Tuesday, January 20, 2009

24 with 12

When I started the 12th Planet, I said that I wasn't gonna have a blog that just detailed my life. I've read blogs like that and they were boring. I mean, if I talk about how nice I am on the Xbox 360...you're not gonna be impressed. I wanted my blog to be inclusive with those who read it...and it has been. Besides, my life is pretty regular. If I had this blog 10 yrs ago...it'd be wild! Nevertheless, I wanna let you peek in for a second. Give you some perspective. Let's spend 24 hrs with me...

SATURDAY-January, 17

12:00 am- I'm watching the Hawks vs Warriors. The Hawks look sluggish. Looks like we're gonna lose this one.

(at some point in time I stop watching the game and the game is watching me b/c I fall asleep)

4:22 am- For some reason, I wake up. I hardly wake up this early but I'm up. Head to the bathroom to take a whiz. Wash hands and back in the bed. I doze off back to sleep

7:30 am- Alarm clock goes off. Mrs12 punches it and it falls on the floor. I roll over and notice that our 2 year old, Brandon, is in the bed with us. He grabs the remote and turns the tv on. "Good mornin, Dahhhdeeeee!"

7:36- I turn on the blackberry. I see that my boy Russ (aka @3rddeadline) has sent a tweet on twitter. I respond and we begin IM chat on blackberry messenger.

Russ and I played football at South Carolina State University. Our coach, Willie Jeffries, used to always say "Millionares don't sleep past 6am." So, it was good to see a couple of thousandares like us up early on a Saturday morning.

8:03am- Outta bed. Time to shower and get dressed. I'm going into the office to "work" for an hour.

8:45am- Headed out the door. It's freezing outside. I hate getting in a cold car. Musical selection...Illadelphalflife by the Roots

9:08am- Arrive at work. Nobody's here...good!

11:25am- Leave work. Call home and tell Mrs12 that I'm gonna stop at the grocery store. Gotta buy some wood. Funny. When I was a kid in South Carolina, you couldn't buy no stinkin wood! You had to gitityadamself! There was plenty of wood in the forest behind your house. Most of it, YOU'D have to chop. I kinda miss those days.

11:47 am- Leave the store and head home.

12:02pm- Make it home. Mrs12 is headed out the door. Her day is full with a meeting and events at church. It'll be me and the boys today. That's cool. I'm the Father of the Year. Brandon is asleep. Deion (9) and Kameron (6) are watching tv.

12:07 pm- I start a fire and turn on the tube. Syracuse, my favorite college hoops team, is on ESPN playing against Notre Dame. We should beat these clowns.

12:41pm- Fire is going well. Chatting with The F$%k It List on bb messenger. She's schooling me on the Notorious movie. She's from Brooklyn.

12:46 pm- Syracuse is beating Notre Dame. It's halftime 42-35. Time to que up the DVR. Also time for lunch. The boys like PB&J. I'll be eating a subway.

1:26 pm- Despite the fire...my feet are cold.

1:31 pm- I'm being followed by some weirdos on twitter.

1:58pm- Brandon is up from his nap. I change his diaper and now it's time for him to eat. Rice and chicken. His favorite.

2:12pm- Called Jimmell. Jimmell has been one of my best friends since I was a youngin. We went to high school together but she's a year younger than me. She's prolly the closest female to me outside of my wife. Graduated from Duke and is now a doctor. She holds the distinct position as being the only female who I haven't pissed off! Her son is my godson. She is Deion's godmother. We talked for an hour. I also spoke with my godson, who is now in the 6th grade.

3:15pm- I'm watching Georgetown vs Duke. Ughhh. Boring.

3:16 pm- Put the clothes in the dryer.

3:21pm- Despite it being cold outside, I'm contemplating throwing some food on the grill.

4:01 pm- Tuned in to see Obama speak to 100,000 people in Baltimore. CNN covers it well. It's 19 degrees with a windchill of 11 degrees. Anderson Cooper said..."Have the Bush's moved all of their stuff out yet?" That made me laugh

4:19pm Obama hits the stage in baltimore & the crowd goes wild. Wonder if bubz, mcnulty, marlo, bunk, daniels, and the rest of the crew is there?

4:57pm- Time to play housefootball with the boys. They like to tackle (jump on) me.

5:05pm- Popped Brandon on the leg for jumping on the couch

5:26 pm- Time to start dinner. Spaghetti w/ garlic bread. I'll have a salad, too

5:45 pm- Brandon just punched Kameron. I guess he's hungry...

6:06 pm- Dinner is served.

