Tuesday, January 6, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

Let me be the 1st and last to wish you a happy new year.

Got to thank y'all for coming thru every day. The 12th Planet is growing and changing. This is the year of change

Guess who got a new blackberry for Christmas??? Not me. Mrs12 did! I got it for her and she can't put it down!

We'll see who's addicted more!

If a shirt was 30% off on Dec 24...then it's 60% off on Dec 26...then we all should just wait until after Christmas to get the best "deal"

Tell the truth...this time last year...you had NO IDEA who Barack Obama was...did you?

Maybe I'm being cynical but I'm tired of hearing about how the Obamas are moving and where they are moving. For his safety, I'd rather that stuff not be made public like that.

Eight years ago...we didn't give a damn when Bush moved in. LoL

Never thought I'd see this...

Toni Braxton...Toni Braxton...Toni Braxton
Thanks for your responses about the best of 2008 (music). Sounds like Jazmine Sullivan is a must have.

And for those of you who wanna hear good muzik...cop that Foreign Exchange

Thinking of making a new years resolution? Think again...

NFL Playoff football cannot be beaten

I heard Stephon Marbury wants to play for the Celtics. Yeah...and I want to win the lottery!

Ever had a man/woman that you used STRICTLY for creepin?

Ok...it's time to take your Christmas decorations down

There's something about the new year that brings forth hope and optimism.

Still wondering why I can't win a stare down with my 2 year old son, Brandon. SMH

Will Twitter replace blogging?

I think it's time that they take Dick Clark off the New Years Eve countdown. He hasn't been the same since he had that stroke

Never underestimate the value of a true friend

Have you seen the new Pepsi logo? It looks like the Obama logo.

Keri Hilson...Keri Hilson...Keri Hilson
I just saw a dude with spinning rims on his truck. Wowwwwwww

Why do you yawn when you see someone else yawning?

Does a yawn mean that you're sleepy or bored?

If I see one more grown man with a mowhawk, I'm gonna lose it!!

Amel Larrieux...Amel Larrieux...Amel Larrieux...
I really hate it when pedestrians walk behind my car when I'm parked at a light. I get nervous when that happens.

Do you play an instrument? If so, what do you play?

I got a Christmas card from wifey's cousin. One problem...my name was spelled "Carl" on the envelope. Damn! I thought my name was Kyle. How do you get the two names confused?

Is love a feeling or an state of mind?


clnmike said...

"Ever had a woman that you used STRICTLY for creepin?"


"Have you seen the new Pepsi logo?"

I just caught that today, it looks like a total rip off.

"I really hate it when pedestrians walk behind my car when I'm parked at a light. I get nervous when that happens."

I put that joint in reverse when they do that.

eclectik said...

You have a year of change, I'm having a grad closing

Blackberry eh? Which one? I'm still in lust with my iPhone

No because everyone would have that shirt...I like exclusives

People are so racist witht eh Obama stuff...like I said on the blog...where was the Bush and Clinton Theme songs and T shirts and bedazzled gear?

I DO love Toni Braxtons naval.

Football cannot be beaten...unless you're Ohio State being beaten by the refs

I still dont know what a Twitter is but Im sure I dont want to know...once I close down e-r I'm fading to black

Love doesn't exist it's an illusion; so I guess I will say state of mind

Again...getcho ass on the Board

damn you.


goooooood girl said...

your blog is feel good......

Angel said...

and she tore her resolutions up and put them in the bin.....

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year.

See now I want a blackberry. Everyone has one. I feel left out.

All my shopping was done after Christmas.

I'll be honest I didn't know who Barack Obama was. But I live in London I have an excuse.

I didn't put up any Christmas decorations, so there was nothing to take down.

I walk behind people's cars. Don't really have a reason, I guess with the way Londoners drive, they may run me over if the light changes and I'm in their way.

Don't feel bad the wife's cousin got your name wrong. My brother still can't get my name right.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

It pisses me off when people get my name wrong. I feel you on that one.

Keri Hilson? The women you listed are okay this time, but the guy in her video was the bomb diggity :)

Never had a creep partner, now-a-days that mess will kill you, literally. Gotta be selective with who I share myself with.

