Wednesday, August 20, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

why did we have to learn about pi and the pythagorean theorem? it's not like we've ever used it since high school.

outside of the 12th planet...i'm on facebook and twitter (still tryna figure it out) so i guess you can say that i stay connected.

do you have a pda? if so, do you have a sidekick, blackberry, iphone. i'm wondering who has just a regular cell phone these days.

i don't think i've ever driven faster than 100 miles and hour in a car

ever seen a roach at somebody's house and you had to act like you didn't see it???


i love to see a sista with a nice body walk past me and other men...and it's always funny to see the dudes who act like they don't wanna look at her.

do you mind if you see somebody checkin' out your man/woman when you're together?

big ups to the half man...half fish...michael phelps. i watched this dude and he's unreal.

speaking of unreal...did anybody see the sprinter from jamaica (bolt) shatter the world record in the 100 meters? if he didn't showboat he would have an even better record. i know what you're thinking...he's on something!!!! lol

why are people complaining about the alleged age of the chinese women's gymnastics team? you're supposed to be 15 or 16 to compete in the olympics but some say that they have girls that are as young as 12. who cares???

if i'm 19, then there's no way in hell that i'd be beaten by a 12yr old. period!

i think jackie is competing today so you should check her out

i always feel strange going to the store to buy some damn pads. i mean...i don't wear em. haaaa.

r-a-r double e (you fill in the blanks...if you can)

sometimes when i bring out the the old skool...i feel old when i realize that some of these songs came out when some of y'all were in diapers. haaaa

plan for the marriage...not the wedding. the wedding only lasts 25 minutes.

fellas...if she gave it up on the first did you.

ladies...feed your man and listen to him and he'll stick around. i promise

if i had a dolla for everytime a woman told me "i don't trust him but i'm not leaving him" i'd be sittin on a lil bitta change right now.

kellita smith...kellita smith...kellita smith

barack...if you're still looking for a vp...hollatchaboi!!!

i see more young people involved in the race for president than i've ever seen. all it took to move em was 8 years of bush-it!

why are people paying millions to see baby pics of the kids of these celebs?

i'll email anybody a baby picture of brandon for 10 geez.

i'll email anybody a baby picture of me for $100 and a pack of microwave popcorn

why doesn't the ups truck have any doors? who wants ride around in the heat all day?

ever wonder what happened to the "booger" kid in your elementary class? you know...the one who ate their own boogers!

there's nothing cool about pulling up to a traffic light and blasting a slow jam!!! if you're gonna turn your music up and drop your windows, you should be playing something that is uptempo.

I was talking to my boy Clark the other day. He was pissed b/c that his girl was going to get her hair done that day. I asked why. He said..."If she is getting her hair done...then tonight...I won't be getting some." Haaaaaaa.

why does it take Dr. Dre 7 yrs to make ONE album????

I'ma suckka for pretty eyes, bow legs, and a sharp mind.

neva trust a big butt and a smile (haaaa)

$20 to carry your bag on a plane? wonder what's next. $50 to wear your shoes on a plane

Clair Huxtable...Clair Huxtable...Clair Huxtable


Kandi Black said...

Numero Uno....

umm...i've always wondered about all that stupid ass useless math they make u learn in skool...hell, as long as i know how to count, add, subtract and multiply, i feel like im okay....

its about time somebody checked these niggas on that first nite shit...they act like they weren't present when the hokey pokey was going on...

i dont care nothing about them funny looking celebrity babies...they could saved that film

and i like bow legs too! wish i hadda been born with some...u wouldn't have been able to tell me a damn thing!

that girl is got that ringtone

Who's That Gurl? said...

