Tuesday, August 26, 2008

just a lil crazy...that's all!!!

i'm not single. i haven't been single in a long time. i remember telling my boy jfresh..."stay single, bruh...less hassle." i was joking at the time. however, i've learned that the dating game aint the same as it was when ole 12kyle was in tha mix.

i'm friends with dudes who are single. they are all what society would deem as a "good catch". you know...single, college educated, no kids, good job (with benefits...lol), and all around good dudes. i'm also friends with several women who are possess those same qualities. you know..."wifey material". nevertheless, i make it a point not to try to play "match maker" with people. just b/c kevin is single and tonya is single too...shouldn't mean that i should be the one to put them together. however, i may make sure that they end up in the same room. but that's it. the dating scene aint what it used to be. it can be scary at times.

saturday, i got a phone call from my boy gee. gee is a good dude. he possesses those above attributes and he lives here in atlanta. women think he's cute.

a week ago, me and gee went to a surprise birthday party for my boy, erv. while at the house party, gee met a woman named pam. she seemed to be nice. she was cool, intelligent, college educated...etc. well, after the evening they exchanged phone numbers. pam called gee the very next day to talk. and the day after that...and the day after that...and the day after that.

friday night they went to the movies. the night ended with gee telling her that he'd call her tomorrow (saturday). well...pam flips the script. she calls gee at 8am on saturday morning. who does that? then she calls him on his home phone number!!! stop! that's a huge mistake b/c he never gave her his home phone number. he later finds out that she looked up his home phone number on the internet. huh? are you kiddin me? that's crazy!!! he hung up the phone after he heard her voice. and she calls back immediately!!! this time she leaves a long detailed message...

"hey, gee. this is pam. you know...we met at erv's birthday party last week. you can call me back at this number (404)......."

it's almost like she left the message hoping that another female would hear it.

the crazy thing about this story is that gee didn't even touch her! lmao!!! he texted me today and said that she has called him 9 times since saturday. she is emailing him at work and everything! he just hasn't responded.

i guess she can't take a hint. and it's not always just the women. eb the celeb just had a similar situation, too.

the moral of the story is...be careful...you never know how crazy or bothersome a person can be. lmao

your thoughts? has this ever happened to you? hollatchaboi!!!!!


Kandi Black said...

yes indeed...i have had many problems in that area...damn stalkers! calling 20 times a day...shit is irritating...but what can i say? they can't help themselves...lol

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Was Gee planning to call Pam before he discovered she is a private investigator with bill collector qualities?

Sounds like she got overly excited about the possiblity of a relationship and ended up blowing a chance for a second date. See if only we would seek the word for all things including dating! The bible clearly states be anxious for nothing....lol

The F$%K it List said...

That is crazy! I know folks frown on that book "He's just not that into you", But PAM DAMN he's just not that into you. Pick up the book and get a lesson.

That looking up the number is just too I work in the prosecutors office, she probably ran a background check too. He needs to get to changing his home number or pick up and tell her to back off.

Eb the Celeb said...

yeah she crazy as all hail... who does that?

and he dead wrong for even taking her out after she called him everyday for a week straight...

I know the number of straight available educated men in atl is scarce so you wanna jump up on a catch if you are so lucky to find one but that was a helluva jump...lol

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

That's crazy. No wonder she is still single. I wouldn't call her back either. Tell him to block her number...better yet, change his number.

I can't say that talking every day would've ruled her out if they were both okay with that. Didn't we discuss the fact that people don't date anymore? Maybe it's because they don't want to, they just want to jump to the finish line like it's a prize winning fight.

12kyle said...

@ kandi black
you make them go krazy! lmao

@ keisha the kitten
she seemed to be pretty cool. i met her. i didn't think that she was crazy. but getting info off the internet is going wayyyy to far. in the day of mapquest and google maps...somebody could end up at your front door

@ the f$%k it list
he's not the type to cuss a woman out...but i think that's about to change. haaaaaa

@ eb the celeb
i don't think the daily calls were the problem. she crossed the line when she called him at home

@ kay c, the quiet storm
people don't date anymore. you are correct. stories like this are downright scary

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

oh my! well, i must admit, PCD has had her string of over-zealous callers. its downright SCARY, DISRESPECTFUL and INTRUSIVE. homegirl was BEAT to hook up with your friend...so sad! i am glad i don't have to deal with that anymore...times change so quickly..i wouldn't want to have to sift thru the singles, crazy or not, anymore

pink said...

ok. your boy needs to man up and tell this crazy/derrrranged woman to go sit the hell down somewhere and that he isnt interested.

i had to learn the hard way bc i dont be tryna hurt peoples feelins...but im grown now and dasmnit, some people need their feelins hurt...especially when they get to blowin up your damned phone. unt uh...he needs to shut that down asap before she be hidin in his bushes or something.


