line in this comment, but it is the truth:

neither should mention a thing to homegirl.

why ruin a friendship and relationship over a one-time f*ck up? best friends since childhood? don't let that go over a screw. sometimes, ignorance is bliss and best. besides, she advertised her bedroom business in the streets, and naturally her friend wanted to sample the goods. it isn't right, but it is life.

now, if it happens again, they should both get the gallows and neither deserve to be a part of homegirl's life.

CapCity said...

They're only 25 - they'll get over it! LOL!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

no real woman or friend would do that...no matter what. truth be told, most men would fall right in that trap so i'd kick them both to the curb and keep it moving. as we know 12kyle, i've always been a cutter-offer...PCD doesn't play that mess!!

The Pew View said...

Hey Baby. I tells you what that Trina was one hot slick stank ____(well I won't say the word) but you knows what I mean. Just cause her friend bragged on her man's thang-a-lang don't give Trina no business jumping on it. Hell I brags on my 2nd late husband Leroy Lee all the time so does that mean Mabel needs to go dig him up and get boned. I don't thanks so! Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Jackie Edwards said...

If Trina is a friend then Lord please don't let me have any enemies!! And as for James, I have one word for him....triflin'!!!

Tha L said...

A'ight bruh...i'm a buddhist so I fully believe in the fact that everything that happens to us, good or bad, is the result of something in our own life or something we've done in the past to someone else. yup, that karma shit. so Jennifer is ultimately at fault, whether because of being stupid enough to put all her boyfriend bizzness in the streets, or for being trifling in her own right at some point in the past. not to excuse trina or james, but i'm just sayin' tho, what goes around comes around, and it looks to me like jennifer's getting some karmic get-back. :-)

12kyle said...

all names were changed to protect the innocent lol

@ Miz
Back on top! LoL

James definitely fell for the okie doak! Stevie Wonder could've seen it coming.

@ LRenee
I remember when Mrs.12 told me back in the day..."I trust you but I don't trust her!" It makes sense now!

Heffers always want to come over and sample the fertilizer to find out why your grass is so much greener. Keep your sexcapades to yourself. Let the bitches water their own lawns!

OMG!!! I'm ova here rollin'! Good one!

@ Kieya
That's true. They should be able to discuss that type of thing. Maybe she should've drawn a line, tho? And yes...he had to get those tickets

@ Brad

Preach on, bruh. That's not to excuse their horny asses but men are visual creatures. If she had come on to him and she wasn't nekkid then he prolly would've left. LOL. I'm not sayin its right...b/c it's wrong but sometimes things go down like that.

@ Darius
Soooooo true bruh!

I think you hit some good points. Maybe you can discuss your sex life with a friend...just maybe not with a friend like HER!

@ Trish
Anutha case of letting the little head think for the big one. LoL

12kyle said...

@ OD

@ pink
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day...hangin' out like wet clothes.

I think some things you can keep to ya self.

@ prettyparker
Upset? C'mon now...you know me betta than that. You know that opinions are golden at the 12th Planet. I feel you. It's in their best interest not to say a damn thang! LMAO! If they do, somebody might get kilt! (yeah...I said kilt...not kiled!)

@ CapCity
You think so?

Fa sho! You WILL cut somebody off! LOL!!!!

@ Pew View
Noooooooo! We don't want Mabel doing that. Haaaaa

@ Jackie
I don't even think that I'd want her as an enemy. She's wack! LoL

@ L
I hear you. Can you imagine the karma that's gonna come to James and Trina????

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother! Unfortunately you can't really trust no one....but God that is...There ain't nothing new under the sun...Trina ain't the first or the last to bust a move like that....The bigger picture is that there is a whole lot of lust going on in the story and the devil took the opportunity to divide and conquer. Home boy fell victim to temptation and didn't take the exit when God certainly gave him one out...Trina let the lust and envy demon get her to seduce dude...and Jennifer opened the door to it all sharing her and her boyfriend lustful sexcapades...when the window is cracked to sin...certainly the devil is going to make his way in. In this case he was very successful... matterfact he put his feet on the coffee table and got nice and comfortable!....Peace & Blessings

Eb the Celeb said...

I messed up in high school and told my bestfriend how good a dude was and a couple months later she slept with him. So I learned early on in life not to tell any gf's how good a man is in bed.

Either way I dont think it was her fault at all. You should be able to trust your friends by gushing on your man without a REAL friend trying to see what the action is all about. So the friend and the Bf were in the wrong completely

ShellyShell said...