Hey Kyle! I’ll take the liberty of filling in the blanks before heading off to dreamland :)…

r-a-r double e S-S-E-N-C-E

The Flyyest said...

your so right about that pythagorean theorem!!! LMAO

whats your facebook..... add me its Kisha Lottie!

got a sidekick LX!!!!! love it

ever seen a roach at somebody's house and you had to act like you didn't see it??? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

do you mind if you see somebody checkin' out your man/woman when you're together? DONT MIND AT ALL...THAT SHOWS THEY ARE FIIIINNNEEE!!!! AND I LOVE WHEN A MAN LOOKS AT ME WHEN IM WITH MY (MAN) IT SHOWS I AM FIIINNEEE!!! LMAO

plan for the marriage...not the wedding. the wedding only lasts 25 minutes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! DAMN

fellas...if she gave it up on the first did you. YOUR SO RIGHT ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!

ladies...feed your man and listen to him and he'll stick around. i promise....THANX!! ILL LISTEN TO THAT

why are people paying millions to see baby pics of the kids of these celebs? WO CARES!!!

"i'll email anybody a baby picture of brandon for 10 geez." AND IM GIVIN YALL PIX OF MINI ME FOR FREE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH


Anonymous said...

You are so right about pi and the pythagorean theorem. I know I haven't used it since high school.

I'm on facebook and myspace. I did it so I could stay in touch with my high school friends in the US.

I have a regular cell phone. I don't really need a PDA but I do like the look of the blackberry though.

Yeah I've seen roaches, an djust tried to blank it. Trust I'd eat inthat house though.

I don't mind if someone checks out my man, that just shows I have good taste.

I haven't been watching the olympics too much. It comes on at ridiculous times over here.

Mizrepresent said...

hahhaaa, good one Kyle...i'll be back!

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Put me on the list of regular cell phone users. But, I am trying to get over the urge for the iPhone.

I don't mind if someone checks out the dude I'm with. But be respectful, I know I got good taste.

Phelps must have gills like a fish...he is unreal. Haven't caught much of the Olympics, it comes on too dang gone late!

They are upset because 12 year olds have the unfair advantage of being more limber because they are younger. Basically, they are cheating the system, what else is new?

I feel you on old school music, but I like mine anyway (slow and fast). I realized I was old when I saw the new Ice Cube movie and most of the kids in there had no idea he used to be a gangster rapper. HA!

B said...

I loved the Pythagorean Theorem. It was the only mess I could actually do that didn't confuse me. And hell no I haven't used it since 11th grade.

Facebook keeps me so unfocused. I had to get up off that. Twitter, on the other hand....loves it! I'm going to go add you.

Proud member of the Blackberry cult!! A regular cell phone? The horror!

LOL @ you tryna sale the baby pictures.

LOL @ people bustin' the slow jams. Damn, that's me. I play my jazz and slow music loooud. So sad.

12kyle said...

@ kandi black
add, subtract, multiply, and divide...that's all that we do post-high school

i never really cared about that 1st night thing. we know about the double standards in life. that's one of them.

bow legs...bow legs...bow legs

@ Who's That Gurl?
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day...hangin' out like wet clothes.

Haaaaa! That's my favorite go-go band.

*still mad that I can't find the Get Your Freak On cd anywhere

@ Flyyest
I'll add you!

Men don't ask for much. Good food and good convo. And good lovin...that's it! Haaaaa

I don't understand the baby picture craze that is going on right now

@ BorednTalkative
I've been on myspace...maybe...10 times?? I felt really old on there

I couldn't eat in house that featured the "brown tenants" haaaaa

I've watched a good bit of the Olympics. I have watched more than I thought that I would

@ Miz
come back soon

@ Kay C, The Quiet Storm
The iPhone is callin you. "Comeeeee herrrre Kay Ceeeeeeeeee!" LOL

They've always cheated the system. The games are in China so you KNOW that they'll try to win at all costs.

I feel you about Ice Cube. I say the same about Eddie Murphy. They think he's the dude in Shrek but they don't know about his stand up acts like Delirious and Raw

@ B
The Pythagorean Theorem almost caused me to flunk geometry. LMAO!!!

You can add me to Twitter and Facebook. I'm still tryna figure Twitter out. I think I have it down now...I think. LOL. I am also a memeber of the Blackberry cult. I can't leave. I'm all over it. Blackberry I'm, too!

