Wednesday, August 6, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

I forgot to bring my sax to church! I counted 2 tambourines. Maybe I should get a harmonica

Speaking of church, I remember when we were kids a woman "caught the Spirit" and her wig fell off. Jfresh suggested that I "slap it back on her head."

It was 95 degrees the other day. I can't wait until fall gets here.

I hope En Vogue makes a comeback

I hate it when somebody at work, who is sitting within walking distance, sends me an email. That's lazy. If you got something to say, then walk over to my desk!

Is your city sexy? If so, what is sexy about where you live?

I don't care how much you dress up your Chrysler 300. It's still...a Chrysler 300! It's not a Bentley!!! Actually, it's a Fentley...a fake Bentley.

I hate to see dudes with those "lonnng" jean shorts. The shorts are long enough to be pants. Some go as low as your shins. It looks foolish. Make up your mind's either shorts or jeans.

I love sweet tea. Fyi...don't ever order sweet tea up north. They'll think that you're crazy. I went to a diner in Philly and asked for sweet tea and they were like..."u aint from around here...are you?"

Who said it was cool to wear shades in the club? That's wack

If you're a hairdresser and YOUR hair is busted...that's not a good look

I met a young lady the other day. She's 21. I thought that she was bright until she told me that she had tattoo'd her boyfriend's name on her forearm. "TRAVIS" was written I cursive from her wrist to her elbow. Dummeeeeee!!!


Did you know that Peyton and Eli Manning have an older brother named Cooper? He didn't play football in college and in the NFL like Peyton and Eli. Wonder if he feels like a scrub?

LeBron James named one of his son's Maxiumus. WTH??? You named your son after a Nissan? C'mon, b! Your son is gonna kill you for that later in life

Who in their right mind would wanna blood dope?

Lela Rochon...Lela Rochon...Lela Rochon

One of John McShame's aides accused Obama of not addressing the issues of black america. WTF?? Aint that a beyoch? YOU haven't addressed anything about my people. Your "token" appearance at the NAACP meeting was bs to me. Beat it!

You can go in ANY hood in this country and you'll find at least one if not all of the following...
1) liquor store

2) church

3) wings/fish spot

4) chinese restaurant

I love black people

Where's Arsenio?

I'm not lookin forward to potty training...AGAIN

I would never tell anybody what to do on their blogs...buuuuuut...i hate word verifications!! LOL. They are a pain. Especially when I'm bloggin on the phone. I think that most people don't know that they are on their blogs.


She had a great interview with BGG.


The Flyyest said...

First!!!! BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!

The Flyyest said...

we used to bust out laughing when all of a sudden the lady next to us would jus start screaming.... to the point where we would love to go to church jus to see that!!!

i love summer in seattle cuz it aint as hot as yall cities!!! lol

i feel my city got sex appeal but its slept on!!! i know im sexy...and ill make any city sexy if im in it...BAHAHAHA!!!!

love sweet tea!!!

haridressers dont have time to keep their hair done!

peyton and eli....yeah i bet they big bro feels like a super scrub!


potty training.....whew.....

yeah i dont like word verification either...and when i comment on someone... i try to put that hint in

i love these posts!!!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

I got a harmonica...let's get a traveling band started and hit all the tambourine playing churches!!!! They ain't ready for us

My auntie knocked my other auntie's wig off one day while shouting at church!

I got a sun tan on my face from peeking out the door to see how hot it is...the rest of my body ain't see the sun in can't get with that 95 degree thing...give me the spring time and I'm cool!

HOLD I used to sing that En Vogue song all the you remember one of them played in Juice?....She was juicing Q in the movie!

LOL...true dat about the hair dresser with a wild and untamed weave! What about a dentist with crooked teeth and funky breath???


the.socialight said...

joins in Beyonce chant..

The Dreamy One said...

i feel you if you do hair a living then there is no reason why your hair should look like 4 miles of tore up road....

and aint nothing sexxy about Louisiana..... sorry

i love me some sweet tea, its the shyss

and i hate word verification, like what in the world is it there for

Rich said...

Sweet tea - fa sho!

