Friday, January 30, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

ever notice how you don't appreciate your good health until you're laying in a bed sick?

if i see ONE more kid on the way to school without a book in his hand...i'ma cuss him out! how do you expect to learn without the proper tools? have you ever seen a carpenter go to work without his tool box?

some parents are just sorry. period

there are some parents in my son's 1st grade who are complaining that the teacher is "giving the kids too much homework." too much? how much is too much? kids need to be pushed! do you think the parents of 1st graders in china are complaining?

where is dave chappelle? come back!

although i'm not a fan of saturday night live, i have to admit that the way that they played sarah palin was hilarious. it'd be interesting to see how they play president obama.

i went to mcdonald's the other day. the girl at the window had the world "BLACK" tattoed on her neck. i started to wonder if she didn't know what her race was and she decided to tattoo it on her neck so that she could remember. lol

you know i had to ask her why she had that word on her neck...she said that was her last name. hmmmm....interesting

do people still go to the library? i mean...with the internet at your fingertips do people still go to library?

i remember when i was kid we had this thing called the book mobile. it was sorta like a library on wheels.

i dunno bout y'all but i'm big on kissing. i remember having a girlfriend back in MY day who couldn't kiss. let's just say she wasn't my girl for too long. beat it, chick.

sanaa lathan...sanaa lathan...sanaa lathan
i want to take piano lessons.

i've never seen one epidsode of american idol...and i'm not about to start watching it now.

when the steelers win the super bowl (i'm predicting it) it will be ironic. they will be the 1st team that president obama will host at the white house. black head coach meets the black president.

this story about eddy curry is sad...and strange

dudes really get disappointed when a woman says that she can't cook...

most people say that i'm a nice guy. really? i'm not. i'm a baaaaaad man. really i am! hehehee

i think i could be a vegan for 30 mins. that's it

women love men with confidence (swagger). if you don't have it...fake it till you make it!

ever notice how nobody ever sings live anymore?

i'm a HUGE jay z fan. i've heard some of his "leaked" songs off the new cd...and i ain't feelin em.

i heard that lil wayne has a rock album coming out. ugh. blah...blah...blah

if you wanna stump somebody...just randomly ask them..."hey, have you ever been beaten up before?" if they pause, then it's likely that they've taken a few losses in their day. some people will just say "huh?" that's a stall tactic. lol

in the 13 yrs that i've been here in atlanta, i've watched this city grow. i'd like to think that i've grown with it.

how do you know where i'm at...when you haven't been where i've been? understand where i'm coming from? cypress hill

grad school is right around the corner. i can't wait

i still know the words to the alma mater from my high school and college. you've gotta know what you're fighting for!


The Jaded NYer said...

see now LAST TIME, you had Miss Rudy Huxtable all nekkid and whatnot.

THIS TIME, Sanaa is fully clothed looking beautiful and classy.


Why couldn't you do that for Rudy?!?!

triflin... I'm telling Bill...

*drops mic and exits stage left*

eclectik said...

SNL isnt so bad lately

I will never understand any Tattoo above the shoulder...I barely can stomach them period

But what about Sweet pickles books?

Something about Sanaa regular and homely...still like her, just not as much

Kissing is fine...MUCH better though anywhere but the lips

I watch Idol to see hot women, when the last hot one is voted off I tune out...Hells Kitchen is that SHOW tho

IF the Steelers win the Superbowl I will be depressed for a loooong time

Jay-Z has been bullshittin for like 5 albums...bum

I get disappointed when a woman says she me

Somehow when you do random it comes out better than mine get 26 comments I get 5 LOL

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

-I have a piece called "BackPack" was inspired when I saw a group of kids standing in front of McDonalds with their school uniforms and backpacks on at
10:00pm!!!!...Now that's a shame...the hook said "Coming in at 10pm from school...still dressed in blues...the backpack has no household rules...causing havoc...nothing betta to do..ain't got a clue...cause the backpack has no household rules"

-One of my clients said she was getting a tattoo on her neck...I told her that is beyond ghetto...I have 4 I can't say nothing about that...BUT on the neck is just a no-no especially for a woman....GHETTO-Fabulous! (funny I just posted a picture of one my tattoos on my blog)....

-Kissing????....What is that?? :(

-I think you are nice...but I'm sure you can be baaaaaaad...but you're still alright with me...either way it goes!

-Hey Bro.. "have you ever been beaten up before?"...(was that a pause???)

-I'm glad you're headed to grad you're thang black man!

and as always..."Jesus...Jesus...Jesus.."

B said...

Damn I used to the love the book mobile.

My last name is Thomas. Can I tattoo that on my wrist?

Why does American Idol still come on?

And who knew their Alma Mater's? LOL!! That's cute, big bro. Alriiiiight nah---goin' to grad school. Tell me how it is b/c I am TOO lazy to go back now.


Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Tattoos on the neck are just tacky...period.

There is nothing like a good kiss, but I must admit it has been so long since I had one...gotta change that. LOL!

Sanaa's picture is not bad. Better than the video chicks you had on there before.

The book mobile? You went there, I remember it too.

Get your grad school on, bro. While you at it, get a piece of paper for me too :) If someone else would pay for it I would have a PhD by now.

Queen of My Castle said...

I heard some of Jay's leaked tracks as well, and I ain't feeling them at all. I think a lot of musicians/artists need to take a time out and regroup because they are all putting out pure Grade A Certified garbage.