Side Note - LOL, I knew you had a little 'hood in ya!!! I can always spot it (and the ones who try to fake it) HA!

Just O said...

I just want to talk about Dick Clark for a moment and will come back later to comment on the rest.

I think that was horrible to have that dude so much face time. I think it was a true embarrassment and i think that its time to relieve him of any duties unless he gets alot better.

Ra said...

I'm with you on the GPS on the Obamas. Can't possibly be safe to know their every move.

I'd like to thank the photographer who managed to get Tony Braxton to put on clothes. She's such a pretty woman, and I was tired of seeing her half dressed.

Children are persistent. You'll never win that contest.

I think love is a state of mind accompanied by renewable feelings of lust and infatuation

Opinionated Diva said...

lmao @ that cousin!

Happy New Year to you too.

I've known who Obama was for years...before he was a senator. I think I first heard his name from Common on the remix of Jada's Why song. I had to know why Common was talking about somebody whose name rhyme's with Osama. lol

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

its too dangerous to be creepin with folks these days...ew

i feel you on obama overload. the poor kids can't even get ready for school in privacy...i felt bad about that. i'm sure they were nervous and they had cameras and junk all in their faces...BOOOO!

i didn't even know dick clark had a stroke until i saw him this year...they should have told dick to stay at the house and chill.

i hate to yawn

keri hilson is cute...but she needs to address those CORNS!

amel needs to come out with something new pretty soon

Queen of My Castle said...

Wow...this one was REALLY random! LOL.

I love Amel Larrieux's song For Real.

A man JUST for creeping? Nah, I'll pass. I know first hand from a relative that even the healthiest looking ppl can be serving up some lethal sex.

Happy New Year, Hunny Bee!!!!!

The Jaded NYer said...

Happy New Year, Punk! HA

I may be getting a crackberry at the end of the month... gotta love VZ's "new in two" program! lol!

And you're right- I never heard of Obama until he ran for Prez

You're the trillionth person to mention Foreign Exchange; guess I have to go get it now

Twitter will NEVER replace blogging! 140 characters is not enough!! lol

12kyle said...

@ clnmike
The first time that I saw that logo I thought the same thing. Pepsi is prolly still losing to Coca-Cola so they are pulling out all of the tricks.

@ e
Fade to black? Shuttin' it down? Noooooo! Say it aint so! I feel you. I'm not gonna stop but I will be bloggin' a lot less than last year

Haaa! Coming to the board today, bruh

@ goooooood girl
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day...hangin out like wet clothes.

@ Angel
Haaaa! He broke it down...didn't he?

@ BorednTalkative
I remember Barack speaking at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. But I never thought he'd run for president.

@ Kay C the Quiet Storm
Ok...ok...you got me. I have a lil bit of hood in me! LoL!!!

Btw...I love that video, too

12kyle said...

@ Just O
I couldn't have said it better myself! They need to stop putting him out there like that.

@ Ra

Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day...like bad traffic.

They showed where the Obama girls will be going to school. And they showed images of Secret Service riding in cars with assault rifles. C'mon...is that really necessary?

@ OD
Haaaaaa!!! That's funny. I never heard that song before

Keri Hilson has CORNS?? Now you know I don't care! LMAO!!!

@ Queen
Where are you?

I feel you. You don't wanna creep and catch The Ninja

@ Jaded Santana
Yes! Go get that Foreign Exchange. Its on fiyah!

You need more than 140 characters! That's for sure. LoL

Anonymous said...

Twitter better not replace blogging. Not a Twitter user.

Love the last question. Thought-provoking.

I always figure pedestrians are being courteous to you walking behind the car while you're at the light in case the light changes to green when they are in the middle of the street.

Hmm...never thought it made drivers nervous.

Keith said...

"Ever Had a Woman that you used strictly for Creepin?"

Yeah, once in my life. One was a girl I knew in college. She had an
awesome body..but she had buck teeth and bad skin..so a lot of guys weren't feelin her..But Kyle,you had to see this girl in a pair of jeans or a tight skirt..She turned heads ,until you looked at that face. Since I was the only one showing her any attention, Her room was always open to me. I always went over at
2:30, 3:00am and was always out of there and back across campus by daybreak..It was shameful I know.
I actually grew to like her,but was never seen in public with her.
To this day,none of my boys know about it.

