Friday, January 16, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

big ^ to the pilot who landed that plane in the hudson river!!! for him to be able to land the plane and nobody dies was simply a miracle.

i've flown out of laguardia once. i found it strange that the runways were surrounded by water. kinda spooked me a lil bit.

hard to believe that a bird could bring down a plane...

oddly enough...i was planning to take a flight yesterday morning. maybe i need to hitchhike now. lol

reagan gomez...reagan gomez...reagan gomez...
hey dubyah...i got 3 words for ya...beat it clown

i've been critical of the dude for the 8 yrs that he's been in office. i will say that i was impressed when he led the country after 9/11.

i'ma be even more impressed once he exits and gets off tha stage.

i'm looking forward to the inauguration. i won't be in dc but i'll be watching it on tv.

if you're in dc...please don't act will get locked up!!

this is a cool bird. his name is chester and he belongs to a friend of mine. he is an african gray and he has the verbal capacity of a 3 year old. word on the streets is that these birds cost about 5 stacks!!!! there's no way in hell that i'll pay 5 stacks for a damn bird!
don't bump into me and NOT say "excuse me".

i think everybody has that one friend that "forwards" them emails all day long.

i had a former teammate who was a lil different. he'd send 10 emails a day. nine of the emails would be pics of nekkid women. the last email would be something religious telling me how much Jesus loves me. lmao!!!!

do you know somebody who emails tons and tons of pictures of their kids? that can be annoying...especially if you ain't related to them!

wouldn't you like to get away...sometimes you wanna go...where everybody knows your name...and they're always glad you came...

i think we're in store for a pennsylvania super bowl...pittsburgh vs philadelphia

sam bradford...i'm sorry...but you are a dummy! you could have left the university of oklahoma and been the #1 pick in next year's nfl draft. that would have landed you a guaranteed contract of at least 30 mil. but you said that you wanna go back to oklahoma to play college football next year????

in the great words of clay davis..."sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyttt!!!"

who would you say is the most popular athlete who is known around the world right now?

cheerleading is not a sport. i'm sorry. it aint.

i don't care where you are right is coooooold!!!!

maybe they should've had the inauguration in someplace warm like miami

can somebody please make sure that all of the boxes are packed at the white house? i don't want them to have to come back and try to get nuffin!

bernie madeoff...damn! talk about a thief!!! he stole 60 billion and he's NOT in jail...yet

you won't catch me watching one second of that train wreck that y'all call american idol

as i've gotten older, i've become less and less patient with the bs that i see on tv.

speaking of tv, i'd like to ask bob johnson why none of the black shows from back in the day (cosby show, different world, martin, living single, in living color, etc) weren't developed on his network...BET? all we ever got was comic view!

i hate BET right now but i do remember when rap city had da mayor, prince dajur, joe clair, and big tigger

hey superhead...your 15 mins are up. beat it!

gotta go see that notorious movie! i hope it's a great movie. i'm a huge biggie fan

remember this...without martin luther king...there would be no barack obama. thank you for paving the way, mlk

obama will not be the only black president that we'll see in our life time. beleeee dat!'

the bombing attacks in gaza are crazy!!! there's no way that you could pay me to go over there and report what's going on

the shooting of an unarmed black man as he was lying face down by a BART officer is senseless and it enrages me every time that i think about it.

charles barkley...*sigh*...i feel you, bruh. every man has broken a law or 2 on their way to go get some but can't run the red light bruh! that's going too far!

thanks for coming to the 12th could have been anywhere in the world...but you're here with me...I appreciate that!

scary movies don't scare me

fellas...if she says "do i look fat?" you betta know what to say!!!!

ladies...if he says "was i good last night?" you betta know what to say!!!!

i know we've talked about it before but's ok to approach a man. lmao!!!

fellas...don't grab or snatch a woman by her arm. you might call it "getting her attention" but let's call it what it is...assault!

if you don't like somebody, then tell em! no need to beat around the bush.


Exhale_Whew said...

Kyle...Kyle...Kyle, I was thinking some of those exact thoughts.

~ I am geeked about the Inauguration, it still hasn't hit me that BARACK OBAMA is the 44th President of the USA. We are truly blessed to be alive to see this day.

~ Yes, the pilot of the flight in NY was spectacular. I was so close to end my travels outside the GREAT state of MN. :-)

~ Speaking of MN can you imagine that I (and other people of our complexion) still live here in -21 degree -41 windchill weather. MN was colder than Antarctica.