Haaaaa! I don't have a problem with slow music. But this dude was at the light with me and he was BLASTING some Jodeci.

The Jaded NYer said...

FYI- I do not own a smart phone and do not plan on ever getting one. I need time away from the internet!

and I really don't want to know what happened to the booger kid- BLECH!

your randomness is so crazy sometimes...

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

bow legs? truly a southern guy...

celeb baby pics for millions is wack...

check out my dude while i'm there? well, i'm not trippin, he's with me so whatev. plus it happens to him all the time and i think its funny

facebook is cool...can be addictive

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

We learned a lot of stuff that we don't use since high school...just something to do.

I have a regular cell phone...if you consider the LG Cherry Chocolate a regular phone.

I've driven 110 mph in a car...I was leaving my boyfriend's house, and I didn't want to be late for my final exam. I made it w/o getting a speeding ticket.

LOL @ the roach question!!!

I love it when women check out my makes me feel proud.

That Jamaican dude was something else...the female too.

Why do men feel bad about buying some pads or should be glad she is having a period or she wouldn't be able to reproduce...PERIOD POWER!!!!

What is "raree?" I'm lost.

Even though he may have gave it up, men are seen as a pimp while women are seen as a ho...soooooo not fair.

I was thinking the same thing about those baby it really that serious?

LMAO @ for 100 and a pack of microwave popcorn!!!!

I feel like this, if I'm paying for my hair to get done, that means no sex. If you pay for it, then we can have sex...I'm not wasting my money.

I'm a sucka for intelligence, height, a beautiful smile, big hands, employment, a college level vocabulary, style, a nice butt, athletic build, spirituality, confidence, and romance...I think that's I shallow?

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Scooby Dooby Doo.....(I don't know why I had the urge to say that)

Yes, I've pretended not to see a roach a time or two. That way they won't be offended when you decline a meal at their roach infested house. "You Pretend not to Offend!" Sounds like something Jesse Jackson would say!

I like to see guys watch booties when they walk by too. Its really funny when they realize that you saw them booty watching....

No I wouldn't be mad about someone looking at my guy. Just be respectful about it & keep your hands to yourself!

I have a PDA....TREO 755p (palm)

Mental note taken about focusing on the marriage and not the wedding.


pink said...

i have a sidekick...waiting to upgrade to the new blackberry. not the one to act like i dont see the roach. i act a damn fool. AAAAA! get it Get it!!! lol.

my problem is that if USA was fakin ages it be a HUGE scandal.

i never understoon why women spent 1200 dollars on a dress theyd only wear once...i rather spend all that money on a honey moon cuz you barely remember the wedding i would think =/

clair huxtable? really? sike na...phylicia rashad is pretty...even now.

Eb the Celeb said...

why no link to a claire huxtable pic though... SMH... just wrong!

Keith said...

Hey Kyle, I just have a regular Nokia Cell phone..I can text with it and access my e-mail..but I mostly just talk with it. I have taken a few photos with it.

I think it's hillarious too how brothers act when a nice looking female walks by. Nobody wants to be the first to look, but once somebody does look..everybody kind of looks at everyone else and kind of smiles that knowing smile like-

I don't mind if someone is checking out my wife when we are out..I view it as a compliment...just know that she's with me and don't get any ideas about pushing up.

You are 100% right..Plan for the marriage, not the wedding.

Feed the man and listen to him and he'll always be there..So true.
I'm a simple guy..all I really need
is a place to lay my head, some clean drawers and some cooked food
and I'm my man, Jay-Z.-lololol.. Hope the sistas got's the most important one.

I'm gonna break down and buy me an
I-phone, my next birthday..Life is

Keith said...

Oh yeah..Kelita Smith!!! My lawdddd!!!!!

The F$%K it List said...

This was way shorter than normal!