6:30 pm- Watching the Nighly News on NBC. I watch the world news every night. Even if I'm not home, I'll DVR it. I've always been a fan of Tom Brokaw. He passed the torch to Brian Williams. (RIP-Tim Russert)

6:40 pm- There's a recall on peanut butter. Damn! There goes my lunch for next week!

7:00 pm- Time to clean up the kitchen and fold clothes. I hate folding clothes but it'll help wifey out.

7:30 pm- Received a phone call from mom. I haven't talked to her all week. She loves the fact that she can talk to Brandon now. "Love you too, graaamaaaa."

7:45 pm- The boys are upstairs getting rowdy. I'm downstairs on the computer. Working on blog posts for next week.

8:25 pm- Called Q, Clark, and Moe. Nobody's answering their phones!! Y'all don't wanna talk to ole KD???

8:37 pm- Cell phone rings...it's Dad. I haven't talked to him all week. Always good to talk to him. I let him talk to the boys. Funny how my parents want to talk to the kids before they wanna talk to me. Oh well....me and Dad chop it up for about 30 mins. He too is impressed with the pilot who landed the airplane in the Hudson River. During our conversation, wifey comes in. She's tired and heads to bed. Dad and I talk about my plan and goals for the week. Funny how he has evolved into my best friend. Same for mom. I love them both.

9:03 pm- "Ok fellas...time to go to bed. Brush ya teeth and go to bed." They are hesitant (as most kids are) but they go.

9:32 pm- Kameron walks into the room. He's supposed to be asleep! "I have a question Daddy. Where does President Bush go when he leaves the White House?"

"Go to bed Kameron."

9:45 pm- Can't find nuffin on tv. I'm gonna lay on the couch for a second. Just for a second.

11:43 pm- I wake up (barely) and SNL is on. Not interested in watching. Let's see what's on ESPN.

11:59 pm- Tired of fighting sleep. Lemme take my azz to bed!

See...I told y'all that I live an exciting life! LoL


eclectik said...

Way more exciting than mine

Damn BB messenger...so? Dont nobody care!


And what is a damn tweet?
your friend is sending unattractive 1 hit wonders to you on Twitter?


Pro said...

You dispelled the myth that not all married people have hott nekkid secks three times a day. Singles beware. *Evil laugh* You, my friend have been sucked into the evils of technology: twitter, messanger, blackberry, blogging your entire 24. Geesh.

Keith said...

Your life is a lot like mine on the weekends...minus the Twitter and
Blackberry chats..lolol..That's about what I was doing, Watching the different college basketball games and playing with my grandson..while Mrs. Keith and My daughter were out shopping.

One thing I love about the 12th Planet is that it is like a weeklong Beach Party in the summer
where everyone is invited. Your readers leave the funniest comments. (I think we all should be on an interactive Blog radio show) Wouldn't that be a trip?

This is why you are called the "Mayor of the Blogosphere"- You keep it poppin over here.. Don't stop..keep it comin bruh.

Just Jasmine said...

This was cool...
I like this post. Sounds like my day minues the fun and add more vomit and crying... :(

Darius T. Williams said...

Oh great - I love this idea - I'm gonna steal it - thanks.

AND did you hear, did you hear? There's a new Curve coming out with T-mobile - that's who I'm with. Guess what's on my to-buy list?

Miss Mika said...

This was a neat post bruh... your sons sound adorable! And you and Twitter and BB messenger... too bad there isn't stock to purchase in that beacuase as much as you use them, you'd be a wealthy man!

LOL!! @ Pro's comment.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

You had a LONGGG day! I like that you do things you don't like in order to help your wife out. That's what's up..

Anonymous said...

I'll prob steal this at some point.

My day would be no different except for insert law school class at some point for 3 hours.

And you actually turn your BB off? As in powering it off? I don't think I could. I'm a newbie to the BB world but even with my old cellphone, I could never just shut it off. Maybe silence the ringer but just cut it off? Uh.....no.

I understand Obama and his BB addiction.

Smarty Jones said...

For the Where does Bush go when he leaves the white house question, you should have told him like I told my niece, "To hell for all I care. Then again, he'll probably go down there and mess it up too!"
She's 10. After she laughed, I told her he's probably go back to Texas.

clnmike said...

Lol, when you put it that way......

Angel said...

Your kids sound so cute - this bit made me laugh

5:45 pm- Brandon just punched Kameron. I guess he's hungry...


Stew said...


you stole my idea. i have been wanting to do this EXACT thing. you beat me to it.