Those aint jeans or shorts, they are gaucho's - LOL!

Maximus is the name of a few Roman Emperors. Which reminds me, Gladiator was the flick!

St. Louis ain't sexy and neither is my native home town of Jacksonville, FL -- which goes further to explain why I loved living in the ATL and why I want to move back there or to Chicago. I'll probably end up in Chicago if my wife has her way.

Sometimes it takes EVERYTHING in me not to ask folks to get rid of their word verification.

Pro said...

if i don't comment on summa dese soon ima forget what i wanna say. so...

maybe folk who shoot impromptu emails to YOU, 12Teach, don't want to have a chat (read: lesson) at the time. i know once upon a time, long, long, long, long, long, loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago when i had a job, i went to work with my game face on. i didn't (always) like wasting company time chatting with folk. that is what lunch break and happy hour were for. lmao

there is nothing no longer sexy 'bout this region of florida. nice place to visit and see old white people with old money if you like that look. seventh largest university in the country is here as well. nba team who can't get their stride back since losing shaq, etc. however, i'm happy to see a uncle luke on his own reality show. represent. represent. even if it's in another part of the gunshine state. lmmfao

you in philly or anywhere round them parts the correct thing to order is an "Uptown." that one was on the house seeing i ain't been around for a hot one. i am Chocolate City born and bred for a minute.

lastly, Cooper, had to be the one not on the field getting his ribs stepped on and his brain parts getting loose all in his head so that he could help them spend their guap wisely... On himself! i don't see nothing scrubbish 'bout him not being a ball-player. actually he can get in on their good names. soo what the fuck.

p.s. stop lusting on them girls names. you bad as me! i got weezy as my home screen and when MP has to pass me my phone he just shakes his head. even my kids know i got it bad for him...

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ok, first of all, i resent the sweet tea comment. we DO have mcdonald's up here who now features SWEET TEA for $1. so TAKE IT BACK!!!!!!!!! anyhoo,

fall is definitely the BEST season ever!

you KNOW i how i feel about the super long remember my post when i put folks on blast for their fashion misses...i don't play that!

beyonce? i wonder what she looks like without the wigs, weaves, makeup, short and sparklies and other excess stuff. i prefer a more natural beauty...or at least less processed like nia long...(er, no homo)

and i have a question, what are the issues in black america that seriously hope to be remedied by the future president of the US? seriously, are folks sitting around waiting for him to wave a magic black wand and solve all problems? have these people even summoned their local government or volunteered for change THEMSELVES before trying to hold someone else to the chopping block for most things that personal accountability is responsible for? just wondering...

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

is the wife pregnant again u fertile myrtle
and uh, not - that is palmetto aint sexy folk

Opinionated Diva said...

I'm looking forward to the Fall myself...heat and humidity can stay in hell!

I hate word verfication AND comment moderation with a passion!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I hate the summer...I never really liked it.

I love En Vogue...lovely ladies and all the members can sing (that's rare).

I don't think I would consider my city sexy...Atlanta=Sexy...nahhhhh.

LOL at the Fently!!!!

I love sweet tea...I can't imagine going without it.

I wore shades one time to the was so dark that I bumped into a wall and fell...never again did I wear shades to a club.

Having a busted hairdresser is like having a broke financial advisor..."what in the hell can you tell me?"

John McShame is suffering from early stages of Alzheimer's, so maybe he forgot that Barack did address us...maybe.

Arsenio is back with Eddie...they kissed and made up.

Darius T. Williams said...

Word verifications are the worst, aren't they...especially when you already have comment dayum, for real - lol.

Um, Aresenio - where is he?

And wait - you play the sax?

12kyle said...

@ Flyyest
LOL!!! Booyah?? LOL

I'd love to have some of that Seattle weather today

Hairdressers should make the time to keep their hair tight

@ Keisha the Kitten
I'm with it!! We can make it happen

Cindy from En Vogue was in Juice

Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have good time over here. We're here everyday like a stray cat.

Loves Beyonce Carter

@ Dreamy
4 miles of tore up road! LOL! I gotta use that one.

