Friday, August 29, 2008

long weekend

i'ma keep it simple today.

for most of'll be a 3 day weekend. whutugonnado?

as for'll be football, football, and more football. oh yeah...i'll throw something on the grill and watch more football. and blog! haaaa

what about you??



The Dreamy One said...

well that sounds like a plan to me!!

as for me i will be working, working, and working all the way up till Tuesday!!!

and then the hurricane is coming.i hope it doesnt hit us too bad!!

hope you enjoy your weekend hon

The Dreamy One said...

ha and i am first up in this mofo ing house

singing- we dont need no water let this mofo er burn!!

na just kidding, i feel so special,lol

The Jaded NYer said...

I get the babies back on Saturday; we're going to a baseball game (Brooklyn Cyclones) and then just get ready for the first day of school.

enjoy your football games, and save me some BBQ!!!!

dessex said...

work for me....I don't get much of a weekend....I might go and play some pool....If i get a chance.

and I NEED a haircut really bad. There is nothing like man talk in the barber shop

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I plan to spend time with the fam and catch up with friends I haven't heard from in a while.

I know some of my fam or friends are firing up the grill.

Enjoy the long weekend!!

Mizrepresent said...

Have a good one 12Kyle, what no dancing???

12kyle said...

@ dreamy
i hope and pray that the hurricane misses y'all. be safe

@ jaded santana
first day of school? awwwwww! gotta love that. you know i'll save you some bbq

@ dessex
i love the arguements and discussions that we get in the barbershop

@ kay c, the quiet storm
i feel you. there's nuffin better than spending time with fam

@ miz
hmmmmmm. i hadn't planned on it but you have now given me an idea. lmao!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

I volunteered for a big community event my church is having in a park I'll be stepping out of my comfort zone into the heat on Saturday to serve as a greeter all day.....Sunday I'll probably hang out with my stepdad's family and prepare for work....AND Monday I still have to work!

You and the family have a great weekend and please email me some bbq chicken!

Eb the Celeb said...

Tell my boo Kameron I said heeeeeyyyy

you and the fam have a wonderful weekend!

L. Renee' said...

Hey 12Kyle,

Well, I guess summer is coming to an end because Fall is all over my yard. (smile)
We have more leaves than enough.
We planned to have our annual bonfire and movie night on the beach, But it looks like it is going to rain on saturday.

Queen of My Castle said...

I'll be partying it up for my sister's birthday!!!!!!!

12kyle said...

@ keisha the kitten
heat? in chi-town? lol. sounds like a good event, tho

@ eb the celeb
i will. you do the same

@ lrenee
fall is upon us! man, i really do miss burning leaves. that was the only time that my mom would let us start a fire. lol

@ queen
there is iz! tell your sister that i said happy bday!

Anonymous said...

My weekend will hopefully be one of relaxation...I want to be able to get a little "me" time in and enjoy the sunshine we've been having lately here in the Peach State, especially after a week that began with a lot of rain.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Wow, I'm working too hard b/c I forgot Labor Day is a block away. I will be going to someone's cookout, watching some football, and studying :(

Trish said...

Im throwing a End of Summer Night BBQ on Sunday night at my house. Fire Pit, torches, food, libations, etc.
Like a Luau, should be mad fun !!!
I cant wait, we can all get real twisted cause nobody has to work on Monday.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everybody !!

Tha L said...

headin' up to Reno to see Grambling kick UNR in the ASS!

Kandi Black said...

well since im stuck in memphis w/o transportation...(i left the cutlass at plan on kicking it with this guy i met and my grandma and our neighbor/friend of the family mite come up here sunday so we mite hang out too...basically im just kicking it like kung fu!

12kyle said...

@ kei
the city is gonna be on fiyah! if you go downtown...take marta.

@ beautifully.conjured.up
yes! i'm all about hitting the cookouts!

@ trish
that is correct. no work on monday so everybody can get slizzard

@ l
go grambling (hbcu's represent)

@ kandi black
it's always good when fam comes to visit when you're in school. keep ya head up.

Kieya said...

i have work & gettin ready for my last year (yippee!)...and possibly a drink or two. :-)

The F$%K it List said...

I'm going to get my dollar wine on at Kiddie carnival with CJ, his dad and rest of Brooklyn.

cent, five cent, ten cent DOLLAR

The F$%K it List said...

and ugh football and more football.

Oohh I forgot and watch my white boyfriend on Prison break.

Rich said...

catch up on some reading, watch movies, and relax.

Stew said...

my neice is getting baptized on sunday....i guess i am excited

CapCity said...

clean house & get ready for the new school year (can u tell i'm excited;-)!!

PrettyBlack said...

like bruh man'in. All my weekends are long so maybe go up to the city or visit my folks. que it up then man and have fun.

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm gonna be stuyding my ass, check out my blog - I did an ode to you!

Jackie Edwards said...

now that i'm back home, i'm just gonna enjoy the fact that i can kick back, put my feet up and do absolutely nothing!!!

~Ms. Moore~ said...

My long weekend is really long and totally opposite of what you're saying. My weekend is long in the sense that I work at a call center that NEVER closes. Yes we are open 24/7 I work 12 hours Saturday and 8 hours Sunday. In between that I will try to get to 3 parties: a pool party, card party and club party that I have been invited to. Since I also have to work on MONDAY (Labor day) I will not get to watch all of the football or Law and Order marathon =(

Sexxy Luv said...

so far this weekend has been relaxing, me and my home are having a sleep over @ my house with the kids, we plan on taking them to the park later, and just relaxing very low key but enjoyable. Enjoy your weekend.

Sexxy Luv said...


Keith said...

Today I'm gonna catch up on some reading and play all of the new music I bought during the week and didn't get a chance to listen to.
I've written all of my posts for both of my blogs and have them I don't have to do that. Tomorrow,I'm taking my fam to this (alledgedly)in-expesnive amusement park...Monday I may crash
the block party around the corner from me since my jive block never has one.

Mad Hatter said...

relax, bbq, cuddle with hubby.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Big O said...

i made the most of it...6 days off!!! lol

12kyle said...

@ kieya
you sound like me...a drink or 2 or 5 haaaaa

@ the f$%k it list
dollar wine? sounds like my kinda spot!

@ rich
sounds like a good weekend

@ stew
hope that it goes well. that's always fun

@ cap
yes!!! i can tell! lmao!

@ prettyblack
sounds like a plan

@ darius
'preciate it! i commented on it. good post

@ jackie
welcome back!!! although you didn't capture the gold...we're still proud of you!!!

@ ms moore
don't work too hard!

@ sexxy luv
nuffin wrong with a low key weekend

@ keith
inexpensive amusement park????? haaaaa! u know there's no such thing! lmao

@ mad hatter
cuddlin'...very cute

@ big o
6 days? dayyyyum?

Exhale_Whew said...

Kyle...first of all Thanks for the support my brother.

This weekend...hmmm I spent most of it getting ready for the Anti war rally happening in Minneapolis during the Republican National Convention.

We are going to use this opportunity to raise awareness about the Oromo Struggle. Wish us luck Monday is the big day. I know that if I get arrested you will be my first blog friend to bail a sista out. Have a GREAT Labor Day!

Bombchell said...

lol prob not football. so far its been party, party, eat, eat, church, party, and im guessing its party tonight =)