Thursday, August 21, 2008

vibes and stuff

I really know how it feels to be, stressed out, stressed out
When you’re face to face with your adversity
I really know how it feels to be, stressed out, stressed out
We’re gonna make this thing work out eventually

A Tribe Called Quest (Stressed Out)

some people say that it's not easy to have a positive outlook on things.

i disagree.

you can be as positive or negative as you wanna be

so today...i'ma keep it simple

tell me something positive that going on in your life.


i am watching my sons develop into being better students than they ever were before.

it's on you. gimme sumthin positive.



ShellyShell said...


OK I just wanted to do that since a lot of people get hyped about being first!

I'm blessed about a lot of things! But one thing I can say is I'm so happy and blessed that my nephew is leaving on Saturday to attend the University of Texas! I can't wait to see how he developes over the next four years!

Bombchell said...

I'm happy.

I'm honestly truly happy, probably cuz Im not in school, and also don't have to work, so it's mostly less stress. & I spend a ot of time now with my family =)

Anonymous said...

My daughter has learned her alphabet and can count to ten.

I am three payments away from clearing off another debt.

Okay that was two things.

dejanae said...

im listening to some jsmine sullivan and i almost cracked a

The Jaded NYer said...

I'm reading again. Voraciously. Any book I can get my hands on. And it feels really, really good!

The Jaded NYer said...

and congrats on the smarty-pants boys... 'cause we all know that the scholarships is where it's at when it comes time for college... sheeeeit! that's why I push my girls!

Ms. Jones said...

Since being back in Jerz where most of my immediate family is I've been able to spend lots of time with my niece, nephews, and big sis....feels great!

Trish said...

I will celebrate my 6th Wedding Anniversary on this Sunday the 24th.
Weve been together 11 years and Married for 6 and he is the best man Ive ever known !!

My twin Nieces will be attending Westchester Community college.

My youngest step daughter will attend Monroe college.

I have the best doggie ever !
I love you Mingo.

I'm blessed and have a wonderful, wonderful life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

the summer is breaking...and it feels wonderful. nice breezes, less humidity and bearable temps.

Brad said...

I'm alive and breathing. Ask about the 25k people today who will pass away if that's not something positive.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I could on and on...

- I ended and let go of a relationship that was killing my spirit.

- I am buying my first home next month.

- I have reconnected with friends and family.

- I have a beautiful baby niece that I spoil constantly.

Ooooo...I like this post, Kyle!!!!

Darius T. Williams said...

something positive? Well, I'm a finalist for the 2008 Black Weblog Awards for my food blog - Have you voted for me yet?

Also, the folks from e-mailed me to see if I'd like to be a food blogger for them!

totally positive, right!

Anonymous said...

I love that song by "Tribe Called Quest." I really enjoy hip hop with a message by groups like that and wish we could have more today.

Something positive going on in my life is feeling loved and blessed. I am feeling more and more loved everyday and realizing that God has a purpose and plan for my life. It feels really good to trust in Him.

12kyle said...

@ shellyshell
yes! you are first! lol

headed off to Texas! you can't beat that. hopefully, he'll party hard but study harder

@ bombchell
no work...sounds like heaven on earth. haaaaa

@ boredntalkative
clearing debt?? that's refreshing to hear.

i can't wait until my one year old son, brandon can completely talk

@ dejanae
good music...very good music

@ jaded santana
you just gave me an idea!!! i haven't read a book in a minute

@ ms jones
enjoy the time that you get to spend with family. soon you'll be out there gettin that money and your time will fly by.

12kyle said...

@ trish
congrats to you and charles!!!

@ pcd
i feel you. i like the nice chill that is coming on...especially in the mornin'

@ brad

@ kay c, the quiet storm
congrats on the new crizzib. when's the house warming partayyyy???? lmao

@ darius
i didn't know that! you got my vote, bruh. good luck

@ kei
trust him and you'll be ok

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Let me see...

1. My tuition was paid for this semester via a wonderful giver (so, no loans for me).

2. Speaking of school, I didn't have to buy my books...that was taken care of as well.

3. My brother just accepted a head coaching position...Yeeeeeaaaaaaa! Now I can borrow some money from him.

4. I received a new laptop.

5. I'm growing into my own woman each minute, and she is FIERCE :)

6. I'm learning how to let go and let God...slowly, but I'm still learning.

7. Last but not least, God is showing me everyday that I am too vital to allow the iniquities of the world to affect me, and that His is always there...even when I'm doing wrong...everlasting love.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I helped get one of the girls I work with off to college. I'm very proud of her and happy that I didn't give up on her....

Eb the Celeb said...

I am soooo not in a positive state of mind today...

but I thank God for waking me up to see another one...

so there... that's all you get from me!

PrettyBlack said...

I'm blessed...wonderful daughter, hubby and family. And wonderful blogs to go to when I'm feeling negative.

My blog buddies can always get me positive.

-Q. said...

Okay somethin positive lol..

Uh, oh! Trey Songz cut off his hair and he look like a hot mess with that hairline- shoulda went to his original barber-- Whats positive about that is that i dont have to hear these group troop ass tricks at the job talkin about how damn sexy and gansta he is no more.. thank the lawd..