@ Rich
His son is still gonna hate him for that. Especially when he goes to pre-K and has to spell his name

Chi-town is very sexy

I feel you on the word verification. Hopefully...this will be my subtle way of asking them to get rid of it. LOL

12kyle said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! glad to see you in class. pull up a chair. right up front

I peeped the uncle luke show! I like it! I'll be tuning in. Can't believe that he got married!!!

i'm sure that Cooper wants to play. Plus...think of all the groupies that he's missed out on. LMAO!!! Juss kiddn' y'all

i love these women

LMAO @ u!! I know that McD's has sweet tea. I'm talkin' bout in the restaurants and diners

i remember that post! it was much needed!!!

good point. Obama will spend at least his first 2 years fixing the mess that Dubya left behind. The first black president will walk into a TRILLION dolla defict. Only in America.

@ Torrance
Nooooooooooooooooooooooo playboi. No more babies coming in here. Three are enuf. We have 2 birthdays this weekend (post coming soon)

@ OD
I'm cool with comment modification. That word verification has to go.

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
You are right. It's hard to find a singing group where EVERYBODY can sing

i think ATL is sexy

Arsenio can't be back with Eddie b/c that would leave Johnny Gill in the cold! LOL

@ Darius
I think he's doing some type of reality show. I have seen him in years

Nah. I don't play the sax. I can play the piano...a lil bit. Well...i can play Tender Love on the piano. LMAO!!!

B said...

Ohmigoooodness, I can not WAIT until Fall. Of course that means more hurricanes for Floridian but whatev. It is too hot 'roun here.

LOL!! I send emails to my co-worker all the time when I could just get my lazy behind up. So sad.

There is nothing sexy about Orlando, Florida. Neeeext.

LOL @ Fentley....mannn, you right!

Basically this pot was great!

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Ha ha ha!!! OK I can take a hint, the word verification is off (lol)So now I guess you will visit The Storm more often?

The A has swagger every now and again, depends on were in the A you hang out.

En Vogue needs to come back with the original members. I hate when groups replace members and act like nobody can tell (Tony, Toni, Tone selling tickets like Raphael was singing) shame on them!

Laughing at Maximus, only because I am sure he thought he was being original. That name has been around in the white community forever. They just call them Max for short.

I wonder what Bouncy, I mean Beyonce, looks like without the help of makeup and wardrobe on a regular day? You prolly wouldn't recognize her.

Were is Arsenio, I loved that show. He really did re-invent late night tv.

Stew said...

i love the summer. every other time of year it too cold.

where i live now... this city is the equivalent of a drunk college chick. if you think that is sexy then yes my city is very sexy

i HATE tea of any sort

the non football playing manning brother does not feel like a scrub at all, cuz he gets all the perks, without getting hit upside the head.

hell, where is Sinbad???

i do not understand the man capris either.

keep them coming brother!!!

ShellyShell said...

I remember the firs time I saw a lady catching the ghost. I looked at my mom and said what is going on? She busted out!

It's hot and humid in NYC...YUCK! My sis lives in Dallas and it was over 100 for 8 days in a row!

I hate when I see dudes or she-dudes in shorts that look like damn gauchos! WTF? Just put on some jeans!

Sweet Tea..the only place you can get it in NY is at Mickey D's! You must go below the Mason Dixon Line!

I always look at how the hairdressers hair looks! I've seen my share of busted stylist!

I think Peyton's older brother is in investment banking. He doesn't do too shabby but he's not getting paper like!

I HATE when I see anyone wearing shades in a lounge/club wtf for!

NYC is sexy but my hometown of Buffalo IS NOT!!

En Vouge was the SHIZNIT!!

Beyonce needs to stop using her mother to put in those horrible ass horse weaves! Ughghhghg!

Sexxy Luv said...

I rather someone email me then come all up in my personal area!....why?....cause im bloggin'! lol

dang why you hate on the 300C's I like those!

long jean shorts are a no go in my book! YUK!

leave the young lady alone with the tat, i had BD's name tat'ed on me until i covered it up, we live and we learn, right?....

what do you think Majic is going to say about his name when he get's older?....

