Thursday, January 8, 2009

1on 1

Have you ever had a friend who was always hard to reach by phone?

Or a friend that you'd call but they'd hardly ever return your call?

Well...I've called this dude a couple of times and he FINALLY called me back. I'm sure that you remember the last conversation that we had.

Ladies and one on one interview with President Barack Obama

(ringing phone)
ME: Hello.

Barack Obama: Sup, bruh

ME: Who is this?

BO: It's me!

ME: Me who?

BO: Barack!!! I'm returning your call!

ME: Ohhhh! Whussup, bruh. Whut's good fam? I called you a month ago and you're just returning my call?

BO: case you haven't noticed...I have been busy!

ME: (laughing) I know...I know. Thanks for calling me back. How have you been?

BO: I'm good, fam. I can't complain

ME: Ok. I know that your time is limited so I'll go ahead and get this interview started.

BO: Before we get started, you need to tell the people what happened 3 months ago when you were in Chicago.

ME: Awww I have to? LOL

BO: If you don't...I will!!

ME: Ok...ok. Well, I was in Chicago. I was playing basketball at the gym. My team was playing against Barack's team. I was guarding him and he scored a couple of times. Big deal. haaaaa

BO: You should tell them that I hit the game winning 3 pointer over you!! And you had to call me President Three for the rest of the day. Haaaaa

ME: Aiiiiight bruh. We're gonna play again in DC in a few months. I'm gonna win! LOL. Ok...let's get on with the questions. Are you ready to take over and lead the free world?

BO: Yes. I'm ready. I've been destined to do this. The people have chosen me to lead and I won't let you down

ME: When did you know that you'd win? Was it election night?

BO: Honestly, I knew that I was gonna win once I beat Hilary! I knew that John McCain couldn't beat me. Period

ME: What did you think about Sarah Palin?

BO: Who?

ME: Palin

BO:'re tryna get me to playa hate on her! LOL. I've got nothing bad to say about Palin

ME: What are you pumping in your iPod right now?

BO: Eric B and Rakim's Paid in Full

ME: What's your favorite card game?

BO: UNO! I can't be beat at UNO!!! And I can't forget about Spades. Michelle and I will beat anybody in a game of Spades

ME: Are we gonna party hard for the inauguration?

BO: Fa sho! You betta believe it.

ME: I don't have anywhere to stay. Can I...

BO: C'mon, bruh! You know I got you!

ME: No doubt!!! Who's gonna win the Super Bowl?

BO: The New York Giants

ME: At the inauguration...when you walk out...can we at LEAST play the beat for Hi Haters?

BO: (laughing hysterically) I'll see what I can do

ME: Chicken or fish?

BO: BOTH!!!!!

ME: You know that my sons are the same age as your daughters. Can we let them date later in life?


ME: How are you gonna cope without the Blackberry? I mean, you and I talk on Blackberry Messenger more than we talk on the phone

BO: *sigh* That's gonna be very difficult. As you know, the BlackBerry keeps me connected. I love talking to the fellas. Keeping up with the scores, etc. That's one thing that I don't like about this move into the White House

ME: Can you take care of the BCS in college football?

BO: You know that I'm gonna change that crap. I can't stand it. On a side note, I'm gonna pull the plug on BET, too!

ME: YESSSSSSSSS!!! Thanks bruh!!! Ok. One last question...when you sit in the Oval Office and stare out the window...what will you see

BO: I'll see ALASKA! (laughing hysterically)

ME: You are crazy, bruh. Thanks for calling, fam. I'll holla at you next week. Aight?

BO: Aight fam. Be easy

ME: One!!

BO: One!!


The Jaded NYer said...

Kyle, dammit, I have no words for this foolishness!!



Smarty Jones said...

It is O-fish-al! You are crazy! I don't think the President Elect would use words like "sup," "bruh" and "fam."

Angel said...

Nothing to say but lol!

Anonymous said...

ok ..once you are here in DC... I wanna be there, so hit me up!!

eclectik said...


I got a call...All he siad was:
"e stop lookin and commentin on my wife's ass"

I was all like Damn, I just invited her out to Ben's Chili Bowl


Ra said...

You are a nut. Loving the song choice. Needs to replace "Hail to the Chief"

CurvyGurl said...

ROFL! I guess we were overdue for a surprise from ya.

B said...

LMAO!! You are a mess!

goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......

xcentricgem said...

12 ... are u ok ??? The next time you talk to him ... could you plz ask him to NOT canx BET .... It helps some of us stay in shape !!


Opinionated Diva said...

funny funny funny...Palin who?!!! LOL

I'm usually the friend that others can't get on the phone.

Trish said...

That was a great post Kyle !

"On a side note, I'm gonna pull the plug on BET, too!"

AMEN TO THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sexxy Luv said...

lmao! too funny!

tell the Prez i was with him until he said he was going to pull the plug on BET!(gasp)....what would i do with out my Keyshia Cole and 106&Park?!?...i love videos! lol

i think you have these convo's forreal and don't wanna come out and really tell

The Dreamy One said...

lmao at Jaded Nyer. yeah this is so like you Kyle,lol

i want to have an interview with the man.

he is so pimpalicious to me. like he is a freak or something. dont get me wrong i like obama but he is a pimp,lol

he is definitely do-able,lol

BloggersDelight said...

Alaska!! -- too funny.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

ROTFL!!!!!!!!! Kyle, this was great...mentally, I was picturing the actual conversation with the sound of Barack's voice...too damn funny!!!

L. Renee' said...

Boy....I don't know...LOL
You are officially THAT GUY! LOL

Love ya!

Miss Mika said...

LOL @ President Obama saying "Fa sho" and "One".

And no you didn't schmooze your way into staying at the White House for the inauguration.

big bruh, you have ZERO sense.

Keith said...

ROFLMAO...You had me going for about a half second..I was like, "Kyle, talking to Barack???Nahhhhh!!!I know he's the Mayor of the Blogosphere, but he aint THAT
large...He aint bringin it like that!!!lolololololol..._

Jimmy said...


You are crazy bruh! lol

Keep it cumin'

Don't know what I'd do if you wasn't crazy, what'd we do if yull settled down? {snore}

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

LOL...You are too funny!

PrettyBlack said...

Since ya'll are patna's ask him can I max out in his chicago crib until he finishes his 8 in da big house

dessex said...

Michelle look like she could play some spades! I would to play with they probably talk shit too

Adrian said...

Lol, that was funny as hell!

12kyle said...

@ everyone
Thanks for your comments. I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did.

And was real

swag_ambassador said...

man u shoulda told BO! to play the song that I relayed!!! taht would go so hard man..

lovin the post bruh