Keith said...

I first Heard of Obama in 2004 when he gave the address at the Democratic Convention..I think that was when Kerry was the nominee. I didn't dream that he'd be running for President though.

Twitter just may replace blogging,
It's easy to do.

Poor Dick Clark- You could really see the effects of his stroke.

I heard that Starberry wants to play for the Celtics. Trouble is-
They don't need him. I definitely can't see him starting.

I love Toni Braxton...Whether she has on clothes or not! :)

I yawn too, right after somebody else does..and I may have just woken up..I still do it.

I have had school teachers (who should know better) spell my name wrong (Kieth, instead of Keith) all
my life and don't get me started on in laws who insist on calling me "Kevin"

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Happy New Year to you!

-AHHH Lawd yall gone have 2 Blackberry in bed with yall!!! What color did the Mrs get?

-Yeah Jazmine Sullivan is pretty good...I've been playing it alot these days

-Twiiter won't replace Blogger for me...I use Twitter as a "one liner hitter" ...a quick poetic thought or relevation...Blogger is the space to put my ink on the sheets!!!

-I think love is a feeling and a state of mind...BUT real love comes with loving actions!

Charece said...

I was thinking the samething abou the pepsi logo , what I tell u about reading my mind?
These gas prices is what's up; I just bought a new car two months agotoo, talk about perfect timing lol!

TravelDiva said...

Happy New Year Kyle!

Yeah, I had a period where I could not watch the news because I really didn't care about the Obamas. As much as I love them, it's like if they walk to the mailbox and get mail it's breaking news.

And umm--anybody else shaking their head that that fool Burris got blocked at the Senate door?

xcentricgem said...

Happy New Year ... I pray Health, Wealth (in all things), Prosperity, Happiness and Blessings to all ... The good news is ... you'll find that you won't have 1 without the other ...

Mr. 12 ... CONGRATULATIONS !!You've created a monster ... but .. shout out to you ... most men don't buy their spouses things that 'take away their wives attention' ... there again ... u aren't 'most men' ...

Whether before or after christmas ... the consumer is still paying AT LEAST a 60% markup ... Funny how the government and retailers have forced us to believe that if you 'pay' for something its legal .. yet in your payment u're being ROBBED !!! By the end of the year ... we're all victims of grand larceny...

I had heard of President Obama ... but I was completely unaware of his magnificance .... I have a group picture with him ... I will forever treasure ...

Never had anyone strictly for creeping ... hope I've never been anyone for 'strictly creeping' ...
Doubt it ...

Keri Hilson is gorgeous ... there's alot to be said for natural beauty ...

One more mohawk PERIOD ... Grown man or woman ...

I play(ed) the flute ...

Carl vs. Kyle ... Not quite sure ...

Love .. a feeling or state of mind ... I think I we really knew what love was ... we'd handle it better ... One thing that I believe is that it is a selfish entity ... we LOVE others for the feeling that it gives to us ... If it didn't feel good .. we wouldn't do it ... Some say love hurts ... does love really hurt or was it a matter of u not getting what u wanted in return ... In the words of the Late Great Bernie Mack ... 'People fall in and out of love all the time' ... what is love .....

12kyle said...

@ theweightofwhatisreal
I think I'm nervous b/c I keep thinking about somebody getting carjacked. I don't want to be snatched out of my car. If you want my car...take it! I'll get anutha one!

@ Keith
LMAO!!!!!! Mannnnnnnn, you got me over here ROLLIN'!!!! I know exactly what you mean. Sounds like she was a dymepiece...from the neck down. LoL!!!!

@ Keisha the Kitten
I agree. Real love comes with real actions

@ Charece
Don't look now but prices are on their way back up. I see gas is now $1.59

Great minds think alike! LoL

@ TravelDiva
Burris is in a tough spot. I feel for him. But I don't think he should be in the Senate. The governor is durrrrty! Can't let him just put him in that seat until everything comes out

@ ‪xcentricgem‬
Awwwwww thank youuuuu!!!!

Wait a minute...there are women walking around with mohawks??? Say it aint so!!!

Sexxy Luv said...

everything else that you mentioned left the brain when i seen "Carl" lmao!

funny ish!