Beyonce is a freash breath of air! :)

Sexxy Luv said...

oh and....

nineteen!!!! BOOYAH!!!!!!

Blah Blah Blah said...

I put word verification on because back in the day their were these mass to stop that I put up WV...but I think blogger has corrected that problem...

I was watching harlem Nights...wondering where the hell Arsenio was these days.
When I was pregnant with Oldest...I used to throw up everytime EnVogue came on the radio...odd that.

Eb the Celeb said...

Alll hoods have all 4 of those things... not just 1

and say it louder about that word verification mess!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Thanks for the link!! I appreciate it! :-)

I just love your blog!!!

Rezidl said...

PCD- first time I heard (read) a woman go at Beyancy like that. I've always thought that same thing. It's aaighhttt, but it's not better than natural beauty.

Ms. Jones said...

Church memories are the time this new lady came and there was this pole and she started twirling around on it real stripper like lol

If anybody finds out something sexy about Jersey let me know...thinking about moving to the A..

They have started selling sweet tea in the McDonald's here and it's crack!!!

You forgot the check cashing place in the hood on the same corner..may be in the same spot as the liquor store lol

Ok I get it..going to take word verification off my blog right now, GEESH LOL

-Q. said...

Damn Kyle, i could jump on errrthang you said fam lol.. I feel you 98%!!!!

-represent for tha brothas in tha chuuch..
-103 in tha A(TX), and you aint got this Austin/Houston-esq humidity
-Im 500 on the Envouge I can still feel that "Hold On" bass line in legs b4 i go to the club and they looked good at the BET awards
-Austin sexy? sh#t no, F^ck no, hellll naw man.. Tha H and Dallas is though.. The lake(Travis) is sexxy with out of towners on ya boat lol
-You can hook my Fentley up playa- chuck me the keys.. My dad ride one, put a 5th wheel on da booty wit sum bang fam. Stuntin 112 lol
-Its just the midgets with the long shorts. they too hood to buy lil boy shorts that fit (and actually hang low on em)- well atleast out here...
-Sweet Tea, where da lemon at?
-Hey! I wear shades in the club, somtimes.. Just dont walk... But ugly nigz do that shit and pull it off ie - T-Wayne lol
-Payton and ELI, im the adopted brotha, EFFF Cooper. One of them will win the Superbowl

[Oh hol up "Thats my Quater back" lmao.. kyle you already know]
- Dont know what Lela's lookin like these dayz
-Lebron? Next.. To much jordan status for me.. See them icing out Carmelo at the Olypics, trying to make him the '08 Zeke- thats cold.

Oh and Arsenio's eating cheese

Man loved this post!! (dont ban me from commenting lol) -Q.

Miss Mika said...

In my opinion, it seems to be a little easier potty training boys than girls. My sister had a heck of a time trying to get my niece on the pot, but son took to it with ease.

What ever happened to Lela anyway?

LOL @ the places you find in every hood. 9 times out of ten, you will find one across the street from the other (i.e a church being right across the street from the liquor store).

I don't think I've ever seen someone who has actually had the holy spirit. I've seen those who wanted the Academy Award for best enactment of the Holy Spirit though.

If you ever wanted to see how popular wigs and hair pieces really are... go to church.

Love the randomness bro!!!

Kieya said...

potty training again...? i thought u were havin more kids then i saw ur response lol

i was reading a post somewhere where a girl said she caught the spirit but didn't wanna mess her hair up so she didnt catch it too bad LOL

95 degrees? yuck
when I woke up today, it was 64

and speaking of sexy...ain't nuthin sexy bout boston...NY on the other hand...

LOL @ sweet tea. my friend is from the south & she was excited then disappointed when she saw McDonald's had sweet tea. She says its not the same.

don't forget - you can also find a beauty supply/hair store owned by the folks who own the chinese least in NY u can. lol

I had word verification, then B & f$%k it list got on me for havin it LOL

dessex said...

I love me some En Vouge....when I was young all of them were my girlfriend at some point lol

Cincinnati is not sexy....

That sweet tea from McD's is fire.

don't forget that check cashing spot on the corner in the hood.