~ Yes, we have to pray for Peace in the Middle East.

~ Actually let us take a moment to be grateful for what we have and pray for those who are not as fortunate as we are.

Until next time have a blessed day Brother Kyle!

eclectik said...

You forgot the illest person ever...
The Unseen VJ Alvin Jones

If a woman asks does she look fat and she looks fat...guess what I'ma tell her?


I'm in DC and I'm not sniffin no parts of the's gon be like Freaknik circa '95 in the streets LOL


Anonymous said...

I saw the story of the landing on the news this morning. Definitely miraculous.

I'll be watching the inauguration on TV as well.

My aunt is forever forwarding emails to me. I just deletee most of them.

I don't see the point in emailing pics of my child to random people. Hell enough strangers see her face in the street. I don't even email them to family unless they ask. But I do put them in my facebook albums.

It's freezing over here. And it's going to rain this weekend.

If a man has to ask me if he was good last night, then he probably wasn't. If he was, he would have known last night.

If I ask a man if I look fat, then I better be prepared for the truth. If I don't wanna hear "yes",then i'm not asking.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I'm cracking up...

I have a friend who sends Powperpoint Presentations and you have to keep hitting enter to get the words! Now, I just delete him and ask another friend what he sent.

Have you seen the Throw the Shoe at Bush game on the net? That Shyt is HILARIOUS! My best score is a 7.

Not the Cheers theme! LOL!

I will continue to approach men and compliment them as I see fit.

That is all...LOL!

Eb the Celeb said...

Prolly Yao Ming as far as world athlete... or David Beckham...

and yeah.. you made me miss the Wire

I cant wait to go to DC this weekend and will be documenting everything.

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO @ was it good last night?

If you have to ask that ish was NOT good. You just KNOW when you've put it need to question it.

No need to ask if you look fat either; you look in the mirror every day and know exactly how you look.

Otis said...

I flew from Jersey to London...and to go to sleep for 5 hours and wake up and water is STILL under you..thats freaky

Miss Mika said...

LOL @ Queen of my Castle!!! I totally agree... if you put it down, there would be no need to verify if it was good... because you already know that in the morning, I will be walking around like I had been horseback riding all of the night before.

I'd love to be in D.C. but the more and more I am hearing about how many people are going to be there, the more I am glad that I am not. I will be watching (and Tivo'ing) though.

I like watching the American Idol auditions, but once those are over, I stop watching. Not feeling the new judge either.

I am a big fan of America's Best Dance Crew though.

Happy Friday bruh!! Have a great weekend!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

philly pitt would be nice but dont sleep on kurt warner and fitgerald is a beast

xcentricgem said...

To the pilot ... I want him piloting all of my flights ...

I wonder why birds don't break their formation when they see a plane ...

i've been critical of the 'bush's' since his father was in office ... K12 ... u know we cool ... but if he responded to 09/11 appropriately ... we would not still be dealing with 09/11 ... 09/11 started when his father was in office ... surely there were promises made that weren't kept ... What about all the time spent at camp david ... plz don't tell me u believed that ... what does bush ... paulson ... the bailout ... china ... and the very 1st recipients of bailout funds all have in common ... whew .. let me calm down ... I almost called him a 'rat bastard' ... uuuhhhmmm

Side Bar ... who is the most IGNORANT RIGHT WINGED person in view ..... Ann Coulter ...

I'll B N DC ...

I would like to get away to a place that someone who doesnt call my name EVERYDAY ... is glad to see me ...

Ever notice how the 'scales of justice' are unequal ... hence the scales of 'InJustice' ... Well ... Madoff committed a 'white collar' crime ... most 'white' ppl are convicted of 'white' collar crimes ... that's bc the blue collar crimes that they committ get worked out 'verbally .. n the judges chambers... Ever seen anyone get 'life' for a white collar crime ... hell .. if they get 10 years .. they weren't traveling in the right circle ...
I sat in Federal Court Sessions once and saw a white radiology tech who worked at a prison get 2 yrs probation for selling cigarettes (among other things) for $500 per pack ... I then saw a young black man who had gotten charged with 'possession of crack cocaine ... less than 5 grams' .. get sentenced to 15yrs to life .. Now mind u ... for him to have been in Fed court .. he had a prv record ... but what is currently going on in the judicial system is RIDICULOUS ... and unfortunately .. we have contributed to their power ... Shout out to Madoff ...