-Q. said...

shellyshell- UT is what it is. Folk furthering their education thats postive to.. ATX bebe!


Ruthibelle said...

Jamaican athletes winning all those Olympics gold medals... I swear God is smiling on this country! LOL

oh, and I go back to school Sept.(I'm surprised I can pay to go back, but whaddya know, I can, or rather my dads can lol... can y'all say hallelujah?!!)

Ruthibelle said...

And Kyle, this was refreshing.. reading all teh good stuff happening to other ppl.. it was reeely refreshin, yo

12kyle said...

@ beautifully.conjured.up
free tuition??? can't beat that

good luck to your brother. if he's coaching in college or pros, tellem that I want a free ticket. Hollatchaboi! lol

@ keisha the kitten
big ^ to you. you saw something in her that she didn't see.

@ eb the celeb
haaaaaa. u r funny

@ prettyblack
welcome back from vacay! you were missed

@ -q.
trey who? lmao!!! i hear you, bruh

texas should be in the mix this year for the national championship. can't sleep on em

@ ruthibelle
i have maaaaad respect for jamacia. bolt is a freak of nature! i wish that he had run his race without the antics. he could have run a 9.5

thanks. when i sat down to write this blog...i was pissed off. i didn't wanna bring my negative energy through the post. so, i wanted to feed off the postives from everybody at the 12th Planet. i'm glad that everybody has participated

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

This year has been the happiest for me in years. I'm finally content with work and happy with my hubby. Things haven't been better! :-)

Sexxy Luv said...

I am learing to let go and not hold grudges.

i am learning not to judge a person by what they have but by who they are! :)

great post!

i love the positive energy on the 12th planet today!

dessex said...

BEATS RHYMES AND LIFE....One of Tribe's Best Albums....My favorite song on that joint is "Keep It Moving" and "Word Play"

I got a phone call about an interview for a job today...I am very happy about that because I was becoming a little discourage.

This was a great post because it forces the reader to think about the good in life and thats something many of us forget to do because its the negative things that take up so much energy.

dessex said...

By The Way..."The Jam" is crazy too on that album. Sorry but ATCQ is like my favorite group ever.

~Ms. Moore~ said...

Congrats---Darius T

Keisha Kitten---good job helping someone to do something positive!!!

My positive situation: I am ALIVE, HAPPY and HEALTHY!!!!!!!

Miss Mika said...

I am living, breathing, walking, talking, in good health, and I have wonderful positive people in my life that love me and support me.

You know, I needed to see this post today. Lately I have been reflecting on all the negative things that have been going on the past couple of weeks (you already know), and I haven't really acknowledged the positives.

Thank you for that observation.

CapCity said...

HEY 12k!!
glad 2 read about your sons being good students. u sech a cute proud papa!

So MANY positives in my life now - thanx 2 The Creator! Losing some of this weight (thanx 2 low/no sugar diet & walking during my commute;-), enjoying these humid-less dayz, enjoying lots of FLIRTING (i feel a GOOD man coming into my life - just like U said, Bruh 12K;-)

L. Renee' said...

Hey 12Kyle

Grandma use to say life is what you make it. If it hands you a bunch of lemons, add a little sugar water and make LEMONADE!
Keep yo head up!

God has truly moved on my behalf this week. The doors were literally closing in my face..but each time someone told me could literally see their hearts and minds changing in my favor to YES! Thank you LORD!
I firmly believe that your doors will be opened too 12Kyle, your family will remain strong and true, and God will put someone in position who some how, some way will use their power and abilities on your behalf. Now, set and position yourself to receive what I have spoken. In Jesus NAME!
We love ya'll!

The F$%K it List said...

I'm watching my career blossom before my eyes. And I LOVE IT! I am the happiest I've ever been, stress or no stress. I feel great!

I'm also watching my baby boy develop the skills to tell me what he wants. And it is MIND Blowing!

Anonymous said...

I'm blessed to know that although my ex and I are not together, that dude looks out for me something tough. Glad to have him in my corner.

I'm blessed to have completed another semester of law school. That light at the end of the tunnel is brighter and brighter.

And my son is the best little creature this side of the Mississippi!

12kyle said...

@ bgg
awwwww! i love to hear stuff like this.

@ sexxy luv
nooooo...don't hold grudges. you won't go far doing that.

'preciate it!

@ dessex
this tribe cd was blazin'. remember 1nce Again?? that was mah joint!!!!

congrats on the interview bruh. it's gonna pan out for you.

thanks man. i'm glad that it turned out pretty good

@ ms moore
never complain about good health. i feel you

@ mika
you're gonna be ok. it's a stage. you're just going through a storm

@ capcity
keep on flirting! lol

@ lrenee
your words mean so much to me. and they came right on time. i hope that dylan enjoyed his 6th bday. our families need to get together soon. much love

@ the f$%k it list
you'll be surprised with cj's growth. one day he'll be having a full convo with you. lol

@ iesha
law school! nuff said! i love to hear that.

Tha L said...

I'm chillin in my home town in the house I grew up in and I'm at peace!

eclectik said...

Drop the knowledge on'em son dun!

Something Positive: I'm going shopping


You're still wack for not hittin up the messageboard btw lol

Stew said...

starting my second semester of grad school. i think that's hella positive

Stew said...
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