Melyssa Ford...Melyssa Ford... Meylssa Ford lol

Dione said...

Wow. My 1st comment got deleted by blogger. Got an error message saying it was unavailable... here goes again...

Don't complain about the 95 degree heat. Come home to South C and join us for 103 degree heat and a drought. They are shutting down pools because we can't watse the water to refill them...

You like to talk so I'd probably send u an email at work too. That way I can stay focused and not break my work stride...

Downtown Gville is romantic, but not sexy...

Sweet Tea is the shyt. When I did restaurant reviews for the newspaper, I was know as the sweet tea lady. If the tea wasn't good, the restaurant got a bad review...

Arsenio can be found at It says he's returned to standup comedy...

ROFLMAO at word verifications. I can never read those letters all scrunched up and all. Didn't you use to have them on your early posts?

Mizrepresent said...

I LOVE SWEET TEA! North America get with it...i hate traveling and y'all ain't got no sweet tea!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on those word verifications. You can type in exactly what it says and it'll still tell you you're wrong.

I've seen a couple of wigs fly off during the Spirit too...LOL. One lady from my old church leg flew off she was shouting so hard.

Anonymous said...

this is directed at KD and Mrs.KD why was it 100+ degrees outside today and I was standing in the hot sun directing traffic (why can't grown folk park) and both of yall rode past me and didn't even offer me a sip of water!!!

mlinz said...

why can't people who get a degree from a college join the alumni association and help support the school and local alumni chapter? Because of that school, weither you admit it or not, you became what you are today. Join your local alumni and make a difference!!
I could say more but I'm done! (drop mic and exit right)

12kyle said...

@ B
The fall can't get here any faster

Hurricane season is tough on y'all but at least you're in central Fla

I see dudes pushin' these Fentley's and they really think it's a hot car

@ Kay C, The Quiet Storm
Haaaa! I wasn't talkin' to you. I'll come thru more. I promise.

If En Vogue made a comeback...I'd be the 1st in line

Beyonce is prolly still fly without the makeup.

@ Stew
Lmao @ drunk college chick

Cooper prolly gets pushed outta the way by the groupies

Sinbad is still doing stand up

@ ShellyShell
I heard that NYC has been on fiyahhhh this summer

A busted stylist is not a good look

Buffalo aint sexy. I agreeeee! LoL

@ Sexxy Luv
Bloggin at work! LOL! I hear you.

The chick with the tatoo will have to put something huge on her arm like a panther to cover it up

Beyonce is soooo lovely

@ Blah Blah Blah
I hope that blogger has corrected it.

Wowwwww! That's crazy

@ Eb the Celeb
arrrrrrrrh!! these word verifications are bothering me. lol

Noooo problem! I loved that interview

@ Rezidl
I still love me some Bey

12kyle said...

@ Ms. Jones
Stripper pole in church?? LMAO!!!

my grandmother lives in Newark and she's sexy for 87 years old. That's about it for the sexy stuff in NJ

Word!!! I forgot about check cashing!!

@ -Q.
103???? dayyyyyum

En Vogue looked damn good at the BET awards

You rocked the shades in the club??? Say it ain't so!!! LOL

@ Mika
I hope you're right about the potty training. Our first 2 sons were VERY difficult. I know that our 1 yr old is gonna give me hell. I can see it already.

You are soooo right. The church is right across the street from the liquor store.

Thanks! I love your randomness, too!!!!

@ kieya
noooo. We'll be potty training our youngest son, Brandon within the next year.

64 degrees??? You are sooo lucky

i won't even drink the sweet tea from mcd's. LOL

@ dessex
Cindy and Dawn were my girlfriends. LOL

Awwww man!! Jessica Rabbit aka Melissa Ford is finnnnnne!

@ Dione
No pools in the summertime?? That ain't right

I get sweet tea no matter where i go

I'd like to see Arsenio back on tv

@ Miz
Nooooooo doubt

@ Jewells
LMAO!!!! That had to be funny as hell!!!

@ Anonymous
I don't walk around with water in my wallet. Haaaaaaaa

@ mlinz
Obama ' 08