Fellas ... If ur lady asks u 'does she look fat' ... she already knows that she does ... she just needs the instant gratification of a lie ... they then resort to 'if he says no .. I'm fine with it' ... that's a lie ... temporary delusionality ...

Ladies ... there's no need to allow him to keep performing poorly just so u don't hurt his feelings or start an argument ... u're the one grumpy bc u didn't get off ... Was it good last night ... if the ans is NO .. u'd better tell the truth or u'll have many more evenings of disappointment to come ...

ShellyShell said...

That pilot did a great job of landing that plane. According to all accounts it landed like it was on a damn runway! I HATE LAGUARDIA! The runways are short and surronded by water!
Birds will eff shyt up. At National Airport in DC they use canons every 30min to scare the Geese away!

I can't wait for GW to get the eff out! 8 years was far too long!

My boy works for the Secret Service and is on Barry's detail. He was telling me don't eff around this weekend! They have undercovers everywhere!

I will be in DC and I can't wait! Iknow it will be crowded but I can't imagine not being there! I was there for Clinton's and it was madness so I can just imagine what this will be like! But I will be there with my Polar Bear outfit!

I'm all for seeing a couple of pics of people's kids but my one friend sent 193 pics back in Sept then had the nerve to send 215 in Nov. I went clean the eff off on her! No one wants to see her kids sleeping or the neighbor dressed up as Elvis....WTF! She hasn't sent me a pic since! Guess what? I don't give a damn!

I ain't mad at Sam for staying at OU. I'm all for kids staying and GRADUATING! Good for him!

Hmmmm. I would say Yao Ming, David "Sexy" Beckham, Kobe and Tiger Woods. I think Lebron is becoming more and more popular!

Shyt if cheerleading gets you a scholarship to Duke, Carolina etc....Have at it! I ain't mad!! LOL!

Words can't explain how mad I get when I see that incident in Oakland. It was like an assasination! It makes me sick! Similiar thing happened in Houston well Bellair which is smack dab in the middle of Houston. To the former baseball players son. Good thing there is he lived! But his baseball career is probably over!

LMBAO @ Charles for telling the cops he was going to get some brain! That shyt is hilarious! Although I will miss his azz on TNT for the next 7 weeks!

I agree with you 100% we WILL NOT see another black president in our lifetime!

Dudes grabbing my arm will most DEFINITELY get you cussed the hell out! That shyt is so damn rude! Approach me like a damn man! Dumb azz!

TravelDiva said...

hey dubyah...i got 3 words for ya...beat it clown - L M A O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smarty Jones said...

Yes! Thank God for that pilot, because it could have gone another way.
Never flown out of Laguardia, I'm sure it's nerve racking. Then again, all take offs are nerve racking for me.
According to CNN Kyle, it wasn't just a bird, it was a whole flock of them mofos. Probably trying to get down south before they froze their feathers off in NYC.
Too bad they didn't have the weather channel to tell 'em it's cold than a muh down here too!
I always thought Regan Gomez-Preston was a pretty girl, though I'm not feeling her with blonde hair. Never did like it when black girls went blonde.
I got one word for Bush 4 - "Deuces!"
I will be working for inauguration, but maybe we'll have it on in the newsroom.
Please don't "ack-a-damn fool" in D.C. I hate to see the police draging ya'll out of there by the thousands and then we'll have to go back to D.C. in a couple of months for a peace rally.
The majority of people who send me forwards are my aunts and my dad. They all are getting used to this e-mail thing and they don't all realize that the majority of the same people are on their lists, so I get the same damn forward five times and I delete them all.
My TV theme song of preference is "A Different World."
"I know my parents love me, stand behind me come what may, I know now that I'm ready, because I finally heard them say, it's a different world, than where we come from ..."
I hope it is a Philly/Pittsburgh bowl because I want those damn Red Birds to suffer for the beating they put on my Panthers. :-(
Most popular athlete in the world right now? Hmmmm, that phoine ass David Beckham. I'm sorry, but that British white boy can get it!
If I were still a freshman in high school and I didn't know any better, I would probably agree with you on the whole cheerleading is not a sport thing.
But my sophomore year of high school, the cheerleaders and the girl's basketball team got on trouble on the bus coming home from an away game and our coaches made us practice together.
There were no balls, we ran more than half the practice and went to the weight room for the last half hour.
We were worn out and they were like, "this is like a regular practice for us."
By the way, T-Mobile dropped Chuck from its Fave Five. I guess they'll have to dig up Dominique Wilkins for the new add campaign.
And as I get older, I'm less patient with this mess that is passing for music.
Oh and I'm making it my business to approach one dude this weekend, Kyle, I'll let you know how it works out. ;-)

clnmike said...