I'm only commenting on the Jamaican runner Bolt. I had to watch that race 10 times over, and 2 times on the internet. Mr. F$%K it wanted to make sure I saw that his countrymen whipped everyone. I won't put my response to this here but it was rather funny, heheh

oh yeah and I still have my regular cell for personal use and my crackberry for work. but that will change shortly because going to get my centro this weekend. YEAH!

rayo said...

h8d all of maths,still do. bow legs?

Sexxy Luv said...

Proud crackberry owner 8120! (thanks for the name)lol

if i see a roach trust you will know about it! lol

certain songs make me drive fast...85-90mph at times!

i look @ nice looking brotha's and sista's when ever i see one, so i know others do the same! :)

ther is nothing wrong with a ig butt and a smile! we can be trusted and were not POISON!!!! lol

Trish said...

"fellas...if she gave it up on the first did you."

"ladies...feed your man and listen to him and he'll stick around. i promise"

Did I ever tell you that I love the Off the Dome blogs?
well I do !

Kyle, get at ya boi Tyson, he keeps claiming he's gonna join the planet. what eva. lol

MsPuddin said...

xtra random lol

man I was writing about pi the other day too and someone went off on me on how important it is. sheeeit. it hasnt helped me out.

what is this twitter. ppl keep talking about it in the blogsphere, im barely on facebook.

Smarty Jones said...

I second that math thing. And what about the imaginary numbers my advanced math teacher tried to teach me? Why should I be concerned about something that doesn't exist?
I have a MotoQ and I love it. The only draw back is I can't escape a damn thing. I can be called, texted and e-mailed all on the same device.
Why would you go 100 mph? Were you on the autobahn?
I don't act like I don't see roaches. I make it known, "you've got a visitor."
Well, when I had a man, folks were always looking at us but I don't think it was because either or us were looking extra good or anything. He's a Lumbee indian and in my hometown, you hardly ever see a black woman with an indian man. In our defense, outside of Robeson County, he's black.
OK, Usain(sp.) Bolt is just a freak of nature. Him and that chick, I forget her name, but they are from the same area in Jamaica. I don't know what kinds of animals they have chasing them when they train but they need to bring them to America to chase some of our athletes.
On a side note, did you not want to cry for Lolo Jones last night when she kicked that hurdle?
As far as buying pads, would you rather be buying diapers, formula, blankets and everything else that babies need? You'd better buy those pads boy!
I never wonder what happened to the booger kid, I know. He's in jail now for assault with a deadly weapon. Prolly had to defend himself for wiping a booger on somebody.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

man, went through 3 pdas (palm trios from 2001 to 2004 will nevber get another

Stew said...

i have used that math stuff. maybe cuz i majored in physics

what the hell is twitter?

got the treo 700w. and i love it. but everyone does not need a smart phone. if you are not going to use it to its full capability then get a chocolate or something.

you got feed some speed to you ride man. it really gets the adrenaline going. my hands always shake after i hit about 110

i am always the guy who wont look. i will not give her the privilege of knowing that i think she is hot.

i love when a dude checks out a girl i am with. it does not bother me at all.

phelps is the greatest olympian ever. and bolt is something serious. i would love to have the title of fastest man alive

only reason people are complaining is because they are breaking rules. other than that, no one cares.

never had to buy pads....but i am sure i will one day.

thanks for letting the ladies how to treat a man.


hell they can have the pic of me for just the popcorn.

i wonder if a ups guy ever fell out the truck.

that's cuz dre makes classics...u can not be mad at that.

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - no one has regular cell phones these days. I have a blackberry curve and loving every minute of it!

12kyle said...

@ jaded santana need time away from the net. haaaaa

@ pcd
haaaa! that is a southern thing...i guess.

i feel you. you can long as it's not disrespectful

i've found classmates from elementary school on facebook

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
110 in a car??? I'd prolly have a heart attack

buying pads is just awkward for me. i dunno why

answer...rare's a go-go band. lol

@ keisha the kitten
booty watching is funny to me when you see the guys who wanna look but act like they don't wanna look

hands off. lol

take heed. weddings don't last that long

12kyle said...