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

See, I told you. When people get to know each other, they need to know whether psychological issues run in their family or if that person may have a psychological issue. People are too crazy these days. I have had enough experiences to know what I'm talking about...to the point where I had to get a restraining order on dude...TWICE.

The Dreamy One said...

baby girl is Defintely a little throwed! I mean come on!!!

Erv didn't see the signs?

The Jaded NYer said...

I've never ahd a stalker and never been a stalker, thankfully.

Celebrities don't count, right? lol

I feel bad for her, though, crazy as she is. She probably just wants a man so bad, and she can't see that her actions are hurting and not helping.

Maybe he should tell her; maybe she doesn't know what she's doing is crazy.

poor crazy lady...

Miss Mika said...


That is crazy.

The calling everyday thing doesn't strike me as weird. I am no nonsense no beating around the bush type of woman so if I am interested in you, then I will make it known. Talking everyday wouldn't bother me, I figure that is how you get to know someone... by talking to them. But looking up dude's number? And leaving THAT type of message, like she had just met him the night before or something... she sounds like a woman who has been forced to play "the game" one too many times and has been scared by it so she is acting accordingly.

That is some craziness though. Too bad she can't step outside of herself for a second and see what she is doing is a bit... odd to say the least.

New numbers for your friend are in order I think. And her emails need to be marked as spam. That woman has issues.

Darius T. Williams said...

Nah, this has never happened to me like this - but I've had some crazy shit happen...


Keith said...

Ohhh mannn that is scary...Tell your boy to park his car around the corner..or if he has a garage,
by all means to use it! He sounds like he has a potential stalker.
Imagine if he had slept with her..
She'd be outside his door singing.

Sounds like I've been a little too
close to the subject matter,don't it?-lololol

Rezidl said...

Chocolate Boy Wonder-

This nutso is doing what drives me up the wall about adult women these days. Acting like they are so hard up for attention and action. Just chill!!!! Let things progress as they will. It's not just in the ATL either, it's here in DC, out in LA, in NY and Miami, too.

That behavior is soooo unappealing to men. Even the most scandalous dudes don't like seeing women existing in such a needy place.

...just venting cuz I haven't been here in awhile.

L. Renee' said...

Hey guys!
One time when I was in highschool I met this guy who was really cute. He played football for This private school in D.C. Well, I met him at a party and we exchanged numbers and went out once. Well, one day he decided to show up at my grandmother's house and my father answered the door. Ofcourse, I wasn't there I was on another date with someone else. The guy told my father that we had plans together and that I stood him up. Needless to say, my father was pissed that I would do that and made me come home from my date. I never had plans with this dude. Infact, I hadn't spoken to him since our one date. He called me all the time and hang up. What a psycho. The catch to this is... I never told him where my grandmother lived. Now that is resourceful for the 80's. LOL

Rezidl said...

LRenee....sounds like you were a serial dater....LOL

Just joking. He was an ol'skool stalker. Laying low in the car and creeping behind your grandma's bushes....

Anonymous said...

It would have been better if she allowed him the time to contact her. We have moved so far away from chivalry and men actually "pursuing" women, that it's nice to have a man that wants to break the mold we've been experiencing lately and pursue a woman. Always allow things to happen naturally.

-Q. said...

(pause..lmao silently)

Yea dog you never know.. that brotha caught out in a reallive fatal attraction?! okay naw i aint gonna put that on ya boy- just aint had a chance to say that in a while...

Man the things you find out about folk when you engage em.. The game is more than different fam.. Fools out here be claimin chicks if they go on a date- let alone if they hit.. Chicks be getting caught of that mouthpiece and cutting other hoez up and ish man.. I feel bad for ya homie, you and i both know that aint the end of that lol..

Eff the "Game" and i'm out lol-Q.

Smarty Jones said...

Wow folks! That's what's wrong on so many different levels. Crap like that makes all of us single ladies seem like the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch on The Boondocks.
You know Uncle Ruckus said, "If a woman is over 35 and she ain't married, she must be nutty as squirrel s$%t."
I don't agree but situations like that kinda make me wonder. That reminds me, I have less than nine years to do something about striking down that sterotype.

Trish said...

he better be careful, tell Gee if she keeps it up, he may have to change his numbers.

ShellyShell said...