Regan Gomez indeed!

Yeah that grabbing woman by the arm or hand is stupid.

Keith said...

That Pilot gets my vote for Man of the year..He was cool under pressure.

There are actually two people I know who bombard me with e-mails.I
often wonder if they ever work.lolol (They are nice people though.)

"Was it good baby?"( crickets)It was wasn't it? Damn right it was..
I ____ your brains out...(crickets)
Well say somethin,don't just lie there like you sleep....Baby?? Baby?... (imagined conversation.)

Yea an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl!!I better stop, don't wanna jinx

I'll be watching the innauguration
at the same Sportsbar that I plan to see the Eagles-cardinals game on.

Grabbing a woman's arm aint cool at all.

It's Nine degrees here as of this writing.

Anonymous said...

Women who don't approach men are an interesting breed to me. I believe they are the ones who are usually into playing games to catch a man.

If you see something you want, go and get it. Period.

The Dreamy One said...

I have never flown, and I don't want to, LOL

I wonder what birds think when the see planes an helicopters??

Props to dude!!

Cheerleading is not a sport, lol

Go Barack!!!

A man cannot get away with grabbing me! Ain't gonna fly with me!!

U are too funny Kyle

The F$%K it List said...

I was going to DC, going to take my baby boy to witness history, but all the rules and regulations made me decide to stay home and watch it at home.

I can't wait for Bush to just be gone already.

Being in Manhattan only a few blocks from where the plane was landed was crazy. That pilot is a REAL hero.

NY is so cold and has been the last week, so much that I wanted to stay in the bed all week but had to be in at 8am.

I saw "Notorious" I'll give it an 8.5 out of 10. I think Derek Luke just didnt do Puffy justice, maybe its because Puff is still alive that you can't help but to compare. But MY Booiiiii Gravy did an excellent job as BIG. He represented for Brownsville!

I think its cool that Sam wants to finish school, Education is his best bet. Money ain't everything especially the $ haha.

Cheerleading is most definitely a sport. I'd like to see you do some of toe touches and backflips then say that.

Dude touches my arm, hand he may as well call his next of kin because I'm going in on him!

Happy weekend, I'm going to take a nap :)

dessex said...

Did you see Regan Gomez in King? She is bad!

I wanna know why ask Bob Johnson why BET is not getting the black shows now.

Rap City... Damn I miss Big Lez

Charles said...

Dammit almost threw off my whole concentration with the Reagan Gomez pic.

And its cold as the bottom layer of purgatory outside.

This Tuesday is gonna be ridiculous...I'm prepared to be proud of accomplishments and embarassed of bafoonery all at the same time...

Angel said...

Ok I have a friend who forwards pictures of their kids every two months since they were born, in fact we had ‘the bump’ photos prior to that.

I love that pilot and wish he could be the pilots for all flights I go on.

fellas...don't grab or snatch a woman by her arm. you might call it "getting her attention" but let's call it what it is...assault! - lmao!

Mizrepresent said...

Whatup Kyle! lol, i know it's been a little while, but i'm still, well always Whatsup!

I will also be watching the inaug on TV, so it's all good, i think we will be well represented since i talked to about 10 folks i know that are going...i wish them well.

Man, that flight was well...dayum so unexpected, a bird...i'm thinking...what kind of prehistoric, gigantic bird was that?

I like men, no I love men...and i ain't afraid of giving them a compliment...but approaching them, (and yes, i have) can be somewhat belittling, esp if they are not feeling, hey, i'll wink, smile, tell you smell good, and compliment on your shoes, but i'll be dayum if i do more than that!

Have a good King day and Inaug day 12kyle!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, the planes are ok to fly in boy....well umm, sheesh you may be right, I need to hitch too, damn.

Dont know the value of 5 stacks...can you help