Dayum this brings back memories. This shyt happened to me when I was 21 and young and dumb! I was a Sr. in college and the dude called me and told me what happened(3 or more times). I told him cool and proceeded to walk my ass downstairs and asked the girl and she told me dead to my face that he looked good and wanted to sample the goods! Beyatch what? The thing that pissed me off the most was me and my crew put this girl on! She had no sense of style,always wore her hair back in a ponytail with jeans and sneaks. Anyway, I just didn't talk to either of them but I TOLD EVERYONE on the yard what happened. I graduated and moved the fcuk on! From what I hear no one spoke to her the next semester and she ended up moving home and commuting to class 3 days/week. Then she graduated and started dating some dude who was beatin her ass! Karma is a motherf*cker!

With that being said! Trina is triflin and so isn't her man! This chick is suppose to be your girl and you go and seduce her man! Dude is just as jacked up he should have just walked out. Matter of fact why the hell did he go upstairs? Ol girl needs to cut her losses!

Proactiff said...

Who is REALLY at fault here? two consenting adults.

What should James do? deny deny deny.

Was Trina wrong? as changin' a tampon and not washing her hands!

Was Jennifer wrong for "braggin" about her man to her girl? we all remember 'what had happen was' to eddie murphy when he was braggin' bout that 'icecream' during his delirious sketch.

good one 12teach! i'm checkin' for you. you do the same. *wink*

prettyparker said...

Was Trina wrong? as changin' a tampon and not washing her hands!

Oh h*ll to the naw Proactiff did not just say that! 12k, you should start a 'quote of the day' because that line right there is a keeper. too funny!

12kyle said...

@ Keisha the Kitten
Great points. Trust is the key factor in this story. You gotta feel for Jennifer because she can't trust neither of em!

@ Eb the Celeb
Sounds like you learned at an early age. You should be able to trust your friends but maybe she should've withheld some information from this friend.

@ ShellyShell
WOW!!!! That's crazy! I'm surprised that you didn't smack em up! Seriously, you handled it well. They can't say much if it happened three times!!!

"Wrong as changin' a tampon and not washing her hands!"

OMG!!! You are stooooooopid!!! LMAO!!!

@ prettyparker
You know what...I was thinking about doing a "quote of the week" earlier today. This would definitely make the list! LMAO!!

~Ms. Moore~ said...

Skank is not a friend (period point blank). And DICK for brains was not truly her man.
Both these individuals are wrong. It doesn’t matter what Jennifer told Trina about James or how tempting the naked woman on the bed was. Everyday at every age we are faced with situations in which we have a choice to do right or wrong. Just because you are broke right now doesn’t give you the right to steal someone else’s money. Just because your father left you a mil in his will doesn’t give you the right to cause him to accidentally drown for double indemnity lol. Just because you are hungry at this very moment doesn’t give you the right to eat your co-workers food in the refrigerator =). We make choices that we have to live with everyday. Just remember that KARMA is a B I _ _ _!!!

Miss Mika said...

Similar to what others have said, I'd have to agree to a certain extent. Ole boy to me is more at fault than any of the others. He is a grown man. It wasn't like he accidentally slipped and fell in her.... stuff... he was able to control that situation and chose to be lead by temptation. The "friend" can't help the fact that she is a ho. You can only trust people so much.

Come upstairs and get the tickets... come on man, you know good and well what that means. He knew what he was doing!

By the way big brother... you've been tagged.

ShellyShell said...

Well, things did get a little heated when I went down to her room. I knocked all her shit on the ground. Then she tried to come toward me and I told her if she took another step I would not be able to stop myself from beating her motherf*ckin ass, so if she knew what was best for her she would fall the f*ck back!

Seriously I wanted to beat her ass but I couldn't see beatin some beyatches ass over a dude that wasn't my husband! If she would have caught me my freshman year I would have beat that ass!

12kyle said...

@ Ms. Moore
I hear you! You broke it down!

@ Mika
You're right. I don't think that he can say that "he fell into it." haaaaaa

Thanks for the tag, sis.

@ ShellyShell
I don't think she wanted none of you. It would've been ugly!

DreamCop08 said...

well i aint even gonna say how I feel because they have already commented on it. dayummm how did i miss this post. im too mad.. got damn work and being tired. Im off my game this week Kyle.

look forward to the next post

Dione said...

I can keep secrets. I still have skeletons that NOBODY (but me and him) knows about. The only way I let anything out about my man's err, ummm, PROWESS is if he tried to dog me out, then I'd have to cut him loose...even then though, I choose my friends wisely. None of us want to share the the goods like that...