Heyyy! I'm back!
When I was in college I had a stalker who left me black roses on my doormat! He and I NEVER went on a date! I just used to speak to him when I saw him! Also, when I lived in DC my next door neighbor used to leave me notes on my car and fresh flowers. I had no idea who it was for the longest time then one day he asked me if I liked the flowers. I said how do you know I received flowers he said I left them for you! I was like WHAT? WHY? He said you're just so pretty and wanted to give you something to smile about everyday! I was like please don't send me ANYTHING else. I'm sure your wife won't appreciate the fact that you're giving another woman flowers! The next month he and his wife moved out!!!!!

Ohh yeah..wife beater paid for a background search on a guy she went on a date with. He's ex NYPD! She needed to do a check on "The Hammer!!"

Dione said...

Dayum! Not good. It's a Thin Line...

Mizrepresent said...

It's happened too many times to count, lol...yeah, the crazies are in full force...but i just can't give up and even though you are no matchmaker 12Kyle, you PROMISED! lol! Be sure to check out my next post...got a doozy for you on dating in the new Millenium!

Ms. Jones said...

the dating scene is indeed a very scary one! Guys are just flat out strange and most of the time straight up suspect lol. The weirdest one I ever got was a guy who said he had a "female roommate" who was in all reality his wife, LOL.

tell ya boy to change the locks before he comes home one day to stalker girl relaxin on the couch lol...run gee, RUN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Erv needs to read SuperDave's post:


If it's within the 90 days, no explanations necessary.

Who's That Gurl? said...

LOL. Whew, this gives the "real" good women a bad rep! No wonder it's hard for us to find good brothas...they probably think there's a stalker lurking in all of us.

12kyle said...

@ pcd
i love it when folks talk in 3rd person. lmao

i'm glad that i don't have to deal this type of foolishness.

@ pink
i agree. he has already told her off. he did it earlier today. so, hopefully she'll kick rocks

@ beautifully.conjured.up
you had to get a restraining order twice? wowwwww!!! that's crazy. when it gets to that point...it's time to get "strapped up".

@ dreamy
the party was for erv but it was a surprise party. she was a friend of erv's wife who invited her

@ jaded santana
what about john cussack?? lmao

@ mika
i think he may change numbers if she doesn't get the hint. as of right now...he's not too worried

@ darius
haaaaa! i remember this post!

12kyle said...

@ keith
that's the same thing that I told him. he had betta be glad that he didn't hit that. if he did, she'd be keyin' his car. lmao!!!

@ rezidl
i agree with you totally! some of these babes are krazy! in a way, these women may spoil it for other women.

on the flip side, there are some bugged out dudes out here, too. you just never know what you're getting yourself into

@ lrenee

did the guy go to oxon hill? lmao!!!!

that's crazy that he'd try to pull a stunt like that

@ rezidl
lmao @ u! u r stooopid, son

@ kei
naturally! i like the way that sounds.

@ -q.
lmao!!! what you said is sad...but true. he's already told her off. hopefully, she got the picture

@ smarty jones
omg!!! u r hilarious!!! it's funny that you mentioned that b/c i just saw that episode of the boondocks the other day. classic!!! lmao!!!

12kyle said...

@ trish
you're right!

@ shellyshell
welcome back!!!

i have an idea...maybe we should hook this looney chick up with the "Hammer" lmao,,,

@ dione
welcome back to blogland. i see that school has you tied up.

@ miz
i got you! who knows...maybe i can introduce you to gee...if he aint too shell shocked

@ ms jones
lmao!!! are you serious? female roommate? that's funny.

@ Ieisha
thanks for the link. i can't put this on erv. he didn't know how crazy she was

@ who's that gurl?
unfortunately, i think there's some truth to your statement.

Sexxy Luv said...

LOL! this is too funny! the blabber mouth that i had the date with a week or so ago can't seem to get the picture either...i have been getting the "good morning" and "good night" text plus the phone calls from numbers i don't know!

Yes this is a CRAZY dating game, folks got dead lines to beat! lol

12kyle said...

@ sexxy luv
omg! he's still talkin'. haaaaaaa

leave that dude alone

CapCity said...

If i'm really honest - the only time i really had those "problems" was when I ignored the "signals"/my gut instinct. We KNOW when folk are crazy for real...sometimes we just craving/feening at the time so we over-ride our inner wisdoms...

12kyle said...

@ capcity
when you hear the voice tellin you what to do...you gotta listen. lol

Stew said...

this is just a friendly reminder that there are an abundance of crazy people in the world. i am not surprised though. these things happen everyday