Hell yeah teachers give too much damn homework! My son is in the accelerated program. I come home from work just to go home and work as a damn teacher. Can I have one damn night without my son having homework so that I can come home from work and just chill? The state of Texas should be paying me for teaching my son multiplication, division, fractions, words problems, how to write a report, summarize...all that ish. I don't remember writing reports in the 3rd grade.

Okay...I'm done. LOL

L. Renee' said...

Hey Kyle,
It looks like we both woke up on the same side of the bed this morning. LOL
check out the blog today.
Unfortunately, I am one of those parents complaining about homework. But, I have a theory behind the madness.
I am big on kissing as well. I remember never calling a guy again after our first kiss.He was really cool too. But, Can you say Fish kiss? Yuck!!!

Eb the Celeb said...

I want Dave Chappelle back too... I wore my chappelle show shirt the other day...

and I live a block from a library and have never set foot in it so to answer your question... NO

Anonymous said...

Tattoos should be in places that can be covered with clothing. Well, I guess her's could be covered if she committed to wearing turtlenecks 365.

I still go the library and I have innernets & a BB. Can't beat holding a real book.

Grad school, eh? What degree?

Alma mater/fight me get back to you on that one, lol.

Just Jasmine said...

I thought you were going to say the tattoo was her b/f street name. I think the last name ws worse.

Yeah Sanaa is Gorgeous.

I watched a kid throw his bookbag in teh streets, under a moving bus.
I used to only watch idol for the bad auditions, now i think they're scripted.
and you're right, some parents just make me shake my head

TravelDiva said...

Congrats on grad school!!

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

I with on that Jay-Z shit. Dude is wierd to me now, it's like he's trying to hard to stay relavent.

I could have sworn that nigga was wearing make-up at Neighborhood Ball shit.

Keith said...

SNL Has gotten funnier over the last few months. I think it's odd that they have a white man, Fred Armison playing Barack Obama...

I remember the Book mobile when I was little.

People actually do still use the Library. There are people who don't have computers or access to the internet at home...There are students of all ages who do reports
there and when I don't feel like buying a particular book, I still go there to check it out...when they get it.

I'm a big fan of Kissing too...

I haven't heard any of Jay Z's tracks lately...I heard that Kanye
was producing a few of them.

ShellyShell said...

I live down the street from a high school and I rarely see these kids with a bookbag let alone a book! I'm dumfounded every morning! That won't be MY kid!!

I don't watch SNL that often but it was Hilarious when Tina Fey was on there playing Palin! I saw the Beyonce/Justin Timberlake episode which was funny!

I have two tattoos and you can't see them unless I show them to you! I saw someone on the train who had their prison number tattooed on their neck! Hmmm I see you NEVER want to do anything productive!

The bookmobile was the SHYT!! I remember getting all excited when it came!

I just started going to the library. I want to learn Spanish and they have the Rosetta Stone dvd's there. So, instead of paying $500 for the set I make an appt there for an hr!

K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Is the best thing ever! Especially if it's done right! Lawd it can make your damn panties wet!! Ok TMI!!

I want to take piano too! I can play other instruments but not the piano!

That Eddy Curry story is crazy! He's on suicide watch now! Who shoots a damn infant!

I could and would NEVER be a vegan!

Jay's shyt to me hasn't been hot since Reasonable Doubt! He has his moments but lately.....WACK!

I heard Wayne's country song...err it was interesting!

I don't know my highschool or college fight song!

I sense the grad school thing for me too! Good luck!

Dione said...

Of course the STEELERS are going to win the SuperBowl...

Miss Mika said...

I have a feeling its going to be a heck of a game though.If your betting, check the spread before you bet!

I am A LOT younger than you (hehehe) and I remember the library on wheels that used to come around my old neighborhood. I haven't seen one in years though.

Kissing is so major. If a guy can't kiss, there will be problems in our relationship, guaranteed.

LOL @ Jaded!
Haven't you Sanaa, Sanaa, Sanaa'd already?

I will never understand the concept of folks tattooing their names or the names of family members on themselves. What, do you plan on forgetting how to spell it, so as a back up, you have it written on you?

I agree with E, tattoos about the shoulders are a no no to me.

Jay-Z is too old to be "gangsta"! Ain't he pushing 40 now?

Congrats on grad school!!! Good for you bruh!

Pro said...

Yes, MY family and I are faithful library goers. We get things home delivered; MP and I are big on books on CD cause we drop 'em on our iTunes and listen while working out, you know for ca-knowledge and a switch from the rap/R&B all the time. I studied for my real estate exam by dropping the book on CD rom. (I have a 'book' playlist.) My kids think our weekly library outings are the best thing since going to Borders and B&N, finding new titles that are out and being able to check them out for FREE and keep them and recheck them out if necessary. I get email notifications for when items are due and phone calls for when items I've requested have come available and home delivery if I don't feel like being bothered going to the many locations. And we venture out of our area to go to other libraries because certain ones have the better audio CD selections of music (for burnin' to the tunes account) and DVD collection of movies (library gets SAME new releases every Tuesday just like Blockbuster). Need I go on? So, yes, the Pro household knows the library. We each have cards for two seperate county libraries. Oh, and I am big on inter-library loans (I'm forever requesting titles that aren't in my library or all checked out, so they borrow from anywhere in the state of FLA to get me my request). And the book mobile STILL exist here, baby.

Can you tell I was THAT stay-home-mom whose children were raised up in story time ery week (sometimes 2x) like it was the chu'ch! lol Got two exceptional kids (labeled/tested gifted) and one yet to be tested from my perserverance. Ion play. I am a walking library (prolly why I can't write for reading so damn much).

Whew... I blogged in your comments and dropped a wealth of ca-knowledge on dat azz! ;)