Monday, September 1, 2008

mixtape monday

i had to go back for these...

some of these songs were made when i was a snot nosed youngin so i know that it'll be foreign to y'all but enjoy!!!


I'm Bad

Michael Jackson
Billie Jean (Motown Celebration)

Marvin Gaye
National Anthem (NBA All-Star Game)

Eddie Murphy
Party All the Time

New Edition
Can You Stand the Rain (Live)
Arsenio Hall Show


Darius T. Williams said...

OMG - I'm first!

Darius T. Williams said...

I just did the I'm first happy dance...I'm never first - but yea, I'm happy.

Um, so listen - I don't know any of these songs. I'm guessing I'm too young to know about these.

But who cares - I'm still first!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

FIRST...well, I hope so after I hit the "publish your comment" button. Anyways, I love Michael. He may be a bit weird, but he has talent. Also, Marvin Gay....his song "After The Dance" is my ish!!!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Damnit...this always happens to me!!! I'm first when I see it!!! Maybe I'm typing too slow :(

Kandi Black said...

see there....i like (and know) all these songs...

especially that mike jackson....bliie jean is my joint

Mad Hatter said...

you have brought back the memories, I remember all those songs, and watched them preformed, didn't see Marvin, Eddie was hot then. Michael was transforming to....whatever, switching over to Epic Records, LL soso, New Edition was kool as usual. Nice post.

dessex said...

LL Cool J best record ever...

Michael Jackson was the truth.

I just can't get down with Eddie and Rick James lol. They must have been smoking that shit when making that record

The Dreamy One said...

ohhhh my song was New Edition-Can You Stand The Rain, ohhh that was the song!!!

and LL Cool J was the shyss!!

Happy Monday Kylee Kyle

Bombchell said...

LOL wow!!!

Omg never saw the video to Party all the time. Eddie was so young. OMG LL was so young, so cute, lol he sounds different. Infact everyone was so.... young. It really feels like a different time.

Mizrepresent said...

lol@ Eddie Murphys "Party all the Time"...i so remember that, and Marvin singing the Natl Anthem, priceless...thanks for the memories 12Kyle, have a wonderful holiday!

CapCity said...

Ummm, WHY was Eddie included in this mix? for comic relief? yea, his standup was NEVER as funny as his "singing" career! LMAO!!!

12kyle said...

@ darius
mannnn, u r funny.

hold don't know billie jean??? haaaa

@ beautifully.conjured.up
you were just off by a lil bit. lol

mike is very weird. it's hard to believe that he turned 50 last week.

@ kandi black
billie jean was a classic. in the song...mike claims not to be the "baby daddy". i didn't understand it back then but it's funny to me now

@ mad hatter
marvin was sooooo smooth with the national anthem. i remember watching the game and seeing some of the nba players jumping up and down like little kids when he finished.

i'm a huge new edition fan!!!

i miss arsenio

@ dessex
when u see this video by eddie know that he and rick james had to be high when they made this song. lol

@ dreamy
i agree. that's one of my favorites by new edition

how are you holding up in the storm?

@ bombchell
is it just me or does eddie sound like a wimp? lmao!!!

@ miz
thanks! enjoy the day...and don't party too hard

@ cap
u know me oh so well. i was rollin when i stumbled across this

ShellyShell said...

I'm Bad was and still is MY song! I felt like LL went so hard on it!

Mike and Marvin are always classic! "Party all the Time" was hilarious! I was just talking to my coworkers about this song. Do you remember "Boogie in your butt" it was on the "Party all the time" cd!! HILARIOUS!

New Edition brings back soooo many memories. "Can you stand the rain" is my favorite New Edition song!

12kyle said...

@ shellyshell
wow!! u took me back with "boogie in ya butt." i remember that song. i think that's why people never took him serious as a singer.

he also had a love ballad called "how could it be?" i liked that joint. i remember seeing the video and eddie was playing the piano. i can't find the video on youtube

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

we all did the cool jay dance lol

B said...

Happy Birthday to Mike. And daaang, that Eddie Murphy cracks me up. Loves it! Have a wonderful holiday!

Anonymous said...

Best version of the National Anthem I've heard. Soulful.

Just like us to remix thangs, lol.

12kyle said...

@ torrance
and we bypassed oreos for cool j cookies. lol

@ b
i have to chuckle everytime i see this video. it makes me think of charlie murphy's true hollywood story on chappelle's show

@ Ieisha
i agree with you. nobody will ever do it the way that he did it.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I remember the first two and still laugh at Eddie Murphy trying to be serious enough to sing.

I skipped straight to New Edition. I LOVE LOVE LOVE NE!!!! They are my favorite male group of all time. Thank you for the flash back with my favorite talk show host Mr. Arsenio Hall. I used to sneak and stay up late to watch that show.

GOOD TIMES...GOOD TIMES!!! New Edition is so smooth with theirs!

12kyle said...

@ kay c, the quiet storm
new edition is like our version of the beatles or the temptations. i remember when bobby brown left the group. i didn't know if they'd make it. but they just plugged johnny gill in and didn't miss a beat.

Sexxy Luv said...

HEYYY! It's about time i know some of the songs on mix tape monday! lol

how is the holiday going?

send me a plate!!!!!!

Stew said...

doubt i was alive for any of this....i am 23 now, so was I?

12kyle said...

@ sexxy luv
the holiday has been great. hope you've had a great one as well

your plate is on the way

@ stew
you don't remember billie jean? i think that you were around back then. lol

The F$%K it List said...

Every song on here was my joint back when I was younger. I'm bad, on Video Soul!


And I'm so mad at the kids that don't know I'm bad UGH! SO forget oreos eat cool J cookies ! HOLLA

12kyle said...

@ the f$%k it list
'preciate the luv!

i'm tryna help school the younginz. lmao