@ pink
where have YOU been? lol. come on over to the blackberry family

good point. that wedding dress will only be worn once.

lmao @ you and the roach

@ eb the celeb
u silly

@ keith
"I think it's hillarious too how brothers act when a nice looking female walks by. Nobody wants to be the first to look, but once somebody does look..everybody kind of looks at everyone else and kind of smiles that knowing smile like-
Classic, bruh

jigga was correct. we don't ask for much. oh yeah...and leave us alone when the game is on

kellita is a stunnah

@ The F$%K it List
shorter? lol. i did that for you and prettyblack

tell your hubby that we're still waiting on him to fail a test. running that fast is unhuman.

12kyle said...

@ rayo
welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day like the school bully

bow legs are when the legs are slightly bent or curved on a person. very sexy to me on a woman.

@ sexxy luv
fast songs? lmao!!! you better be careful. i don't think that'll be a good reason when the officer pulls you over

poison...that's exactly what it is!! lol

@ trish
you gotta let a man be a man. most of the times...he's gonna be a good man!


i got an email from tyson the other day. we're gonna hang real soon.

@ msp
you were writing about pi? word? i haven't given it many thoughts since high school (just anutha way of staying in touch)

12kyle said...

@ smarty jones
i never understood that part about math. i still don't. honestly!

lmao @ you've got a visitor

i felt bad for lolo. she's cute too. haaaa

@ torrance
i'll be you had fun with em, tho

@ stew (check it out)

i don't wanna shake at 110! lol. i think i'm ok at 80 mph

dre does make classics. and he's talented. i just wish that we didn't have to wait 7 years to get a taste of it. you feel me?

@ darius
the curve is my next move.

Miss Mika said...

I guess I have ask... what defines a "ordinary" cell phone? I have a Samsung something or other. Its a flip.

But I want a Blackberry Pearl...
A pink one.

I was wondering the same thing about celebrity baby pictures and the fortunes that are paid to get the first ones. WHO CARES!

Although I would love to see Halle Berry's baby. I know that baby is absolutely adorable.

If a woman is checking my man out, on the outside I am asking "what are you looking at heffa??" but on the inside, I am coyly smiling saying "yeah, I know he is fine... go ahead and admire heffa."

The Dreamy One said...

hey i bump nothing but slow jams with the windows down,lol

one day i was bumping Prince"i will die for you" and the white boys were going crazy,lol

and im sorry those 12 yr olds need to go in the olympics. that shyss is not fair to the women who have beaten their body up for years to have lil fresh girls go in there and tear those grown woman apart

David Oliver, David Oliver, David Oliver

110 m hurdles, damn he is fine

Mizrepresent said...

Dreamy...luv you girl...but i will fight you over that scrumpteous piece of chocolate (David Oliver)!

12kyle - can he please be the young stud, oh i mean God! lol!

Anonymous said...

So true about fellas giving it up on the first night as well. Always kills me to hear the double standard among men & women.

Bow legs??? Eh....don't know 'bout that one, lol.

And I still have regular ole flip phone from Samsung! But I'm upgrading in a week, lol. Law school got a sista busy!

12kyle said...

@ Mika
"If a woman is checking my man out, on the outside I am asking "what are you looking at heffa??" but on the inside, I am coyly smiling saying "yeah, I know he is fine... go ahead and admire heffa." LMAO!!! CLASSIC!!!! You are crazy!!!

@ dreamy
who is david oliver? i'm lost

@ miz
lmao @ you! sure! he can be your young stud!!!!!

@ iesha
that's one of those double standards that will always be in place...unfortunately. lol

Coop said...

I wandered over from eclectik's place. You know, where Dre 3000 isn't worthy of mention in the top 5. *sigh* lol

I'm still figuring out twitter too.
Oh and I have a Crackberry.

Big Cheekz said...

i'm all up in the archives! nice blog - and i'm loving these "off tha dome" posts. hilarious.